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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   05/13/19  (291)
Police secrecy law keeps citizens in dark about police misconduct    05/19/19  (3)
This dishwasher chick is blowing my mind    05/19/19  (69)
Board minorities, has xo HARDENED you to racism?    05/19/19  (39)
What car can I afford on a $240k yearly income?    05/19/19  (43)
Is learning foreign languages flame    05/19/19  (39)
Memorial with flowers,candles, Juul pods,dildos @McD's where boner police died    05/19/19  (23)
Rate this piece of Art    05/19/19  (1)
"yeah, so i just said fuck it & retired," boner police told the horny bar slut    05/19/19  (7)
NYC Taxi medallion owners killing selves all over the place    05/19/19  (70)
"I Post on the Internet, and am over 6`00``"    05/19/19  (3)
Where did GOT lay the groundwork for Dany turning heel and going insane?    05/19/19  (144)
Hypo: legalize prostitution. What effect on Trumpmos/inceldom/mass shootings?    05/19/19  (24)
The Wikipedia article on "Liberal" is telling    05/19/19  (5)
PROOF that Danny did not burn King's Landing to the ground    05/19/19  (4)
"wow! it's so intellectual" the bar slut cooed @ boner police's grecian member    05/19/19  (7)
Tennessee John Ford '16 Tons' plays as BP fucks fat bar slut in mens toilet    05/19/19  (5)
fat smelly bar slut to Luis: "is it big?" Luis: "I am jung" slut: "huh?    05/19/19  (17)
wonder what chris farley would be doing today    05/19/19  (2)
incel famous tp    05/19/19  (1)
The humiliation and degradation of domestic travel    05/19/19  (29)
tatted up bbw bar slut hipster telling assfaggot hes too pretty for her    05/19/19  (9)
Could god make a bar slut so fat and smelly that even boner police wouldnt fuck    05/19/19  (16)
boner police constantly has a fat smelly bar slut chasing him "it follows" style    05/19/19  (9)
if you were australian u could be getting paid 2 say weird shit like "drongo" r    05/19/19  (7)
Gamecube megathread 5/19 (cowgod)    05/19/19  (3)
FF7 5/19 megathread    05/19/19  (2)
Best part of being a woman - goosebumps & shivers just thinking about intimacy    05/19/19  (14)
Trumpmos staking 2020 on overturning Roe v. Wade, 71% of voters support Roe...    05/19/19  (1)
The Mysterious Pussy Aroma    05/19/19  (2)
Unsaid truth: Bush's campaign ad people in 2004 were top-notch    05/19/19  (11)
2021: SCOTUS, in 10 to 5 decision, finds whites voting violates the 14th amendme    05/19/19  (9)
Pop quiz, which state produced the first female Congresswoman?    05/19/19  (3)
katamari damacy but its boner police rolling arnd collecting fat smelly bar slut    05/19/19  (7)
How do I stop my phone from autocorrecting "kikes" to "likes"    05/19/19  (1)
Check out this dude freaking out after his car gets slightly bumped (vid)    05/19/19  (30)
incredible piety from this Trump voter    05/19/19  (9)
Official Cosmos ICO Thread    05/19/19  (32)
Obama staff alumni are the worst    05/19/19  (12)
Pu$h tow truck$ into ditch with 18 wheeler    05/19/19  (23)
weird girls with full sleeve tattoos who "read tarot"    05/19/19  (2)
What do you fuckers who live in Chicago do for a living? No jobs there.    05/19/19  (23)
Hey tow truck driver fag I want to rearrange your face with a tire iron    05/19/19  (63)
City parks are mostly empty. Nothing going on at all    05/19/19  (7)
"Who told you not to go to law school?" "The guys online, with the penis sleeves    05/19/19  (75)
just went deaf for like 30 seconds    05/19/19  (7)
sharklasers and benzo shopping for polos with tight sleeves at Macy’s    05/19/19  (5)
2nd cuz: "OMG my pussy needs a reprieve :)" shrew gf: "here, put on this sleeve"    05/19/19  (22)
Bboooooooooom 2.0 going down failure failure Bboooooooooooooooom    05/19/19  (19)
Odd ca$e! Very intere$ting! Off to pig 🐽 pig 🐷 pig 🐖 farm has u go!    05/19/19  (117)
Fight breaks out at International Association of Physicists conference (vid)    05/19/19  (7)
Golf courses seem like a horrible investment. No one plays this shit anymore.    05/19/19  (2)
Trump trash: Judges aren't election, btw AG Barr can deny Congress' subpoenas    05/19/19  (1)
tsinah was in a hit and run?    05/19/19  (69)
this Board is so smart! Posts 300 page thread about make believe fag bodybuilder    05/19/19  (40)
One dude vs. multiple ANTIFA libs (vid)    05/19/19  (20)
Getting much tighter groups with my pistol, feels good    05/19/19  (5)
Love hitting point in year where 401k & social security max out. Paycheck up big    05/19/19  (109)
eazy-e was lucky - escaped GC, guest appearance with Katy Perry & shilling pizza    05/19/19  (2)
ur wife's cunt is a superfund site    05/19/19  (14)
Coulter presents objective data regarding Trump's performance in office so far    05/19/19  (54)
*Paul Ryan looking on the ruins of America* "Well, at least I wasn't racist!"    05/19/19  (12)
"Senator, 'lmao libs ur all gonna die' was more of an existential statement than    05/19/19  (11)
"The real Game of Thrones was the friends we made along the way" says Jon. -FIN-    05/19/19  (3)
*Hammer and sickle fading into future US flags*    05/19/19  (5)
*Kellyanne in Harley Quinn voice* "ya Mr. T he DOES look like the MadTV guy"    05/19/19  (3)
*Dany texting Jon* "lol i got a little too wild for you last night huh? 😜"    05/19/19  (6)
Chips Ahoy celebrates Drag Moms everywhere (link, not flame)    05/19/19  (17)
"Life isn't Fair" is seen as some ingenious argument by 100% of idiots    05/19/19  (1)
a black youth, disconnected from 🌎 around him, menacingly shouting rap lyrics    05/19/19  (3)
2016 flashback: Hillary campaigning with "Mothers of the Movement" AFTER Dallas    05/19/19  (1)
Exeunt, please tell me when to sell all of my LINK    05/19/19  (1)
*bathtub tsinah reads benzo poast* "MOTHERFUCKER!" *drops egg sandwich in water*    05/19/19  (60)
Final GoT scene is Jon saying to Sam: "That button is in the worst spot"    05/19/19  (1)
at a bar for lunch right now    05/19/19  (45)
ITT I post the FB posts of Azn megashrew I've met    05/19/19  (739)
Everyone xo dreams about pattaya, but no one lives it.    05/19/19  (7)
🎨 The Mysterious Art of Falling Panties 🎨    05/19/19  (10)
start artificially deepening your voice like Elizabeth Holmes    05/19/19  (1)
Picture menus are on of the greatest signs of national downfall    05/19/19  (1)
"I'll be out of the office mourning the death of Lady Mormont"    05/19/19  (7)
I still prefer the porno series, "Game of Moans"    05/19/19  (4)
*peterman and tsinahs wrestling match over toupee escalating to anal in 30 secs*    05/19/19  (154)
Bran: "Do the chickens have big talons?"    05/19/19  (9)
Shitlennial watches "Heathers" for first time, is appalled it's un-PC (link)    05/19/19  (70)
Simulations of 9/11 flights in real-time (video)    05/19/19  (3)
NY female surgeon wins $1.2M lawsuit against cops after she hit one w/her car    05/19/19  (46)
XO YELICH LAYING PIPE IN 2019    05/19/19  (5)
Found out that my gf's nickname in high school was "Nasty Natalie"    05/19/19  (26)
i got attacked by an ant    05/19/19  (3)
Forget juice - the best food scene in Thailand is at 7-11    05/19/19  (6)
“Previously, on Dragon Show.”    05/19/19  (45)
Casey Anthony tweet: "Watching Ted Bundy movie on Netflix. He's so hot!"    05/19/19  (6)
"Cocktail this Friday? You bring the cock, I'll bring the tail! ha ha!"    05/19/19  (3)
*whok wakes up and runs a xo search for "jinx" to start off his day*    05/19/19  (17)
Security camera caught a nigger thief last night    05/19/19  (3)
Every single old-school whokebian turned gay between 2005-2012    05/19/19  (1)
Zurich I have more escort recs    05/19/19  (4)
HBO "furious" about GoT spoiler clip leak, reddit going crazy (spoilers obviousl    05/19/19  (12)
Sunday afternoon - most active thread (6 hrs) are all around 30 posts    05/19/19  (6)
BBC shrew grills YouTuber Sargon of Akkad over rape joke (vid)    05/19/19  (5)
Bran's final line in GoT: "Interesting game, this games of thrones...    05/19/19  (3)
*tsinah flipping the 1 back to a zero* on his days wo threatening someone calend    05/19/19  (44)
Politico reporter Sally (((Goldenburg))) tweets her observations about Iowa    05/19/19  (11)
Help me pick which stamps to buy    05/19/19  (1)
Brooks Koepka has one 3 of last 6 majors (excl. Masters DNP injured)    05/19/19  (93)
Assess the morality of this woman's decision to have an abortion.    05/19/19  (1)
Good morning ZoZo! *live tuna wink$ "I really like it here" as oven door closes*    05/19/19  (43)
LJL at ARE Reptile talking about armenians not being white    05/19/19  (2)
Good morning zozo *spreads peanut butter on physical smuckers share certificates    05/19/19  (7)
Krampusnacht taking questions on 7-11, Marshalls, Dollar Tree    05/19/19  (8)
Why Is Brooks Koepka So Brown? Is He Part Beaner? #golf    05/19/19  (1)
Good morning ZOZO! *hits snooze, wraps arms around giant live tuna, sleeps 10min    05/19/19  (6)
ABRAAJ Funds. Did Luis get a lil too kooky? (Link)    05/19/19  (1)
#2 Duke lacrosse list to High Point today    05/19/19  (18)
Golf MFEs: Do Raw Scores (Not Relative To Par) Mean Anything? #golf    05/19/19  (19)
So much "US" "media" is globalist liberal propaganda it's insane    05/19/19  (4)
Any chance that 80s rock/heavy metal can make a comeback?    05/19/19  (6)
me & twist holding hands at a Legend of Zelda symphony concert, tears streaming    05/19/19  (18)
PENIS SLEEVE came in the mail today    05/19/19  (12)
Smoked hash in Amsterdam last night, had a complete psychotic br    05/19/19  (40)
T R U M P IS GONNA DO IT    05/19/19  (7)
Mix Drano & orange juice 🍊 and drink up! Its all flame & sucks anyway    05/19/19  (1)
Brooks Koepka? Is that the mean faggot from Super Mario?    05/19/19  (7)
Hot 22 year old blonde dies running marathon in Cleveland    05/19/19  (1)
Bill Gates here. Can I afford this gumball? (Link)    05/19/19  (1)
Koepka choked at the Masters and choking today. Chad my ass.    05/19/19  (3)
are Kardashians totally getting out of nigger game after Lamar?    05/19/19  (62)
bread is peasant food    05/19/19  (6)
hmmm, the internet is weird    05/19/19  (3)
thought about luis in the shower today    05/19/19  (6)
i went to high school with this girl (NSFW)    05/19/19  (21)
Confirmed: Millennial men live with their parents more than other generations    05/19/19  (8)
I fucked Jada Stevens the other day in NYC    05/19/19  (55)
“That’s NOT what a 72-hour hold is” (disgusted doctor to peterman)    05/19/19  (4)
Bathroom signs: "Men" "Women" "Family" "Doobs"    05/19/19  (15)
Dat feeling when a bareback PUSSYSTICK shoots a rope of DEATHJUICE in your fuckh    05/19/19  (23)
Ok to wear a dark grey jacket to a black tie event?    05/19/19  (10)
As I get older it's harder for me to get all the PISS out when I pee, anyone els    05/19/19  (8)
“I’m actually a violent psychopath” (generic CEO visiting upscale therapis    05/19/19  (3)
When GoT gets to Queen Sansa in books that's gonna be crazy    05/19/19  (3)
bumbling manchild stumbles around 3rd world in narcotic haze (Vice.com)    05/19/19  (15)
Are there any other grifter races besides Gypsies and Jews?    05/19/19  (8)
Google suspends some business with Huawei after Trump blacklist    05/19/19  (1)
30 y/o fob Asians literally have more femininity than 12 y/o white girls (DTP)    05/19/19  (6)
End Racism    05/19/19  (2)
RATE the newest Calvin Klein model    05/19/19  (3)
Bought Chia Seeds at Costco yesterday, on sale, are these flame?    05/19/19  (9)
Whos this black Jerry curl queer who made his career posting under Trump tweets    05/19/19  (4)

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