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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   06/18/19  (302)
Iran: Attacks U.S. and its Allies. Trump: Rage-tweets impotently    06/20/19  (17)
Thoughts on Trump 2020 and Orlando rally    06/20/19  (48)
Are WeWork offices a good place to pick up women?    06/20/19  (3)
What’s helping you cling onto life?    06/20/19  (2)
So John Kerry successfully convinced Iran to go to war with US?    06/20/19  (1)
xo William Langewiesche 45min long read What Really Happened to Malaysia’s Mi    06/20/19  (15)
gen x fags celebrating end of twinkball while coach soyface wins finals    06/20/19  (1)
I’m sure if you seal up doors 🚪 good you can do it with carbon monoxide    06/20/19  (2)
So if Iran spy drone flies 17 miles from American border we can't shoot it down?    06/20/19  (7)
30s super young in “2019”    06/20/19  (5)
Just pretend its 1989, you're playing Super Mario 2 & Duck Hunt with your bros    06/20/19  (4)
when we actually go to war with Iran, I 100% will vote for Trump    06/20/19  (1)
5 smartest senators from each party?    06/20/19  (44)
Cops said it was meth – it was cotton candy: Inside the nationwide crime lab b    06/20/19  (5)
so gibson les paul is the perfect form of guitar?    06/20/19  (63)
*mom knocks on basement door* still fighting the Jews son?    06/20/19  (3)
If we actually go to war with Iran, I probably won’t vote for Trump    06/20/19  (4)
You can all eat your own shit until you’re corrects    06/20/19  (2)
The beer I just bought tastes like cum    06/20/19  (14)
NH primary winner be KAMALA! Winner of Iowa Hawkeye, Kamala! SC Primary, Kamala    06/20/19  (3)
Would be a 180 turnabout if Pocahontas pulls it off    06/20/19  (3)
Every fucking thing needs to be fucking exposed    06/20/19  (3)
Why can't Big 3 Jap Car Company's make a non ugly SUV?    06/20/19  (10)
I'm friends with the SQUANCHER that puts me to bed    06/20/19  (1)
Just saw a nigger wearing regular nigger clothes, but also a balaclava.    06/20/19  (8)
You’re banned from ever enjoying cotton candy! Will field test for meth    06/20/19  (2)
There’s nothing to buy and cops 🚓 will seize all you own for your cotton ca    06/20/19  (2)
I’m a perfect genius smartest in world we all are..lame shit now    06/20/19  (2)
Cotton candy will get you meth with intent to deliver charge from a xo DA    06/20/19  (2)
I am going to spam the cotton candy arrests and other fraud shit until u own up    06/20/19  (2)
Xo frauds avoiding how corrupt and laughable cops and lolyers are    06/20/19  (2)
Leave cotton candy 🍭 in your back seat enjoy 1mm bond    06/20/19  (2)
Forget cotton candy in your car go to prison for meth with intent to ditribute    06/20/19  (2)
Innocent people are taking plea deals on sham cases    06/20/19  (2)
Racist Joe has to got to go!!!    06/20/19  (1)
So its racist for white guy to tell a story about a white guy calling him “boy    06/20/19  (2)
“Society” is so weak now full of cheap talk.. people are so retarded and wor    06/20/19  (2)
In AD 2019 war was beginning    06/20/19  (3)
i love how u can bump a thread and ppl will just start discussing it again    06/20/19  (18)
Off duty cop accosted in CostCo, 2 innocents critically wounded.    06/20/19  (52)
Ahh circuits smoking everything is a sham to the core    06/20/19  (1)
any reason to upgrade iphone 7 plus to iphone x?    06/20/19  (22)
When Daniel spent $9M on a three-bed MFH condo he was investing in his wellness.    06/20/19  (3)
Trump China trade deal collapsing. Dow futures = bloodbath opening    06/20/19  (126)
bumping GOLD all the way to $2,000 from $1,330    06/20/19  (19)
Guy at the bar last night brought up banging trannies    06/20/19  (4)
Its rained all week in NYC and will rain all of next week too    06/20/19  (13)
*Lawman8, when you try to enter his pillow fort* "No offense, but no Jews"    06/20/19  (7)
Barry O had a pink asshole, so more like first Neapolitan president.    06/20/19  (3)
ETH to below $100 countdown. bump every time ETH drops another $25 (from $725)    06/20/19  (140)
Never say never to anything you pussy fraud    06/20/19  (2)
ETH will never again rise above $70 in are lifetimes.    06/20/19  (4)
Lol I’m erasing all the crap 💩 on this place starting my own    06/20/19  (2)
All 2 poasters asleep    06/20/19  (1)
DOW DOWN -600 WHY DIDNT WE LISTEN TO JULIA    06/20/19  (96)
CNN this morning non-stop clips of Booker/Kamala demanding Biden apologize    06/20/19  (1)
Wake up now! *throws boiling hot cup of coffee in your face”    06/20/19  (1)
The China Hustle: 180 documentary on Hulu, brehs    06/20/19  (23)
First Iraq, then Syria, now Iran? Where should we send the goys next Shlomo?    06/20/19  (2)
It's Time For America To Break With Beijing (National Interest)    06/20/19  (9)
Would you just like to be hanged by Iranians?    06/20/19  (1)
retards drooling at porn stars, weed and tacos, kars 4 kids theme playing    06/20/19  (30)
Ruin others lives so u have luxury of paying 7k for roach infest bit by 🐜    06/20/19  (1)
Hired drag queen with AIDS to hand out my business card to toddlers    06/20/19  (12)
The picture on Drudge's headline of the falling drone is a fake.    06/20/19  (1)
All poasters would quake in the presence of realness    06/20/19  (1)
180,000 people attending shit country festival in rural Kansas    06/20/19  (7)
Wake up! You should get your head pounded in for ruining others lives    06/20/19  (1)
TVs haven’t improved...download your police scanner app enjoy the fraud    06/20/19  (2)
Just filling the trunk with cheap harbor freight tools and driving to shul    06/20/19  (2)
My pussy is a white ethnostate (AOC)    06/20/19  (3)
Cops said it was meth – it was cotton candy: Inside the nationwide crime lab b    06/20/19  (1)
📑 STUDY: The vast majority of people don't want to date transgenders. 📑    06/20/19  (56)
TiVo on track to make $175m this year. Who the fuck still owns a TiVo?    06/20/19  (21)
The US lost a $225 million drone by flying it over an Iranian anti-air battery    06/20/19  (24)
"was that a lighthouse... flickering?" "we better take cover    06/20/19  (1)
It’s impossible to make it but frauds are making it unlimited under radar    06/20/19  (2)
Vise.com    06/20/19  (4)
Her name was Ebba Akerlund    06/20/19  (7)
Katamari Damacy but it's your future wife finding things to cram in her cunt    06/20/19  (4)
Good morning faggots, who's ready for war with Iran?    06/20/19  (8)
one thousand four hundred eighty eight    06/20/19  (1)
$uicide rate$ up 33% since 1999    06/20/19  (6)
fourteen eighty eight    06/20/19  (1)
Will it be CR to enlist in JAG during Iran war?    06/20/19  (1)
Assault a MINORITY. FIGHT FOR THE WHITE RACE    06/20/19  (3)
You crooked motherfucking lolyers and cops hang yourself with your tie    06/20/19  (1)
There are most likely people here that deserve to get theirs    06/20/19  (1)
Idris Elba offering plea deals for drug distribution..lab has cotton candy found    06/20/19  (1)
ANOTHER deadly drunk-driving hit-and-run in Los Angeles:    06/20/19  (5)
End all cops, da, judges, labs, prisons all of it shut the system down    06/20/19  (2)
America is trash! Burn this whole society and thing down pummel it    06/20/19  (1)
Cops will put you in prison for cotton candy    06/20/19  (3)
American women googling “Iran hardware store” before choosing sides    06/20/19  (2)
how much does a real persian rug cost    06/20/19  (1)
Spaceporn is one of the most prolific posters in xo history    06/20/19  (1)
KushJew & Bibi cackling as they pull the puppet strings of Trump    06/20/19  (1)
Rate this official how-to video on resetting GE smart light bulbs    06/20/19  (10)
Good Morning! "I-Day" (Iran Invasion Day) currently underway    06/20/19  (8)
My favorite t-shirt is a Sega Dreamcast shirt    06/20/19  (1)
Describe the life of this skaaden paetner    06/20/19  (13)
Dirte is inspiration; he is a 45 year old fat dad, thinks of nothing but pussy    06/20/19  (25)
US missiles swerve at last second & hit Tel Aviv as Iranians shake Trumps hand    06/20/19  (2)
Vault Ranking of Top 100 Law Firms (2020)    06/20/19  (55)
Easter 2020: Mel Gibson’s the Ressurecrion of the Christ    06/20/19  (2)
All media and the internet is a joke..check catfish murder..    06/20/19  (1)
Lol looks like the make a wish foundation is finally getting through its backlog    06/20/19  (4)
"fucking muslims" "at least the drone was unmanned." "what drone    06/20/19  (3)
"we're scrambling our best fighterpilots & biglawers as we speak    06/20/19  (2)
On the bright side, getting drafted into Iran war is perfect exit from biglaw    06/20/19  (4)
Remember, being friends with Luis Diesel is ur best shot if Iran invades    06/20/19  (1)
God Bless America- but prolly good to buy iran mini flag just in case    06/20/19  (3)
ur future wife watching Body Double drill scene even more times than Patrick Bat    06/20/19  (7)
pack ur bags we'll all be on buses to paratrooper bootcamp by lunch    06/20/19  (2)
Good morning! Your Spotify account is trying to brainwash you (link)    06/20/19  (7)
imagine the handsomest man you can. that’s the AVERAGE xo poaster.    06/20/19  (2)
Mike Pompeo looks like he drops some nasty ass farts    06/20/19  (1)
JCM u know the drill if u see any inbound iranian ICBMs    06/20/19  (2)
Rate the $500 million fencing school Putin just opened    06/20/19  (2)
Are there ANY cruises that are worth doing?    06/20/19  (106)
...he grazed pair o' thighs, and put up a squanching slot    06/20/19  (2)
ARTICLE: Smartphones have destroyed the unfortunate losers born since 1995.    06/20/19  (65)
Hey friends! Do you want to join my poasting cooperative???    06/20/19  (2)
What's been done to this country is criminal    06/20/19  (17)
Usnews undergrad rankings are rancid flame. Caltech not even t10?    06/20/19  (15)
Whok, do you ever get depressed from your jerb?    06/20/19  (17)
New Manhattan Club Caters To Women Who Love Asian Men (NYT)    06/20/19  (1)
Iran tried to shoot down TWO US drones but missed the second one    06/20/19  (4)
Master Negotiator Trump really fucking up in Iran lmao    06/20/19  (1)
🦌 Horns are growing on young people’s skulls. Phone use is to blame. 🦌    06/20/19  (5)
Do you think Melania tosses POTUS salad    06/20/19  (3)
In the white room with black curtains hear the squanching (Cream)    06/20/19  (2)
Squanch town, mothers leave the kids here, back of my sack gettin dirty & sticky    06/20/19  (1)
Another good Millennials are totally fucked article    06/20/19  (155)
Hackers Gape Baltimore’s Nig Government (link)    06/20/19  (4)
   06/20/19  (8)
Just got BLOWN THE FUCK OUT by 19 yr old 7.3    06/20/19  (9)
Why don't millennials realize that travel/experiences are just consumerism?    06/20/19  (82)
Good morning. WHITE PRIDE WORKD FUCKING WIDE    06/20/19  (1)
📉 Caselaw Historical Trends: Search for Your Favorite Words 📈    06/20/19  (23)
waking up yosemite sam fuming faggot mad every single day, cr?    06/20/19  (2)
NYU law school now costs $99,858 a year LMAO    06/20/19  (93)
JG Ballard car-pilling you    06/20/19  (3)
Call me nigger but I think Sulcecki will beat POO POO Andrade next wee    06/20/19  (1)
your future wife discovering her femininity to "Metal Machine Music"    06/20/19  (2)
Youtuber covers Ariana Grande's song better than Ariana    06/20/19  (16)
Tell me about the KRAKEN    06/20/19  (3)
26% of women have masturbated to the "nauga" monster at least once    06/20/19  (1)
"Stop!" your wife says right before you climax. "Hammer time," she grins    06/20/19  (5)
Squanching my taint with his fingers, ruining my life with those swirls    06/20/19  (2)

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