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I envy people with good marriages    05/26/20  (1)
180^180 that proles are cashing in on COVID. Fuck the "elite"    05/26/20  (1)
Keel put down for 4th Project 22220 nuclear icebreaker    05/26/20  (1)
First World Country Bro Here, Can't Contain a Common Cold, Sup?    05/26/20  (36)
Morris the Cat arriving at 1987 Emmy awards in stretch limo (video)    05/26/20  (1)
NYT: “Bird watching has always excluded black people”    05/26/20  (1)
Seriously though - unmarried aging urban white shrews are losing their marbles    05/26/20  (7)
Saints and Sinners on Amazon Prime - six hour documentary on Popes    05/26/20  (11)
Calabasas homes are the same price as Encino, Tarzana, Sherman Oaks    05/26/20  (41)
bartender, I'll have another bourbon *backpack filled with robogels rips open*    05/26/20  (1)
RATE my Latina goblina wife & two brown kids    05/26/20  (39)
Naomi Osaka made 37.4 million last year    05/26/20  (17)
lib presumption of absolute authority for covid response is staggering    05/26/20  (19)
CORONAVIRUS TRACKER: up to 35 cases in US now... 11 in Nebraska!    05/26/20  (27)
🧔 flatten the curve stay home 🧔 *briefcase of biomedical waste spills open    05/26/20  (1)
non-white Trumpmos (Kenny, USPO, Henry Aaron) are the worst of the worst    05/26/20  (40)
Anyone else viscerally repulsed by healthy ppl walking around w masks on?    05/26/20  (71)
Espousing conservative views on social media increasingly penalized, terrifying    05/26/20  (2)
Franklin Templeton to Amy Cooper: "Ding, bitch!"    05/26/20  (78)
Psychoanalysis of CSLG    05/26/20  (83)
Politico: Democrats DEATHLY AFRAID of 3Q economic rebound    05/26/20  (70)
Video of a woman strangling her dog by its leash (guess race)    05/26/20  (187)
Missed Something: Why Did The Birder Nig Have Dog Treats?    05/26/20  (28)
Unlike against Clinton, Trump hasn't led in a single poll of MI or PA vs. Biden    05/26/20  (1)
‘Back to Work’ proposal-$450 per week to laid off workers who return to work    05/26/20  (32)
*briefcase full of jerky dog treats flies open*    05/26/20  (1)
Libs really look stupid as fuck now, virus completely over with.    05/26/20  (7)
Most sad case! thing about nyuug is he doesn't love women, in fact HATES them    05/26/20  (25)
Wynn Las Vegas opening will full set of amenities in a as soon as June 4    05/26/20  (3)
Is a Georgetown MBA a decent program for the price?    05/26/20  (10)
No1 talks about Obama tithing the main middle class wealth engine to Wall StS    05/26/20  (5)
God save little shops, china cups, and virginity    05/26/20  (4)
Doods find Needle and Piss/Period Blood mattress in NOLA hotel room    05/26/20  (1)
Minneapolis cop killing is indefensible    05/26/20  (10)
Will people wake up to what's going on?    05/26/20  (1)
Italy Says 96% of Virus Fatalities Suffered From Other Illnesses    05/26/20  (3)
"Bacon for breakfast" moaned Spaceporn as he busted a tiny load into his spaniel    05/26/20  (11)
Can any doctors explain what this tweet from your fellow doctor means?    05/26/20  (10)
Good thing Dems already have a zoom version of Fight Song for convention    05/26/20  (3)
i'm sick of the "karen" forcememe that's all the rage everywhere    05/26/20  (24)
Commercial real estate market is deader than you think...game over high rent    05/26/20  (63)
livestream of protests going on    05/26/20  (3)
are "sociopaths" even real?    05/26/20  (10)
🚨 🚨 JIMMY FALLON APOLOGIZES 🚨 🚨    05/26/20  (52)
anxiety is the natural state    05/26/20  (30)
Big Lenny getting jerked, pissed on and baby-birded by a tranny    05/26/20  (45)
pretty amazing that they let the WACO show exist. redpilling a lot of people    05/26/20  (3)
CA skaters have had enough, start taking back their skate parks (link)    05/26/20  (3)
Definitive mask PECKING ORDER    05/26/20  (21)
Rate this home for sale in Brisbane    05/26/20  (1)
*Ambulance w/ blue Hanukkah lights flashing arrives, black EMTs beat up your mom    05/26/20  (1)
French built Wuhan lab: French intelligence warned of risk of “catastrophic le    05/26/20  (28)
TSINAH you gonna cop the new KFC chicken sandwich (only in Orlando)    05/26/20  (2)
BAM! You're Amy Cooper; what's your next move?    05/26/20  (12)
itt we list SHITLIB KRYPTONITE    05/26/20  (34)
panic disorder teens wigging out and calling ambulance at grocery store    05/26/20  (4)
Conservative Men Are Pointing Loaded Guns At Their Crotches To ‘Own the Libs'    05/26/20  (58)
don't care about any of these ginned up racial "incidents" at all    05/26/20  (3)
Viral tranny superstar    05/26/20  (5)
Stalin (retired), rate me as an American male tennis legend.    05/26/20  (10)
*orders Jimmy Johns/Jersey Mike* *food prepared by guy just out of prison*    05/26/20  (4)
Loving dad recreates childhood photos with his son . . . with a twist    05/26/20  (7)
Election year AND the media is constantly pushing black kid shot by cop stories?    05/26/20  (1)
What's the TLDR on the bird watching thing?    05/26/20  (9)
going to name my first born son Wilburforce MacGuffin [Lastname]    05/26/20  (2)
he lied--quick someone pull his dick out so we can get a proper measurement    05/26/20  (1)
Bad posture from smartphones is becoming a serious problem    05/26/20  (2)
got in a nerdy argument with a midwit about information theory    05/26/20  (5)
ruh roh, Jimmy Fallon did black face 20 years ago!    05/26/20  (39)
Internet midwits love the false dichotomy of "capitalism" & "socialism"    05/26/20  (6)
Check in if you're a fag who was NOT in a frat in college. That means YOU.    05/26/20  (37)
Su-35 🛩 styles on USA (ARE Reptile)    05/26/20  (3)
This isn’t “America”.    05/26/20  (8)
There is no dichotomy of good and bad poasters    05/26/20  (1)
how many people would get the cultural ref of putting orange slice in mouth    05/26/20  (14)
'US" libs are deranged, America-hating lunatics    05/26/20  (1)
MPA did u ever watch Raising Cain w John Lithgow    05/26/20  (4)
Naming my daughter Karen because fuck libs    05/26/20  (1)
Why are Kashmiri people so beautiful?    05/26/20  (3)
XO 2002: Ann Coulter is really pissing me off! XO 2020: Same    05/26/20  (1)
is using screens in weed pipes prole    05/26/20  (4)
WWII was the truly the last unifying national experience    05/26/20  (4)
Winnie Cooper and Wonder Years: There were places in America like this    05/26/20  (9)
I don't know who is worse Chinks who beat and eat dogs or White ppl who    05/26/20  (8)
(((The New Normal...)))    05/26/20  (1)
Starting to think the US is turning into a destabilizing force in the world    05/26/20  (1)
Rate: My college hairdo    05/26/20  (94)
Still waiting for Bruce Willis apology    05/26/20  (1)
Best name Ive seen for the US: Uncle Schmuel    05/26/20  (2)
First they came for lawman, we said nothing. Then they came for jafar, we said n    05/26/20  (8)
DBG are you paying rent to live with your in-laws? Helping out around the house?    05/26/20  (2)
Favorite actor Dennehy. Favorite drink O'douls    05/26/20  (10)
An open air prison called America    05/26/20  (2)
what's the "answer" for all the "US" "media" insanity?    05/26/20  (5)
Anyone else feeling listless, unmotivated and depressed    05/26/20  (5)
When ur late 30s it’s all a snowballing descent to the grave    05/26/20  (2)
If XO’s enthusiasm for trump was a 10 in 2016 it’s about a 4 now    05/26/20  (5)
concentration, actually    05/26/20  (1)
disappointing wife | disappointing career | disappointing kids    05/26/20  (9)
There was a period of time in my life when all my friends and I talked about    05/26/20  (3)
park shrew is already *fired* from her job? wtf?    05/26/20  (14)
sbux good buy @ 78 USD? BoA @24 USD? Disney @ 122?    05/26/20  (15)
for a second i thought i was 33 going on 34, then realized im still 32. 180    05/26/20  (4)
Netflix/Prime foreign movie recommendations thread    05/26/20  (10)
MSNBC covid reporter gets absolutely pwned live on air in Wisconsin    05/26/20  (25)
Daily reminder: lawyers are scumbags and the shitstains of society.    05/26/20  (1)
What would you major in if you had 130 IQ?    05/26/20  (42)
Got high listening to psychedelic rap on youtube, poasting    05/26/20  (1)
giving birth to a live computer    05/26/20  (7)
Russian jets sink 2 Turkish ships off Libya. It hath begun.    05/26/20  (14)
Universal love of comic book movies proof of debased nature of most people.    05/26/20  (4)
I assume all these "bird watchers" are just weird, masturbating pedos, right?    05/26/20  (4)
Honey I Did the Surrogate Activity    05/26/20  (1)
XO server overload: for once, there are more than two (2) unique poasters    05/26/20  (2)
what the fuck is going on in this clip    05/26/20  (3)
Lots of people writing STAY HOME in the windows of their house now    05/26/20  (10)
ITT: We predict RSF's LSAT score    05/26/20  (73)
Just did the Michael Jordan shrug after seeing a ton of blank bumps beneath my p    05/26/20  (1)
Nigger co-worker thinks he's rich at 65k salary (evan39)    05/26/20  (30)
GLOBAL WARMING IS A LIE    05/26/20  (10)
rate this black guy's "game"    05/26/20  (5)
describe fallout if hackers seize SeekingArrangements/threaten to out all whores    05/26/20  (1)
Twitter is now labeling Trump's tweets as misinformation, not flame    05/26/20  (21)
Minneapolis cops kill good keed    05/26/20  (9)
old guy in my town goes around wearing a catcher’s mask these days    05/26/20  (2)
Vote Zhou Bai Deng!    05/26/20  (1)
My internet friends are (1) major depressives (2) tufts burnouts (3) tranies (4)    05/26/20  (7)
14 minute montage of 2016 election to “Hearts on Fire” (link)    05/26/20  (1)
Take risks (CSLG)    05/26/20  (142)
1990s MLB umpire throwing libs “outta here!”    05/26/20  (2)
Michigan hasn't named a QB1 but he's already a lock to win the Heisman    05/26/20  (20)
This vandersloot guy seems pretty nice (Natalie Rudolph)    05/26/20  (2)
Big Lou is just like you! He uses penis sleeves too!    05/26/20  (1)
Is the FBI etc. running an archive on autoadmit and slowing us down or what?    05/26/20  (10)
reminder: “serial entrepreneur” = “fraud huckster” xoxohth    05/26/20  (9)
Given 2 women of the exact same waist size why are there guys    05/26/20  (23)
FLW why do 1m people follow this 11yo’s instagram?    05/26/20  (17)
Amy releases press statement: "I hope you all enjoyed my performance piece    05/26/20  (2)
If my wife is anything like my career I’m in for a major disappointment    05/26/20  (2)
Governor tsinah in 2025: “that Audio is misleading”    05/26/20  (3)
smearing fecal slime on ur CEO’s lunch sandwich    05/26/20  (3)
im so disappointed with this planet and being a human    05/26/20  (1)
"Biden" should just wear a mask till November, no way to tell if it's really him    05/26/20  (1)
TSINAH whats the best address to email you at?    05/26/20  (3)
vonNeumann please psychoanalyse me. I am willing to pay for it too.    05/26/20  (1)
RAIDEN release midnight EST put your life savings in ETH right now!!!!!    05/26/20  (12)

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