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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   10/12/19  (336)
Eddie Van Halen Rip    10/13/19  (2)
Bbooommm has never recovered from being known as BALD | OLD | MAN    10/13/19  (1)
Assfaggot fires a sieg heil to a sieg heiling dugout after stand up double    10/13/19  (13)
You got cum on your face, big disgrace, fucking your ass all over the place    10/13/19  (3)
Very sad when you have to put down a totally healthy golden retriever    10/13/19  (70)
Can my xo friends go to Nebraska football board and spam it?    10/13/19  (2)
Older brother in "The Squid And The Wale" (Netflix) = XO poaster    10/13/19  (3)
whose voice should i be reading your poasts in    10/13/19  (1)
Should I Buy Gold    10/13/19  (7)
Peterman asking baffled pharmacist for "Plan J"    10/13/19  (15)
WASP GF: Summer house in Bar Harbor; Shrew GF: slurping on Chad’s knober    10/13/19  (2)
wow interesting thoughts on the NFL    10/13/19  (3)
Father and son drink milk    10/13/19  (1)
@realDonaldTrump: The Endless Wars Must End!    10/13/19  (24)
Vega$ the wor$t? Any wor$e place$? Which are be$t?    10/13/19  (3)
I've been in bed all day watching occult temple rituals    10/13/19  (2)
WASP GF: Gala at the Met; Shrew GF: the baby inside me is det :-(    10/13/19  (8)
the police will not help u    10/13/19  (7)
$cott Fraud $hould be tired and urban Meyer hired on the spot    10/13/19  (1)
Im exactly at 162lbs to go. 25lbs more to go for my goal.    10/13/19  (53)
George Orwell, waking up and seeing the present day: haha holy shit    10/13/19  (1)
karate chop    10/13/19  (1)
Total aid to Africa since 1960: $4.7 trillion    10/13/19  (43)
WASP GF: "Let's buy a horse." SHREW GF: "My parents are divorced."    10/13/19  (8)
Carson Wentz: average QB    10/13/19  (2)
Can XO financial masterminds recommend what to do with a ton of cash right now?    10/13/19  (22)
Boom are you a booster for Nebraska football? You have lots of money    10/13/19  (1)
WASP GF: Has a stuffed Tigger. SHREW GF: In college, fucked a    10/13/19  (13)
logging into a community account is like stepping into a murder scene    10/13/19  (1)
Rate this post about pregnancy in BIGLAW    10/13/19  (1)
omg, we need more endless wars, shrieked the libs!    10/13/19  (4)
WASP GF: Went to Wesleyan. SHREW GF: Former Lesbian.    10/13/19  (4)
WASP GF: Let's sale to Nantucket! SHREW GF: Sees your dick, won't suck it.    10/13/19  (13)
Mahomes and the chiefs and fatso just turned into major frauds wowz    10/13/19  (1)
Odd that so many NFL QBs play better their first year than their second    10/13/19  (4)
WASP GF: 10 yr reunion at Miss Porter's; SHREW GF: Leaves CFB game in 2nd qtr    10/13/19  (5)
so once everyone is a lib/immigrant we get bullet trains right?    10/13/19  (8)
MPAs bedsheets are like cooperstown for HPV strains    10/13/19  (4)
WASP GF: seduces you with Deviled Eggs /ShrewGF: help me freeze my eggs!    10/13/19  (2)
WASP GF: lovely forehand serve / Shrew GF: don't look at her you perv!    10/13/19  (7)
Rewatching You’ve Got Mail. The product placement in this movie is Insane.    10/13/19  (2)
WASP GF: The Hamptons are crude / Shrew GF: Family of jews who act rude    10/13/19  (9)
WASP GF: silent, dead in bed, SHREW GF: nasally moaning, refusing to give head    10/13/19  (8)
Using the tree format here and dumping this fraud place    10/13/19  (1)
WASP GF: skinny, ass like a pancake SHREW GF: scrawny, ass like a sulphrous lake    10/13/19  (10)
Erase this shot hole the format is great all content=ignore the shit    10/13/19  (1)
anyone else collect and store their urine in jars?    10/13/19  (2)
WASP GF: demure, coy / Shrew GF: in law school fucked the black pool boy    10/13/19  (4)
WASP GF: naughty fun at Watch Hill/ ShrewGF- don't even think about the red pill    10/13/19  (2)
WASP GF: bored by Newport / Shrew GF: buying Darnell Newports    10/13/19  (3)
silly daddies doing the naughty needful    10/13/19  (1)
naughty bad daddy    10/13/19  (2)
blackface billy corgan    10/13/19  (2)
This is England now    10/13/19  (2)
No sport or nfl talk today    10/13/19  (2)
*Gigantic cybernetic God Emperor Trump shooting flames from his hands at libs*    10/13/19  (19)
should i watch "banana splits movie" (campy slasher) (syfy channel)    10/13/19  (2)
All the dads at my Arlington, VA playground were wearing Nats hats this morning    10/13/19  (30)
sometimes we forget mainstream society is degenerate & sick    10/13/19  (6)
Kavanaugh and AssFaggot in full blackface at NLCS game    10/13/19  (9)
it was absolutely shameful what libs did to richard jewell    10/13/19  (1)
Does your girlfriend ever ask things like "How much do you miss me?"    10/13/19  (11)
Woah Cr who$ getting defrauded in college Fraudball ranking$?    10/13/19  (1)
My (M29) wife (F28) has high level anxiety about her safety due to her skin colo    10/13/19  (1)
Barron Trump smashing RBG’s Final Horcrux    10/13/19  (5)
"Want do you want for your birthday?" *Barron points at pic of Greta Thurnberg*    10/13/19  (5)
How mad does this video of cute teen girls swapping spit w/ goofy guys make u?    10/13/19  (3)
Space Force flagship USS BARRON returning triumphantly to Greenland Spaceport    10/13/19  (4)
2197: Hundreth Anniversary of Barron Trump Hall @ Univ of Proxima Centauri    10/13/19  (8)
Bama $hould be very healthy with their cream puff schedule    10/13/19  (1)
XO poa$ter 🌚 lighting as a 🤡    10/13/19  (2)
🔫 Woman upset her armed robber brother got shot dead by store clerk 🔫    10/13/19  (32)
"Set the controls for the heart of the sun" 'yes, Emperor Barron'    10/13/19  (5)
Suri Cruise marrying Barron on WH lawn as giant UFO hovers overhead    10/13/19  (34)
"Emperor Barron, our envoy to Greenland requests an audience"    10/13/19  (5)
"My father was.. an interesting man" says Barron as stars stream by viewport    10/13/19  (59)
XO 😘 poa$ter 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡 At your baby$ bday party    10/13/19  (5)
should i go bi    10/13/19  (2)
Barron noisily sliding Thanksgiving chair farther from Kushner's    10/13/19  (5)
LSU moves to #2 in AP top 25    10/13/19  (14)
Barron Trump tapped for "Biff" role in upcoming BTTF reboot    10/13/19  (2)
BACKSPACE SIT ON MY FACE    10/13/19  (3)
people can & will snatch ur loved ones up in the night sell into sexual slavery    10/13/19  (2)
What Mattresses do you guys have? - why so expensive?    10/13/19  (40)
I keep her as a reminder of the price of disloyalty- Barron pulls Ivanka's leash    10/13/19  (23)
Leashed slave girl Ivanka pouring Emperor Barron’s wine into a Kushner-skull c    10/13/19  (10)
Sec football is unwatchable    10/13/19  (1)
So TikTok took over because Vine videos were too long?    10/13/19  (1)
God Emperor Trump using Jewish Finance Guild to conquer the Universe    10/13/19  (13)
Tons of women waiting at the finish line fellas    10/13/19  (1)
Should this TikTok artist’s dadS be concerned?    10/13/19  (16)
Greta Gerwig tugging on your cock, "Come on, I didn't move here from minnesota f    10/13/19  (4)
Drilling Python 3 day in day out. Guaranteed 110K job?    10/13/19  (30)
Baker Mayfield: Bad QB    10/13/19  (6)
race scholars, why do Ethiopians look so distinctive    10/13/19  (16)
Asked bank clerk 2 put letter in their outgoing mail like in shawshank redempti    10/13/19  (26)
Kurds just formed a deal with xo Assad. Almost like neocons are retarded.    10/13/19  (6)
XO BTFO: The Wealthy in Florence Today Are the Same Families as 600 years ago    10/13/19  (10)
Missouri at 5-1 getting fucked    10/13/19  (1)
Baylor getting fucked in rankings... who else?    10/13/19  (1)
Women prefer the underemployed chad >>>> successful balding lawyer?    10/13/19  (42)
Holy shit, this Tik Tok girl is a plaintiff in the GDP lawsuit    10/13/19  (5)
i am ready to die.    10/13/19  (5)
Breaking Bad sequel reviews are in: it sucks    10/13/19  (40)
"no mom his schtick is that he's really angry.. yeah, his too...yup that guy too    10/13/19  (11)
daddy luis    10/13/19  (6)
Bird roast in Minneapolis causes hurt feelings    10/13/19  (4)
Murders in NYC are running ahead of last year's pace - libs, explain:    10/13/19  (8)
Reminder: Trumpmos are a caravan of invaders to this prestigious law board    10/13/19  (61)
GC: Joker will cause incel shooting sprees! Netflix: puts up Taxi Driver    10/13/19  (16)
ted cruz, you DO realize that you'll gain weight if you add muscle, right?    10/13/19  (1)
nutella has always had far less hubris than tmf but far more results.    10/13/19  (40)
Fox News pollster Braun Research misrepresented impeachment poll: analysis    10/13/19  (2)
i'm sure someone who graduated dead last Annapolis wouldn't dime out fellow POWs    10/13/19  (1)
Crackling fire, rain storm, cat on lap, dog at feet, Tycho- Dive & cuppa tea    10/13/19  (1)
Just watched hell or high water on Netflix, cinematography & direction top notch    10/13/19  (1)
I want a mentally ill goth chick who doesn’t really like me    10/13/19  (12)
Kurds bend the knee to Assad and Russia    10/13/19  (6)
Florida Gatta gonna beat LSU Bengals    10/13/19  (3)
Why Was Benjamin Franklin’s Basement Filled With Skeletons?    10/13/19  (14)
Does anyone else find it impossible to be happy?    10/13/19  (10)
Buffalo News: 100 year old Congolese refugee likes Mountain Dew    10/13/19  (15)
Gonna cop dat $250 Street Fighter arcade from Walmart so I can be like CSLG    10/13/19  (19)
Donald j trump Kurdish genocide memorial    10/13/19  (11)
Christopher Trumpumbus railed the states that were blue    10/13/19  (1)
please watch this video of my boyfriend complaining about jeeps    10/13/19  (2)
Accidentally nutted in tinder girl last night, taking ?s    10/13/19  (52)
Rate this job description for an insurance attorney    10/13/19  (4)
"Sup Brady!" began Nutella in a letter to herself    10/13/19  (15)
Ambassador to Ukraine will ignore State Dept orders, testify before Congress    10/13/19  (2)
“and it truly was an American Horror Story” *MPA gives thumbs up, soyface    10/13/19  (4)
American Horror Story is such a POS yet i cant stop watching.    10/13/19  (5)
Kirk Cousins finally beats a team over .500.    10/13/19  (1)
can't scroll down any web page anymore without a box popping up saying subscribe    10/13/19  (1)
Study for GMAT or learn 2 code?    10/13/19  (3)
American Horror Story s3 finale (tonite)    10/13/19  (2)
jose altuve reminds me of MPA    10/13/19  (6)
Being "underwater" on mortgage just means ur home price declined?    10/13/19  (36)
wow that nick foles jersey looks great on ur fat gf    10/13/19  (4)
guys who use prostitutes--what are the upsides and downsides?    10/13/19  (1)
Sonic 3&K vs DKC2: Diddy's Kong Quest    10/13/19  (12)
Doobs teaching Peterman how to do a Sprite enema at a Ft Wayne truckstop lot    10/13/19  (15)
this limpwristed nowag has a higher SMV than you    10/13/19  (7)
Possible to fuck the defendant in a PI case without ethics violation?    10/13/19  (2)
Introvert bypassing open cashier to wait in line for self-checkout    10/13/19  (2)
"Thanks for the help in Normandy!" yells Trump, as he watches ...    10/13/19  (2)
Girl's name "Dana" pronounced "Dan-a." Prole?    10/13/19  (3)
840K Mortgage on 450K HHI should be doable, right?    10/13/19  (30)
damn daddy sucking my dick like he's playing sax solo in Baker Street    10/13/19  (23)

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