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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
Just confessed my race realist views to my wife LOL    06/02/20  (9)
Ashamed of what he fought for, former Navy Seal, Medal of Honor awardee killself    06/02/20  (4)
Worst part about riots: my conservative white friends constantly want my input    06/02/20  (57)
Watching “Jarhead’ movie for the first time, pretty decent    06/02/20  (1)
NBA announcer placed on leave after saying ALL LIVES MATTER    06/02/20  (11)
JFC; St. Louis looks and SOUNDS like a tribal warzone (video):    06/02/20  (2)
Trump retweets gifs of George Floyd hardcore porn cum shots    06/02/20  (6)
PSA: 1 in 1000 black men and boys will be killed by police during their lives    06/02/20  (37)
"Hey bros, it's me again" (ggtp sending resume to Singaporean firms)    06/02/20  (8)
LA police arrest business owners defending store instead of looters    06/02/20  (2)
Antifa is such scum, trying to dox an azn doctor bro for mocking them    06/02/20  (6)
women are just BEGGING to be put in their place, they want it so badly    06/02/20  (4)
CNN more angry about Trump church 'photo-op' than mass murder/looting    06/02/20  (4)
Episcopal bishops 'outraged' that Trump didn't let church finish burning down    06/02/20  (4)
The Bonaduce Option    06/02/20  (1)
Do you think libs are consciously trying not to notice that it's BLACK looters?    06/02/20  (4)
ArticulateJogger.Org    06/02/20  (1)
In a peaceful first world homogeneous patriarchal society with feminine women.    06/02/20  (59)
why do 'podcasters' think it's cute to spend 1/2 show on technical difficulties    06/02/20  (2)
ITT: We Archive the Brutal, One-Shot Kills of XOXO    06/02/20  (309)
how pissed are the cops at Chauvin by now?    06/02/20  (2)
Lol at ggtp finally coming back to the US a month before it burns to the ground    06/02/20  (6)
Never understood the "moving back to Europe" sentiment    06/02/20  (33)
threatening to sue people is 180    06/02/20  (27)
Rockstar announces that GTA VI has been released early    06/02/20  (1)
Posting, Slow and Fast    06/02/20  (5)
EA Announces Pillow Girlfriend Simulator 2020 Has Been Delayed    06/02/20  (1)
All my black friends/coworkers are "exhausted" and I have to play along    06/02/20  (109)
spoiler alert libs: final "The Purge" movie will be the Purgers being slaughtere    06/02/20  (1)
US Marshal assassinated in Vegas:    06/02/20  (1)
Ivanka in Nirvana smiley face t-shirt, hurling molotov cocktails at DC cops    06/02/20  (2)
Is Gov. Cuomo fucking insane?    06/02/20  (5)
most boomer men are on dangerously high levels of replacement testosterone    06/02/20  (6)
boner police watching live riots in multiple cities with 4 monitors and 2 phones    06/02/20  (4)
Ivanka tweets pledge to post bail for looters in D.C./NYC. #WhiteWomynAllies    06/02/20  (3)
Here's the thing: our political 'leaders' range from incompetent to malicious    06/02/20  (3)
Going to get this bitch hard    06/02/20  (3)
Preppers have really been 100% vindicated. Who is laughing now    06/02/20  (12)
Cop run over in the Bronx    06/02/20  (8)
Mark Cuban has an urgent message for his fellow white people    06/02/20  (27)
i eat alone at the korean restaurant to get away from whites    06/02/20  (37)
providence-- attempts to loot mall, cop car fully ablaze    06/02/20  (6)
damn, Natalie Allen looks like a re-animated corpse    06/02/20  (1)
can u host? im downwardly mobile    06/02/20  (51)
CSLG how do you handle cases with PIP coverage?    06/02/20  (1)
I'm kind of in awe of technology right now. Re: live streams of protests    06/02/20  (17)
remember that weird moment 15 years ago when teen girls listened to Johnny Cash?    06/02/20  (1)
How hard would it be for me to move to japan    06/02/20  (24)
PIP repeal might actually happen this year in FL    06/02/20  (4)
Act I: COVID. Act II: Looting and civil unrest. Act III: ????    06/02/20  (18)
Wtf is this. Are we all being tested??    06/02/20  (29)
Posts by '''""" that sound nothing like RSF    06/02/20  (21)
is there a looting 'app'?    06/02/20  (1)
Looters entering houses in DC    06/02/20  (50)
is xo super slow for anyone else ?    06/02/20  (2)
George 'Floyd', the Barber    06/02/20  (3)
*kneels*    06/02/20  (1)
watching king of the hill    06/02/20  (3)
White girls with Asian guys!!!!!!!!!    06/02/20  (1)
Trump fled to bunker as MAGA night didn't pan out like he tweeted.    06/02/20  (54)
Is it flame, or are many of you really bored of sex with your wives?    06/02/20  (52)
new porn genre: naked women being shot w/ rubber bullets/pepper bullets    06/02/20  (3)
Princeton UG / NYU JD arrested for throwing molotov cocktail into NYPD car    06/02/20  (135)
A chaotic neutral looter. (video)    06/02/20  (1)
Watched "The Purge" last night    06/02/20  (7)
faggots of the highest rank    06/02/20  (1)
should i buy this apt    06/02/20  (1)
what if THE PURGE like the movie was a real thing    06/02/20  (11)
lawyers are cowards--incapable of independent thought    06/02/20  (3)
Position yourself to become a warlord in aftermath of upcoming American collapse    06/02/20  (18)
Where's nurgle    06/02/20  (13)
did Kushner join the procession to St. John's?    06/02/20  (2)
Florida's "no fault" insurance laws are pretty great for lawyers    06/02/20  (7)
why did j shad retire?    06/02/20  (5)
BREAKING NEWS: George Floyd protests live updates: Looting in Vallejo, Fairfield    06/02/20  (1)
pet smart interviewer: "do u have any questions for us?" luis: "can u host"    06/02/20  (5)
Black lives matter announces riots until election day    06/02/20  (1)
Lol at the lack of foresight of the planter class that settled North America    06/02/20  (2)
Kinda depressing to witness the end of the American Century in real time    06/02/20  (15)
Independent Autopsy: Nig Floyd DID Die Of Asphyxiation From Sustained Pressure    06/02/20  (57)
Real reason hand sanitizer taken off shelves: it makes EXCELLENT molotov cocktai    06/02/20  (7)
the assasination of george floyd by the coward Derek chauvin    06/02/20  (4)
Rioting is about the Social Contract between the People and the Rulers    06/02/20  (2)
Antifa guy with umbrella who kicked off riot was a MN Police officer?    06/02/20  (49)
cops seem to be buckwilin' a bit today...    06/02/20  (3)
There's a lot of new features on Cookie Clicker    06/02/20  (42)
amazing how fraudulent, vile, & criminal this country is    06/02/20  (3)
Cr to cut up American flags & use it as toilet paper?    06/02/20  (3)
making my bf take pix of me in front of a smashed t mobile    06/02/20  (2)
bone police how did u mark the "National Famine Commemoration Day"    06/02/20  (2)
New poll out: GA, TX, FL governors getting killed for their handling of Covid    06/02/20  (145)
four cops shot in St. Louis    06/02/20  (1)
Midnight stroll through the neighborhood, bottomless. Throwing molotov cocktails    06/02/20  (11)
ITT we compule video evidence of WHITE LOOTERS.    06/02/20  (9)
What would you all like me to do ? Spill it ITT(Boom)    06/02/20  (8)
That solid snake eye patch congressman will become warlord in coming collapse    06/02/20  (7)
RIP cosmo kramer, author of the definitive authorized standup set of xoxohth.com    06/02/20  (1)
RIP Larry Kramer, author of the definitive, authorized history of xoxohth.com    06/02/20  (3)
Libs need to be shot at and hit with molotov cocktails etc IMHO    06/02/20  (2)
Throw molotov cocktails at cop cars & news reporter vans    06/02/20  (4)
U can easily disable any cop car with 1 molotov cocktail    06/02/20  (5)
Any other lawyers wanna loot a banana republic with me?    06/02/20  (3)
The looters are LITERALLY SPEARCHUCKERS (vid)    06/02/20  (2)
love tacos & restaurants    06/02/20  (5)
Post the most 🔥 riot videos    06/02/20  (267)
computers    06/02/20  (13)
Trump is a piece of shit for what he did to DC protestors today    06/02/20  (66)
Any lawyers wanna launch mollies into unoccupied vehicles with me?    06/02/20  (1)
imagine your father never got the nerve to talk to your mom    06/02/20  (3)
How soon after Dems regain power next year before the purges begin?    06/02/20  (5)
actual speech=violence. actual violence equals=speech. (libs)    06/02/20  (4)
salty Sysco slop tp    06/02/20  (1)
Did HER say All Lives Matter before or after Seth Rich    06/02/20  (3)
The US military is morally bankrupt & the largest waste of money on the planet    06/02/20  (22)
This entire “country” is a lie & the schools don’t teach you this    06/02/20  (2)
the past week has made it crystal clear why libs want to wrench guns from the ha    06/02/20  (1)
and now, an 80IQ black dude in a Yankees hat yells into a Radio Shack bullhorn..    06/02/20  (1)
local shitwarlord dinging you for lack of combat experience    06/02/20  (10)
Employer-Assisted Suicide Plan (EASP)    06/02/20  (4)
thinking about international date line kind of makes my head hurt    06/02/20  (2)
AZTEC WARRIORS are asserting their dominance in Chicago:    06/02/20  (8)
woke up MAD about BLORMF    06/02/20  (11)
blormf    06/02/20  (5)
blormf    06/02/20  (4)
*ShitWarlord holding back laughter at your lawsuit threat over unpaid wages*    06/02/20  (2)
local shitwarlord eyeballing "deal team 6" on your resume    06/02/20  (5)
In The Purge The Movie, why does everyone wear a mask?    06/02/20  (7)
i miss my youthful days when i didn’t know everything was flame    06/02/20  (16)
Bronze Age Pervert got doxxed: MIT stem ug, Yale polisci PhD    06/02/20  (1)
Looters entering homes in DC video = legitimately terrifying.    06/02/20  (11)
why do dumbass asians vote lib?    06/02/20  (18)
Holy fuck Mark Wahlberg's house under siege!!! (link)    06/02/20  (4)
in a weird way it’s liberating when u find out most “rights” don’t actua    06/02/20  (1)
anarcho-tyrrany    06/02/20  (2)
has anyone see 'the purge' yet?    06/02/20  (5)
*refreshes USAJobs.com for 100th time* *eye twitches*    06/02/20  (9)
how tough to get polish citizenship    06/02/20  (7)
Curfew tonight    06/02/20  (2)
"the purge" is messed up that it could happen in America. we should be ashamed    06/02/20  (6)
Just saw The Purge: Anarchy. Fuck shitlibs.    06/02/20  (4)
epstein fucking kids w/ impunity is OK as long as goy chattel get gritty netflix    06/02/20  (37)
*asian protestor gets gassed* *bystander pours milk*    06/02/20  (1)
trump is setting these cities up    06/02/20  (3)
Has CSLG ever had a big time PI case like wrongful death or medmal?    06/02/20  (18)
Someone explain the Resident Evil movies to me.    06/02/20  (5)
Trump: Do we have the best sim writers or what? Who does the sims better?    06/02/20  (7)
nothing good ever happens    06/02/20  (12)
lmaooooooooooo at trump holding that bible    06/02/20  (3)

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