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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   11/12/18  (197)
T levels plummeting, sperm counts dropping, nobody is having sex    11/13/18  (29)
*GQ finally putting a picture of me riding DTP on the cover*    11/13/18  (2)
so basically if you're in biglaw and you can't / don't save a huge sum of money    11/13/18  (1)
Has any guy ever actually successfully overcome Madonna-whore complex?    11/13/18  (15)
'Big Law Killed My Husband': An Open Letter From a Sidley Partner's Widow    11/13/18  (547)
But one waitress has a bad memory of working with Ocasio-Cortez, 28    11/13/18  (4)
GQ finally put a transgender person on the cover    11/13/18  (32)
are persimmons xo-approved?    11/13/18  (1)
Tucker Max tries MDMA, feels overwhelming love    11/13/18  (22)
Taco Bell to launch fast-casual "Cantina" in northern Virginia:    11/13/18  (7)
Would you rather your wife make 30k or 300k    11/13/18  (58)
If you can cultivate genuine delight in others' joy, your joy is boundless.    11/13/18  (1)
Libs already flailing around hysterically like fish out of water    11/13/18  (1)
Twins, u ever need some dirty work done, I got u mah nigga    11/13/18  (2)
Lawman8, can you even believe this book?    11/13/18  (4)
CNN files lawsuit against Trump administration for banning Acosta    11/13/18  (37)
bugchasing libs taking pozloads    11/13/18  (1)
Rate this law teen who thinks Dux tp is a nigger    11/13/18  (8)
Is Outlaw King good    11/13/18  (2)
ocasio cortez was on eharmony in 2017 bros we could have had her    11/13/18  (1)
Sidley responds to article about partner's suicide    11/13/18  (41)
Exodus of Trump cabinet members will begin very soon.    11/13/18  (7)
adele was on eharmony in 2011 bros we could have had her    11/13/18  (43)
Ginsburg still alive, shitcons blown out    11/13/18  (17)
Chad co-worker is so unnnnngh    11/13/18  (1)
gettin’ banged in the ass—yeah I’m doin’ it for cash    11/13/18  (4)
Max IQ to think RBG will die soon?    11/13/18  (4)
Tucker Max tries MDMA, is still a faggot    11/13/18  (1)
'Biglaw Dinged My Fag Husband': An Open Letter from MND    11/13/18  (1)
Email from landlord: your Tysons Corner shitbox is now $3000/month    11/13/18  (2)
Ending it all tonight    11/13/18  (2)
Day 2: CIVIL WAR. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez strikes at Nancy Pelosi.    11/13/18  (5)
Bezos Confirmed: NYC and VA for HQ2-3 locations. LOL    11/13/18  (86)
Tell me about Golang    11/13/18  (1)
Imagine conservative companies firing people for supporting Obama. The outrage    11/13/18  (21)
RSF’s unbridled childlike enthusiasm for Medieval Times makes me lmao every ti    11/13/18  (18)
guy responds w witty comment. woman responds by making convo about her.    11/13/18  (3)
TRUMP: France would be speaking GERMAN if it wasn't for us. PAY FOR NATO!    11/13/18  (46)
Is the inbred southern hick meme propagated by Hollywood    11/13/18  (10)
"Around that time we no longer see Credited Original Post, but just Credited Res    11/13/18  (1)
Here Comes ‘The Journal of Controversial Ideas.’ Cue the Outcry.    11/13/18  (7)
Harassing others in public over politics is part of American history    11/13/18  (1)
House to subpoena Mark Judge, others to find out if Kav committed perjury    11/13/18  (36)
evan39, will u be relocating to NYC or D.C., friend?    11/13/18  (3)
Kat Timpf (Fox News and Natl Review) Chased Out of Brooklyn Bar    11/13/18  (2)
"yo this key weak! This coke been chopped ese" *Acosta sweats bullets*    11/13/18  (3)
RSF: "Fag, you will remove your helmet and tell me your name"    11/13/18  (83)
There is an enormous downsie bro in the lobby grunting like an angry bull    11/13/18  (3)
Despite my good wage, I am still just a cuck in a cage    11/13/18  (2)
RSF: "Have I missed it? Have I missed closing argument?"    11/13/18  (52)
RSF, why do the Trump kids help run the family business?    11/13/18  (23)
Hurricane Heist on Netflix...not bad    11/13/18  (3)
Best cold medicine?    11/13/18  (4)
Equinox trainer putting dildo beneath millennial trainee to teach ATG squat    11/13/18  (2)
just brush your teeth with fucking coal lmao    11/13/18  (8)
my 16 year old SECOND COUSIN looked bangin' today    11/13/18  (95)
Lutheran Missouri Synod cr?    11/13/18  (20)
imagine meek lib NOWAG seeing CharlesXII wearing his Chinese-Ams for Trump shirt    11/13/18  (9)
Trump throws guys charged w/ protecting his life under the bus    11/13/18  (1)
How to tell if wife's son has fetal alcohol syndrome?    11/13/18  (1)
“I said not flame,” he muttered, gritting his teeth.    11/13/18  (3)
Human females raised Neanderthal children among human tribes like it was okaynbd    11/13/18  (1)
Buff AF bronzed Charles touring DC in palanquin carried by hairless NOWAG libs    11/13/18  (1)
lawman8, when will you complete your hajj to Joel Osteen’s megachurch in Houst    11/13/18  (4)
There are people that graduate from TTT with 6 figure debt & never can pass bar    11/13/18  (5)
Queens residents OUTRAGED over Amazon HQ2 announcement    11/13/18  (77)
Tried to get my wife to read a thoughtful look on how ICE lost its way    11/13/18  (4)
conservahero CharlesXII: getting ripped as fuck. lib pumos: getting anus ripped    11/13/18  (4)
We need a separation of capital and state. No more debt financed imperialism.    11/13/18  (1)
No Amazon in Queens, but we like open borders just fine LJL    11/13/18  (2)
“Secret Service said I could NOT go to rainy Cemetary!”    11/13/18  (1)
Ocasio: I wanted to bring jobs to our community, but not like this. Not by him.    11/13/18  (1)
Nashville Confirmed as HQ4    11/13/18  (1)
Lawyer here and I slay pussy like nobody's business    11/13/18  (10)
Justice Brett "Muh Calendars!" Kavanaugh, dissenting.    11/13/18  (1)
Kavanaugh breaks down in tears as House proves he doesn't like beer    11/13/18  (11)
Tick tock    11/13/18  (1)
Trump hiring Nick Ayers as Chief of Staff doesn't sound like a good idea    11/13/18  (1)
US Senator from Mississippi: "If he invited me to a public hanging I'd be on the    11/13/18  (26)
Donald Nixon    11/13/18  (1)
Anyone tried activated charcoal toothpaste?    11/13/18  (11)
Scientists discover perfectly preserved neanderthal shrew holding acai bowl    11/13/18  (1)
Been popping ACTIVATED CHARCOAL and pounding PSYLLIUM HUSK all weekend    11/13/18  (10)
Disgusting lack of second cousin threading this close to thanksgiving    11/13/18  (8)
How 180 would it have been to have a Neanderthal bro    11/13/18  (2)
Shrew GF: hand me my colonscopy bag 2nd cousin once removed: my tets don't sag    11/13/18  (1)
Really hate the cheap digital look every movie has now    11/13/18  (51)
Police investigating high school students for doing Roman salute in prom photo    11/13/18  (31)
roses are red, violets are blue, Orange Man Bad, can I date you? haha    11/13/18  (31)
Neanderthals cucked many humans and those incels prolly watched    11/13/18  (1)
Orange Man Bad would be a good band name in the vein of Ocean Colour Scene    11/13/18  (1)
**Amazon HQ2 announcement to come Monday or Tuesday**    11/13/18  (84)
/* Facebook exec fired because he made donation to Trump /*    11/13/18  (8)
anglican lawyer isnt just funny, bros.    11/13/18  (4)
Columbia J School now offers seminar on appropriate chopping speed    11/13/18  (4)
Grad Cert in Food and Beverage Photography, Columbia School of Journalism - 2019    11/13/18  (2)
Trump fucked: Maryland asks judge to declare Rosenstein acting AG, not Whitaker    11/13/18  (19)
*Shows William Penn footage of 2018 North Philadelphia* "Wait!--Stop building."    11/13/18  (4)
Trumpmo slore GTTTR tricking herself out to prediabetic megapoasters    11/13/18  (1)
GTTR, why are you married to a rancid shitlib?    11/13/18  (14)
"Hello, I'm Mayor Smith. Welcome to the city!" *live tuna drive$ by w/oven truck    11/13/18  (1)
That Hockney painting based on Luis swimming in the pool is gonna break records    11/13/18  (2)
hey GTTTR lemme beat dat pussy up    11/13/18  (2)
Battle Angel Alita looks dope as fuck.Were entering the era of live-action anime    11/13/18  (1)
GTTR, I'd like to buy you a drink after you leave your husband    11/13/18  (9)
i need to hire a hitman to kill me if i go to the bar after work during the week    11/13/18  (2)
Trump "with regret" demolishes Atiyah's attempted Riemann hypo proof in Tweet    11/13/18  (2)
Girl dumps BF after he complains about her vagina smell (NyPo)    11/13/18  (20)
Used the term fuming like Yosemite Sam in a meeting to describe a competitor    11/13/18  (4)
Holy shit Trump tweet identifies winning line Caruana & commentators missed    11/13/18  (1)
🚨Trump Jr Indictment Watch🚨    11/13/18  (5)
This is how I imagine brt Trumpmos look and sound    11/13/18  (4)
ATP Finals - 11/13 #tennis    11/13/18  (2)
Ancient Bromans ice blocking the Helvetii    11/13/18  (1)
Boner Police is so done here, Boston is such a SHIT city    11/13/18  (16)
In the near future xo will be used to coordinate militia counter-offensives    11/13/18  (1)
I’m almost entirely a nihilist at heart    11/13/18  (16)
Amazon HQ2 to NYC, now NYC dorks upset at immigrants doing jobs they won't?    11/13/18  (1)
Coping tips for when you get fed up w your "objectively great" job?    11/13/18  (9)
Romans: let’s call it the senate because it’ s old men who are wise. America    11/13/18  (2)
another boring try-hard shithead spamming his mediocre term papers? awesome!1    11/13/18  (3)
went to the ft wayne miami subs with assfaggot and they knew his order by heart    11/13/18  (2)
Good lord Milbank lawyers are UGLY (video)    11/13/18  (5)
Boise and Reno Capitalize on the California Real Estate Exodus    11/13/18  (2)
Friendsgiving is Yet Another Lame Millennial Trend    11/13/18  (107)
Why are so many home contractors scum?    11/13/18  (21)
20,000 jobs from HQ2 are said to be from construction and renovations of sites    11/13/18  (1)
Political debate at end of American Empire focused exclusively on sodomy    11/13/18  (3)
I support XO Kav even more than I support Trump. He lied about Renate    11/13/18  (1)
i never realized how much i loved boner police until he was gone    11/13/18  (12)
when Seoul is nuked & nyuug isn’t posting I’ll wonder if his face has melted    11/13/18  (7)
Trump is going to throw a military parade after the Korean peace treaty signing    11/13/18  (21)
True nationalists have too much faith in human nature; incurable optimists    11/13/18  (29)
Being a pumo is the greatest form of authorship on xo    11/13/18  (4)
Statue of Boner Police and AssFaggot erected in the XO Town Square    11/13/18  (1)
Me & Luis having a good laugh about the time I crippled his asshole.    11/13/18  (9)
Luis is a cocktease with a big bouncy hairy ass    11/13/18  (3)
Rate this Ukranian escort    11/13/18  (12)
nobody likes amazon employees    11/13/18  (2)
Raining, cold in nyc. Good day to just stay home and fuck and get take out.    11/13/18  (1)
Basically lol @ flyover tards BEGGING for Amazon and Bezo picking NYC and DC.    11/13/18  (1)
With Amazon HQ, Virginia will be a blue state forever    11/13/18  (3)
"..but I'd happily prosecute Snowden" 'uh huh - you used a mop bucket before?    11/13/18  (2)
Here NAME is KEERTHTEN THINEMA!    11/13/18  (4)
anglican lawyer just isnt funny, bros.    11/13/18  (72)
video clip of Kyrsten Sinema on 2000 episode of Elimidate    11/13/18  (1)
Ancestor: conquer trans-alpine Gaul. You: pegged by trans Appalachian ghoul.    11/13/18  (11)
"Just say you voted for Gary Johnson and this will all go away"    11/13/18  (8)

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