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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   06/18/19  (302)
Rating poasters as bass players    06/24/19  (20)
tom cruise and ryan gosling giggling as they fire sieg heils in boston commons    06/24/19  (1)
really nice cat on my front porch every morning, but hes hunting my chipmunks :(    06/24/19  (1)
Summer is over    06/24/19  (15)
TS Amanda here. Need help transitioning.    06/24/19  (27)
The Atlantic: "Gas All Boomers"    06/24/19  (6)
Answering medical questions for 5 minutes.    06/24/19  (17)
Minnesota newspaper investigating Ilhan Oman's incestual marriage history (link)    06/24/19  (46)
'Climate' Change 'Expert' Sentenced to 32 YEARS for Not Doing Any Work    06/24/19  (46)
Those 75 cent swisher cigars at the gas station are 180 compared to cigs    06/24/19  (7)
Trump Has A $259 Million Reason to Bomb Iran    06/24/19  (4)
how the fuck are incels affording all of this plastic surgery    06/24/19  (4)
is Arlington Heights credited    06/24/19  (4)
going CARNIVORE diet is far far far more effective than any ssri    06/24/19  (7)
Boulder vs Fort Collins vs Colorado Springs    06/24/19  (15)
Which hotels have the best toiletries/towels/linens?    06/24/19  (6)
Every Episcopalian church in a 10 mile radius of me has a lesbian rector    06/24/19  (16)
Google exec in leaked video: how do we prevent Trump from winning in 2020? (Link    06/24/19  (27)
Judgement proof stray dog attacking joggers    06/24/19  (3)
My dick only works on blonde pussy and 20mg cialis    06/24/19  (1)
We sent our dumbest HS grads to Iraq to fight & they pwned the shit Arabs    06/24/19  (3)
thousands of men gambling with internet money so they can afford plastic surgery    06/24/19  (2)
Asians are the biggest group in Alameda and Santa Clara counties    06/24/19  (5)
Grind up Chronic Wasting Disease deer brain tissue & put in City Water    06/24/19  (1)
Consuela is 110 IQ max    06/24/19  (6)
Prions in your water supply    06/24/19  (3)
Hot chick Uber driver was playing Drive soundtrack, said I look like Ryan Goslin    06/24/19  (1)
ITT list things you can’t unsee after noticing them    06/24/19  (25)
what’s your favorite video game?    06/24/19  (59)
Rate this 500 sq ft $7500/mo apt    06/24/19  (3)
Just booked a fully legit 2 week “business trip” to the Cayman Islands, lol    06/24/19  (11)
An Ottoman galley slave would kill himself if he traded places with a 2019 lawye    06/24/19  (1)
"I eat ass on the first date"    06/24/19  (2)
holy fuck 2019 is already half over wtffff    06/24/19  (3)
cant believe 2019 is already half over    06/24/19  (18)
Beto O’Rourke: service guarantees low tax rate.    06/24/19  (13)
pizza without sauce is flame right?    06/24/19  (3)
Q: How did brutalism come about? A: Impact = change * resistance    06/24/19  (30)
Having NO SAUCE with a steak has become a prole tell    06/24/19  (35)
40k a year AND I’ll probably get gang raped by frat boys? *swoons*    06/24/19  (1)
23-Year-Old HERO Takes Out 7 Boomers on Motorcycles    06/24/19  (2)
Talked to a UPS driver last week. dude has it fucking made    06/24/19  (22)
what does the richest person you know do    06/24/19  (23)
If I arrange an appointment with doctor, can I simply ask for SSRI/anti-anxiety    06/24/19  (66)
Mexico deploys 15,000 troops to US border to stop border crossings (link)    06/24/19  (4)
(((kombucha)))    06/24/19  (1)
Hate how all you adderall faggots have bugged out eyes    06/24/19  (1)
bought stethoscope to listen to obsessively monitor Gf's internal body    06/24/19  (4)
summon Landed Gentry Reactionary Philistine    06/24/19  (1)
life is 20-30x better when I'm drinking alcohol and smoking cigs and no weed    06/24/19  (2)
Insisting that fiancee's molesting stepdad "give her away" at our wedding    06/24/19  (4)
Sometime after 30 a good no-wipe shit becomes better than sex with a woman    06/24/19  (1)
MSNBC: Tucker Carlson for Secretary of Defense.    06/24/19  (8)
Bernie: almost 2/3 of all student loan debt is held by women (link)    06/24/19  (7)
Wife is going to ruin us financially    06/24/19  (63)
Didn't watch U.S. women today, how rigged were the two penalties?    06/24/19  (15)
Benzo was arrested in 2009 for trying to steal a Subway cookie display    06/24/19  (50)
Bush era firing of US attorneys    06/24/19  (9)
Why is bitcoin going above 11k? Didnt poasters say it would dip to 6k??    06/24/19  (25)
Keep fighting urge to slash my own achilles tendon with canned soup lid.    06/24/19  (5)
so every dem nominee will have to be for reparations and cancelling debt    06/24/19  (2)
๐Ÿ“ฐ WaPo: Women have the right to break into apartments and seize guns. ๐Ÿ“ฐ    06/24/19  (8)
Bernie Sanders to propose canceling all $1.6 trillion in student loan debt    06/24/19  (168)
"My $200k a year passive income is not enough for early retirement."    06/24/19  (22)
hey maybe if i shit on alcohol maybe ppl will notice me even if im a fag (wilb    06/24/19  (1)
I want to see the Hudson River engulf NYC    06/24/19  (4)
Query whether niggers are shit    06/24/19  (2)
Been drunk the past 24 hrs not flame had a 180 productive day    06/24/19  (6)
what % of men have "sugar-babies"? seems like much higher % of women are sugar    06/24/19  (4)
Crypto makes me 4000% more mentally ill    06/24/19  (20)
im mentally stable and have a loving family and myriad network of great friends    06/24/19  (5)
I have a thing for high-IQ Jewesses even though I'm 100% goy.    06/24/19  (10)
who cares    06/24/19  (7)
My black mother-in-law posts really stupid things on Facebook    06/24/19  (5)
Why are blacks so loud and obnoxious?    06/24/19  (1)
do people not go on weeks long drug + alcohol benders anymore?    06/24/19  (5)
Is Ibiza cr?    06/24/19  (1)
How common for pi attorneys to have clients pay up their injuries?    06/24/19  (1)
"A Study in Nofap Dynamism, Sex Transmutation, and Genius"    06/24/19  (5)
Another SHITBOOMER arrested for MURDER thanks to geneological DNA:    06/24/19  (57)
TWO F-35s crash in Germany    06/24/19  (2)
places where the customers are more prole than the employees, excluding doctors,    06/24/19  (25)
What's my job you ask? I paper deals.    06/24/19  (1)
Crochet social networking site bans TRUMP    06/24/19  (19)
Friend just told me bitcoin is a lock to pass $20k this time    06/24/19  (9)
4/3 of America supports a nuclear first strike on Israel.    06/24/19  (1)
Be honest: how many of these do you currently have?    06/24/19  (6)
1/3 of America supports a nuclear first strike on North Korea.    06/24/19  (3)
Will blacks ever be able to succeed on their own without government help?    06/24/19  (6)
the woman in the fake neckbrace nodding thoughtfully as sp explains her case    06/24/19  (2)
just stumbled upon Cobra Kai this wkd. Impossible to overstate how 180 it is    06/24/19  (8)
9th Circuit DESTROYS brief from DLA PIPER and MTO    06/24/19  (60)
"who need a tv or laptop.?"    06/24/19  (3)
๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿ‡ฏ๐Ÿ‡ด๐Ÿ˜Œ TRUMP RAPE ACCUSER TO FILE POLICE REPORT ๐Ÿ•Ž๐Ÿ‘™โ™ฟ    06/24/19  (15)
Xo Bernie unveils plan to cancel all student debt (link)    06/24/19  (1)
Every Episcopalian priest in a 10 mile radius of me has a sybian in the rectum    06/24/19  (3)
i believe the opposite of everything i type on xo    06/24/19  (1)
Report: Albert Pujols is 46 years old.    06/24/19  (2)
Yet another US tourist dies in the Dominican Republic (link)    06/24/19  (4)
ITT: Gender logic games.    06/24/19  (12)
insane % of jews are HAHA LAUGH AT WHAT IM SAYING type retards    06/24/19  (6)
How do so many meal delivery service companies exist?    06/24/19  (107)
pepito: angry because Jews made him 5'6" and overweight    06/24/19  (7)
What sort of "man" says, "not gonna lie"?    06/24/19  (14)
Texans, describe Sul Ross State University    06/24/19  (2)
Not gonna lie. I did a thing while I was adulting.    06/24/19  (17)
Movin’ on up: Mayor Pete dumping Chasten for Darnell    06/24/19  (1)
what does the shortest person you know do    06/24/19  (10)
Idaho doesn't get enough credit    06/24/19  (10)
Kanyes Good life playing as boner police drinks a 40 & posts in library    06/24/19  (3)
Return the slab    06/24/19  (1)
Time to detox from Google: Switch from Chrome to Opera, search with DuckDuckGo    06/24/19  (5)
"I've governed my own firm for 5 years now."    06/24/19  (5)
what does the most racist person u know do    06/24/19  (10)
Aaron Schlossberg back at it (vid)    06/24/19  (1)
Pro tip: never masturbate. Let it build up inside you. You need it. Chad mindset    06/24/19  (22)
"Oh that's what they mean by accept cookies?" said fat ass JCM sadly to computer    06/24/19  (4)
GOY tp: overweight, drunk, 45k salary, lives with parents    06/24/19  (20)
bumping GOLD all the way to $2,000 from $1,330    06/24/19  (31)
NBA "players" to be rebranded as biglaw attorney level (e.g. associate, of couns    06/24/19  (1)
If I was a black person, I would be so ashamed of this reparations bs    06/24/19  (98)
When did elite law firms start inviting TaNehisi Coates to give talks? (Video li    06/24/19  (6)
Psychopharmacology    06/24/19  (3)
Actual Prole Tells: cord cutting, cypto besides btc, nootropics    06/24/19  (2)
Did the reverse mortgage meme start on xo?    06/24/19  (2)
It's starting. Trending on Twitter: #StudentLoanCancellationSoWhite    06/24/19  (5)
Board olds: Remember when DVDs replaced VHS tapes?    06/24/19  (80)
Pete Buttigieg making strong inroads with blacks (pic)    06/24/19  (8)
NBA "owners" will now be referred to as "governors" (link)    06/24/19  (41)
NYC residents complaining the $15/hr min wage cuts off other public assistance    06/24/19  (13)
CHAD MINDSET: not blinking an eye as civilization collapses around you    06/24/19  (13)
Sanders will have even less success w/ student debt than Trump w/ wall    06/24/19  (27)
Malia Obama blowing weed smoke into David Hogg's face    06/24/19  (10)
D E S T R O Y C A P I T A L I S M | F R E E T H E W O R L D    06/24/19  (2)
The next women's world cup will feature at least one male player    06/24/19  (1)
"No, I don't think you heard me properly. I'M GAY!"    06/24/19  (3)
Asked pro tranny what it would cost for her to hold me vs get assfucked    06/24/19  (17)
My oil change this morning had a tip spot on the receipt    06/24/19  (5)
WHEN ZIL MOON    06/24/19  (6)
Something just intoxicating about latina chicks    06/24/19  (1)
just got an apple watch. it pings me multiple times a day telling me to stand up    06/24/19  (1)
jfc think of the leveraged financing products we would lose out on without jews    06/24/19  (1)
Barging into managing partners office shouting Baby Shark at the top of your lun    06/24/19  (1)
listen if you have been masturbating, you need to stop. you have 1 life    06/24/19  (1)
holy fuck I just got redpilled on sex transmutation...new feelings of power    06/24/19  (1)
so suddenly you just feel sharp pain in chest and that's all she wrote?    06/24/19  (8)
Robot Method. Chad Mindset.    06/24/19  (4)
Rate this vid of Glavine CUCKING Smoltz's Norwood 5 status    06/24/19  (3)
monday tuesday chad mindset. thursday friday. chad mindset (happy days theme    06/24/19  (2)
chad mindset only lasted like 2 months    06/24/19  (7)

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