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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   04/10/19  (286)
how were your good friday services    04/19/19  (4)
This board needs to have a frank discussion about RACIAL INJUSTICE    04/19/19  (1)
All The Things She Said, All The Things She Said, Runnin Through My Head, Runnin    04/19/19  (7)
why is it that not one liberal poster is high IQ?    04/19/19  (53)
Just randomly yelled "G-unit!" in line at Ralph's    04/19/19  (1)
High level sales is the easiest job there is    04/19/19  (1)
Why don't more Eastern Euro women emigrate to the US?    04/19/19  (1)
normal goys are too stupid to understand who jews are or what they do.    04/19/19  (2)
18yo texas hs cheerleader goes for chiropractic adjustment    04/19/19  (4)
Big 4 directors make 200 - 300k and do data entry lmao    04/19/19  (1)
wish we had tamerlane the poaster here to opine on TENGRISM    04/19/19  (1)
Told neighbor that I'm going to fuck his wife and then I'm going to fuck his dog    04/19/19  (4)
;>>>sex with women
   04/19/19  (2)
phineasgage gives his regards to xo    04/19/19  (29)
Give up on women. Opt instead for cock cage + HRT + aneros    04/19/19  (5)
Trump & Biden = old enough that either could die any time during 2020 campaign    04/19/19  (1)
"This is not your pussy, tree man."    04/19/19  (20)
Rong time Trumpmo, If Pelosi shuts down impeach and keeps dissin AOC, shes 180    04/19/19  (2)
anyone else sometimes have 10k cal meal to “shock” ur body and stop it going    04/19/19  (6)
I want to check out of it all and fuck 17-22 yr old south American women    04/19/19  (4)
rate this CNN banner from earlier tonight    04/19/19  (11)
Your lawyer Rudy Giuliani admitting all allegations in your answer    04/19/19  (57)
Pelosi: "We'll offer $1B for a wall." Giuliani: "Make it $0 & we have a deal.    04/19/19  (14)
love a pint, not keen on muzzies, NOT racist just don't like 'em, simple as    04/19/19  (8)
uncle offered me pig on a stick, said no thanks i'll fuck my wife when i want to    04/19/19  (1)
World's oldest known Bloody Mary recipe calls for shot of menstrual blood (link)    04/19/19  (1)
Healthiest diet: eat 1x a day. Salad & steak. Lots of coffee & green tea.    04/19/19  (53)
What are you cooking for Easter?    04/19/19  (5)
Kike bosses MAF that I am leaving early for Good Friday    04/19/19  (33)
Starting to realize in disgust that Indians are actually worse than niggers    04/19/19  (12)
I read somewhere that Israel has the best fighter pilots of any air force    04/19/19  (16)
Is Eminem's "No Love" the only Easter themed rap song?    04/19/19  (2)
CNN: Mueller couldn't find obstruction = Trump is definitely guilty of stuff    04/19/19  (1)
Charlize Theron: I thought I had a boy. Guess not!    04/19/19  (24)
Rate my exchange with defense (CSLG)    04/19/19  (29)
Thaddeus just missed a completely wide open fast break lay up    04/19/19  (1)
What happened after the resurrection? Did he just live out the rest of his life?    04/19/19  (18)
This person studied for OVER 3 YEARS to go from 150-170 on LSAT    04/19/19  (37)
autistic expatcel crypto dork reads ayn rand, attempts to SEASTEAD. results itt:    04/19/19  (12)
Philadelphia Inquirer: Too few Asian men become professional basketball players    04/19/19  (2)
Absolutely bonkers that Hillary ordered Seth Rich killed and got away with it    04/19/19  (4)
Luis’s complicated views on Shiite Islam would make an interesting xo discussi    04/19/19  (26)
Did you know the actress from The Birds is Melanie Griffith’s mother    04/19/19  (5)
'soccer" fans summed up in one picture.    04/19/19  (1)
"oh yeah, i've been intermittent feasting for a while now" (bloodacre)    04/19/19  (3)
Median IQ of Instagram user?    04/19/19  (3)
just had bathroom redone for $5k total. Taking questions.    04/19/19  (7)
I haven't been to a doctor or dentist in at least 5 years. Don't care what race    04/19/19  (4)
The best and worst things about L.A.    04/19/19  (50)
Wow Man City 4 Tottenham 3 in the Champions League Footy lads massive    04/19/19  (35)
ever know someone afraid of being alone, always needing company    04/19/19  (1)
all jokes aside there are 100s of ghost ships floating in ocean w/ dead crews    04/19/19  (14)
How can I become a masochistic psychopath?    04/19/19  (6)
Pedophilia Reminder: "Tru Jews pack young sphincters"    04/19/19  (1)
Anyone here major in "international law" in law school?    04/19/19  (5)
"Vaporwave" is govt PsyOp brainwashing future mass shooters    04/19/19  (8)
Philadelphia Inquirer: "Too few black men become doctors."    04/19/19  (16)
XO Poll: do u consider yourself an alcoholic?    04/19/19  (13)
rate this vaporwave/mallsoft video    04/19/19  (7)
I can't wait to live somewhere without any neighbors    04/19/19  (5)
16 minute phone call with relatives in Israel = $65 on Tmobile bill    04/19/19  (14)
My shrew girlfriend just had a seizure and body orgasm watching Coravin commerci    04/19/19  (1)
New David Attenborough Netflix nature doc spends 30 minutes on Trump collusion    04/19/19  (1)
judge: "i'm inclined to drop all charges..." Rudy: "no we're ready for trial    04/19/19  (47)
Rudy Giuliani writing a new book: "He did it"    04/19/19  (13)
"How do u plead?" Giuliani: "He pleads guilty but that's not a crime your honor"    04/19/19  (11)
Ezra Klein goes MAGA.    04/19/19  (4)
Deep chill ocean retro house song that will set your mind right    04/19/19  (4)
Liberals don't seem to understand they lost the Whitehouse and executive branch    04/19/19  (1)
Ever start effortpissing with a boner and then have to poop?    04/19/19  (1)
Seattle, Denver, Salt Lake City or Portland for weekend trip?    04/19/19  (10)
*Sean Connery accent* Losers always whine about Trump    04/19/19  (3)
Family in town for Easter? I guess that’s a good eggcuse haha. Next weekend?    04/19/19  (18)
Had a New England Liberal feminist college prof once. Hated her guts. Anyone    04/19/19  (1)
Democratic Insiders Are Right to Be Afraid of Bernie Sanders [Jacobin]    04/19/19  (2)
"So lick my butt you filthy, dirty macaca"    04/19/19  (2)
mcdonalds discontinuing "signature" burgers (wsj)    04/19/19  (34)
Watch this cop taze a WIGGER in the TESTICLES    04/19/19  (4)
Normie watches Star Wars IX preview.    04/19/19  (43)
Kid pooped his pants at school again so I’m teaching him how to do it right (S    04/19/19  (59)
Most complex language in the world: 58 consonants, 124 distinct vowel sounds    04/19/19  (3)
Is spacex fraudlies like tesla?    04/19/19  (10)
PDDJ in bathtub reading Thapar opinion hidden inside a copy of 50 Shades of Grey    04/19/19  (18)
shrew GF: 50 shades on her kindle 2nd cousin: torn to shreds by Grendel    04/19/19  (3)
Why didn't Mueller investigate the Seth Rich leaks and murder by DNC?    04/19/19  (44)
Despite Mueller report, Trump approval remains stubbornly high    04/19/19  (1)
IT'S FRENCH! IT'S FRENCH EVERYBODY!!!    04/19/19  (49)
listen up goyim, want to be 99% free from jewery? go to extreme cold environment    04/19/19  (2)
Who has experienced the death of a parent?    04/19/19  (4)
What is the cure for swamp ass?    04/19/19  (55)
did spaceporn ever get the illegal adderall hookup he solicited on here?    04/19/19  (1)
"Lol, let's shut down the prisons and set 'em all free!" (libs) (not flame):    04/19/19  (46)
Kid and I just got back from zoo and now were playing stinky red babboon bottoms    04/19/19  (40)
(((NYT))) thought ‘body of Christ’ referred to a statue of Christ in Notre D    04/19/19  (12)
Ray Finkle wins $17 million gender discrimination suit against Miami PD    04/19/19  (4)
Seriously just fuck David French    04/19/19  (12)
The dow is about to go parabolic    04/19/19  (5)
Laura Ingraham: APOLOGIZE TO TRUMP AND ME RIGHT NOW    04/19/19  (3)
ITT: rating posters as subgenres of pornography    04/19/19  (152)
hilarious how 1mbps broadband brought humanity to it's knees in total disgrace    04/19/19  (1)
noticed some maggots on my gym shorts, had to apologize to old guy at gym    04/19/19  (5)
Charlize Theron: I thought she was a goy. Guess not!    04/19/19  (1)
rating poasters as windows media player visualizations itt    04/19/19  (13)
And when I wake you're you're never there. And when I sleep you're you're everyw    04/19/19  (1)
every aspect of my life iis controlled by niggers.    04/19/19  (25)
every aspect of my life iis controlled by niggers.    04/19/19  (12)
Thc oil | research peptides | hair loss forums    04/19/19  (2)
Rate my dinner    04/19/19  (9)
I can't wait to live somewhere without any niggers    04/19/19  (1)
rate my youtube search history    04/19/19  (21)
still laughing about a literal autist in a medieval wheelchair being in Dragon S    04/19/19  (1)
2027: the Red Army of America liberates the first Amazon fulfillment center    04/19/19  (1)
i agreed to meet up with HoldUp IRL and barely avoided the suicide bomb blast    04/19/19  (26)
Vote for GoT ultimate ruler    04/19/19  (68)
Splendid isolation; I don't need no one    04/19/19  (3)
constantly trying to synthesize insights about stuff I have limited exposure to    04/19/19  (27)
Libs will call you racist if you even say the words 'Detroit' or 'Baltimore'    04/19/19  (2)
DTP taking ?s on 5-factor model and personality of dream girl (4/19/2019)    04/19/19  (15)
Youtube always injecting trash into my feed    04/19/19  (13)
Does anyone here dye grey hair    04/19/19  (5)
Anyone else not want to live past 60?    04/19/19  (2)
call the police there's a madman around    04/19/19  (3)
chiropractor gets raging boner during 'adjustment' of teen patient (link)    04/19/19  (1)
Got a really ugly chicks number on plane this morning    04/19/19  (3)
Any reason not to lie egregiously on Tinder profile?    04/19/19  (35)
Dirte: What do you think of these boats?    04/19/19  (7)
asians NEVER not making youtube animation "shorts" about their boring lives    04/19/19  (27)
Just ejaculated inside my wife's Hebraic vagina    04/19/19  (1)
Fleshlight TP taking Qs on my big dick and 180 life for ~ 1 hour.    04/19/19  (10)
'youtubers' love to fetishize the homeless featuring them in weird garish videos    04/19/19  (1)
BOM yourself because no one else here will save you    04/19/19  (1)
XO HAM RADIO CLUB    04/19/19  (9)
Doobs telling Thai plastic surgeons that he wants a cloaca    04/19/19  (34)
just a bunch of god damn nevercoiner lovers    04/19/19  (1)
prole tell: u wagecuck    04/19/19  (17)
Life is already so horrific, how can "men" settle for some 30 y/o shrew? (DTP)    04/19/19  (46)
Pope Francis: There were probably several "Jesuses" in Classical Antiquity.    04/19/19  (1)
fake authority tp    04/19/19  (1)
Chad Nationalism    04/19/19  (10)
Rate my workout    04/19/19  (32)
Julia, flapping wings rambunctiously, "put it in my cloaca!"    04/19/19  (3)
Alcohol = toxic but 180 my hangout bar has martinis for 6$    04/19/19  (11)
ljl @ goyim running around this weekend looking for "eggs" laid by a "bunny"    04/19/19  (20)
old guy at gym still smells, about to invoke the nuclear option    04/19/19  (6)
GC *aw-shucksly* acknowledging life is absolute fucking hell now in commercials    04/19/19  (13)
needs cliffs on zizek/peterson    04/19/19  (2)
MJ > Giannis > Kobe > Lebron    04/19/19  (12)
"I've got some wicked swamp ass today " grunts your DC Bumble date    04/19/19  (13)

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