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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   01/22/20  (358)
At pace Euros are taking over NBA league will be majority white in 15 years (lin    01/23/20  (5)
Baz Luhrmann reportedly has fled to country with no extradition treaty (link    01/23/20  (1)
LOL Luka Doncic is already nearly at a triple double during the 1st quarter    01/23/20  (20)
Dumbass hot chick films herself falling off waterfall cliff (video)    01/23/20  (11)
Say what you will about the film, it’s nowhere near as bad as The Phantom Mena    01/23/20  (1)
FDA: sunscreen is bad for you    01/23/20  (31)
Client worth 9 figures keeps hassling me to settle his car accident case    01/23/20  (1)
Consumption of SEED OILS = cause of nearly all modern diseases    01/23/20  (12)
Extremely SORE from my workout yesterday. Rate my lifts (DTP)    01/23/20  (32)
Rate BYU cheerleader Jimmer Fredette was caught cheating on his wife with (pics)    01/23/20  (1)
Pretty dress๐Ÿ‘—pls remove    01/23/20  (3)
Judge dismisses Henry Aaron lawsuit against Clinton "she's right nobody likes u"    01/23/20  (17)
Does anyone actually do "CLE vacation" and expense as work trip?    01/23/20  (24)
Trump will pick up at least three more states in the 2020 election    01/23/20  (1)
I'm just a male nurse nobody loves me HES JUST A MALE NURSE FROM A POOR FAMILY    01/23/20  (2)
๐Ÿจ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ๐ŸŽพ AUSTRALIAN OPEN Official Thread ๐ŸŽพ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿจ #tennis    01/23/20  (106)
Everyone is focused on impeachment hearings but don't forget that h    01/23/20  (2)
"Of course it has a fucking Hemi bro" Rupinder replied at the stop light    01/23/20  (12)
This is allegedly the escort site for Amanda Knox and Casey Anthony (link)    01/23/20  (4)
2020 goals    01/23/20  (8)
Instagram model trips & falls from MFH penthouse, lands on parents' Rolls Royce    01/23/20  (6)
wtf is a "juice cleanse" should i do one    01/23/20  (2)
Halford bringing caged doobs to Wuhan market    01/23/20  (12)
prince tp's schizophrenic break happening as we speak    01/23/20  (2)
I chadded a married girl at work and now it’s really awkward    01/23/20  (203)
im white trash and that's why there should be no estate tax (jd vance)    01/23/20  (8)
It's possible Jung was right about the deficiency of the trinity    01/23/20  (23)
ggtp dying of Wuhan fever in his ancestral New England home    01/23/20  (9)
why was it so important for libs to scrub 2016 colbert special from internet?    01/23/20  (47)
i took dmt first time last night.. anyone wanna talk about it?    01/23/20  (50)
Poker Bros - thoughts on Phil Galfond's heads up PLO challenge?    01/23/20  (3)
"Wuhan Coronavirus": Still OK To Be Racist To Chinks? Imagine "W. Africa Ebola"    01/23/20  (1)
More unlikable characters: billions or succession?    01/23/20  (1)
God is talking to me through asian people    01/23/20  (2)
XO candidate running for Delaware Senate    01/23/20  (33)
Just saw "Midsommar" - FUCK the Swedes    01/23/20  (16)
LMFAO, Times endorses Warren AND Klobuchar    01/23/20  (16)
Spotify might buy The Ringer (Bill Simmons site)    01/23/20  (28)
Is there anything GAYER than the DOOMSDAY CLOCK?    01/23/20  (11)
Say that to me online not IRL and see what happens    01/23/20  (2)
Does anyone have A MUSE in their life?    01/23/20  (1)
Why are AMERICANS too DUMB to know to do a PhD in ENGINEERING? Not science!    01/23/20  (32)
stop saying you're Hoboken "based" tmf. u just live there fgt.    01/23/20  (4)
"He's not getting up! Oh my! He's out cold! Rupinder is the heavyweight champ!    01/23/20  (15)
Net Worth: $1,080,804    01/23/20  (18)
Bernie Sanders was on *welfare* till age 35    01/23/20  (21)
"Brady going deep for the endzone.... Caught!!! Touchdown!! Rupinder caught it!"    01/23/20  (25)
KellyAnn Conway endorses Bernie Sanders    01/23/20  (6)
"wax my balls!" woman criminally charged for assault    01/23/20  (3)
Love stories written by men are ludicrous    01/23/20  (4)
Sanders had honeymoon in the Soviet Union    01/23/20  (10)
in junior high, i convinced my teachers my friend was depressed/suicidal    01/23/20  (1)
New boss is a frat boy idiot (evan39)    01/23/20  (12)
Rating poasters as designer dog breeds    01/23/20  (1)
So random! Racist 70s Bernie Sanders remarks suddenly emerge randomly!    01/23/20  (40)
Rate this Korean boob streamer - video    01/23/20  (2)
How do we ensure that Benzo spends the rest of his life in jail?    01/23/20  (8)
luis ur boss left me a voicemail. is everything ok?    01/23/20  (1)
Tommy T do you ever log off of here?    01/23/20  (7)
are airpods pro cr?    01/23/20  (3)
In amerikkka Ames Iowa to Des Moines might as well be a foreign land    01/23/20  (4)
I like compujter and to work in office    01/23/20  (7)
People who cant identify off market comments to a credit agreement are worthless    01/23/20  (2)
My College friend Brad has a podcast called Breaking Brad.Gives news on his life    01/23/20  (1)
Check out the new Wikipedia logo    01/23/20  (4)
can't wait to wake up and law tomorrow. fridays are 180    01/23/20  (2)
re: you're increasingly tenuous mental health    01/23/20  (13)
Breaking point: Biden agrees with Trump.    01/23/20  (1)
Shitlib Media: Hitlery Better Be VERY Careful Of Trump, But Trump Can Never Win    01/23/20  (16)
Biden: "I said you're not getting the billion dollars. I'm leaving here in 6 ho    01/23/20  (33)
That is a real fan. Thank you!    01/23/20  (2)
Today in OPTIONS    01/23/20  (4)
yeah, so now i'm dying of aids. and libs are MAF.    01/23/20  (2)
Haddock is 180    01/23/20  (1)
I can still feel Tommy T’s tight brown puckered asshole on my dick    01/23/20  (2)
Most wanted Canadian child rapist arrested in New Jersey; guess race:    01/23/20  (1)
we should be living in yurts outside no wifi or 5G    01/23/20  (9)
Bros, i want a puppy to FMA. (TMF)    01/23/20  (5)
TT's retirement: drink juice, get diabetes, argue American politics 24/7    01/23/20  (7)
Had a knock down drag out shitlaw trial today. Screaming in court. Exhausted    01/23/20  (61)
Every weird person I know on Facebook is a self identified "empath".    01/23/20  (1)
In Moldova nice CHRISTIAN man squeezed FRESH milk from COW for me MILK MILK MILK    01/23/20  (40)
Tommy T bouncing on your cock "I drink JUICE you MAFcumskin JUICE goodBIRDSHIT"    01/23/20  (56)
Best part about law is that it's 24/7 and u get to enjoy it nights and weekends    01/23/20  (16)
You glance at iPhone, realize You've been posting abt doobs asshole for 6 hours    01/23/20  (19)
trump just tweeted this    01/23/20  (20)
Spent the entire day talking to people    01/23/20  (8)
Cliffs on the impeachment trial so far?    01/23/20  (8)
Trump vs. Clinton will be most divisive since 1860    01/23/20  (20)
What was your favorite part of that MIG poast?    01/23/20  (1)
Court Cites Student Loans As Reason To Deny Bar Admission To New Lawyer    01/23/20  (72)
How ‘Big Law’ Makes Big Money [NYRB]    01/23/20  (3)
TMF furious. XO Trump cracking down on emotional service animal fraud    01/23/20  (10)
All the goldendoodle and doodle mix breeds are such gay dogs    01/23/20  (1)
๓ €     01/23/20  (144)
how do people not hate Serena    01/23/20  (3)
TikTok Teens Are Dipping Their Balls in Soy Sauce and Lighting Their Houses on F    01/23/20  (2)
Nigger at Popeye's was yelling "Free Trump!" at the TV today    01/23/20  (2)
Its insane how fast money comes in (CSLG)    01/23/20  (7)
Most prestigious company jacket you've seen in public?    01/23/20  (5)
i fucking hate black niggers. they're the absolute worst.    01/23/20  (14)
Librals    01/23/20  (1)
The Dangerous Rise Of Men Who Won’t Date “Woke” Women    01/23/20  (86)
Librils    01/23/20  (1)
Nigger job application was dreadful    01/23/20  (7)
WSJ: Getting Into the 800 Credit Score Club Is Tough—Staying in Is Tougher    01/23/20  (96)
Obama will be DONE HERE as a result of the wiretaps    01/23/20  (847)
i can't. my Crohn's    01/23/20  (1)
Cliff (peach) bar    01/23/20  (1)
What the hells happened to dominoes? Nasty shit charge $12 for 5.99 pizza hmm    01/23/20  (3)
Is this chick too ethnic looking to be attractive?    01/23/20  (52)
reminder: despite being from VT, bernie is 100% all-in on gun control/confisc.    01/23/20  (3)
How different does your cum look after you get snipped?    01/23/20  (39)
China now has 18.5 million people quarantined    01/23/20  (37)
What male demographic is buying all the luxury cologne    01/23/20  (34)
german women tricked into giving themselves deadly electric-shocks    01/23/20  (10)
What’s some good cheap shit food ๐Ÿฅ˜ to buy and and enjoy?    01/23/20  (3)
Trump tweets pic of Obama    01/23/20  (3)
What’s some product to keep that dick hard and baby batter flowing?    01/23/20  (1)
Uh oh, looks like Tommy needs a BIG WHITE COCK in his ass to calm him down    01/23/20  (15)
ok birdshit    01/23/20  (6)
Diet so good I can drink 2 beers and still come in under 1300 calories    01/23/20  (5)
What is the hard and fast rule on buying vs. renting?    01/23/20  (70)
I think Clinton will be well over 70% in final 538    01/23/20  (3)
If PA polls turn for Trump, Clinton will legit have a stroke.    01/23/20  (3)
Billy Corgan settles lawsuit with comedian Gallagher    01/23/20  (6)
Resolved: SN Pale Ale = best widely available beer.    01/23/20  (3)
NYT: Gays take meth and die because you're mean to them    01/23/20  (14)
Ladies, if you aren't regularly using your mouth & asshole to pleasure your man    01/23/20  (5)
What happens when a girl shows she’s perfect and into you and sends you this    01/23/20  (50)
Just got disinherited    01/23/20  (15)
wait oh shit is he acknowledging kant    01/23/20  (5)
*Halford selling indulgences so xo poasters may have vaginal intercourse*    01/23/20  (28)
"LOOK AT ME! ACKNOWLEDGE MY EXISTENCE!!!" (everyone ever)    01/23/20  (19)
Tempura House: A shelter for lightly battered women    01/23/20  (45)
People are retarded and don’t know how to run or do shit properly! Very few    01/23/20  (3)
U less you’re a fucked up fraud like the rest you should want to burn everyone    01/23/20  (3)
Please please don’t buy into it    01/23/20  (3)
A$ lawyers please just flog all the frauds for all their money and shut them    01/23/20  (3)
"Wait! I'll suck that dick." --Jinx    01/23/20  (3)
Everything is digital lies now? Woza    01/23/20  (3)
Florida raccoons filing makeshift but nevertheless actionable bar complaint    01/23/20  (8)
Why does everyone here think you have to pay a huge tax when PAYE is forgiven?    01/23/20  (5)
Let black dude kill me den he hit hit hit hiz 3 nigga $hrimp b4 needle    01/23/20  (3)
Trump in June: "King me!" | Clinton in November: "Checkmate."    01/23/20  (160)
Autist Dad, Schizoid Dad.    01/23/20  (14)
Just got disbarred    01/23/20  (2)
whokebe is 40 years old and can’t even get a date?    01/23/20  (3)
god damn what a fag    01/23/20  (7)
Jfc Weinstein banged Gloria Trillo, death penalty nao    01/23/20  (6)

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