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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   07/15/19  (308)
Rate this late model Russian van    07/16/19  (7)
ITT we describe who Bluesmoke's "boyfriend" is actually dating    07/16/19  (51)
POWERGOY fires up his home smoker, pours Sweet Baby Ray's on his brisket    07/16/19  (1)
getting deployed to tehran. sorry luis (Wilbur Mercer tp)    07/16/19  (7)
NY Senator Chuck Schumer comes out in support of reparations:    07/16/19  (3)
O god it's really crashing now    07/16/19  (2)
Dems: "Excuse me, I umm" *briefcase full of Trump PredictIt Shares falls open*    07/16/19  (1)
XOXO: a pretty shitty source of info on anal sex    07/16/19  (4)
Smoking a brisket on this fine day. Soyboy board libs— how was brunch?    07/16/19  (24)
"Smells like duck sauce," Tucker sneered at a bewildered antifa guest    07/16/19  (9)
[TS Amanda] Outfit Album #1    07/16/19  (23)
Never forget: Bart O’Kavanaugh tp supported doxxing the MAGA teens    07/16/19  (4)
XOXOHTH.COM: Still a pretty fucking shitty source of information    07/16/19  (8)
Poast your Amazon Prime Day purchases ITT    07/16/19  (45)
China is done here. We need to isolate it & limit exposure to its upcoming crash    07/16/19  (22)
match.com: a shitty source of dates with non-fat women    07/16/19  (2)
Chad Sentenced To Be Sodomized    07/16/19  (14)
describe luxembourg on $250k    07/16/19  (4)
It's crazy to think that Trump's racist tweets started with Charles    07/16/19  (3)
Who will Direct the next moon landings?    07/16/19  (3)
China deserves to win vs US because it cares about its majority population    07/16/19  (24)
Board libs have no answer at all to Dems' immigration insanity    07/16/19  (9)
Philadelphia is such a 180 city held back by plethora of extremely feral niggers    07/16/19  (13)
correct me if im wrong but trump never said 1 racist thing    07/16/19  (39)
Doctor jobs are still high paying (link)    07/16/19  (4)
PSA to libs cheering white genocide: brown people aren't good soldiers.    07/16/19  (2)
Describe online dating for a 35 yr old dude with $100K salary and top 10% looks    07/16/19  (9)
"US" libs' open borders insanity is destroying the country and must be stopped    07/16/19  (6)
Toddler dies after falling into restaurant’s grease trap in Rochester, NY    07/16/19  (51)
if you aren't planning your exit/escape to East Asia you're insane    07/16/19  (27)
i think i have syphilis    07/16/19  (1)
why do I get fucking raw spots on my elbows??    07/16/19  (5)
anonymous buttsex with seventeen beefy cholos in a barn    07/16/19  (22)
New Russian missiles arrive in Libya to clear the sky of Yankee trash planes    07/16/19  (12)
Trump is finished: Pelosi will FORCE a vote to condemn Trump's statements    07/16/19  (74)
So RSF now works as a lacrosse coach at a DIII college    07/16/19  (18)
Jeremy Lin: "I DESERVE THIS"    07/16/19  (27)
Bachelorette: Bible Luke was 100% right to call her out for being a WHORE.    07/16/19  (16)
tranny show > dragon show    07/16/19  (3)
New 007 to be a BLACK WOMAN, NOT FUCKING FLAME (link)    07/16/19  (133)
Only the beefiest of cholos will do    07/16/19  (4)
Thud Butt: Honduran illegal LARP’ing as chill white Texas bro    07/16/19  (6)
I lost at least $250,000 in crypto since starting    07/16/19  (8)
Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 9 on sale on Amazon ($599/649)    07/16/19  (7)
Weep, you girls. My penis has given you up. Now it penetrates men's behinds.    07/16/19  (14)
Reagan appointed 4th circuit judge is now a raving shitlib    07/16/19  (12)
TED Talk: like homosexuality, being a pedophile is not a choice (link)    07/16/19  (4)
Crypto done here    07/16/19  (25)
In line to drive for AMAZON FLEX    07/16/19  (3)
DNC spokesman on Don Lemon: "we're not open borders, we don't want white men"    07/16/19  (2)
Today starts my GF's 13 day vacation with her ex    07/16/19  (136)
Wrote a paper in college (2003) about how trading would democratize China    07/16/19  (38)
Hungry hungry hippos type game only called beefy beefy cholos    07/16/19  (11)
I have had tonsilitis now for 10 days, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH ME    07/16/19  (16)
"US" libs' "goal" is to destroy country w open borders, make it unrecognizable?    07/16/19  (2)
Luis buys your favorite crypto, "chills" it    07/16/19  (10)
Whats life like on 200-300k in Copenhagen?    07/16/19  (1)
Wilbur are you alive brother pls respond    07/16/19  (4)
If you get a hair transplant, do you have to take Propecia?    07/16/19  (2)
Hey Charles XII are u still a virgin brother?    07/16/19  (12)
Resolved: antiques roadshow is the best show on tv    07/16/19  (2)
GTTR was cucking on the wall the big move you said was coming?    07/16/19  (39)
Study: Males who point out spelling, grammar errors average 38% less testosteron    07/16/19  (8)
Step aside French, it’s Sanford time!    07/16/19  (1)
Apocalypto 2: MS-13 and the San Fernando Valley    07/16/19  (1)
22 Los Angeles based MS-13 gang members arrested for machete killings    07/16/19  (17)
the saddest thing about the epstein scandal is his poor taste in decor    07/16/19  (29)
luis im in a chill myers briggs type relationship    07/16/19  (9)
think gf tried anal with ex. But she wont let me do it.    07/16/19  (132)
can't stop fucking mentally ill single moms and muslim chicks    07/16/19  (1)
Medicare Advantage Plans Overbill Taxpayers By Billions Annually, Records Show    07/16/19  (1)
with ICO market dead & no more avoiding securities laws, ETH is going to $0    07/16/19  (9)
look moishe i hate children too but maybe we can agree to draw the line at rape    07/16/19  (1)
Trump has 20% to win no matter how extreme Dems get. It’s a skin game now.    07/16/19  (39)
New Jersey man takes shit in Dunkin Donuts. Flushes but does not make purchase.    07/16/19  (3)
Everything is fraud? Let’s make things right    07/16/19  (1)
What's on DAZN this wknd    07/16/19  (5)
Libs' nefarious designs are starting to unravel?    07/16/19  (5)
Nytimes celebrates obstruction of justice    07/16/19  (17)
90k salary vs 180k contractor - which would you choose?    07/16/19  (18)
Serial killer acquitted because he was “born this way”    07/16/19  (3)
Would any of you consider staking me or :D in next yr’s WSOP?    07/16/19  (6)
you can buy 30 packs of coors light on amazon now for $2.50    07/16/19  (5)
Japan & Singapore = Only viable countries moving forward?    07/16/19  (24)
Call me naive but open borders happened way sooner than i thought it would    07/16/19  (52)
Sexy Jewess MILF Fashion Blogger's friend's childhood home listed at $2.57M #DBG    07/16/19  (8)
Is anyone else seriously concerned about the imminent release of WoW Classic    07/16/19  (7)
been slowly rewatching Legend of the Galactic Heroes    07/16/19  (3)
Elizabth Wurtzel: The Lonesome Death of a Vacuous, Childless Attention-Whore    07/16/19  (10)
Trump the CUCK is good at talking trash on twitter    07/16/19  (2)
"Epstein's private island is a sovereign state," Dershowitz claims in new paper.    07/16/19  (6)
Giving up smug anime girls has been the hardest part of my conversion    07/16/19  (12)
did any of the Epstein accusers not willingly sell sexual favors?    07/16/19  (6)
"There is no age of consent at 36,000 feet" Dershowitz claims in new article.    07/16/19  (9)
Mid 30s too late to go to med school & become chill rural doctor?    07/16/19  (2)
Dooberstein, Dooberstein, I'm begging of you please don't take my man.    07/16/19  (24)
So is Russia still a thing? All we heard for 2 years was that Trump is Russia ag    07/16/19  (15)
Rate this 18000000 prescient post by Tamerlane    07/16/19  (3)
the barbarous desert people next door    07/16/19  (1)
24 y/o butterface ibanker asian chicks w/hampers full of smelly yoga clothes    07/16/19  (51)
🚨🚨🚨 BREAKING NEWS: A Bunch of Kikes are Whining 🚨🚨🚨    07/16/19  (1)
Pretty sure I've found an IRL 10/10 - Amanda Stanton (2 kids) from the Bachelor    07/16/19  (10)
Who here fell for Trump’ campaign promise about rebuilding infrastructure?    07/16/19  (25)
POWERGOY opting to go with the protection plan at Best Buy    07/16/19  (1)
Mail call 7/16/19    07/16/19  (1)
I like that minorities & decent whites are finally standing up to board racists    07/16/19  (35)
AOC keeping Sbarro uniform in her office 'just in case' there's another shutdown    07/16/19  (5)
Mrs Dooberstein? Yes, he again demands to be called Stinkerella    07/16/19  (16)
Andrew I don't care if Mr Halford said it was perfectly normal in ancient Greece    07/16/19  (15)
So evan39 $should all of this nig apes locked up in cages and not making billion    07/16/19  (12)
Halford holds out one pair of mesh shorts to Doobs & Peterman    07/16/19  (2)
Doobs, dressed Peppa PIG, led on a leash by Halford to your sons kindergarten    07/16/19  (13)
Mrs Dooberstein, we last saw him enter a panel van with airbrushed pigs painted    07/16/19  (9)
Texas will be 20% white in 2050 lmao this stuff is just mind boggling    07/16/19  (1)
GC Tuna winking at ur toddler from Cheesecake Factory grease trap    07/16/19  (5)
Greetings, First Goy! Our civilization has developed EXTENDED WARRANTY    07/16/19  (3)
Don't you want to PROTECT your trip with insurance?    07/16/19  (2)
"having sex with men is gay" is the biggest lie the left ever told    07/16/19  (157)
XO done here: Dwight Howard comes out as straight in new interview (video)    07/16/19  (4)
LMAO, Black Mirror really is about straight brothers going gay    07/16/19  (2)
is dirte still alive? what name is he posting under these days?    07/16/19  (4)
Started wearing Spanx™ to court. Subtle but I think jurors really respond to    07/16/19  (15)
Rank by IQ: Bach, Newton, Leibniz, Gauss, Einstein    07/16/19  (8)
Why did HoldUp become a tranny?    07/16/19  (2)
Would J.S. Bach have understood the MONTY HALL PROBLEM?    07/16/19  (9)
I loved how RSF would brag about having TWO JOBS when teased about unemployment    07/16/19  (34)
If you love America, you cannot question our relationship with Israel    07/16/19  (3)
Wife threatened divorce again tonight    07/16/19  (45)
RSFs bra | TSINAHs toupee | ???    07/16/19  (7)
I have no friends and hate myself.    07/16/19  (3)
chilmata doing kata in vortex of fecal particles while hand dryer blower blares    07/16/19  (3)
Wilbur, hold me and tell me it's going to be OK    07/16/19  (7)
How has there been no Foucault's Pendulum-style analysis of Epstein temple/sundi    07/16/19  (3)
who were the "sea peoples"    07/16/19  (10)
who are these people that still try to play umc in major metros    07/16/19  (1)
mr jinx wearing a diaper and sucking his thumb as two ladyboys fuck his ass    07/16/19  (7)
You can never lose with crypto: when it tanks, great price to buy in!    07/16/19  (9)
We must secure the existence of our clutchable trans gfs & a future for qt traps    07/16/19  (6)
Immigrant libs trying to outdo each other saying how much they hate America.    07/16/19  (1)
Stop Slut Shaming TS Amanda    07/16/19  (4)
HoldUp, what are your pronouns?    07/16/19  (10)
If Twitter goes down half of xo threads since 2016 will be unreadable    07/16/19  (2)
Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 1771 is one of the kookiest air crash stories    07/16/19  (15)
"Jewish neighbors ratted to City about boat in driveway" thread poaster outted    07/16/19  (2)
Zilliqa coinmarketcap rank is collapsing    07/16/19  (26)
Gendered toys, colors, shows determined to be cultural enemies.    07/16/19  (2)
Can't afford life and my HHI is 450-500K a year    07/16/19  (96)
Cool black security guard let me bring my SEAL knife into court today    07/16/19  (2)

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