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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   02/21/20  (384)
the hurt locker was such a fucking bad movie    02/25/20  (8)
What are y'all giving up for lent?    02/25/20  (7)
i like ur nurses uniform, guy    02/25/20  (11)
Japanese take on Dem primary    02/25/20  (1)
Breaking Point: Threw my bedpan and washing rag at a Male Nurse today    02/25/20  (1)
2019 Law Firm Financials    02/25/20  (44)
Johnsmeyer meets Donald Trump (pic)    02/25/20  (59)
90% sure I have pneumonia. Fuck.    02/25/20  (6)
My buddy is looking at 5 years in a Georgia prison    02/25/20  (79)
The Battle of Brisbane Steamworks took place as part of the Jinx-Whokebe Wars in    02/25/20  (4)
Deposed Egyptian strongman Hosni Mubarak (1918-2020):    02/25/20  (3)
Benzo, describe worst prison fight you saw / were in. Did it end in ass rape?    02/25/20  (3)
Found a pic of luis at age 9 (pic) (very important)    02/25/20  (4)
DrakeMallard blowing you at gunpoint in conf room at Jersey City HSBC office    02/25/20  (1)
Kasich: "That Buttigieg guy really creeps me out"    02/25/20  (10)
New Kanye music vid just Dropped. board libs do not click this    02/25/20  (16)
Happy Mardi Gras!    02/25/20  (2)
CCTV footage from morgue shows coronavirus corpses "laughing", shaking gurneys    02/25/20  (10)
Air stewardess fired for being 1 pound 'overweight,' loses unfair dismissal clai    02/25/20  (8)
Sanders vs. Bloomberg Scenario Is Like a Jewish Joke Turned Ominously Real (link    02/25/20  (10)
Whok, how good would Ike Ibeabuchi have been?    02/25/20  (2)
CHANDLER, how can I reach you with your firm's phone number? Which extension?    02/25/20  (1)
Bloomberg and Sanders are the only two Dems who aren’t retarded    02/25/20  (2)
A true NIGGER: Wilder, the boxer    02/25/20  (2)
ITT: I rate you as victim of feminism    02/25/20  (196)
My kids will have a 180 life (CSLG)    02/25/20  (33)
RATE this inmate's description of a prison I routinely go to    02/25/20  (6)
hot take: Bernie actually can win    02/25/20  (44)
CNN: 12 Reasons Sanders will Have Jews eat Your Kids in Matzah    02/25/20  (2)
i want to watch the world get put off its axis by a massive cosmic impact    02/25/20  (10)
Sanders Says He’ll Attract a Wave of New Voters. It Hasn’t Happened. [NYT]    02/25/20  (14)
Weirdest things you’ve ever seen on a (US) highway    02/25/20  (26)
living is not good    02/25/20  (1)
I beat up a shlomo.    02/25/20  (1)
i wish all you dumb garbage trash the best    02/25/20  (1)
I want a tesla coil to go off Inside my head    02/25/20  (1)
anyone's mother a garbage piece of shit human cunt?    02/25/20  (8)
I beat up a chomo    02/25/20  (12)
I'm filled with ceaseless hate and am finished    02/25/20  (1)
a beautiful mind math montage but it's luis thinking of homoerotic thread title    02/25/20  (10)
The most annoying people in NYC are the UMC LARPing as "rich"    02/25/20  (18)
Rate this new OnlyFans chick pulling in more than chandler and kenny combined    02/25/20  (3)
national guard has orders to shoot 'super spreaders' on sight (USA Today)    02/25/20  (3)
really wish xo wouldn't automatically log you out    02/25/20  (1)
Chandler was really stressed today (CSLG)    02/25/20  (22)
My only 2 hobbies are watching strongman competitions and listening to castrati    02/25/20  (7)
listen you dumb fucks, Hillary will be the nominee and Mini Mike will be her VP.    02/25/20  (7)
searches: 'i wish i wasnt born' on zozo. hm, zero results odd case    02/25/20  (2)
Bernie Sanders is going to get butt raped    02/25/20  (2)
would Allan Bloom be a full-blown nazi in 2020, had he lived?    02/25/20  (3)
Pete Buttigieg helps 9-year-old boy come out as gay at Denver rally    02/25/20  (28)
should i buy this apt    02/25/20  (25)
super spreaders    02/25/20  (2)
just started a podcast called the bowlcut resolution    02/25/20  (1)
$8200 Baccarat Domino set: shrewd or decadent?    02/25/20  (11)
Obama Whistleblower commits suicide by shooting self in chest    02/25/20  (68)
infected health official leading fight against Covid-19 is doomsday cult member    02/25/20  (1)
Coronavirus ‘super spreader’ at Korean church cult sparks infection fears (l    02/25/20  (2)
im completely and irredeemably blown the fuck out right now    02/25/20  (2)
Jew media flying subliminal B-52s into your cortex dumping globohomo bombloads    02/25/20  (2)
Is this girl on the target weekly ad asian or mexican    02/25/20  (9)
i desperately need to get out of america    02/25/20  (11)
In the name of the father, the bowl and the Holy Spirit    02/25/20  (1)
we have empirical info re: what country full of spics, blacks looks like    02/25/20  (1)
"Moderate" Republicans warning Dems they will lose if they pick "Socialist"    02/25/20  (8)
the barbarity of our prisons is entirely due to 'diversity'    02/25/20  (2)
we are on the brink of civilizational collapse    02/25/20  (1)
LOL at Benzo gaping tsinah so bad he had to rebrand as "LAW KING"    02/25/20  (63)
tsinahs asshole to tsinahs aids: "hey, being fully blown is my thing!"    02/25/20  (3)
jews just think they have a right to infiltrate/subvert every country on earth?    02/25/20  (4)
AIDS robustico    02/25/20  (1)
G. Neville, B. Fernandes= Manchester United’s best players ever?    02/25/20  (4)
N95 masks do nothing to stop this virus    02/25/20  (5)
this pic gave me wet dreams    02/25/20  (4)
james - laid.mp3    02/25/20  (2)
JP Morgan Chase will not back future arctic Oil and Gas projects    02/25/20  (2)
legit 180 thread by upset jew (link)    02/25/20  (14)
the fullest, blownest AIDS you ever did see    02/25/20  (1)
jewish spaceship    02/25/20  (1)
earl, driving up to San Jose to unplug luis' volt    02/25/20  (14)
bing! bing! wahoo!    02/25/20  (12)
Anyone else seeing how bright Venus is right now?    02/25/20  (9)
stock market: collapsing. Mercury: retrograding. Coronavirus bodies: reanimating    02/25/20  (1)
drugs are degenerate poison    02/25/20  (9)
tried cocaine for the first time, taking Qs    02/25/20  (8)
I predict Teofimo Lopez KOs Lomachenko in 6 (GGTP)    02/25/20  (13)
i desperately need to get out of litigation    02/25/20  (1)
trey gowdy: 184 burst iq    02/25/20  (1)
It's the BOOMER reckoning... Coronavirus mortality rates by age:    02/25/20  (3)
Any downsides to marrying and impregnating a fertile Japanese woman?    02/25/20  (6)
Hundreds of twitter reports of corpses of coronavirus victims reanimating    02/25/20  (3)
'Axl Rose's' given name is George Bailey    02/25/20  (8)
GGTP, predictions for Mikey Garcia vs Jesse Vargas?    02/25/20  (6)
Any way to successfully get over having a blue pill beta faggot dad?    02/25/20  (3)
'I'm sorry, your AIDS has gone.... full-blown.' 'Full?' 'Yes, fully blown.'    02/25/20  (3)
Is it wrong to ask in house friends to send your firm work    02/25/20  (68)
I have a 138+ IQ and I want to fucking die via point blank comet impact asap    02/25/20  (2)
Van Jones 2008: “This was a Blacklash.”    02/25/20  (1)
Me, kenny, korea, and luis in a yurt, truly sharing ourselves for the first time    02/25/20  (12)
I have decided to formally retire from the board. On to bigger and better things    02/25/20  (1)
lol Wilder lost cuz of ridiculous costume he work during his entrance    02/25/20  (19)
Would be 180 to have a nationwide forced 30 day quarantine    02/25/20  (2)
Van Jones after Bernie beats Trump: “This was a Kikelash.”    02/25/20  (10)
Amazing I've never tried to avoid having kids and still don't have them    02/25/20  (31)
Did Earl and diesel/luis squash their beef?    02/25/20  (18)
"my brother died from the virus. he's in the walls now, laughing at me"    02/25/20  (6)
just bought $30 of Hillary Clinton contracts for the DNC nomination on PredictIt    02/25/20  (15)
Earl, whokebe would like you to clear up something here.    02/25/20  (24)
whokebe, tell us about being mr.jinx' cum bucket    02/25/20  (1)
I'm enjoying Thieves of the Wood on Netflix    02/25/20  (1)
celeb cameos on billions are nauseating    02/25/20  (1)
CSLG looks like Howard from Big Bang Theory    02/25/20  (3)
luis listens to reggaeton in his eternal blue Mazda CX-5    02/25/20  (16)
more likely to find hidden cryptograms in newspaper articles than facts    02/25/20  (2)
should i buy this apt    02/25/20  (17)
Bought a Hypervolt and it is 180 (CSLG)    02/25/20  (2)
Fucked a new white 40 yr old shrew with tightbod - CORONAVIRUS FUCK. Taking ?s    02/25/20  (22)
📄 Vanessa Bryant files wrongful death suit against helicopter operator 📄    02/25/20  (53)
What makes the blue eternal    02/25/20  (2)
not now babe. i need to strategically time my blank bump replies    02/25/20  (40)
Watching Bernie on CNN, no way they let him win    02/25/20  (15)
CNN in October: “Bernie is a classic South American style populist.”    02/25/20  (1)
Whokebe of Nazareth    02/25/20  (3)
So Sanders wants to take my money and give it to niggers? And that's good?    02/25/20  (12)
Explain what Bernie would do to fundamentally challenge GC    02/25/20  (2)
Keith Olberman post DNC: “So students w scholarships at worse schools get puni    02/25/20  (1)
i actually photoshopped a bowlcut onto luis (real imgur link)    02/25/20  (2)
so Kathryn Bigelow fucks up another military movie    02/25/20  (69)
CNN in four months: “The Apprentice cast had minorities. Vermont does not.”    02/25/20  (3)
Obama in October 2020: “Bernie spent his life in Washington, Trump created job    02/25/20  (4)
Boss's boss came to urinals right as I had my final dribbles. He stared daggers    02/25/20  (12)
H. Clinton in 2020, “I’ll lock myself up if that socialist wins the presiden    02/25/20  (1)
whokebe tell us about being rich in LA    02/25/20  (44)
Really hate the humans on this fucking planet    02/25/20  (1)
i photoshopped a bowlcut onto luis (link)    02/25/20  (4)
Bernie’s policy on Hosting? Gaming?    02/25/20  (1)
SomeOtherGhost making another unwanted comment in your thread    02/25/20  (3)
Roosh V releases apocalyptic novel: "A Dead Bat in Wuhan"    02/25/20  (1)
Rachel Maddow: “Bernies economic policy will destroy LGBT communities.”    02/25/20  (2)
Trump: coronavirus totally under control    02/25/20  (13)
Anyone ever gave in to a neighbor for some kind of construction easement?Result?    02/25/20  (2)
When I take a big shit at the office, I go to a different floor.    02/25/20  (4)
Why was Lennox Lewis v undefeated Henry Akinwande at a Tahoe casino?    02/25/20  (16)
SEEKING: Gangly Radiation Oncologist with a big ass and fat lips (jinx)    02/25/20  (12)
Why was whokebe vs undefeated zmtl495 at a venice beach coffeeshop    02/25/20  (1)
Weinstein interviewing Bill Clinton on CNN about Trump in 2012    02/25/20  (6)
a certain "reggaeton" sort of MD&A drafting session    02/25/20  (25)
What is the shrewiest thing you like?    02/25/20  (18)
Elon Musk Grimes baby May decide its own gender, Grimes said    02/25/20  (1)

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