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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   02/12/19  (255)
Brahmin in India really are genetically superior people. Analogous to race    02/15/19  (37)
Anybody here been a tourist in India? Whats it like?    02/15/19  (30)
Seems like shootings seem to happen a lot in towns named “Aurora”    02/15/19  (1)
Coulter re: Trump: "The only national emergency is our President is an idiot"    02/15/19  (44)
The entire Willy-Wonka esque Amazon HQ competition was utter GC faggotry    02/15/19  (28)
Exeunt, Joel Osteen, and now Trump. Which charlatan will lawman8 fall for next?    02/15/19  (14)
Random white dudes in public are a lot edgier now    02/15/19  (11)
Net Worth back above $900,000 --- jueijceicjeicjeicice fuk BIRDSHIztz    02/15/19  (11)
Aurora, IL shooter apprehended, identified as Pakistani loser named Reed Kurai    02/15/19  (6)
for women, having PICTURES of you is more important than having the ACTUAL you    02/15/19  (18)
Aging is horrible.    02/15/19  (13)
Did you get a 1099 from Coinbase?    02/15/19  (1)
REMINDER: NEVER end up in a US nursing home. Killself before that happens:    02/15/19  (15)
Crazy how quickly the environmentalist, protectionist, closed-borders left died    02/15/19  (1)
*an escort in the hallway hears barefoot obeezy approaching the door*    02/15/19  (3)
Look how gross turdskin "penises" are. JFC.    02/15/19  (2)
Lawman8 explain to people I don’t control you or whatever    02/15/19  (6)
Is Concerned Dad still around?    02/15/19  (3)
Krampus, Help Me Plan A Trip    02/15/19  (19)
Sad fact. If I had not gotten a good LSAT I would have happily gone to a TTT LS    02/15/19  (12)
check out Beto's entrance at last night's rally    02/15/19  (3)
what goes through an escort's mind as they approach a hotel door    02/15/19  (20)
It's fucking amazing how blatantly obvious Liberals are for open borders now    02/15/19  (49)
Have you done your ROTH rollovers for 2019 yet?    02/15/19  (1)
Stupid NIGGA taxi drive ATTACKED me in SENEGAL today    02/15/19  (53)
It gets better... Kamala Harris mom is an actual turdskin...red dot n all    02/15/19  (20)
Dechert associate kills self rather than deal with shame of working at Dechert    02/15/19  (69)
Trump won the election, but the cucks got him in the end.    02/15/19  (1)
🚨 🌮 🚨 🌮 🚨 NATIONAL EMERGENCY 🚨 🌮 🚨 🌮 🚨    02/15/19  (4)
I’m not saying I know anything but boner police “comes off” very Asian    02/15/19  (1)
*Spaceporn's son stomping on SPs balls violently fucking his ass & punching him*    02/15/19  (2)
Call me edgy, but I'm disgusted by the fact that SP molests "his" son.    02/15/19  (5)
NYT article on Smollett arrests - no mention they are black    02/15/19  (1)
shitlibs upset that Glenn Greenwald and Ro Khanna like Tucker.    02/15/19  (3)
Many "smart" people cannot tell the difference between abstraction and action    02/15/19  (1)
I was just thinking it’s been a while since a Trumpmo went on a shooting spree    02/15/19  (2)
What is the best original XO meme?    02/15/19  (108)
Great Grandfather Doobs    02/15/19  (1)
what you make of this girl's text / how to respond?    02/15/19  (16)
Trump trolls SOTU sour puss Dems on Twitter    02/15/19  (1)
Cory Booker on Senate floor: "My body is black and gay."    02/15/19  (1)
Shaking my dick in lawman8's face, daring him to make eye contact    02/15/19  (2)
can't stop cumming inside 32 yr old Berkeley jew shrews with A cups    02/15/19  (35)
At what age did life lose its flavor for you?    02/15/19  (70)
I'm considering making some really bad decisions    02/15/19  (25)
The modern surveillance apparatus is worse than you think    02/15/19  (27)
Ro Khanna/Tucker unity ticket    02/15/19  (6)
Senate passes Kamala's anti lynching law, in honor of Smollett (link)    02/15/19  (8)
Kaepernick's attorney to NFL owner: "Have you ever used the word "Nigger"?    02/15/19  (21)
Trump can't stop U.S. decline; the future belongs to Asia    02/15/19  (5)
What's the worst XO meme... ingbird hawk moth?    02/15/19  (1)
Sexiest asian bro ever: Chow-yun Fat in his prime or Steven Yeun    02/15/19  (6)
*you and your 2 dads wedding registry with “zhis, zhis, and zhers” towels*    02/15/19  (1)
Trump tweets the Everybody Hurts SOTU remix    02/15/19  (17)
The (((Consuela ))) calls you an FBI informant as he reports you    02/15/19  (18)
whats the cr *decline of america* gun & ammo stack?    02/15/19  (4)
Hawaii Judge Just Declared A National Gun Emergency, Enjoined 2nd Amendment    02/15/19  (3)
"I draw the line." -Peterman crawling out of female trucker's cab    02/15/19  (4)
Why did we get "Consuela" out of all of the kike morons commenting on ZeroHedge?    02/15/19  (3)
2018 law firm financials    02/15/19  (34)
real talk: the only *hope* is if whites form local militias for whats to come    02/15/19  (1)
I'm the biggest & most principled nationalist on xo and it's not close    02/15/19  (50)
Consuela screeching like a retarded baboon as I rape him in a Flying J bathroom    02/15/19  (1)
The Old Testament is polytheistic    02/15/19  (37)
*Alexa voice* Sorry, I cant find a device called Kill Yourself to Death    02/15/19  (2)
Ok so now that Trump is a clown, what do we do now?    02/15/19  (3)
Consuela Chokes Back Cum As Frog and Toad fill his ass w/ a semen turkey baster    02/15/19  (4)
ER Doctor sighs as he repairs Consuela's torn up anus 4 the 7th time this month    02/15/19  (4)
Consuela vomiting up a puddle of Monster as my cock pierces his rectal wall    02/15/19  (2)
Consuela is a Zionist kike?    02/15/19  (20)
Consuela bleating like a retarded sheep as I intubate him with my niggercock    02/15/19  (5)
where's (((consuela))) tp?    02/15/19  (3)
Revelation: Ancient Egypt was ancient history for ancient Egyptians too    02/15/19  (50)
Trump's nicknames for 2020 Dem hopefulls?    02/15/19  (14)
'Wicked Game' plays as your finger twirls around doobs' flawless, auburn locks    02/15/19  (19)
what happened to consuela?    02/15/19  (14)
Consuela here, I am officially off the Trump Train today May 20, 2017    02/15/19  (66)
is consuela really a famous person irl?    02/15/19  (17)
ATP Feb 11-17 Thread - Rotterdam | Buenos Aires | MFH #tennis    02/15/19  (6)
Going to make Consuela drink the liquid diarrhea out of my rectum with a straw    02/15/19  (7)
cant believe 2019 is already half over    02/15/19  (11)
BRING BACK DAMN DADDY    02/15/19  (2)
Consuela shrieks in ecstasy as I irrigate his deformed throat with my cumhose    02/15/19  (5)
Favorite trump nickname: Amnesty Don, Don the Con, or Trump the Clown?    02/15/19  (16)
"Nothin' in the world sexier than a duffel bag full of cash" *doobs opens blouse    02/15/19  (5)
Frog and Toad pass around Consuela's blown out shitskin wife like a hot potato    02/15/19  (6)
PINK SLIME reclassified by USDA as GROUND BEEF. Congrats everyone!!!!    02/15/19  (25)
Lyin' Ted. Low Energy Jeb. Crooked Hillary. Amnesty Don.    02/15/19  (25)
TT, What Do You Use As Your Permanent Mailing Address? Parents' House?    02/15/19  (4)
Amnesty Don has got it goin' on, Pablo's all I want, and I've waited for so long    02/15/19  (70)
THE ART OF THE KNEEL    02/15/19  (41)
Trump is a total failure, 1b for wall funding. Amnesty don cant negotiate    02/15/19  (12)
Clown Boy could've been viewed historically as a Charles Martel; instead he'll b    02/15/19  (11)
Doobs gliding down the stairs as "Kiss Me" plays in the background    02/15/19  (46)
What MASCOTS should biglaw firms have?    02/15/19  (100)
Anyone do Violence Against Women Act law?    02/15/19  (1)
Ivy League Haircuts    02/15/19  (1)
Anyone ever visit an Amazon store?    02/15/19  (2)
women female shamans    02/15/19  (4)
Rate this pic from NYT Gillibrand article    02/15/19  (15)
So hard your p____ is gonna feel like it ate pizza with tiny pizzas as toppings.    02/15/19  (17)
anyone snag a Moncler blackface jacket before they got dropped?    02/15/19  (1)
Turdskin dies hanging by ponytail on zip line    02/15/19  (157)
1636 Dutch Peterman, bragging about his tulip holdings    02/15/19  (35)
Trucker: "Gimme a refund" Peterman: *farts cum* Trucker: love when he does that    02/15/19  (23)
Peterman to 15y.o. runaway hitchhiker trainee: 'You cant be squeamish about shit    02/15/19  (12)
blacks refer to chads as *jawline niggas*    02/15/19  (15)
Pic of lawman8 explaining his various haters to his haters (pic)    02/15/19  (30)
Petermans boss showing peterman facial abuse videos during his job interview    02/15/19  (6)
I am going to say nigger on the internet    02/15/19  (16)
Lots of people are saying Spaceporn should be raped to death by 70 IQ niggers    02/15/19  (11)
Michelle text to Obama: "Where pizza topped with tiny pizzas at?    02/15/19  (15)
No "tiny pizza" story would ever even be made up about Obama    02/15/19  (2)
Blue smoke red eyed, shaking and itching herself, asking you for bus money    02/15/19  (5)
The mythology around billionaires is absurd GC flame    02/15/19  (60)
🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 penis 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨    02/15/19  (16)
Have you dreamed today?    02/15/19  (33)
Loling heartily that angry xo Indians are all dalit caste mud people    02/15/19  (4)
Should I kill myself or binge watch Ballers season 4?    02/15/19  (1)
I love how SPORADICALLY emojis are used here    02/15/19  (18)
Indian law school discussion board ruined by influx of "caste realists"    02/15/19  (35)
15 truckers throwing cash, storming off as the shifter disappears in peterman's    02/15/19  (5)
Boutique Antarctica Cruises Are $20K+    02/15/19  (1)
Smollet: o one would doubt me if I said the attackers were black    02/15/19  (1)
Lawyer lies about cancer to explain low LSAT, case delays    02/15/19  (5)
It’s like being on a different planet 🌎 even going to different county    02/15/19  (1)
Hypo: we teleport 5 million illegals from Los Angeles to NYC    02/15/19  (1)
Rate Paul Bernardo: serial killer Chad    02/15/19  (10)
“jawline nigga” is already getting traction    02/15/19  (3)
Why do Jews want to Jews want to live in a filthy country full of filthy people?    02/15/19  (2)
Aspie sued Dechert for getting dinged at Drexel OCI    02/15/19  (13)
shabba shabba shabba ranks    02/15/19  (3)
Rate this explanation of female inductive reasoning?    02/15/19  (11)
honiara i DEMAND that you poast in this thread    02/15/19  (4)
Turns out my (26M) fiancé (25F) has slept with a dozen guys in the past year    02/15/19  (11)
very intelligent people use "I" instead of "me" very frequently    02/15/19  (87)
Libs are beginning to shape narrative in light of Smollett Hoax (link)    02/15/19  (17)
Bathroom warning mistaken for bomb threat at Home Depot    02/15/19  (5)
AOC Under Fire For Putting Boyfriend On Her Staff    02/15/19  (1)
Crazy how you can literally tell a man's entire worth from a handshake    02/15/19  (1)
LJL at wagecucks looking up to 18hr day “billionaires”. Hitler slept till 1p    02/15/19  (1)
"Page Not Found" - 99% of BigLaw bio links on XO threads older than 1 yr    02/15/19  (1)
Hot teen girls have sleepover, stay up late reading Dechert attorney profiles    02/15/19  (60)
36yo Dechert Assoc Dude Weds 37yo Hag in "Fund Raising" (NYT)    02/15/19  (3)
Rate this Dechert lawyer fucking his wife on Chaturbate    02/15/19  (4)
Partner-track Dechert Sr. Associate taking ?s    02/15/19  (44)
just want to grow dreads and lay on sidewalks with signs begging for shekels    02/15/19  (1)
Want to commit suicide b/c I'm a biglawyer in Dechert's NY office    02/15/19  (4)

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