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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   06/18/19  (302)
what’s your favorite video game?    06/24/19  (66)
what kind of "man" actually plays video games?    06/24/19  (9)
I found a 180 loophole to income-based repayment schemes    06/24/19  (8)
The Doors - "Teenage Wasteland"    06/24/19  (7)
I'm becoming a twink    06/24/19  (1)
hilarious how girls like side-whiskers but not mustaches    06/24/19  (1)
i want to start a business to exploit deranged stupid libs during election cycle    06/24/19  (6)
ITT Most underrated cuts of steaks    06/24/19  (1)
People who pay mortgages on several RENTAL PROPERTIES; good investment?    06/24/19  (22)
in 3 years from today the next "recession" will have begun    06/24/19  (1)
NBA "owners" will now be referred to as "governors" (link)    06/24/19  (43)
Been meeting a ton of new chicks in dumpsters and garbage cans    06/24/19  (1)
Your Fiancee explaining her Queen of Spades tattoo to your WW2 Grandpa    06/24/19  (4)
Every Episcopalian church in a 10 mile radius of me has a lesbian rector    06/24/19  (21)
PUA = bullshit. try out my CR alternative for shortmos/NOWAGs to get laid    06/24/19  (35)
Dr. Cowgod MEGATHREAD    06/24/19  (2)
Good news, Paul Manafort going to trial soon in New York on state charges.    06/24/19  (2)
Was it better having the Soviet Union as our main rival instead of China?    06/24/19  (4)
"these fucking niggers are gonna cost me the White House" -buttigieg on a hot mi    06/24/19  (1)
My oil change this morning had a tip spot on the receipt    06/24/19  (12)
any merit to people causing ruckus over South Bend police shooting?    06/24/19  (1)
Hard truth, but ARE Reptile was pretty much right about Russia's military    06/24/19  (1)
Do Asians have hobbies?    06/24/19  (32)
I'm getting online German lessons from a hot German girl for only $20/hour    06/24/19  (5)
Having NO SAUCE with a steak has become a prole tell    06/24/19  (41)
*opens xo* *sees GOY tp is posting* *smiles*    06/24/19  (18)
u know who won't be president in 2020? Joe Sestak    06/24/19  (13)
India just landslide re-elected the NOWIG version of CharlesXII    06/24/19  (10)
what does the richest person you know do    06/24/19  (43)
Creampied (x3) a new 21 year old STUNNER last night. Taking ?s ITT!    06/24/19  (21)
Youtuber reviewing Laphroaig 10 whiskey as his wife leaves him    06/24/19  (13)
WaPo: 27% of Americans under 30 are virgins. another 20% are gay    06/24/19  (52)
Bort is slow tonight. Everyone whip out at least 2 more alts and poast    06/24/19  (17)
places where the customers are more prole than the employees, excluding doctors,    06/24/19  (26)
The average Jewish woman is 1.5 points below avg White woman in attractiveness    06/24/19  (7)
Lib friends/acquaintances asking me if I’m going to pride this weekend in sf    06/24/19  (28)
Crochet social networking site bans TRUMP    06/24/19  (24)
White incel found guilty of killing Chinese student    06/24/19  (5)
Bernie Sanders to propose canceling all $1.6 trillion in student loan debt    06/24/19  (170)
5g satellites tracking your wagecuck routine & deleting data as too boring    06/24/19  (13)
Diversity and Inclusion    06/24/19  (2)
going to test drive some turbo foresters next week    06/24/19  (18)
I didn't realize Alex Jones was in A Scanner Darkly    06/24/19  (2)
are there areas of the country where CB radios are still in wide use?    06/24/19  (20)
Simglitch: Randy Johnson bird hit    06/24/19  (2)
Check out this thread from a quasi-hidden 8chan CP board    06/24/19  (9)
Michael Sam is not on an roster today because he is openly gay    06/24/19  (76)
THIS IS NOT... MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE...    06/24/19  (7)
Ideal penis/cock size for a tranny?    06/24/19  (7)
Serious Question: sucking dick but there is a fleshlight on the dick    06/24/19  (5)
“Im an introvert, love solitude” *chats with faggy lawyers online for 6 hour    06/24/19  (6)
if u think about it, ur future wife is a walking holocaust museum    06/24/19  (1)
dying seems like the most 180 relief    06/24/19  (12)
"The Holocaust Museum's dreadful intervention in the concentration camp debate"    06/24/19  (1)
Why are black students punished so often? Minnesota confronts the quandary    06/24/19  (98)
wondering if u guys remember something specific concerning 2016 election    06/24/19  (11)
cannibal diet tp    06/24/19  (5)
🗾 Japanese zoo conducts lion escape drill. Japan is perfect. 🗾    06/24/19  (13)
Trump Has A $259 Million Reason to Bomb Iran    06/24/19  (14)
Had some drinks, fucked. Creampied.    06/24/19  (1)
SF passes new law banning people from the city if caught with Juul    06/24/19  (2)
andrew bird - armchairs.mp3    06/24/19  (3)
Dog at my Juul so I had to kill it to get it back.    06/24/19  (3)
Entire world library of human knowledge available free yet ppl pay for "Netflix"    06/24/19  (1)
most "men" are annoying fags    06/24/19  (4)
Yet another US tourist dies in the Dominican Republic (link)    06/24/19  (10)
Anderson Cooper redpilled    06/24/19  (29)
RATE These Cornfed Midwestern Shiksas (PIC)    06/24/19  (9)
Tucker live in Japan: 'Look at this clean, orderly ethno-homogenous country!'    06/24/19  (1)
DC Urban Moms poster recommends buying nigger coin (link)    06/24/19  (4)
so many things are pozzed cuck garbage now    06/24/19  (13)
Do a lot of millennials with college degrees actually work retail?    06/24/19  (20)
📰 WaPo: Women have the right to break into apartments and seize guns. 📰    06/24/19  (10)
whok, you're in danger living in Australia    06/24/19  (14)
“Well, then, why do they look and smell like poop? Hi, who just joined?”    06/24/19  (1)
charlie de mar (chicago reporter) KILLING it today on twitter    06/24/19  (5)
"One day zoophilia will be as accepted as LGBTQ+ community"    06/24/19  (1)
Post ITT if you straight up just do not like black people    06/24/19  (25)
jewish girls that demand you call them antisemitic slurs while fucking them    06/24/19  (10)
TS Amanda here. Need help transitioning.    06/24/19  (32)
I wanted a sexy rape. But not like this. Not by him.    06/24/19  (1)
I’m really glad Zurich changed his moniker to “Bacon, the Cocker Spaniel”    06/24/19  (3)
rate this picture of geoffrey the giraffe leaving toys r us for the last time    06/24/19  (116)
Lawman8 is right. Trump failed to deport 30m Mexicans so it's Kamala Harris time    06/24/19  (30)
Couldn’t a dem make a lane for themselves if they renounced SJW shit?    06/24/19  (24)
No one bothers to ask what was the invisible hand driving boomers    06/24/19  (2)
pee and poo    06/24/19  (13)
you should've killed yourself in your room alone at 15 when you had the chance    06/24/19  (4)
Any other Americans here rooting for USWNT to lose?    06/24/19  (7)
Single-issue political party running on jailing all shitboomers    06/24/19  (3)
Rutgers boomer shrew president goes batshit on campus police (video)    06/24/19  (2)
Trump making a good move forcing healthcare prpvoders to publish prices    06/24/19  (1)
im in awe that I'm still doing this for fucking slime on my dick    06/24/19  (1)
New Yorkers, explain "Richard Carranza"    06/24/19  (1)
it all sucks so very very much    06/24/19  (1)
This is what sex looks like for "straight" lib "men" (pic)    06/24/19  (6)
Black coworker thinks the lion king is based on African folklore    06/24/19  (3)
Anderson Cooper dogpilled    06/24/19  (2)
Video released of Smollet's initial encounter with CPD    06/24/19  (10)
I need to get rid of this fucking clingy dude I accidentally befriended    06/24/19  (3)
Ray Liota CHANTIX commercial is very creepy    06/24/19  (28)
Any side effects to an SSRI/Chantix/Finasteride cocktail?    06/24/19  (4)
fuck my ass, chantix is making the booze not work    06/24/19  (2)
opening of Goodfellas but Liotta says "die for Israel" instead of "be a gangster    06/24/19  (92)
"...they say it, so why can't I? Uh, hello, who just joined?"    06/24/19  (6)
John Bolton needs to be gassed along with his neocon kike puppeteers    06/24/19  (7)
Reminder: 1488. We must genocide the Mexican invaders and gas all clothmos.    06/24/19  (1)
“...he took it out, spit on it and put it bac—-Hi, who just joined?”    06/24/19  (1)
I hate libs so much    06/24/19  (4)
post ITT if you've never posted on a pumo or an alt    06/24/19  (5)
Sell soul for $150k?    06/24/19  (1)
BAM! $2500/mo, but wife gets a text/email whenever you watch porn.    06/24/19  (6)
Libs still have the ability to absolute floor me with their insanity    06/24/19  (25)
Uncle Eddie's Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies from Whole Foods    06/24/19  (1)
rating posters as guitarists ITT    06/24/19  (52)
“sure, but SIX MILLION? Gimme a break—hello, who just joined?”    06/24/19  (46)
WOMAN lives in a TINY HOUSE so She Can TRAVEL the World    06/24/19  (8)
Great NYC is "World Pride" location + wtf is Pride week?    06/24/19  (2)
200,000 people burned and ash was EVERYWHERE-no way could 6-Hi who just joined?    06/24/19  (13)
HBO ruined Radiation Show with the strong womyn scientist    06/24/19  (1)
Two German Eurofighters down in the Baltic    06/24/19  (6)
"So after i pulled out I saw corn, so I --- Hi, who just joined?"    06/24/19  (2)
Gonna need TURD SANDWICH to comment on whether niggers = shit    06/24/19  (2)
lol why is Tucker live from Tokyo    06/24/19  (2)
"so we call him Below Average Joe, right? Below Average Joe. Believe me, it fits    06/24/19  (2)
How do so many meal delivery service companies exist?    06/24/19  (108)
The Atlantic: "Gas All Boomers"    06/24/19  (27)
Being a legs guy, with a girlfriend with skin that looks like a burn victim is    06/24/19  (16)
Important punctuation question    06/24/19  (10)
lol Google "miserable failure"    06/24/19  (2)
"My $200k a year passive income is not enough for early retirement."    06/24/19  (23)
Lol Google no prompts for “Hillary Clinton emails”    06/24/19  (2)
Just because you tolerate something doesn’t mean it should be celebrated    06/24/19  (1)
cr to maximize home loan @ 3.25% 30 year fixed & invest proceeds?    06/24/19  (9)
Were you a SEGA or Nintendbro?    06/24/19  (39)
jefferson scholarship - we built this committee.mp3    06/24/19  (1)
This Wikipedia article lists the bort as an example of the phenomenon    06/24/19  (1)
Border Crossings up more than 2x under Trump's watch    06/24/19  (3)
hypo: no race ever existed in all of history except blacks    06/24/19  (18)
Unintelligible postmodern gibberish    06/24/19  (3)
Bad news: Roberts has caved on SCOTUS census case    06/24/19  (86)
Request: a "Tube" porn site, but it's all vids of Holdup solo-masturbation.    06/24/19  (8)
BUMP when SCOTUS decides against census citizenship    06/24/19  (17)
1998 Jessica Beale squatting naked on ur face    06/24/19  (13)
“GOY tp! You son of a bitch.” GOY to and DAVID DUKE lock arms and flex bicep    06/24/19  (14)
Google threatens to fire any employee who protests "Gay Pride"    06/24/19  (19)
assfaggot constantly pushing u to be even more racist and hateful    06/24/19  (13)
What's a good indica weedto get    06/24/19  (2)

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