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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   04/10/19  (286)
REMINDER: you can go to church today. yes, you.    04/21/19  (13)
My drift boat is almost finished. Moving on to the finishing stage    04/21/19  (6)
Short IQ test (takes 5 minutes)    04/21/19  (143)
i'm surprised men don't work more    04/21/19  (182)
why are nearly all internet forums filled to the brim with leftists?    04/21/19  (94)
Science: The More You Know, the Less Certain You Are (link)    04/21/19  (2)
Australian public opinion on race in 1962    04/21/19  (1)
Who do you think did Sri Lanka bombings - Muslims or Tamil Tigers?    04/21/19  (3)
ITT: Rank all Star Trek tv series    04/21/19  (35)
What'll happen if/when we get rid of affirmative action?    04/21/19  (14)
Pope Francis: "The true miracle is Christ reducing his carbon footprint for 3 da    04/21/19  (2)
Satan watching sp rape sp jr on Easter morning: “haha wow holy shit”    04/21/19  (1)
Great 4chan post about California    04/21/19  (9)
The couple met on Squanchr. Mr Michaels (40, L) is a lawyer. Mr Lee (4, R) is pu    04/21/19  (3)
What'll happen when we end Child Support?    04/21/19  (18)
Protip: happiness is largely genetic. Only 3 ways to change it.    04/21/19  (28)
Jesus, the client gave us a week and you only billed three days?    04/21/19  (2)
Shitlib: if Blacks cause crime, why does Africa have a low murder rate?    04/21/19  (2)
After Christchurch, NZ shootings, 37 firearms have been voluntarily surrendered    04/21/19  (1)
HAPPY EASTER, NIGGERS!    04/21/19  (20)
And after six months, Benzo rose again    04/21/19  (3)
ITT: XO guesses how many tattoos Lonely Hunter has    04/21/19  (19)
Jews at passover: "We've finally got him this time" Sunday AM:*yarmulkes flying*    04/21/19  (1)
Hey guys, guess what?    04/21/19  (2)
Pope Francis: “Some people did something in Sri Lanka today” (Link)    04/21/19  (1)
Finally have a stable harem of 4 mentally ill 35+ yr olds I'm not that into    04/21/19  (5)
One night 2 years ago rachmiel opened registration for fake Harvard.edu email    04/21/19  (6)
LinkedIn post referring to job as "my journey"    04/21/19  (1)
Stukalied blaring as MPAs goatee divebombs onto my throbbing fuckpole    04/21/19  (7)
Andrew Yang is nigger    04/21/19  (6)
CHRIST IS RISEN    04/21/19  (4)
Christ is risen! Jews FURIOUS.    04/21/19  (3)
Interviewing for Product Management Roles    04/21/19  (46)
Jordan Peterson to hold air guitar "concert" set to 90's nu-metal hits:    04/21/19  (3)
Cant officially close mueller saga till evan39 does a fake WLMAS russia screed    04/21/19  (8)
Jews hate him! This local carpenter beat death with one weird trick!    04/21/19  (2)
jj watt vs. a mountain lion in a fight who wins.    04/21/19  (3)
Sad that me, BOM, and evan39 are all the same poster    04/21/19  (6)
me and prince getting front row tickets to ariana grande's God Is a Woman tour    04/21/19  (5)
good morning and happy easter everyone    04/21/19  (1)
4chan is a great place to work for and I am very excited about this opportunity    04/21/19  (1)
Rachmiel wtf.    04/21/19  (4)
mr rachmiel. tear down this bort!    04/21/19  (2)
Rachmiel. We need new blood. We need to open registration.    04/21/19  (16)
Planning flash open registration at some point soon.    04/21/19  (16)
Whats the deal with roman numerals tattoos now?    04/21/19  (5)
Think of all the great posts we made together    04/21/19  (1)
Keep fighting urge to slash my own achilles tendon with canned soup lid.    04/21/19  (4)
Best part of Brett Easton interview was deep cut calling out sad angry freaks    04/21/19  (1)
I'm a BIG fan of BIG dicks    04/21/19  (6)
What would u do if instead of the autoadmit front pg, u are greeted with this    04/21/19  (3)
Elsa Finger Family Soup Can Lid Stomping Dentist Bird    04/21/19  (2)
The Texas Soup Can Lid Massacre    04/21/19  (5)
Today it i$ 1997 And we all have a chance    04/21/19  (6)
so I stopped cleaning my ass following defecation    04/21/19  (3)
Did not sleep for 2 nights. Now text kinda floats 1" in front of monitor. Odd.    04/21/19  (2)
Scaramucci dragging Tiffany Trump out of the passenger seat by her hair    04/21/19  (62)
Also it appears a bunch of muslisms set off bombs in Sri Lanka for Easter    04/21/19  (1)
Can't sleep. What's wrong with me    04/21/19  (7)
All I had to do was search for "fraudcam" and it popped right up    04/21/19  (1)
Baseball stadium “FraudCam” zooming in on your bald spot    04/21/19  (17)
app idea where you take photos of bald spot weekly and it tracks progress    04/21/19  (1)
Rate this bery handsome guy w a fat gf    04/21/19  (40)
"I admit defeat" is now official representation of XO    04/21/19  (2)
which one?    04/21/19  (1)
rach wtf happened to my newmsgs page?    04/21/19  (5)
wait, that dumb chick is 26 and wrote TWO memoirs??!!    04/21/19  (1021)
so GC says it's not cool to ask out a girl you see on the street    04/21/19  (24)
tranny porn w/ single seeder downloading at 2.3 kb/s, oh what a torrent of bits!    04/21/19  (1)
Rate this latina popstar    04/21/19  (6)
I admit defeat    04/21/19  (2167)
Weyes Blood - Andromeda.mp3    04/21/19  (1)
Gun to your head: save the life of a labrador puppy or the lives of MSNBC panel    04/21/19  (2)
Rate these Boise, Idaho cocktail waitresses (pic)    04/21/19  (37)
Rate this "male's" review of a sci book book on Goodreads    04/21/19  (4)
Come ITT if u love female poasters!    04/21/19  (2)
some posters are just plain bad    04/21/19  (5)
is it just me or is it 1997 again    04/21/19  (4)
i like dua lip and ariana grande.. wtf is wrong with me    04/21/19  (6)
lol at this deep fake of brooke baldwin getting DPed looking bored    04/21/19  (4)
so alpha chad tp is luis's other account?    04/21/19  (7)
I found Box's middle school diary. Posting entries ITT (Estrada)    04/21/19  (192)
"This is really shitty." -- the Devil shouting over 'Dead & Bloated' in Hell    04/21/19  (96)
I live in Australia. Taking ?s on my life.    04/21/19  (11)
i don't go broke. and i do it a lot.    04/21/19  (2)
Evan39 I'm in love with Jamie xx    04/21/19  (3)
Anyone see the Casey Affleck vehicle "A Ghost Story"    04/21/19  (15)
LOL someone I hated in high school is going to die in prison    04/21/19  (8)
literal genius here    04/21/19  (3)
pic of the original open office    04/21/19  (37)
Just saw Alice in Chains. It nearly blew my dick off.    04/21/19  (6)
CNN's Brooke Baldwin in high heels and corset sneering at your tiny pathetic pe    04/21/19  (29)
criminal genius steals cookie display from Subway    04/21/19  (7)
Lonely NIGGER    04/21/19  (7)
Benzo any experiences with CHAD recently?    04/21/19  (3)
Pop punk cover of "c is for cookie" plays over montage of Benzo's booking    04/21/19  (38)
Bret Easton Ellis calls "Moonlight" overrated, gets gasps (video)    04/21/19  (13)
dam that river playing from garage as u divert car wash water with twigs in '92    04/21/19  (1)
1997 was a good year    04/21/19  (5)
Fuck my ass. Didn't realise Swift Garcia fought today too.    04/21/19  (4)
if we were all UK chaps, would we be in jail right now for h8 speech?    04/21/19  (2)
whores and cucks influencing the economy via yelp reviews    04/21/19  (6)
rain when i die plays as you jump off the high dive @ the public pool in '95    04/21/19  (2)
u hear alice in chains over the speakers at the local public in '96    04/21/19  (2)
u hear alice in chains over the speakers at the local public pool in '96    04/21/19  (1)
link to thread on propublica article on racist AI and black recidivism?    04/21/19  (3)
WAIT - in Japan, the white people are the "indigenous" people?    04/21/19  (3)
so I stopped tipping    04/21/19  (12)
Dumb nigger gets 100k settlement for having feelings hurt re: black lives matter    04/21/19  (3)
Why does the Catholic Church need "donations" for anything?    04/21/19  (2)
ownership = theft    04/21/19  (1)
The entire concept of real estate is evil.    04/21/19  (2)
BOM what $hould I do with my ca$h?    04/21/19  (7)
“Dental care”=flame let “teeth” rot and fall away! $tring 2 door waa laa    04/21/19  (2)
Chandler I want to die    04/21/19  (4)
i want to die in a ghillie suit made of live fire ants    04/21/19  (5)
weld v. biden hehe    04/21/19  (9)
whokebe is 6'4, a doctor, doesn't post on xo    04/21/19  (70)
ITT you mention a Jew who committed a crime    04/21/19  (17)
Qatar doesn't want shitty Charleston aircraft    04/21/19  (2)
So mad I deleted old ex gf sex tapes and texts    04/21/19  (1)
seriously how many gallons of jinx's cum has whok's butt slurped up over the yrs    04/21/19  (4)
steve king expelled - republicucks in house have learned nothing from trump    04/21/19  (132)
really digging british disdain for commas    04/21/19  (4)
freshly-minted law grads race for a job    04/21/19  (34)
the only outcome is success    04/21/19  (1)
so 'trumpism' is now just making fun of left/media's criticisms?    04/21/19  (18)
GOP to Spics: How camest thou hither, tell me, and wherefore?    04/21/19  (4)
uh no bloodacre, you get in for piety, not "pie eating" (st peter)    04/21/19  (8)
Max IQ to think that 'kamala harris' will get within a mile of dem nom?    04/21/19  (2)
prestigefaggot pronounces mr. jinx as 'meester yeenks'    04/21/19  (49)
Jewish bro as my gym has a Star of David tattooed around his manhole. CR tattoo?    04/21/19  (2)
it's funny bc he actually has a nose like a hogg    04/21/19  (2)
"He was pretty small for black guy, ur perfect!" staring at mulatto step-kids    04/21/19  (1)
your puppydood wagging his tail in heaven, waiting for you    04/21/19  (123)
DTP taking ?s on 5-factor model and personality of dream girl (4/19/2019)    04/21/19  (22)
So Air Berlin COMMISSIONED someone to write its hold music    04/21/19  (5)
Latvian FM: IM GAY DID U KNO THAT *is lavishly praised by obama*    04/21/19  (11)
Sad Divorced Bro: Saw Puppydood Yesterday, Killself Levels of Sadness    04/21/19  (17)
Rate my new apt    04/21/19  (4)
"I'LL SLEEP WHEN I'M DEAD" tsinah barked at the worried kinkos manager    04/21/19  (18)
george20 angrily exiting ramen shop without his order of tan tan men    04/21/19  (17)
My xmas gift to XOXO    04/21/19  (10)
2nd cousin: Wanna share a blanket? Shrew gf: Not tonight. Just wank it.    04/21/19  (5)
Associate's Search For Meaning by Viktor Thankl    04/21/19  (62)
if the name's Nassir, the motive's unclear    04/21/19  (5)
u n ur 13 mormon siblings trading babysitting duties    04/21/19  (1)
*sits down w/iPhone in pocket* *safari opens to XO autocompletes ur name*    04/21/19  (32)
There are only two genders, and various mixtures and perversions thereof    04/21/19  (3)

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