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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
"Peter North's alts are calling me a pedo!" screamed MDH in his padded cell    09/20/20  (8)
If you’re a young conservative judge are your fingers crossed Trump doesn’t    09/20/20  (16)
Henry Aaron's cryptic Tinder profile: "Naught. nurse, TS, PNP, Poz Undetectable"    09/20/20  (2)
Breaking point: Jacobin goes Sweden/MAGA on covid-19 🦠    09/20/20  (41)
So MDH just flails his arms, calls all his enemies gook and turdskin?    09/20/20  (17)
henry aaron wearing nurses scrubs with eggplant emojis 🍆🍆🍆    09/20/20  (177)
Just put $5k on 49ers -6.5 against the Jets. You have been warned. On a 3 game    09/20/20  (4)
Thus guy is obviously relieved his son died    09/20/20  (32)
To the asshole driving behind RBG’s funeral procession blasting “The Gambler    09/20/20  (5)
Hen Lee Allen and Voodoo Child post about nothing besides MDH    09/20/20  (12)
"If it bleeds, we can kill it." -Arnold Schwarzenegger on MDH's XO career    09/20/20  (1)
Millions of unaborted babies showing up in pictures from the future    09/20/20  (7)
"Let's walk around the mall in these TEAM PANDA hoodies," uspo said to luis    09/20/20  (3)
My WFH end next month. Fml    09/20/20  (137)
Amy Barrett leaving 'napkin note' in adopted kid's lunchbox, it reads: 'Nigger.'    09/20/20  (32)
Johnsmeyer arrested for "driving under influence of scholarship"    09/20/20  (1)
What were RBG's top 3 accomplishments?    09/20/20  (9)
Ancient mesoamerican civilizations do not seem recognizably human    09/20/20  (34)
Voodoo Child isnt afraid to battle with board retards like Rudolph and MDH    09/20/20  (22)
why isnt microsoft releasing a new console to compete with ps5?    09/20/20  (1)
why was sonic youth the only poaster rach ever outted?    09/20/20  (9)
in jr high, gf never “officially” dumped me. do i still have rights here?    09/20/20  (8)
received a wax-sealed letter from “the sons of scholarship”    09/20/20  (2)
MDH presumably looks like a curly haired penis IRL, cr?    09/20/20  (2)
LAGOA >>>>>>>>
>>> Barrett
   09/20/20  (1)
Two posters whose legacies have been destroyed: MDH and Rudolph    09/20/20  (43)
Anyone else get in pre-IPO on SNOW?    09/20/20  (1)
Petition to ban MDH for threatening to out other posters    09/20/20  (39)
Is chandler a system litigator?    09/20/20  (12)
Will suburban women really connect with 9-kid uber-Catholic pretty ACB?    09/20/20  (21)
WaPo's Jennifer Rubin: why I dropped "conservative" from my title (link)    09/20/20  (5)
Board olds, was MDH ever funny or interesting? He's pretty crotchety and MAF now    09/20/20  (70)
Reminder: no one gave a shit about Ginsburg 10 yrs ago. Forceme    09/20/20  (1)
MDH— board dinosaur who is neither edgy nor smart    09/20/20  (94)
MDH is officially done here as a poster    09/20/20  (55)
ACP here: get ready for best 6ish weeks of political drama/TV of your LIFE    09/20/20  (4)
It's time for MDH to leave the board    09/20/20  (37)
We are entering the post-MDH era on XO    09/20/20  (19)
MDH's XO posting career: 2005-2020    09/20/20  (7)
"And that's how I outlasted Sonic Youth," said MDH to his imaginary grandkids    09/20/20  (9)
3 DEAD after dining out (link) STAY THE FUVK HOME PEOPLE!!!    09/20/20  (5)
have started asking histrionic shitlibs their favorite ginsburg opinion. ljl.    09/20/20  (5)
Joe Biden is a system candidate    09/20/20  (4)
Why does XTZ act like a dying coin?    09/20/20  (4)
MSNBC and CNN are now just Dems coming on to make campaign pitches    09/20/20  (11)
Tom Brady is a system quarterback lasted for an entire week, I guess    09/20/20  (2)
Court packing already splitting dems down the middle    09/20/20  (1)
FUCKING EAGLES BLOW!!!111    09/20/20  (3)
Played 92 hrs of Zelda BOTW in past 2 weeks, taking q's    09/20/20  (30)
it's going to be common for people to have 50-60 years of work experience    09/20/20  (8)
Played ~8 hours of BotW. Not that impressed so far    09/20/20  (39)
Rutabaga Ginsburg    09/20/20  (9)
sued in small claims court for $10K for auto accident    09/20/20  (15)
Merciful Lord please place me in an immediate coma    09/20/20  (2)
Providence RI museum adds pile of NYer shoes    09/20/20  (15)
Amy Barrett looks like a MILF Foxy Knoxy    09/20/20  (2)
98 percent of XO poasters have died, mostly suicides    09/20/20  (1)
they got there on the corner    09/20/20  (1)
Geico Gecko telling u "Bollocks! Ur spine was already shite. Claim denied, mate"    09/20/20  (21)
Why are open borders and protecting China so important to "US" "libs"?    09/20/20  (4)
Defi scams are being pwned right now. Good thing I listened to exeunt    09/20/20  (3)
TRUMP: "Tiffany -- some call her my daughter -- had tremendous student loans, so    09/20/20  (7)
CA Judge OVERTURNS Commerce Dept order banning WeChat!!    09/20/20  (12)
Woke Twitter has ZERO engineers who are black    09/20/20  (4)
CBS and Fox showing you garbage fucking matchups every week    09/20/20  (1)
My UG GPA was 3.96    09/20/20  (28)
Today I Gave My Dad A Choice: Trump or His Grandkids and His Son    09/20/20  (60)
AutChad stocking up on Panda Express before the impending tariffs    09/20/20  (3)
Watch this lib get the TRUMP AIRHORN (vid)    09/20/20  (2)
Panda Express introducing Orange Bat    09/20/20  (5)
"yeah the eMBA is better bc Im a working professional" *changes out of Panda uni    09/20/20  (16)
"can't spell pandas express without sex hehe" (me txting luis during my 15min br    09/20/20  (2)
Eagles are absolute garbage this year    09/20/20  (1)
That’s not a knife. This is a knife *enters Panda Express with chopsticks*    09/20/20  (2)
Pretty sure the Henry Aaron “outting” is all a delusion by insane PDP    09/20/20  (4)
scholarship alts lol    09/20/20  (3)
Max IQ to believe Henry Aaron was outed? 85?    09/20/20  (11)
Holy shit Rudolph is a fucking weirdo.    09/20/20  (11)
Beethoven wasn't woke enough and should be canceled    09/20/20  (1)
WolfWarrior, but it's UVT desperately saving Panda Expresses as malls shutdown    09/20/20  (2)
Henry, take the Eggplant out of your Ass & Log-in as Voodoo Child    09/20/20  (22)
KFC is underrated    09/20/20  (1)
Why are "US" libs traitorous CCP shills?    09/20/20  (3)
ITT I rate you as a fast food chain    09/20/20  (83)
should i try panda express?    09/20/20  (5)
Watched Kindergarten Cop with kid. This might be the perfect 180 family movie    09/20/20  (16)
oil/gas are from ancient life. luckily 3T lbs. of dinos died in 3-4 big piles.    09/20/20  (15)
“Panda Express” posting is the epitome of how gay and shitty xo2020 is    09/20/20  (11)
Rudolph is the most mentally ill poster in xo history and it's not close    09/20/20  (31)
"US" libs' #1 concern is covering for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)?    09/20/20  (7)
Huge fight with wife after her “girls night out”    09/20/20  (30)
So Jews woke up from their fake New Year today to RBG’s death? Lol 180    09/20/20  (16)
So observant Jews have NO IDEA about RBG?    09/20/20  (3)
Kind of crazy there are GOP senators who wouldn't vote to appoint GOP nom SCOTUS    09/20/20  (3)
Jersey City HSBC BJ Bandit Sighted Near SCOTUS Steps (Fox)    09/20/20  (6)
Do libs realize RBG HATED Kaepernick for kneeling during Anthem?    09/20/20  (1)
Teen speaks twenty languages    09/20/20  (8)
SCOTUS phone rings at 3am, Amy Coney Barrett answers nursing Lawman8    09/20/20  (16)
LMAO. PS5 game files will be so huge that system can only hold 5-10 games    09/20/20  (13)
Libs should be rightfully pissed at RBG. Are any?    09/20/20  (3)
Mariya Takeuchi - September (live from 1980)    09/20/20  (6)
Mario 64 has aged HORRIBLY    09/20/20  (45)
scotus shortlist reportedly all wwe attitude era stars    09/20/20  (1)
Rate this painting I'm about to buy    09/20/20  (25)
Amy Coney Barrett (born Aria Cohen-Barron), is a US Circuit Judge and    09/20/20  (7)
Pack the court (washington post)    09/20/20  (30)
Slovenians currently #1 and #2 in Tour de France. No French winner in 35 years    09/20/20  (5)
Pantera Ft. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) - Im_broken.mp3    09/20/20  (1)
so what am i gonna do with all the meat in my freezer?    09/20/20  (1)
Kagan reportedly “very intrigued by” Coney Barrett, invited her to WNBA watc    09/20/20  (7)
industrialized descendants of uncontacted tribes discovering ruins of manhattan    09/20/20  (3)
going to lick up bull's creampie load from wife today (CSLG)    09/20/20  (86)
Just downloaded Crusader Kings 3 bros is this gonna be any good    09/20/20  (4)
any IV drug users here?    09/20/20  (8)
late 30s poaster cleaning out his garage, listening to ball and chain on repeat    09/20/20  (1)
If we have a full on nuclear war it’s curtains for humanity    09/20/20  (13)
Abortion should be illegal.    09/20/20  (41)
father in law said i'm "exceedingly accomplished" (wife's translation) (CSLG)    09/20/20  (25)
We came extremely close to Armageddon in 2012    09/20/20  (16)
"Komm Susser Tod" plays as Berniebros explode into puddles of Soylent    09/20/20  (6)
Report: Coney Barrett may spurn SCOTUS for Washington Whiteskins tryout    09/20/20  (1)
onlyfans.com/amyconeybarrett    09/20/20  (1)
Chances that Grassley, Romney, and Sasse hold the line?    09/20/20  (8)
has johnsmeyer said much about his personal life    09/20/20  (9)
Hawaiin judge issues mandamus to SCOTUS to enforce RBG's last will and testament    09/20/20  (1)
MTV releases archive footage of Amy Coney Barrett at MTV Spring Break 1992    09/20/20  (3)
Komm Süsser Tod blaring as crypto market cap loses another comma    09/20/20  (4)
Dems hid Ginsberg's phylactery in one of Elon Musk's 715 Starlink satellites (li    09/20/20  (4)
Not a poliscimo what's the actual feasibility of Dems packing the court    09/20/20  (27)
What do you think the odds are RBG really died months or years ago?    09/20/20  (2)
As a Dem it's nice having Drudge on our side    09/20/20  (1)
Facebook libs circulating binding petition not to replace RBG. Checkmate shitcon    09/20/20  (3)
Civil war may be unavoidable at this point.    09/20/20  (4)
Special layer of hell for people who call out Johnsmeyer flame poasts    09/20/20  (14)
You are legitimately insane if you don't have a G19, AR15, and Level III+ plates    09/20/20  (33)
My (26f) boyfriend (24m) has been distant since my ex (26m) sent him our old sex    09/20/20  (3)
One thing people forget in comparing Clinton and Biden polls ...    09/20/20  (1)
Ginsburg must be relieved as fuck that she can retire now    09/20/20  (38)
you will see libs burn RBG portraits in your lifetime    09/20/20  (1)
Wake Up, Run to Screen, Click on Twitter Links    09/20/20  (2)
Make 2x the CEO of my wifes boyfriends international 11000 person company (CSLG)    09/20/20  (3)
And the LORD used his servant Pepe to stir the web & thwart the plot of the Jews    09/20/20  (34)
The state that hates Jews the most has the most jews. Odd case.    09/20/20  (2)
So Rudolph is that weird quotemo using "pock mark" as an insult?    09/20/20  (16)
"u join Panda to make a difference, otherwise just stay at Target," uspo said    09/20/20  (2)
Rudolph crying, "it must be take a worm for a walk day!"    09/20/20  (2)
In D.C., a Haitian Brood (NYT)    09/20/20  (1)
lmao there's an option move that's gotten a >50% return 80% of the time    09/20/20  (23)

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