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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   05/13/19  (291)
California seems like it's literally a cult    05/20/19  (22)
Memorial Day weekend bachelor party crew -- check in ITT.    05/20/19  (13)
Peterman's poop chute yelling OUCH! in Gilbert Godfrey voice.    05/20/19  (10)
Hm need to name this dragon, let’s see dragon, dregon, drugon, dro-ohshit got    05/20/19  (2)
Definitive top 2 Disney Movies ITT    05/20/19  (6)
Fuck my ass with your penis This is my last resort    05/20/19  (3)
Rating poasters as made-up theme parks    05/20/19  (71)
Hey rach, the search fuction is SHIT.    05/20/19  (1)
fuck my ass luis    05/20/19  (16)
Why is Melo out of the NBA?    05/20/19  (6)
Black guy wanted to kill "a minimum of 10 white churchgoers". MSM ignores story    05/20/19  (2)
Bllllddddrrrdrdrdrrrr what happened to that GOY    05/20/19  (6)
XOXOs SOLE and ONLY SUPERCAR driver and owner and BALLER here. Taking ?s ITT.    05/20/19  (146)
Taking Qs on (almost) never eating fast food.    05/20/19  (12)
benzo walks up to sharklasers at an Alex Winston concert. "Hey I have drugs"    05/20/19  (11)
How to communicate I'm seeking a cheerful girl to leech off her happiness? (DTP)    05/20/19  (2)
Last Valentine’s Day, My Wife Went on a Date?    05/20/19  (7)
Benzo, how old were you when you had your very first cum fart?    05/20/19  (3)
Taking Qs on being a below average poaster.    05/20/19  (16)
Dumb here. What does Roe v Wade say about abortions?    05/20/19  (48)
I was really “dragon” this morning haha    05/20/19  (1)
Thinking of hiring a male escort to fuck my ass while gay dads are out with frie    05/20/19  (5)
Rating poasters as prestigious cock sized ITT.    05/20/19  (1)
max iq of a grown ass man who has a "favorite" friend?    05/20/19  (7)
"And what's the dragon's name?" "Drogon." *pause* "You're joking right?'    05/20/19  (18)
“Someone here to see you, sir, a Dr...Ogon?”    05/20/19  (1)
"You just didn't understand. Drogon melted the throne as a protest against power    05/20/19  (2)
if u wrote game of thrones u could be getting paid 2 say weird shit like Drogon    05/20/19  (1)
Dr. Cool: on fire during our times of greatest need    05/20/19  (1)
California to give free healthcare to illegals at a cost of $3.2 billion/year:    05/20/19  (11)
14hrs of interviews w/ people who lost cell-phone chargers at McDonald's (youtub    05/20/19  (3)
XO WOMEN: Would you be cool if your bf/husband cleaned up his own cream pie?    05/20/19  (32)
Craigslist used car sale took me to the fucking cleaners. Taking insults    05/20/19  (100)
John Wick 3 might be the worst movie I have ever seen holy shit    05/20/19  (4)
"Bachelorette" this season is RED STATE AS FUCK    05/20/19  (7)
I'd love to ouija up Twyin Lannister & ask his thoughts on this GoT finale    05/20/19  (1)
"now THIS is high finance!" (boner police vaping weed on goldman sachs roof    05/20/19  (5)
GoT bloodshed is what happens in a world without Christ (Andrew Sullivan)    05/20/19  (8)
Independent UK: it's hilarious to throw milkshakes at conservatives (link)    05/20/19  (2)
tony baloney    05/20/19  (2)
tommy salami    05/20/19  (3)
Wife said she wants to fuck my ass with a strap-on.    05/20/19  (6)
reddit has supplanted odd niche forums and lowered discourse    05/20/19  (7)
Need Kenny's take on cherry Garcia asap. Please page him    05/20/19  (1)
Hobby: competitive suicidal ideation on cutthroat law board; reigning champ (DTP    05/20/19  (1)
What is your single absolute favorite fast food item from any chain?    05/20/19  (114)
Why Did It Take Koepka So Long To Reach His Peak? #golf    05/20/19  (11)
Rate this chubby 17yo white teen SFW    05/20/19  (12)
Wow I'm almost 30 and still single. Been ranting about this since 25 haha (DTP)    05/20/19  (2)
Less than Jake eligible for Rock n Roll HOF next year.    05/20/19  (15)
For babies? No mom for grown men. They come with Polynesian Sauce. It's 180    05/20/19  (2)
Lions eating buffalo alive    05/20/19  (2)
In actuality, they once had cheeseburgers at McDonald's on Saturday..    05/20/19  (1)
Is "spinner" sfw? Like trying to describe some chick in another office.    05/20/19  (24)
The whopper is the most disgusting thing in America. That other thread must go    05/20/19  (4)
FUCK MY ASS wife is pregnant    05/20/19  (60)
Why aren't liberals as focused on INEQUALITY OF ABILITY    05/20/19  (28)
Rating posters as dumb/questionable things from Season 8 of GoT    05/20/19  (47)
did that boomer parole tell die?    05/20/19  (1)
Back in the 1990s, I used to jack off to the dancing baby on Ally McBeal    05/20/19  (9)
Rapper Sings “I Fuck France, I Burn France” as He Symbolically Strangles a W    05/20/19  (21)
Both of my dads are going to fuck my ass when they hear the good news.    05/20/19  (10)
Mexico becomes the deadliest country for journalists in 2019.    05/20/19  (1)
Casey Anthony tweet: "Abortion restrictions are immoral. 27th trimester is nothi    05/20/19  (4)
Stannis Baratheon stumbles into council. "What'd I miss?"    05/20/19  (9)
Took a shit, froze it, gonna fuck my ass w/ it (Peter North)    05/20/19  (20)
Vox: Jon and Tyrion Brought Back "Bossy" and Pinned It Right On Dany    05/20/19  (4)
Hot nigress I used to fuck in college just got married to some short dork.    05/20/19  (6)
So the Evan O'Dorney of the fantasy land became its ruler? lol    05/20/19  (3)
*me and faggy retard 69ing in our $100k fyre festival FEMA tent*    05/20/19  (12)
Need 5-10 top posters to please fuck my ass ITT    05/20/19  (11)
GoT pulled a 180 spin on shrews: female leader killed, incel autist named king    05/20/19  (13)
Is it possible for two guys to fuck eachother's asses at the time time.    05/20/19  (3)
Predicition: GoT series ending is going to be boring, shitty, and pointless    05/20/19  (17)
Which XOer is this?    05/20/19  (4)
the autumnal faggot    05/20/19  (2)
fuck my ass penguin    05/20/19  (2)
Feels good to have no hair and wear a diaper! Feels silky smooth    05/20/19  (3)
fuck my ass okc is depressing. keep getting rejected    05/20/19  (6)
What’s the best fuck my ass option locally    05/20/19  (4)
Ran around office pelvic thrusting, screaming FUCK MY ASS NIGGER    05/20/19  (2)
FUCK MY ASS NIGGER    05/20/19  (4)
Thinning hair on a woman is incredibly unattractive.    05/20/19  (3)
LOL - fuck my ass now NEW THREADS aren't loading for me    05/20/19  (2)
fuck my ass now i have to start generating content again    05/20/19  (6)
Who was behind "I literally only post fuck my ass" moniker?    05/20/19  (15)
Oh I get it. Giuseppe rhymes with pepsi. Can you fuck my ass now    05/20/19  (3)
Want girl to fuck my ass not flame    05/20/19  (3)
Remember when lawman8 savagely compared bluesmoke to a literal gorilla?    05/20/19  (8)
Wife just called, is pissed at landscapers. Fuck my ass lmao    05/20/19  (26)
ah yah feels good fuck my ass man    05/20/19  (3)
Sansa: But Bran's dick is tiny, limp, and doesnt work, even when sucked!!!!! Wtf    05/20/19  (6)
I need a wife. I want all your dating tips and tricks.    05/20/19  (7)
fuck my ass motherfucker    05/20/19  (2)
I have what's known as "fuck my ass money"    05/20/19  (31)
Any recent updates from Thunder Collins?    05/20/19  (4)
Does fuck my ass mean that you literally want a penis in your bu    05/20/19  (5)
San Francisco named #1 city for best salaries, lifestyle, disposable income (lin    05/20/19  (4)
Boom, Please fuck my ass like I'm 5 again    05/20/19  (6)
*** Official Game of Thrones - Season Finale thread ***    05/20/19  (269)
Subtle Hipster Troll, please fuck my ass like I'm 5 again    05/20/19  (2)
Brooks Kopeka 1 major away from tying XO Phil    05/20/19  (19)
Fuck my ass I just had 8 McDoubles.    05/20/19  (13)
fuck my ass i waste so much money brothers    05/20/19  (7)
"We're going to perform secret medical experiments on underprivleged blacks" (CI    05/20/19  (2)
Reminder: Lots of nudes out there of Ben Shapiro's sexual deviant Jewess sister    05/20/19  (6)
OH YEAH FUCK MY ASS LIKE ITS A PUSSY !! (xo poster)    05/20/19  (2)
evan is it true they work 90% of Amazon employees like sweatshop dogs?    05/20/19  (2)
Crazy how basically all SIX BILLION plus HUMANS celebrate New Years    05/20/19  (51)
LOL fuck my ASS just slipped and fell hard in the bathroom    05/20/19  (8)
πŸ‘ΏπŸ›΅ Even Hell's Angels fear PI lawyers and paint their curbs. πŸ›΅πŸ‘Ώ    05/20/19  (1)
Any Poly-Autists here?    05/20/19  (1)
Anything more 180 than taking a ski vacation while ur bitch biglaw slaves work?    05/20/19  (3)
going to southeast asia in a few days and never got a hep a shot    05/20/19  (1)
FUCK my ass I spent like $41 last night at da CLUBS    05/20/19  (20)
fuck my ASS i have been working my ass off lately    05/20/19  (3)
boooom please tell us your dominos order    05/20/19  (22)
happiest of all wives in America are religious conservatives [NYT]    05/20/19  (83)
fuck my ass im going to blow my fucking brains out tonight    05/20/19  (13)
Fuck Stitches. New(((White))) South Florida rapper on the scene is 40-50x better    05/20/19  (17)
Never ending abortion debate is yet another reason why humanity sucks    05/20/19  (38)
Need some1 to tell me *exactly* what Islam is wrong about    05/20/19  (32)
Love Trump, but what's taking so long to genocide the Mexican invaders?    05/20/19  (3)
Fuck my ASS I am craving some FAST FOOD    05/20/19  (4)
FUCK MY ASS I am having an asthma attack and I don't have an inhalor    05/20/19  (12)
All you have to do to learn Chinese is memorize this single image:    05/20/19  (2)
New David Attenborough Netflix nature doc spends 30 minutes on Trump collusion    05/20/19  (14)
fuck my ass i ate an entire large pizza    05/20/19  (3)
Have started using fuck my ass irl. Fuck my ass.    05/20/19  (4)
Jim Kelly how's your flat chested gook wife who refuses to cook or clean doing    05/20/19  (15)
Another drunk hipster girl took a lettuce shit in my bed have to throw it away    05/20/19  (8)
fuck my ass I'm bored    05/20/19  (11)
fuck my ass I just want to leave work    05/20/19  (37)
CharlesXII here, doing a readthrough+review of Ready Player One    05/20/19  (450)
Beautiful girl refuses to do tasteful nudes because she respects her future husb    05/20/19  (4)
Islam is anti kike, anti gc and anti feminist    05/20/19  (5)
Charles, tell XO Tucker we support him and not to back down from the mob    05/20/19  (22)
Female rappers spreading their weird black pussies in solidarity.    05/20/19  (5)
Trump's people probably leaked this shit on Kobach to get him to settle down    05/20/19  (1)
not a tech expert here, but this 5G stuff seems creepy and insane as fuck, no?    05/20/19  (77)
rate this 180 suit/countersuit between sniping HLS bros (link)    05/20/19  (4)
Worse finale: LOST or GOT?    05/20/19  (21)
HBO debuts Season 3 Westworld trailer with Jesse Pinkman (hehe)    05/20/19  (17)
Lmao at the old boomer who can’t buzz in on Jeopardy    05/20/19  (5)

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