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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   04/10/19  (286)
Mid-30s biglawyer guy, starting to date mid-20s service industry girl    04/20/19  (103)
Nearly every Jew I met in NYC was totally insufferable    04/20/19  (1)
Head of NY subway system chief set to quit over out of control bureaucracy    04/20/19  (1)
Adele announces separation from TSINAH tp    04/20/19  (1)
I think I fucked up my nerves permanently due to stress poorly managed    04/20/19  (3)
Is Argentina whiter than America?    04/20/19  (4)
Fuck my dick this white shit is loose    04/20/19  (6)
evan39 they told Wilson he couldn’t make it now highest paid NFl player Seahaw    04/20/19  (9)
phineasgage gives his regards to xo    04/20/19  (40)
Hitler was right! Immediate repeat holocaust 2.0 infinity now(evan39)    04/20/19  (2)
ITT: List people who are in the news constantly for nothing    04/20/19  (3)
George Zimmerman kicked off of Tinder    04/20/19  (28)
DAT TOO MUCH FORCEMEME    04/20/19  (13)
obama oversaw the birth of a new american monoculture that despises the old one    04/20/19  (10)
Kike bosses MAF that I am leaving early for Good Friday    04/20/19  (38)
how long does the average attorney last in biglaw (assume starting associate)    04/20/19  (4)
DNC retroactively endorses Romney for 2012 nomination due to his Russia takes    04/20/19  (2)
"The paradox of tolerance"    04/20/19  (2)
Seen an uptick of women identifying as "empaths"    04/20/19  (6)
Thought I was on xo and wrote "nigger" on another board, immediately got banned    04/20/19  (4)
Do tranny-fuckers realize that to non-autists, trannys still look like men?    04/20/19  (19)
Snapchat discover is the peak of kike GC insanity    04/20/19  (5)
MUELLER REPORT IS OUT    04/20/19  (66)
This person studied for OVER 3 YEARS to go from 150-170 on LSAT    04/20/19  (38)
What is the best recording of Bach's "Oster-Oratorium"?    04/20/19  (1)
i have a 5yo AZN patient with a very jimkelly/spaceporn-like family dynamic    04/20/19  (29)
study: trans women and lawyers read more hentai per capita than all other groups    04/20/19  (4)
Median IQ of Instagram user?    04/20/19  (10)
CharlesXII here, narrating your road trip from Waterloo, Iowa to Washington DC    04/20/19  (102)
Shitlaw boss ended call with "See you later, litigator"    04/20/19  (46)
Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Soup is underrated.    04/20/19  (1)
Going to dine with Bret Easton Ellis in Miami Friday    04/20/19  (9)
You know what's underrated? Corn chowder    04/20/19  (1)
Just rewatched Spies Like Us. GOAT Yankee movie.    04/20/19  (1)
Betting on Night King to rule Westeros @ +1500. Shrewd?    04/20/19  (31)
DTP taking ?s on 5-factor model and personality of dream girl (4/19/2019)    04/20/19  (16)
It’s funny how lawyers thing law is rigorous    04/20/19  (4)
Hitler was a menace, but he was right about kikes    04/20/19  (5)
Dating a child of divorce. Huge red flag or nbd?    04/20/19  (31)
Choke on a bag of dicks at your demonic Thanksgiving tonight kikes    04/20/19  (1)
ob sturmt oder schneit, ob die sonne uns lacht    04/20/19  (3)
Pretty nuts just how cr mgtow is    04/20/19  (1)
these kikes on twitter are going to get me put in an oven...    04/20/19  (7)
Why dont most biglaw firms match 401k?    04/20/19  (15)
MGTOW!    04/20/19  (2)
normal goys are too stupid to understand who jews are or what they do.    04/20/19  (12)
guys remember chatroulette.com?    04/20/19  (5)
Would you bang any of these chicks based on this pic alone?    04/20/19  (86)
Ever start effortpissing with a boner and then have to poop?    04/20/19  (2)
I'm a BIG fan of BIG dicks    04/20/19  (2)
Rate this reddit post: "Liberal outrage has become a literal conservative hoax"    04/20/19  (15)
Lmao    04/20/19  (1)
David Bowie—Cathedral (Putting Out Fire).mp3    04/20/19  (3)
Why don't more Eastern Euro women emigrate to the US?    04/20/19  (12)
Dirte: What do you think of these boats?    04/20/19  (10)
"Lol, let's shut down the prisons and set 'em all free!" (libs) (not flame):    04/20/19  (47)
Death by affirmative action: race quotas in medicine    04/19/19  (1)
Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny ice breaker    04/19/19  (5)
Going to start entering my time Trump style    04/19/19  (166)
Game of Thrones theory    04/19/19  (28)
Rate my exchange with defense (CSLG)    04/19/19  (33)
Rate this worm that looks a bit phallic    04/19/19  (1)
Why didn't Mueller investigate the Seth Rich leaks and murder by DNC?    04/19/19  (45)
alright im a full blown nazi now    04/19/19  (23)
rate this comic strip depicting CharlesXII being approached by women    04/19/19  (4)
I encounter so many foreigners in NYC who hate America    04/19/19  (7)
Apparently our 90s nostalgia has gone mainstream (link)    04/19/19  (1)
if Christianity is real, today is the day He died for you    04/19/19  (13)
The Favourite was pretty good    04/19/19  (8)
White girls celebrate a Western hero    04/19/19  (11)
I want to check out of it all and fuck 17-22 yr old south American women    04/19/19  (6)
Historically important poster offering cyber-buttsex tonight    04/19/19  (14)
Hardcore Henry, the sequel to Regarding Henry, doesn't even have Harrison Ford    04/19/19  (4)
who knew a honking clown frog could describe everything so poetically    04/19/19  (1)
Parents who kiss their kids on the lips    04/19/19  (5)
Big 4 directors make 200 - 300k and do data entry lmao    04/19/19  (7)
collusion! --> obstruction! --> misconduct? --> stuff.    04/19/19  (5)
Your lawyer Rudy Giuliani admitting all allegations in your answer    04/19/19  (59)
RATE this hot blonde getting catheterized (nsfw) (lulzy comments)    04/19/19  (22)
regular goys think ww2 happened because of the holocaust.    04/19/19  (4)
Liberals don't seem to understand they lost the Whitehouse and executive branch    04/19/19  (4)
millenials I played trivial pursuit with had no idea who Goethe was    04/19/19  (6)
Are we all just accepting BOOM change to BOM as if nothing happened?    04/19/19  (15)
Youtube always injecting trash into my feed    04/19/19  (17)
The Favourite is best non-Mandy film of the year    04/19/19  (5)
Have you swam in the gulf lately? It's full of oil and burns like detergent    04/19/19  (1)
one night in BIG RODS and the WORLD'S your OYSTER    04/19/19  (87)
has Mark Wahlberg ever played a masshole?    04/19/19  (1)
autistic expatcel crypto dork reads ayn rand, attempts to SEASTEAD. results itt:    04/19/19  (13)
has Harrison Ford ever played a doctor?    04/19/19  (31)
Absolutely bonkers that Hillary ordered Seth Rich killed and got away with it    04/19/19  (5)
just rewatched barton fink the movie -- its basically jews laughing at the world    04/19/19  (4)
This board needs to have a frank discussion about RACIAL INJUSTICE    04/19/19  (4)
Give up on women. Opt instead for cock cage + HRT + aneros    04/19/19  (6)
18yo texas hs cheerleader goes for chiropractic adjustment    04/19/19  (8)
WH Press Corps to Sarah Sanders: "What else have you lied about?"    04/19/19  (72)
why are some fast food restuarants "black" fast food restaurants?    04/19/19  (3)
why is it that not one liberal poster is high IQ?    04/19/19  (57)
TMF: Rate this article about inextricable link between Judaism and Christianity    04/19/19  (5)
Finally watched South Park episode about Amazon - holy crap 180    04/19/19  (1)
Bill Burr Rants About a Fatty on a Plane    04/19/19  (1)
Honey? Can you eat pizza while going your own way?    04/19/19  (1)
Youtube anal bleaching vid.    04/19/19  (42)
Just randomly yelled "G-unit!" in line at Ralph's    04/19/19  (2)
funny how flabby american women treat pics of square bodies like top secret inte    04/19/19  (1)
Why Americans Love Taco Bell    04/19/19  (1)
The best and worst things about L.A.    04/19/19  (51)
MLBer calls opposing pitcher a nigger, gets a one-day suspension    04/19/19  (1)
took a shroom capsule earlier and felt dizzy in the Sprouts line    04/19/19  (1)
how were your good friday services    04/19/19  (6)
“I know straight men that pole dance now, and that’s awesome,”    04/19/19  (2)
Boondocks pleads guilty to hacking charges after heroism very sad.    04/19/19  (1)
All The Things She Said, All The Things She Said, Runnin Through My Head, Runnin    04/19/19  (7)
High level sales is the easiest job there is    04/19/19  (1)
wish we had tamerlane the poaster here to opine on TENGRISM    04/19/19  (1)
Told neighbor that I'm going to fuck his wife and then I'm going to fuck his dog    04/19/19  (4)
;>>>sex with women
   04/19/19  (2)
Trump & Biden = old enough that either could die any time during 2020 campaign    04/19/19  (1)
"This is not your pussy, tree man."    04/19/19  (20)
Rong time Trumpmo, If Pelosi shuts down impeach and keeps dissin AOC, shes 180    04/19/19  (2)
anyone else sometimes have 10k cal meal to “shock” ur body and stop it going    04/19/19  (6)
rate this CNN banner from earlier tonight    04/19/19  (11)
Pelosi: "We'll offer $1B for a wall." Giuliani: "Make it $0 & we have a deal.    04/19/19  (14)
love a pint, not keen on muzzies, NOT racist just don't like 'em, simple as    04/19/19  (8)
uncle offered me pig on a stick, said no thanks i'll fuck my wife when i want to    04/19/19  (1)
World's oldest known Bloody Mary recipe calls for shot of menstrual blood (link)    04/19/19  (1)
Healthiest diet: eat 1x a day. Salad & steak. Lots of coffee & green tea.    04/19/19  (53)
What are you cooking for Easter?    04/19/19  (5)
Starting to realize in disgust that Indians are actually worse than niggers    04/19/19  (12)
I read somewhere that Israel has the best fighter pilots of any air force    04/19/19  (16)
Is Eminem's "No Love" the only Easter themed rap song?    04/19/19  (2)
CNN: Mueller couldn't find obstruction = Trump is definitely guilty of stuff    04/19/19  (1)
Charlize Theron: I thought I had a boy. Guess not!    04/19/19  (24)
Thaddeus just missed a completely wide open fast break lay up    04/19/19  (1)
What happened after the resurrection? Did he just live out the rest of his life?    04/19/19  (18)
Philadelphia Inquirer: Too few Asian men become professional basketball players    04/19/19  (2)
Luis’s complicated views on Shiite Islam would make an interesting xo discussi    04/19/19  (26)
Did you know the actress from The Birds is Melanie Griffith’s mother    04/19/19  (5)
'soccer" fans summed up in one picture.    04/19/19  (1)
"oh yeah, i've been intermittent feasting for a while now" (bloodacre)    04/19/19  (3)
just had bathroom redone for $5k total. Taking questions.    04/19/19  (7)
I haven't been to a doctor or dentist in at least 5 years. Don't care what race    04/19/19  (4)
Wow Man City 4 Tottenham 3 in the Champions League Footy lads massive    04/19/19  (35)
ever know someone afraid of being alone, always needing company    04/19/19  (1)
all jokes aside there are 100s of ghost ships floating in ocean w/ dead crews    04/19/19  (14)
How can I become a masochistic psychopath?    04/19/19  (6)
Pedophilia Reminder: "Tru Jews pack young sphincters"    04/19/19  (1)
Anyone here major in "international law" in law school?    04/19/19  (5)

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