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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
I seems like Alts will pump a lot harder than BTC for the next few days    03/07/21  (4)
Big night in the UFC: blach v. izzy @ LHvywgt, yan v. sterling @ 135    03/07/21  (9)
screen use disorder    03/07/21  (1)
Wild that everyone’s subconscious “knows” alien contact is about to happen    03/07/21  (18)
Vote by mail had no effect on voter makeup/turnout    03/07/21  (4)
The Deficit Myth - this book becoming popular among libs. It seems crazy.    03/07/21  (14)
Could the avg mech eng phd from MIT fix cars better than local mechanic?    03/07/21  (28)
I can't believe people are naming their kids "Liam."    03/07/21  (77)
"Buttafuoco.." *Letterman squints as crowd roars*    03/07/21  (3)
Tonight I'm drinking Bulleit Rye and listening to this guy on the stereo    03/06/21  (8)
Shooting at George Floyd Memorial, 1 dead ROFL    03/06/21  (10)
Cause of Death: Screens    03/06/21  (5)
rate these Russian girls    03/06/21  (2)
Just put together my first Ikea piece of furniture    03/06/21  (16)
In the early 90s every other Letterman punchline was "Buttafuoco"    03/06/21  (6)
How to bring up divorce with wife?    03/06/21  (12)
Letterman repeating "Hootie & the Blowfish" 8 times with increasing emphasis    03/06/21  (3)
All bullshitting aside, Trump couldn’t give $2k stim in October??    03/06/21  (8)
why don't more straight guys go on Grindr when they're horny?    03/06/21  (3)
$ doesnt change ppl *drives down highway w sarcophagus strapped to batmobile*    03/06/21  (1)
Rate these college kids having a BLAST @ DMB show in '92 (Warning: no diversity)    03/06/21  (4)
Harrison, meet me at kaweah brewing taproom    03/06/21  (1)
gotta be wild to have your name as first google result for "blood scam lady"    03/06/21  (1)
Moon rocks 2500 miles apart start “moving” simultaneously (video)    03/06/21  (1)
Catholics are so dumb    03/06/21  (1)
Anyone here own and recommend an E-reader like the Kindle?    03/06/21  (13)
Just copped some FLOW (Dapper Labs / NBA Topshot)    03/06/21  (4)
Donald J. Trump (1946-2076) was the 45th and 47th† President of the †(disput    03/06/21  (2)
Insane Clown Posse are now considered public intellectuals    03/06/21  (1)
most valuable 80s-90s sports card you had as a kid?    03/06/21  (8)
Marissa tomei is    03/06/21  (1)
Unresolveable Oedipal complex    03/06/21  (1)
Saw of counsel reading Gorilla Mindset    03/06/21  (3)
Any bands that legit sold out and then went back to making good music?    03/06/21  (33)
Libs go insane when you mention the 4am ballot dumps of 100% Biden votes    03/06/21  (45)
"2021"???=$one $ort of lie    03/06/21  (2)
Amerikkka is a divided shithole    03/06/21  (2)
Murder for hire only $1500 in 2021..very sad and sick    03/06/21  (6)
"OMG Becky. . .and then he posted about doing gay stuff on Asian males. . ."    03/06/21  (1)
mom told me i was the bruno mars of chugging jizz again (bloodacre)    03/06/21  (8)
Donald J. "Grover Cleveland" Trump    03/06/21  (6)
remember when nyuug had his meagre savings cleaned out by russian hooker    03/06/21  (27)
Traditional Conservatism: Arguments over Clans/Honor/Loyalty/Piety/Fideli
   03/06/21  (1)
Can't wait to leave this country for costa rica or panama    03/06/21  (28)
Is China going to win history?    03/06/21  (34)
My correct but imaginary childhood where I’m in youth group and accepted    03/06/21  (1)
Can someone explain Chuck Schumer's wife    03/06/21  (6)
Are women ever blindsided by divorce?    03/06/21  (55)
White gf farts at least 4 times at night    03/06/21  (2)
Cause of Death: Fan (nyuug)    03/06/21  (2)
Assfaggot calling 911 bc his McDonald's was out of chicken nuggets    03/06/21  (13)
Look what shitlibs & Lebron did to Lola from Space Jam (link)    03/06/21  (2)
Recommend an outfit I could wear daily for 5-10 yrs    03/06/21  (2)
When did you realize your life was wrong from the start    03/06/21  (1)
So 80M people were like "Yes I want trans, CRT, lockdowns, open borders & war"?    03/06/21  (59)
Chinese epic movie “Redcliff” is unwatchable    03/06/21  (12)
rate these chicks    03/06/21  (4)
How long after 1st Female POTUS inaugurated do Nukes fly?    03/06/21  (1)
Trumpmos at what point did you realize Trump’s legal challenge was bullshit?    03/06/21  (67)
that khabib jr dude was pretty impressive    03/06/21  (1)
Literally took me 1 month to realise marriage has absolutely ruined my life.    03/06/21  (54)
Brandy Melville’s new lingerie line — holy shit    03/06/21  (21)
Persuade me not to get a DIVORCE to benefit from Biden bux & get around SALT cap    03/06/21  (1)
Paraguay and El Salvador currently have Lebanese POTUSes    03/06/21  (1)
Pentagon only needs $27 billion to beat back China in their backyard    03/06/21  (2)
Thinking about becoming a "tracksuit guy"    03/06/21  (11)
"I'm married" shrieked whokebe while jinx pounded the shit out of him    03/06/21  (3)
Salary of POTUS of Singapore: $1.4M /year    03/06/21  (1)
lets think of things only wasps would say    03/06/21  (7)
literally give zero fucks anymore    03/06/21  (4)
Dumbass marketing intern fired for "based and Panera Bread pilled" tweet (link)    03/06/21  (4)
gonna go to rehab to recharge so i can use drugs more enthusiastically    03/06/21  (1)
whok, I found your picture, man. You won't need to hide your ethnicity anymore    03/06/21  (14)
Sex with my wife has been pretty gay recently    03/06/21  (5)
Any church in US where they tell your kids not to be fags and Satan is real?    03/06/21  (13)
Bill Maher talks to Charlamagne tha God about reparations (vid)    03/06/21  (50)
Wasted years where only memories are of staring at screens tp    03/06/21  (10)
Got into yelling match in mcdonald's parking lot this morning    03/06/21  (5)
Coming to America 2 makes important point that the “best” millennial talent    03/06/21  (7)
SRS Q: What's the greatest contribution a Feminist has given to the World?    03/06/21  (1)
I don't want to spend the majority of my life staring at screens    03/06/21  (29)
Help: My GF is a fatass    03/06/21  (8)
panera bread mac and cheese    03/06/21  (1)
2033: POTUS AOC Exits the Floyd House to Make Address on BLM Plaza    03/06/21  (1)
Billions of insects are having gay sex 'accidentally' say scientists    03/06/21  (11)
Weirdest “phase” in my life—getting good looking after high school    03/06/21  (14)
Can’t believe I wasn’t raised in the church    03/06/21  (1)
First to 50 - pltr or sol?    03/06/21  (4)
Google tried to hire blacks. They were all atrocious    03/06/21  (35)
sp's choking up, single tear falling down eye viewing cp "theres so much beauty    03/06/21  (1)
Senator Kirsten Sinema, in black skirt and stockings, votes no on min wage    03/06/21  (22)
is Goran a common Slavic name    03/06/21  (5)
Where can I stake my virtual basketball cards?    03/06/21  (1)
When are the premium virtual basketball cards coming out? Not buying prole ones.    03/06/21  (2)
In high school, were you pressured to get girls to wear your FB jersey at games?    03/06/21  (18)
shirtless workout in lumpini park, bangkok    03/06/21  (1)
"no grandpa, u give them the real money and u get the virtual basketball card."    03/06/21  (3)
have had sex with over 350 men, only forget maybe 4 vaguely    03/06/21  (4)
Confronted boomer neighbor about destroying homeland and squandering our forefat    03/06/21  (1)
Fat, ugly, bald.    03/06/21  (1)
Litigators pervert the law. Really uncouth people and practice area    03/06/21  (2)
goddamn scuffed the edges of my virtual basketball gif    03/06/21  (2)
Confronted boomer neighbor about being in my yard    03/06/21  (30)
used Mazda CX-5 vs CX-30? looking for AWD and some camping ability    03/06/21  (5)
NOWAG arrests white hippie princess, barely escapes w/ his life    03/06/21  (22)
“GODDAMNIT JINX WHY CANT YOU GET ME PREGNANT?!” raged whok reading PF post    03/06/21  (21)
people are paying 1000's for NBA gifs    03/06/21  (3)
Federal workers score some nice perk$ in Covid relief bill (link) 💸    03/06/21  (10)
NBA TopShots Twitter: "Due to technical requirements, we're switching to Solana.    03/06/21  (4)
america is great - except for the women    03/06/21  (6)
have had sex with over 350 women, only remember maybe 4 vividly    03/06/21  (1)
Resolved: Crocs are the best footwear for flying anywhere    03/06/21  (47)
How do I control my soundbar volume with tv remote?    03/06/21  (5)
cum and cocks hardest concert ticket to get    03/06/21  (1)
I'm Scott Malkinson. I have diabetes.    03/06/21  (3)
RATE this Jewess    03/06/21  (1)
How do married guys just hang out with their families all day    03/06/21  (2)
XO hates modern looking house design. Post links to nice houses with good design    03/06/21  (71)
God is a psychopath    03/06/21  (10)
Unreal how many privileged Boomers skipped out of Vietnam    03/06/21  (44)
defendant 1, cum and cocks, (hereinafter referred to as c+c)    03/06/21  (1)
just a sec babe this cum and cocks moniker is stupid need to set that loser str8    03/06/21  (2)
LOL "cocks and cum"? Yeah, good luck with that    03/06/21  (1)
"I'm trying to conceive" grunted whokebe while jinx jizzed in his ass    03/06/21  (7)
hard to stay married to a Shitlib in today's environment    03/06/21  (11)
"why couldn't I think of cum and cocks!" he shrieked nasally, pounding desk    03/06/21  (2)
just a sec babe i need to secure the cum and cocks moniker    03/06/21  (5)
(inside XO moniker brainstroming session) "faggy.. faggot fag?"    03/06/21  (15)
Is Cardano the Tron of ETH killers?    03/06/21  (11)
illiterate serb degenerate coming to the ufc ring now    03/06/21  (1)
can we get this gay shit about "marketplace of ideas" and "allies" off are bort    03/06/21  (9)
are possumdoods okay as pets    03/06/21  (1)
Shoenice reviews McDonald's chicken sandwich    03/06/21  (1)
The Verve - Bigger Meat Stimpony    03/06/21  (10)
McD's new spicy chicken sandwich is extremely good bros    03/06/21  (58)
"no turbo retard is my shtick." *points* "hes faggy retard and hes mega retard"    03/06/21  (6)
normal peaceful ppl clench their fists & want to punch lawyers in the face    03/06/21  (1)
lol check out that bald fag    03/06/21  (7)
Went to a Texas Roadhouse, still had to wear a mask wtf    03/06/21  (8)
"Heh fuck a baby into me" doobs said with no inflection to the truck stop john    03/06/21  (93)
is suicide an exception to term life insurance policies?    03/06/21  (2)
sportsbay.org    03/06/21  (2)
rsf acts like the shitholes he visits (sex slave tourism)are for ppl in the know    03/06/21  (1)
i have a headache    03/06/21  (2)
Ken Burns next project is 10 part series on Fresno's up and coming brewery scene    03/06/21  (9)
Should we buy the dip for Enjin, Theta, Flow, etc for NFT?    03/06/21  (3)
Board is deader than benzo’s hope for future tonight.    03/06/21  (1)
buy land and live in $2500 20x10 outdoor shed?    03/06/21  (5)
Suicide is a more attractive option the more you think about it.    03/06/21  (6)

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