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STICKY: Big changes   08/10/20  (332)
When I was a teen (over a decade ago), one of my friends showed me some porn    08/14/20  (45)
It’s weird trying to talk to people who appear earnest and not cynical    08/14/20  (1)
About ten years ago I tried to eat some berries I found growing in a meadow    08/14/20  (4)
Baseball/Hockey ratings surging. NBA ratings flopping.    08/14/20  (1)
FUCK TALKIN NIGGA RUN IT UP    08/14/20  (2)
Buffett becomes a gold bug: dumps banks, abandons US, buys gold    08/14/20  (15)
wow, westworld season 3 is REALLY bad    08/14/20  (2)
basketball player who can dunk at will from half court (nba jam style)    08/14/20  (4)
a lot of men can’t do this    08/14/20  (1)
what are some early generation console games that still have a competitive scene    08/14/20  (8)
Who does Michelle Obama fantasize about when 4” Barack is grunting in her ?    08/14/20  (4)
TOTALLY UNPREDICTABLE that KamalaSexy has made ~500 threads since Wednesday    08/14/20  (7)
RATE the DNC speakers, night by night    08/14/20  (24)
BLM Harasses White People Living in Seattle and Demand that they Leave    08/14/20  (17)
THIS IS A BLACK SPACE DIDNT U KNOW (blacks having moved on to Finland)    08/14/20  (1)
"Macy Gray" apparently has had a whole career but i only know that one song    08/14/20  (2)
Hey whiteboys, dis a black space...now you know...gtfo give xo to black folk    08/14/20  (5)
California to introduce wealth tax    08/14/20  (88)
Lena Dunham getting down to Wet Ass Pussy    08/14/20  (10)
Pence on Kampala: “I look forward to facing my big-titted opponent”    08/14/20  (4)
Does Henry Aaron ever log off here? He’s a really bad poster!    08/14/20  (1)
Hypo: baseball player hits home run every at bat. Does he make it to MLB??    08/14/20  (21)
Rate the $10k pizza oven I purchased    08/14/20  (22)
White boys so done here 😹😹😹    08/14/20  (8)
alzabo is that quiet friend who snaps u pics of guns and tells u not to come 2 s    08/14/20  (33)
LOL at Ellen Page getting top billing in Umbrella Academy    08/14/20  (8)
lakers/clips both look awful    08/14/20  (13)
i want ONE rational observer to tell me how this market makes ANY sense now    08/14/20  (26)
did u know there’s a Scottish family where literally everyone is a theologian?    08/14/20  (1)
155 poaster but every thread is 100+ poasts. historically important?    08/14/20  (6)
You think CA salaries are bad? Check out the highest IL pensions    08/14/20  (14)
poll: which dunham sister would you rather fuck?    08/14/20  (2)
Trump UP +6 in latest Florida poll!    08/14/20  (45)
I thought “Friends from College” was pretty good    08/14/20  (4)
*puts fried chicken wing on table* "come here KamalaSexy, come here...."    08/14/20  (6)
Idris got notha thing comin if he think his ass gettin eatin fo free again    08/14/20  (1)
Joe ain't makin me wear no tampon, I wearin mutha fuckin pants    08/14/20  (1)
White existence = violence    08/14/20  (1)
this bug legit looks like an alien    08/14/20  (2)
Xo VERB Second Quarter Earning Call Friday Aug 14 2020 @ 4:30pm    08/14/20  (17)
Can you find the most egregious salary on Transparent California?    08/14/20  (61)
"Inner suburbs" are going to see massive price increases over next 10 yrs    08/14/20  (93)
Summon: Guy who built the pond    08/14/20  (5)
"I got my new 'Black Loads Matter' facemask in the mail today!" (Henry Aaron)    08/14/20  (1)
you don’t really hear much about the california raisins these days.    08/14/20  (2)
Hart-Celler was the biggest mistake in American history    08/14/20  (1)
So SP and ‘SomeOtherGhost’ are literally just gonna sock puppet e/o every da    08/14/20  (3)
will bump anything that wet asspussy tp posts    08/14/20  (2)
xo braintrust: ORANGE MAN GOOD    08/14/20  (3)
remember doing horrible funny shit with ur high school buddies    08/14/20  (1)
C12 you're not forgotten    08/14/20  (11)
Tried to go on a weekend trip with my family; already want to kill myself    08/14/20  (20)
alex jones reporter millie weaver arrest for burglary (hacking charge?)    08/14/20  (1)
Is jhalp still around?    08/14/20  (1)
"theres some spores in this house" shrieks man consumed by black mold in condmen    08/14/20  (1)
shrewd or decadent to install movie theater popcorn machine in shitmotel room    08/14/20  (2)
Biden takes COMMANDING +11 lead in national poll    08/14/20  (28)
Marge Simpson CLAPS BACK at President Trump (video)    08/14/20  (13)
i dont even want to look ripped anymore just want to ascend into being a monster    08/14/20  (5)
How much student loan debt do you have left?    08/14/20  (41)
Chemotherapy added only 2% to the 5-year survival rate of cancer patients.    08/14/20  (97)
lawyer who instinctively know whats market in any agreement. cravath partner?    08/14/20  (1)
Sexy VP to BE celebration....500 roses full menu out calls 💋💋💋    08/14/20  (1)
QAnon peeps should be "de-programmed," says ex-Moonie    08/14/20  (3)
should we try making a daily crypto thread again?    08/14/20  (11)
Libs admit defeat as Trump opens up COMMANDING 12 point lead (link)    08/14/20  (1)
i thought that was an actual spider    08/14/20  (1)
do it. kill yourself.    08/14/20  (6)
In West Village NYC now - tons of kids drinking / partying    08/14/20  (1)
Hockey player who cannot skate but every slap shot is a goal    08/14/20  (5)
Anyone want to start a hardcore crew with me    08/14/20  (7)
politician who can win any election but is an orange cheeto    08/14/20  (2)
these aren't bags under my eyes, they're suitcases    08/14/20  (5)
can’t wait for my wife to die    08/14/20  (1)
Chess player who can just take the opponent's king with any piece    08/14/20  (3)
Asked fast food lady for "buffalo sauce", she gives me ketchup + taco sauce    08/14/20  (7)
Portland abolishes single family zoning    08/14/20  (48)
How dumb to stay in CA if a high earner (>1M)?    08/14/20  (15)
Dan Rather @DanRather I prefer the term racism to birtherism. 9:29 PM · Aug 1    08/14/20  (3)
Walk me through how I get a maseuse to fuck at one of these massage parlors    08/14/20  (8)
henry aaron wearing nurses scrubs with eggplant emojis 🍆🍆🍆    08/14/20  (128)
Are "colorblind" people full of shit?    08/14/20  (4)
chess player who is colorblind and can't distinguish black from white but can ch    08/14/20  (1)
The most “Middle Class” brands    08/14/20  (104)
would u rather $100k of be worlds best pickle ball player for 5 years?    08/14/20  (8)
nascar driver w/ no arms and drives with feet but can always crash leader    08/14/20  (1)
obese soccer player who can't run 10 yards but scores on every shot. USMNT?    08/14/20  (2)
prestige faggot come back    08/14/20  (2)
Why are there so many Indians here    08/14/20  (5)
This is what Irish people look like now (pics)    08/14/20  (58)
Facebook bans theory that Jews control everything, proving that Jews control ev    08/14/20  (9)
using anything but ur bare fists to consume animal meat is for poofters    08/14/20  (1)
brainless white libs are now expressly marching for "black criminals" (link)    08/14/20  (2)
Kids freaking out over Fortnite not being allowed on Apple devices    08/14/20  (12)
500 blank bump salute to Charles    08/14/20  (560)
*tmf sitting in a meeting, alienware laptop glowing green & whirring loudly*    08/14/20  (26)
Chinese scientists putting your brain in a jar and torturing you for eternity    08/14/20  (2)
You know who is a real piece of shit? John Kerry    08/14/20  (11)
chilmata do they have rubios in north carolina    08/14/20  (5)
There’s some WHORES in this HOUSE There’s some WHORES in this HOUSE    08/14/20  (4)
Need a HENNY DRINKER need a WEED SMOKER not a GARTER SNAKE need a KING COBRA    08/14/20  (3)
starting to explore latin jizz. xo recs?    08/14/20  (3)
Mike Fart my allergies are acting up lol    08/14/20  (3)
Every female biglaw partner I know is absolutely CONSUMED by avarice    08/14/20  (4)
Every skinny woman looks hot in a face mask    08/14/20  (5)
The Depressive Realism Model    08/14/20  (58)
Lol at John “Kerry” and “Theresa Heinz Kerry”    08/14/20  (26)
Hypo: QB gets a first down on every throw, can’t throw further than 10 yards    08/14/20  (14)
So Darnell told my wife you need a man up in your pussy not a pussy as your man.    08/14/20  (1)
haven't cut my hair since february; getting ridiculously long    08/14/20  (1)
why do our "elites" seem to hate America so much    08/14/20  (10)
would u swap lives with Matthew Lillard?    08/14/20  (7)
being 30+ and married w/o kids seems like a cruel joke    08/14/20  (13)
starting to explore latin jazz. xo recs?    08/14/20  (2)
Honestly, Spaceporn should not have fucked his own kid    08/14/20  (27)
Tired of Dtps retarded crypto threads. Shut up already fag, we don’t care    08/14/20  (22)
there's been no big crypto pullback yet. straight mooning forever?    08/14/20  (2)
"Lol at these idiot religimos" *puts on mask and goggles to walk dog*    08/14/20  (1)
Ever seen a rhino fuck up a car?    08/14/20  (1)
compare your level of dignity with that of your grandfather.    08/14/20  (7)
Dame Lilliard is Steph Curry without light skin priviledge    08/14/20  (1)
there's a popular song called "Asspussy"??    08/14/20  (1)
abc announce ellen page as new host of "ellen"    08/14/20  (1)
Kamala Harris-“Dirty joe picked dis ho and her wet ass pussy”    08/14/20  (1)
Female Journalist: White men hate Cardi B's WAP due to fear of BBC    08/14/20  (2)
Prole tell: pretending to like lobster    08/14/20  (12)
NYT: Congress has been briefed about UFOs/materials.    08/14/20  (69)
Longtime NBA Photographer Fired for this Offensive Kamala FB post    08/14/20  (2)
bros i'm thinking of fucking my way to the top    08/14/20  (12)
is aurochs and angels MDH?    08/14/20  (17)
Google and Apple have installed COVID trackers on your phones    08/14/20  (12)
bump if SP talking about "hosting little cheese pizza playdates" = creepy af    08/14/20  (29)
tweaker thieves took my maple steak seasoning but left cheddar bay biscuit mix    08/14/20  (2)
prole tell: pretending to not like red lobster    08/14/20  (1)
Just remembered the videos from Wuhan of people wailing into the night    08/14/20  (18)
SomeOtherGhost is flat-out the worst poster in the history of XO    08/14/20  (10)
Reminder: Libs think the 5 y/o kid in NC deserved to get shot    08/14/20  (17)
really not looking forward to having sex with my shrew wife anymore    08/14/20  (1)
weed stocks are getting absolutely decimated    08/14/20  (7)
FBI Agent: “My Goddamn name is all over documents investigating Trump’s staf    08/14/20  (33)
State of the Race: Is it Over? (NYT)    08/14/20  (20)
Mainstream media won’t touch murder of 5 yr old boy    08/14/20  (20)
CORONAVIRUS TRACKER: up to 35 cases in US now... 11 in Nebraska!    08/14/20  (74)
in an alternate dimension, Fiona Apple became President in 2016    08/14/20  (1)
ITT: your top 3 red pilled moments    08/14/20  (206)
So Drake Mallaed is angry that Asians get into Ivies bc if hard work and IQ    08/14/20  (11)
Unsaid truth: Hitchcock's overall best film was 'Rebecca'    08/14/20  (1)
NYT: Ex FBI Lawyer to plead guilty for falsifying evidence to spy on Trump admin    08/14/20  (86)

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