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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   06/18/19  (302)
Are there ANY cruises that are worth doing?    06/19/19  (22)
My buddy from college started a ‘mosquito prevention’ company. Makes 200k ea    06/19/19  (25)
CA PAPISTS MAD AS FUCK - (((state senate))) eliminates confessional privilege    06/19/19  (23)
most prestigious video game system?    06/19/19  (73)
Youtuber covers Ariana Grande's song better than Ariana    06/19/19  (10)
Rate this magic trick    06/19/19  (1)
Everyone is mocking Hawley as a dumbass on law.    06/19/19  (2)
companies SPRINTING on to the pro-tran$ advertising bandwagon    06/19/19  (3)
Has anyone actually tipped on the iPad tip screen?    06/19/19  (6)
📑 STUDY: The vast majority of people don't want to date transgenders. 📑    06/19/19  (44)
How boring is Charlotte?    06/19/19  (12)
Have to travel on site to another city for 3 mos. Residence Inn or Corp Housing?    06/19/19  (4)
People sound and seem to be weak, retarded and autistic+given up    06/19/19  (2)
Wife in trouble with HR for doing sarcastic air quotes while saying holocaust    06/19/19  (1)
Bumble date-what should I take her to, Escape Room, axe throwing, or Top Golf?    06/19/19  (21)
Surprised more XO autists dont post about "beating" casinos in Vegas    06/19/19  (1)
I would fuck an SSBBW right now.    06/19/19  (6)
Why can't Budweiser or Coors just make a good beer?    06/19/19  (42)
Guy I know dropships protein powder and makes $80k a month.    06/19/19  (1)
Are WeWork offices a good place to pick up women?    06/19/19  (2)
are fries in your burrito good or do they just fuck it up    06/19/19  (3)
AZ synagogue puts "Tips" box in front of building, goys promptly fill it (LINK)    06/19/19  (1)
Why don't millennials realize that travel/experiences are just consumerism?    06/19/19  (74)
$25 million, but you must enrol in a undergrad degree program and complete it    06/19/19  (29)
Why just boring suicide methods like this?    06/19/19  (9)
2018 visitor numbers for US national parks:    06/19/19  (18)
Really an amazing number of SSBBW web models now. Huge industry    06/19/19  (11)
Tranny goes bottomless at pride parade as kids cheer ZIR's transpisser (vid)    06/19/19  (3)
Saw a snake AND a coyote on my mountain bike ride yesterday    06/19/19  (3)
Summer 2019 1/6 OVER. New crush? New music? New experiences?    06/19/19  (4)
37 yr old Doctor is the GOAT - bjc shapo #tennis    06/19/19  (4)
RATE this belt buckle I'm wearing to court in the morning    06/19/19  (11)
The format is the only thing barely keeping me here(Boom)    06/19/19  (3)
No reason you can't bang out book that gets optioned for Netflix content    06/19/19  (1)
Just went to a shitlib "name your price" coffee house    06/19/19  (34)
craving a Runza right now    06/19/19  (3)
are you bros even on dat temperature tuesday Runza tip at all?    06/19/19  (2)
amigos in lincoln, ne offers donut holes instead of fries    06/19/19  (3)
WeWork's founder ((Adam Neumann)) is 1800000 GC flame    06/19/19  (71)
Ford Expedition or Lexus RX?    06/19/19  (46)
Everything retards are writing here is tired stupid shit.. boring and pointless    06/19/19  (1)
Just booked a PARTY BUS to take us to PHISH in DENVER    06/19/19  (9)
Why don’t all of you shut the fuck up? This is not true free speech    06/19/19  (1)
Boom, do you like Yankee Burritos from Amigos?    06/19/19  (1)
Xo sounds so pedestrian and retarded right now.. needs full cleanse or crap 💩    06/19/19  (1)
So is this Apple Watch shit a failure? Still see no use case for these    06/19/19  (41)
Psilocybin? where to buy, how much to do, cost...    06/19/19  (18)
Now liberals want to increase office temperatures to make women more efficient    06/19/19  (6)
Xo sounds so pedestrian and retarded right now.. needs full cleanse or crap 💩    06/19/19  (1)
autistic man opens fire on crowd at reddit meetup (disturbing video)    06/19/19  (1)
BBWs on Twitter charging $ to sit on dudes is a huge growth industry    06/19/19  (1)
Google results for “Concentration Camp” suddenly don’t show Nazis for 8 pa    06/19/19  (1)
"Mama always said life was like being a litigator. Only one exit option."    06/19/19  (1)
Olympic figure skating champion Alina Zagitova plays clay court #tennis    06/19/19  (35)
worst SJW/shitlbs - UMC goy sheep, based alt-right - 3rd gen latino    06/19/19  (4)
The jews lost WWII yet continue to whine and build monuments to their defeat    06/19/19  (10)
"Law Firms Brace as Companies Begin to Bring Litigation In-House" (WSJ LAW BLOG)    06/19/19  (49)
"Alexa, is my penis really the biggest one you've ever seen?"    06/19/19  (3)
Medical system is such a fraud.. same people go to these “doctors” everyday    06/19/19  (1)
Meet The Tax Lawyer Who Eats All Of New Jersey's Bread Before Passover (NYT)    06/19/19  (5)
actor Terrence Howard addresses Oxford, says he found a viable lit exit option    06/19/19  (1)
benzo = 🍪👾    06/19/19  (4)
Skynard guitarist Allen Collins wrote the music to 'Freebird' at age 18    06/19/19  (6)
"No Exit Options" by Jean-Pumo Sartre    06/19/19  (7)
I yelled out "Free Bird" during the Q & A portion of Neil DeGrasse Tyson lecture    06/19/19  (10)
Litigation exit options is to biglaw as “shell beach” is to dark city    06/19/19  (1)
Asians, you're free to pursue whatever "policies" you fucking want, IN ASIA    06/19/19  (1)
the best lit exit option involves a CPAP mask, a regulator, and a helium tank    06/19/19  (2)
Gotham citizens had more exit options in Dark Knight Rises than biglaw litigator    06/19/19  (5)
PSA: its incredibly cringey to say “doggos”    06/19/19  (14)
Hit old gypsy lady with my car. She brushed my cheek and said "biglaw." wtf    06/19/19  (75)
The only thing that matters is what you want and ONLY you    06/19/19  (1)
blacks refer to fulano and benzo as 'waistline niggas'    06/19/19  (7)
wtf I keep searching "litigation exit options" but all I get are pics of nooses    06/19/19  (4)
So, why litigation? "Lack of exit ops will motivate me, bc nothing after biglaw    06/19/19  (3)
Litigators ur best exit option is to be guy on a leash from "Mein Teil" video    06/19/19  (2)
New Millennium Prize Problem added: "Find one exit opp where lit is preferred to    06/19/19  (2)
actor Terrence Howard addresses Oxford, says he created a new form of Geometry    06/19/19  (29)
Compliance and HR are A+ exit ops. Really worth 250k debt and yrs of your life.    06/19/19  (3)
Terrence Howard: mentally ill retard    06/19/19  (59)
Heartiste abandons Trump. Are there any real supporters left?    06/19/19  (28)
its is pretty lmao that there are simply zero avenues for edit options in lit    06/19/19  (5)
Short, fat, bald, ugly guy overcompensating with Duck Dynasty beard    06/19/19  (1)
xo plz react to this video    06/19/19  (3)
Better exit ops: male chicks at an egg farm or biglaw litigators?    06/19/19  (4)
Hey litigators enjoy my monikers and your lack of exit options    06/19/19  (2)
Thinkpad X230 Falling Apart. What To Replace With?    06/19/19  (39)
Ed Sheeran Is On Track for the No. 1 Concert Tour of All Time. Here’s How.    06/19/19  (15)
Indian males really should try to do some sit-ups or something    06/19/19  (2)
NYT: In One Unscripted Moment, Hillary Clinton Finds Joy in the Rain    06/19/19  (33)
Negative numbers don’t exist    06/19/19  (6)
Does your gf have stretch marks?    06/19/19  (6)
Why Do Cuckolded Males Provide Paternal Care?    06/19/19  (3)
Query: will the Philly coke bust slow down the cartel?    06/19/19  (5)
Alexa, look up litigation exit options, and don't laugh this time    06/19/19  (28)
Ljl @ commuters    06/19/19  (25)
Denver barbecue festival going on at mile high right now Denver    06/19/19  (3)
why is ron unz the way he is    06/19/19  (1)
Germans are absolutely retarded about heat    06/19/19  (20)
Would you divorce your wife for this 16yo teen? Sfw    06/19/19  (94)
A weightless summer sundress blowing tautly against your girlfriend's pooch    06/19/19  (7)
Ron Unz here. Should I hire Heartiste as a blogger for the Unz Review?    06/19/19  (12)
Wimbledon Wild Cards Announced #tennis    06/19/19  (8)
my daily xo search routine: biglaw, adhd, dopamine, debt, loans    06/19/19  (8)
I got kicked out of a band for playing Free Bird (chilmata)    06/19/19  (14)
Sexy Jewess MILF Fashion Blogger's apt is featured in Architectural Digest #DBG    06/19/19  (24)
Dominated by Doug    06/19/19  (2)
Any bros here use a pellet smoker?    06/19/19  (13)
People that use 💻 at home, flame?    06/19/19  (3)
Cleveland Clinic performs first ever in utero surgery on 23 week old fetus    06/19/19  (1)
Why doesn't Iran just stop messing with Israel?    06/19/19  (4)
XO Hope Hicks Tells Disgusting Dem Trolls on Judiciary Cmte to Fuck Off    06/19/19  (1)
Dan Markel would sign emails "xoxo Danny"    06/19/19  (9)
Amazing how quickly ATL became irrelevant    06/19/19  (19)
Jail made benzo a top poaster. I'm thinking of doing some crimes myself now    06/19/19  (3)
Wife(F33) and I (M34) decided to try for kids last year. Found out I'm infertile    06/19/19  (28)
Benzo poasting TSINAH threads from his gov't funded Stephen Hawking    06/19/19  (5)
Best are country City to buy 275k house or condo?    06/19/19  (34)
Apparently Nickelodeon brought back "All That." Here's what it looks like today    06/19/19  (15)
"I was anti-everything and everyone. I didn’t want people around me"    06/19/19  (1)
Do all brits go to private preparatory academies?    06/19/19  (2)
90k in Chicago = ??? In NYC/SF?    06/19/19  (14)
Judy Murrayfag Tweets Vid Of Young Stud Rubbing Her Shoulders (VID) #tennis    06/19/19  (1)
ATP June 17-23 Thread - Halle | Queens #tennis    06/19/19  (19)
whok, ITT we guess your ancestral composition    06/19/19  (5)
biz idea: prerecorded loud piss streams app    06/19/19  (33)
Why does anyone care about polls right now?    06/19/19  (6)
***OFFICIAL IOKA VS PALICTE THREAD***    06/19/19  (14)
Miami Beach is a nice place to live: y/n?    06/19/19  (3)
Having lunch & heard a shitlib say that no one showed up to the rally last night    06/19/19  (2)
Is lock picking a CR hobby?    06/19/19  (9)
lpga azn admits to dreaming about handsome blooks koepka    06/19/19  (9)
Jennifer Aniston in "Office Space"    06/19/19  (93)
Reminder: Liking big, oafish mom-tits (or fakes) is the PINNACLE of PROLEDOM    06/19/19  (71)
Adderall nasal mist currently undergoing FDA trials    06/19/19  (7)
doing fraction math because your wife is adjusting a recipe    06/19/19  (10)
Serious question: why should I give a fuck about Khashoggi getting killed?    06/19/19  (165)
Interviewing for Product Management Roles    06/19/19  (159)
Trumpmos, why did global conspiracy nab Harvey Weinstein?    06/19/19  (8)
How emasculating was The Hangover (2009) to the dental profession?    06/19/19  (13)
lawman just admit you have a stable of alts    06/19/19  (11)
Amazing how large the gap is between blue pilled myths and red pilled reality    06/19/19  (1)
Estimated year when Google/Apple invents a chip to be implanted in your body    06/19/19  (1)
the importance of having a STRONG PISS STREAM IN BUSINESS: A STORY    06/19/19  (67)
White silence is White violence (nyt)    06/19/19  (1)
Nobel peace prize winner Tucker Carlson.    06/19/19  (2)
Libs have clearly demonstrated the threat of the slippery slope    06/19/19  (33)
Notice how Jews only Remember the holcaust but not the inquisition?    06/19/19  (28)
FFVII's gay orgy scene to be removed from Remake (link)    06/19/19  (1)
Will there be biglaw summer bonuses this year?    06/19/19  (26)

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