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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   11/19/18  (200)
wait, spaceporn has literal "micropenis"?    11/19/18  (1)
Mommy blogger admits she can't love her son that gets low engagement.    11/19/18  (33)
So UJtp plans to do the same thread with same arguments bi-weekly?    11/19/18  (1)
180 WH just revoked Acosta's pass again    11/19/18  (61)
Has DBG told his side of story about going to jail for child porn bc of Spacepor    11/19/18  (1)
A word with my fellow Jews: Do we get a bit big for our britches? (ujtp)    11/19/18  (73)
Its over. nothing left but to turn to god    11/19/18  (4)
Upset Jew I’m a big hater even though I’m also Jewish. How does that make u    11/19/18  (4)
1990s news consumption: read paper at breakfast, nightly news at dinner    11/19/18  (3)
srs q for spaceporn: why don't you live life as a woman?    11/19/18  (4)
MEXICO AGREES TO PAY FOR WALL (link)    11/19/18  (4)
Golden retriever attacks and kills infant in its crib. Owners stunned (link)    11/19/18  (1)
Hot Cheetos turkey will spice up Thanksgiving dinner    11/19/18  (2)
A 1 loss Power 5 champ is more impressive than undefeated Notre Dame.    11/19/18  (10)
Discuss quitting Biglaw after 2 years    11/19/18  (116)
reminder: le tigre got a 162, is a fucking moron    11/19/18  (174)
Upset Jew, do you connect more with men on a personal level than women?    11/19/18  (7)
How does no one know who is going to run against Trump yet?    11/19/18  (4)
New AK Governor asks all at-will employees to resign. ALPHA!    11/19/18  (4)
FBI Agents: Maybe we were wrong about the Unabomber    11/19/18  (30)
Trump barely mentions half assed "middle income" tax break just b4 election?    11/19/18  (29)
Wife always wants to eat Thanksgiving dinner late as fuck.    11/19/18  (41)
What are some things you actually love about biglaw?    11/19/18  (42)
dutifully building up a record of service under a hegemon about to be ousted    11/19/18  (1)
Why do so few people live in far northern california?    11/19/18  (23)
When will Trumps “AG” make an official statement or something?    11/19/18  (1)
Gap-tooth Master Race Scandal hasn't been discussed on xo? (link)    11/19/18  (7)
Why do most male children sexually abused become homosexuals but not with girls    11/19/18  (8)
Cooking bros: mother-in-law not a great cook. I can ONLY brine the turkey. Help    11/19/18  (1)
Anyone planning to watch Creed II    11/19/18  (1)
anyone here suck at video game boss fights growing up?    11/19/18  (52)
Dirte trying kino escalation on FBI agent on his doorstep    11/19/18  (16)
RATE this 300 year old white woman (azns will HATE this)    11/19/18  (1)
Pretty 180 how America resoundingly rejected Trump a few weeks ago.    11/19/18  (1)
Funniest/best/most unfortunate moniker freezes?    11/19/18  (19)
Donald Dealmaker can't deal his way to a wall?    11/19/18  (1)
Blue Wave destroyed any chance of a wall?    11/19/18  (4)
"Are You There, God? I'm Fucking Broke." by luis bloom    11/19/18  (2)
Meet the women committed to changing “bro culture” on AutoAdmit    11/19/18  (3)
*FBI agent spitting out his zucchini salad after reading an evan39 thread*    11/19/18  (9)
Heart of Darkness/Apoc Now remake, but it's Agent Jenkins looking 4 Agent Halfor    11/19/18  (4)
Hey Spaceporn—I can and will fuck your kid 40-50x harder than you ever did    11/19/18  (16)
Weird new (?) Porn Trend: chicks eating their own pussies.    11/19/18  (2)
“Great Emperor Trump,” Why did you poast about “squanching” women    11/19/18  (1)
US is currently at 113 months of econ expansion, longets since 1991-01    11/19/18  (1)
"Time to stuff the turkey!" I said shoving breadcrumbs up Bloodacre's ass    11/19/18  (3)
Fucking christ the stock market    11/19/18  (20)
Xmas Pig    11/19/18  (20)
Angry Mob Of Religious Fanatics Storm Cockpit, Flight Diverted. GUESS RELIGION    11/19/18  (63)
Gave GenX partner the X-Pac "Suck It" gesture today    11/19/18  (4)
put "I saw Daddy kissing SANTAPOZ" in your email so I know you arent some weirdo    11/19/18  (3)
Notre Dame is going to $moke U$C and head $traight into playoff    11/19/18  (8)
Xmas Pig 2    11/19/18  (107)
100 percent likely that Russia—which is active in S/Cent America—funds carav    11/19/18  (7)
Percent of people at your Thanksgiving that are “progressive”?    11/19/18  (35)
All work and no moniker changes makes Jack a dull boy    11/19/18  (1)
Exeunt what is a good price to buy back into Zilliqa?    11/19/18  (24)
I really like: 1) cranberry sauce from the can and 2) green bean casserole    11/19/18  (9)
Mike Espy approaches podium “haha wow holy shit”    11/19/18  (1)
RATE my 2018 TRAVEL MAP    11/19/18  (72)
Craigslist: SIDSpig    11/19/18  (100)
FBI going through Halford threads: "Oh my fucking God."    11/19/18  (17)
So dad started a sentence at dinner with "Those chink people"    11/19/18  (9)
Racist GOP senator poised to deliver Mississippi to Democrats    11/19/18  (25)
Allow me to clarify something    11/19/18  (12)
Troll Amazon review is now top rated for Ta-Nehisi Coates' new book    11/19/18  (112)
So spritezero has sick hairline, is rich, a CHAD AND a TOP poaster too    11/19/18  (14)
Iowa CUCKeyes better LUBE UP for Scott Frost and Co.    11/19/18  (2)
$$ --> Dave & Busters --> Prizes --> Sell for $$ vs. Buy ETH    11/19/18  (2)
President Ocasio-Cortez pardoning ALL Thanksgiving turkeys    11/19/18  (5)
Partnership is flame (sort of)    11/19/18  (259)
Libs celebrating Thanksgiving with Peking Duck and Plum Sauce    11/19/18  (6)
What's going on in Haiti? US forces took an airport and there are bodies everywh    11/19/18  (44)
On a scale of 1-5, how prestigious is the name Leonard?    11/19/18  (2)
ETH crashing again    11/19/18  (18)
What are some things you actually love about ShitLaw?    11/19/18  (5)
Thousands of dollars of sushi COMPED (Biglawyer adding up year's seamless receip    11/19/18  (1)
Sanitation systems were better in Rome 2,000 years ago than in Haiti today    11/19/18  (3)
Should I drop 5K on each: BTC, ZEC, XMR? Or 15K in shitcoins?    11/19/18  (15)
Trumpmo fanfic in LATimes: MEXICAN mob protests honduran caravan    11/19/18  (21)
FBI Violent Crimes Unit opening investigation into John Kasich    11/19/18  (5)
BTC ETH XMR XTZ ZIL XLM ADA    11/19/18  (22)
"Prank" idea: long physical contracts for ethylene; deliver to BOM's hou$e    11/19/18  (1)
Global "elites" don't want proles commenting honestly on the changes they see    11/19/18  (5)
If Pitt beats Clemson, should UCF get Clemson's spot?    11/19/18  (33)
Does everyone who spends 10 years in biglaw become like DevryMastersCanddiate    11/19/18  (7)
Djoker: I'll Beat Federer's 20 Slams #tennis    11/19/18  (1)
Jimmy "Locker Room Cancer" Butler traded to the 76ers    11/19/18  (5)
Is the air quality still bad in CA?    11/19/18  (1)
Reminder: Take 30 mins to watch Charlie Brown Thanksgiving with ur kids on Thurs    11/19/18  (16)
trade eth/btc cross to exploit relative fraudulence divergence    11/19/18  (2)
Magnus Carlsen getting GROUND DOWN by xo Caruana. USA USA USA    11/19/18  (13)
I sent a text to a stranger calling him an asshole for parking like an asshole    11/19/18  (8)
Most of you would be better off just burying your money in your yard    11/19/18  (7)
OmiseGO having a bad day    11/19/18  (1)
RATE this NYC condo for sale    11/19/18  (24)
Took kid to the park and where he ran around and skinned his knee. I    11/19/18  (4)
TRON still ranked #11    11/19/18  (1)
Interesting article on chipotle being a dumb fucking corporation    11/19/18  (18)
Eagles trade 5th and loaf of bread WR for Michael Bennett + 7th    11/19/18  (50)
DNC donors are in love with Beto, who they see as the "white Barrack Obama" (lin    11/19/18  (3)
You buy sixteen coins, what do you get? Another day balder and deeper in debt    11/19/18  (2)
found out second babby will be a genetic male    11/19/18  (1)
Never played Half Life 2. Why is it considered the GOATUS FPS game?    11/19/18  (3)
The ACLU Declines to Defend Civil Rights [The Atlantic]    11/19/18  (7)
Obama's lasting legacy: Obamacare. Whoops its gone!    11/19/18  (179)
Rate my fresh JUICE intake TODAY    11/19/18  (30)
Picked up hockey CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY from the bar today    11/19/18  (1)
32 gallon trash bucket full of shit. piss, cum, vomit etc..about to dump it    11/19/18  (162)
$32 billion bag full of eth, Bitcoin, zil, tezos....bout to dump it    11/19/18  (3)
crypto is about patience    11/19/18  (1)
TRUMP WINS!!! NK AGREES TO GIVE UP NUKES!!!    11/19/18  (17)
Thanksgiving is probably the best holiday 🦃🍗🥔🥖🥘👬👨&zwj
   11/19/18  (6)
Why is bitcoin diamond doing so poorly?    11/19/18  (1)
Lucy holding the football but its a Ledger Nano S    11/19/18  (1)
explain the deep feeling of self-hatred a white goy like obeezy must have    11/19/18  (2)
Calling it: $148 was the ETH short/midterm bottom ($153 now)    11/19/18  (3)
XO Libs literally rooting for China against "Drumpf"    11/19/18  (2)
ETH at 151 about to go sub 150    11/19/18  (6)
very bullish development for crypto: hedge funds    11/19/18  (106)
Tezos was supposed to be $100 by now and it's only 88 cents. What happened?    11/19/18  (13)
Me and Cain doing a hot, unobserved, blank bump dance over months    11/19/18  (11)
China BENDS THE KNEE    11/19/18  (32)
He’s called exeunt because he’s about to flee    11/19/18  (3)
Tijuana Residents Chant “Out!” At Guatemalan Migrants    11/19/18  (4)
I am in the office responding to your requests with screams and shrieks    11/19/18  (1)
PSA: There are 3 dozen DDC dockets Trumpcucks should worry abt more than Acosta    11/19/18  (16)
Eth Bagholders looking up Facebook stock price: "haha wow holy shit"    11/19/18  (2)
Odd how forest fires break out whenever fireman pension stories come out    11/19/18  (4)
My name is Spaceporn and I have some questions about dogs    11/19/18  (40)
I purchased Cardano because I was impressed by its “academic” tenor    11/19/18  (2)
"and Mueller is closing in," 'uh uh... are u the only valet working today?'    11/19/18  (2)
exeunt = clueless charlatan    11/19/18  (2)
What will be quaint about 2018?    11/19/18  (2)
Notre Dame 11-0 coming for Fraud Alabama    11/19/18  (8)
Congrats Alabama on your yuge win over the citadel ljl    11/19/18  (4)
Prediction: In 2019, Zuckerberg will be out at Facebook and Sandberg wil be CEO    11/19/18  (14)
Nothing like rolling into office Monday morning and opening "news" to lib insani    11/19/18  (9)
My sushi was poorly wrapped today jfc    11/19/18  (2)
saw a cambodian thug on a date w/ a white 50yo tranny @ pho resto last night    11/19/18  (1)
How California conservatives became the intellectual engine of Trumpism    11/19/18  (2)
Did zilliqa and tezos even build a product before running off with our money?    11/19/18  (1)
I put 35k on 10 cent Zilliqa and now it's worth 2 cents    11/19/18  (9)
POLITICO: 2020 Dems going ALL IN on IDENTITY POLITICS    11/19/18  (17)
Blue Wave swept away the 95% of Trump's agenda remaining unfinished?    11/19/18  (2)
WHERE IS MEGATHOR    11/19/18  (1)
XO 1980s: board consensus on satanic heavymetal, child abduction, reeboks at wor    11/19/18  (1)
what are libs so upset about this time    11/19/18  (2)
Willing to sell my asshole for XTZ delegations to my Tezos baker    11/19/18  (9)

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