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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   02/12/19  (255)
wilbur get itt    02/19/19  (1)
We must secure the existence of our crypto and a future for white papers    02/19/19  (2)
NPR: movies are getting better because RT scores are higher than ever (link)    02/19/19  (7)
New (Feb 2019) Order In Zappin v Comfort    02/19/19  (2)
Biglaw partner decided to take the plunge after holiday party    02/19/19  (23)
Apple Announces It Will Stop Making iPhones In 2021, To Focus On Cloud Services    02/19/19  (3)
Unless someone is literally fucking you🍕no tip    02/19/19  (4)
TEST    02/19/19  (1)
Nate Silver: Jussie hoax was Clinton scheme to takedown Booker, AOC & Harris    02/19/19  (3)
"Hold on there, hoss." *unsheathes katana*    02/19/19  (1)
Solid team, impressive tech, great whitepaper, eating out of literal garbage can    02/19/19  (7)
fat proles buying cardio watches for $113    02/19/19  (5)
$5 million but u have to drive a car that says abortion is murder & has aborted    02/19/19  (28)
Proles always have a HUGE sense of urgency about everything.    02/19/19  (11)
Gf Gf! Yes Mpa? Eating candy? No MPA! Telling lies? No MPA! Open wide ha ha ha    02/19/19  (2)
Met AZNGirl Doing Orthodox Jew Conversion: "How You Pacer?"    02/19/19  (2)
Why are Philadelphians so much more tolerant of CRIME than NYC'ers?    02/19/19  (1)
nit bit: watch for partners to track number of nits they have found in ur work    02/19/19  (2)
Disney is a 180 company    02/19/19  (15)
Last Jedi director getting his own Star Wars trilogy. Lol    02/19/19  (7)
A Comparative 3-Factor Analysis of WGWAG In China, Japan, and Korea    02/19/19  (34)
Name a nationality. If I've fucked it this year, I'll post a pic of said nationa    02/19/19  (42)
Just read the whitepaper    02/19/19  (5)
Nigger, She Wrote    02/19/19  (5)
Ever had 2 gallons of 14 mens' testosterone-laced semen up your manhole?    02/19/19  (2)
"it's pronounced boot-uh-judge guys, c'mon"    02/19/19  (1)
Here we GOOOOO - Trump officials pushing for military strikes in IRAN:    02/19/19  (30)
"But wait, you have so much to live for!" your fat GF unconvincingly lied    02/19/19  (6)
Millenials on average make 40k    02/19/19  (35)
JamesJoyceJr Please See ITT    02/19/19  (1)
🍷 alcohol 🍺 killing more people younger! Biggest increase=females    02/19/19  (19)
Rate this extremely anti-semitic tweet    02/19/19  (4)
insane how iFart rose among the competitors to be the #1 fart app on apple store    02/19/19  (6)
Crypto mooning    02/19/19  (30)
Life is an unending grotesque nightmare if u arnt product of generational wealth    02/19/19  (20)
and they shall sing songs of scholarship’s rump until the end of time    02/19/19  (2)
getting remarried at age 46 to a 31yo laotian hotwife    02/19/19  (22)
Gormless proles just openly gape and gawp at you in public places    02/19/19  (13)
AREReptile: Rate this Israeli joke    02/19/19  (3)
Cryptocurrency could change the fundamental business model of the internet    02/19/19  (8)
rich again luis peeling off in a lambo, exhaust fumes right in ur face    02/19/19  (5)
Amazing whitepaper, top tier devs, strong user base, wife no longer speaks to me    02/19/19  (4)
FACT: an azn woman's body is 80% water, 7% froyo    02/19/19  (29)
lol Matt Whitaker is going to jail    02/19/19  (16)
*t50 polisci grads eyes glaze over crypto whitepaper*"oh yeah this sounds great"    02/19/19  (14)
i want a white papa    02/19/19  (1)
2018 law firm financials    02/19/19  (50)
worst part about crypto is i cant even blame jews for it    02/19/19  (4)
Solid whitepaper, respected development team, unpronouncable retarded name,    02/19/19  (14)
dentist agreed to fix teeth in exchange for giving him all my kids tooth fairy $    02/19/19  (1)
Anyone else kind like blacks more than Mexicans?    02/19/19  (4)
Did These Shitlibs Purposely Stagger Their POTUS Announcements For Max Forcememe    02/19/19  (2)
Brandi Love got into porn to help her heart attack-victim husband    02/19/19  (48)
Kamala: "Sex with black men? Sure, all the time, they even ran a train on me onc    02/19/19  (5)
Wtf my dentist just gave me 10% off for paying with Dentacoin    02/19/19  (4)
Would Bernie have beaten Trump in 2016?    02/19/19  (9)
"Mysterium" "Boolberry" "Dentacoin" "DeepBrainChain"    02/19/19  (34)
Proles fly down highway in 0 visibility blizzard.    02/19/19  (72)
"Netflix Original" = equivalent to 90s straight to video crap sold for 99 cents    02/19/19  (40)
Kamala: "White wealth is unearned, exploited from blacks & indians"    02/19/19  (4)
Aphex Legends Megathread    02/19/19  (25)
Kamala: "I regret prosecuting black men who were rebelling against racist system    02/19/19  (3)
Semi-dating 27 yr old shrew - meeting up with 23 yr old FWB tonight    02/19/19  (13)
Today in woke dystopia: New Rainbow 6 char is a fat woman    02/19/19  (7)
fuck crypto    02/19/19  (1)
Smollett siblings DOUBLE DOWN, must be something in their DNA    02/19/19  (4)
Predict electoral map of Trump vs. Klobuchar    02/19/19  (22)
Explain the "City Pop" thread like I'm 5    02/19/19  (11)
Kamala: On what basis to Whites have a right to Procreate?    02/19/19  (1)
chevy vault: car that runs off misery of biglawers    02/19/19  (1)
Kamala Harris: Rename John Wayne Airport to Trayvon Martin Intl Airport    02/19/19  (5)
"A biglaw attorney was found dead. The death was not treated as suspicious."    02/19/19  (1)
Trump has been put forward for Nobel Peace Award (link)    02/19/19  (4)
Why do people want to live on the coasts? It's mind blowing to me    02/19/19  (8)
Lincoln Chafee is the only Dem who can beat Trump    02/19/19  (3)
fratty how did you find autoadmit?    02/19/19  (9)
DefendGavin.com almost at $50K YNYNYNY    02/19/19  (6)
California government pensioners earn more as retired than when they worked    02/19/19  (23)
downtown LA is horrendously dirty & disgusting, feels like NYC in 1970s    02/19/19  (19)
Reminder: Popeye was strong to the finish because he ate his spinach    02/19/19  (3)
Libs GOING HARD after JOHN WAYNE for 1971 comments on race and sexuality    02/19/19  (18)
have we talked about the LAWSUIT against TRUMP over the WALL?    02/19/19  (3)
Stop drinking so much damn coffee!    02/19/19  (72)
a self-proclaimed big picture guy with no work ethic self-selecting into biglaw    02/19/19  (9)
Rubbed my entire body in Turmeric and Castor oil...golden and glisteni...taking    02/19/19  (2)
what tastes like pineapples and coconuts    02/19/19  (3)
i have 6 dads, including myself    02/19/19  (11)
James Joyce I need you to rate these gals    02/19/19  (12)
Its all out there for you and you simply don't think..also 30s are just starting    02/19/19  (4)
House dems to investigate John Wayne    02/19/19  (1)
Kykes, GC elites are channeling dark energies emitting from the Sirius Dog Star    02/19/19  (21)
White Supremacist inmate to Jussie Smollett: "This is MAGA country, nigger."    02/19/19  (15)
JFC how embarrassing for Smollett to show up on set Thurs?    02/19/19  (8)
Pathetic weird nazis step to Lawman; Results predictable.    02/19/19  (3)
lawman: a few jews are cool so totally okay to enslave all goyim    02/19/19  (53)
the Bill Cosby Fun Game    02/19/19  (1)
6'4" Barron waving at a fire hydrant    02/19/19  (43)
Roger Stone just fucked up    02/19/19  (23)
Regional small to midlaw, hard as shit to keep clients    02/19/19  (3)
Report: Smollett had 3-some with Nigerians after the attack    02/19/19  (7)
What is the cr way to make coffee at home? Nespresso pods? $500 espressomachine?    02/19/19  (21)
baseball bat to skull of liars and frauds evan39 cr?    02/19/19  (2)
Reading that Chinese sci fi novelist's trilogy Three Body Problem - not bad    02/19/19  (4)
*skrrt* "Hop in, babe," said the balding lawyer to his work wife in a Hertz ren    02/19/19  (1)
I actually just said NIGGA outloud on AFRICAN street    02/19/19  (13)
no point in going on one more single day without FAMILY MONEY    02/19/19  (1)
dont have family money? your life is fucking OVER    02/19/19  (1)
Indian Army literally fucking their enemies in the ass (video)    02/19/19  (90)
you are nothing but utter shit in 2019 without at least a half mill family money    02/19/19  (1)
family money is the only thing you should be upset about    02/19/19  (1)
shouted @ Billy Dee Williams 'Aren't you that faggot Empire Strikes Back nigger?    02/19/19  (8)
This is the inspiration for true detective season 3 villian    02/19/19  (14)
Banning Dreadlocks Is Racist And Illegal, NYC Tells Employers    02/19/19  (5)
Snow White and the Seven Niggers    02/19/19  (1)
Snow White And The Seven Niggas    02/19/19  (2)
Nigga, She Wrote    02/19/19  (2)
anyone notice most new commercials are two guys talking about a dumb invention?    02/19/19  (5)
PINK SLIME reclassified by USDA as GROUND BEEF. Congrats everyone!!!!    02/19/19  (32)
List of Asian Taunts Collected for Posterity (With help from JBD    02/19/19  (52)
Story of King Solomon but its Spaceporn and DBG splitting kid to molest.    02/19/19  (20)
Another day, another 10+ year litigator emailing asking about in house options    02/19/19  (2)
in nyc until friday if anyone wants to meet up at all (fratty)    02/19/19  (26)
Balding lawyers devouring chia seeds and watering their scalps    02/19/19  (3)
alzabo and I nude in his bright yellow Honda Fit, backseat full of poppers    02/19/19  (35)
Ladies: Would you rather drink Chad's sputum sample or fuck an Asian?    02/19/19  (3)
Dirte - Opinions on ATVs    02/19/19  (39)
New car prices are lulzy flame these days    02/19/19  (108)
Just watched "Dating Around" a reality show following blind dates in NYC    02/19/19  (5)
*Trump walks up w electric guitar* "jews did 9/11", he squawks through talk box    02/19/19  (7)
JFC Barron Trump is 12 years old and almost 6'3 250lbs    02/19/19  (32)
Lawman8 why do you always stop replying to my shit?    02/19/19  (20)
Imagine how YUGGGGGGE Baron Trump's cock is going to be. UUUNNNGGGHHHH    02/19/19  (6)
You're driving down the highway and see a mushroom cloud the size of a pinhead o    02/19/19  (5)
true detective s3e7 "the final country"    02/19/19  (42)
How to spot a Somali alt-right Twitter account & what we can do to stop them(nyt    02/19/19  (3)
Breaking: Jussie Smollett caught taking an éclair out of the trash can    02/19/19  (1)
Seems like everyone with HIV is now "undetectable".    02/19/19  (9)
Multiple people now regularly use the word NIGGER irl because of me. U MAD    02/19/19  (6)
apocalypto: where does it fit in Gibson filmography?    02/19/19  (17)
bernie lol    02/19/19  (1)
Underrated that Trump named Barron after his alias John Barron    02/19/19  (1)
nude celtic warriors would taxidermy and mount heads of their enemies like deer    02/19/19  (4)
$100k per year but every time you shit it is aired on live TV in Germany    02/19/19  (8)
where did CHARLES disappear to?    02/19/19  (13)
ancient historians description of nude celtic warriors.    02/19/19  (8)
The POTUS of NIGERIA and NIGER are both NIGGERS ---> Coincidence?    02/19/19  (5)
millennia-old, immortal 'grand ascended masters' still roam the earth today    02/19/19  (2)
Rating poasters as guys who would rape you in prison.    02/19/19  (25)
Niga is a small town in Mali    02/19/19  (1)
Ever work a job you liked for longer than a year?    02/19/19  (3)

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