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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   06/18/19  (302)
Midland vs. Odessa?    06/20/19  (2)
ITT: I take questions about HUNTING AT THE CLUB. Go!    06/20/19  (21)
ITT: rating posters as bottles at the CLUB    06/20/19  (117)
If two unique sudos post itt I’ll post a pic of my cum on my gf’s back    06/20/19  (3)
Usnews undergrad rankings are rancid flame. Caltech not even t10?    06/20/19  (13)
   06/20/19  (1)
The US suicide rate is up 33% since 1999, research says By Jacqueline Howard, CN    06/20/19  (5)
TiVo on track to make $175m this year. Who the fuck still owns a TiVo?    06/20/19  (4)
30s super young in “2019”    06/20/19  (2)
Ben Sasse a nebraskan    06/20/19  (7)
No matter can be lost or destroyed... it’s all the same shit sloshing around    06/20/19  (6)
5 smartest senators from each party?    06/20/19  (20)
Kindergarten cop actor arrested for public intoxication    06/20/19  (3)
If you collect all 50 states dew bottles you get $100    06/20/19  (1)
Guck guck guck guck guzzle guck guck GUCK GUCK GUCK GUCK GUCK GUCK GUCK GUCK GUC    06/20/19  (1)
I’m anything but “bald” irl! Xo is hilarious(Boom)    06/20/19  (3)
spaceporn morphing into vape smoke and infiltrating boys locker room thru pipes    06/20/19  (13)
"Juneteenth" - nice to have this hate whitey day during globohomo month    06/20/19  (2)
Had anyone ever heard of “Juneteenth” before today?    06/20/19  (47)
Guck guck doing cuuuny on ur wife’s pussy    06/20/19  (1)
Warren Buffet Nebraskan! Dan Whitney Nebraskan can go 4 Eva duck you all    06/20/19  (1)
You the South (Rudolph)    06/20/19  (1)
bone tomahawk but it's xo somaferans singing britney spears acapella and eating    06/20/19  (4)
Confront the Noid (Rudolph)    06/20/19  (2)
Apex alpha deer utterly fuckstarts enraged ram    06/20/19  (1)
New Netflix show humiliates desperate job seekers    06/20/19  (2)
180 story of NC teen who got partially consumed by a shark    06/20/19  (3)
$uicide rate$ up 33% since 1999    06/20/19  (2)
benzo = 🍪👾    06/20/19  (6)
Beto reading 'Rules for Radicals' at skate park    06/20/19  (8)
1 million per year but your only IRL friends can be 15 year old girls    06/20/19  (18)
Thoughts on Trump 2020 and Orlando rally    06/20/19  (41)
Hollywood Faces "Devastating" Costs From California Bill Targeting Gig Economy    06/20/19  (1)
what's the deal with this facebook cryptocurrency "libra" or whatever    06/20/19  (11)
estimate charlamagne the god's IQ    06/20/19  (2)
Disneyland Resort is the greatest place on earth    06/20/19  (4)
Flights in Asia are so cheap. Makes traveling so easy    06/20/19  (7)
How far are you from a complete mental breakdown    06/20/19  (4)
Squanch child in Bangkok and my wyrm goes bonkers    06/20/19  (9)
"Listen, I love Reagan, but-" *asylum full of murderous lunatics spills open*    06/20/19  (22)
Anyone ever lived in an area where all women despised you?    06/20/19  (5)
I hate when proles say "play stupid games, win stupid prizes."    06/20/19  (18)
i love how u can bump a thread and ppl will just start discussing it again    06/20/19  (6)
(((Charlie Kirk))): 'America is an IDEA, not a country/people. ISRAEL is sacred    06/20/19  (4)
Everyone was squanching Thai kids; our hands were fast as lightning    06/20/19  (11)
"It's not cocaine, mom--it's Ketamine. It cures my depression" askav lisped    06/20/19  (48)
Mike Trout has a .420 avg in 69 career at bats with the bases loaded    06/20/19  (1)
if 5 people bump this, uspo's next hookup will throw up on him during BJ    06/20/19  (2)
Just got BLOWN THE FUCK OUT by 19 yr old 7.3    06/20/19  (5)
Squanching my taint with his fingers, ruining my life with those swirls    06/20/19  (1)
Whats the matter with the boy I'm squanchin can't he tell that it makes me smile    06/20/19  (2)
Why are redditors obsessed with Keanu Reeves    06/20/19  (14)
corporate slaveify your moniker    06/20/19  (6)
I've become repulsive to women overnight it seems    06/20/19  (5)
Desperately need eth pls help    06/20/19  (2)
Cruises are the best vacations    06/20/19  (12)
Are there ANY cruises that are worth doing?    06/20/19  (103)
Are most Hollywood Jews Ashkenazi Jews?    06/20/19  (10)
Finland evacuated women and children from USSR border 3 days before Barbossa.    06/20/19  (5)
📑 STUDY: The vast majority of people don't want to date transgenders. 📑    06/20/19  (54)
Brutalized a Muslim shrews pussy behind a park bush the other night    06/20/19  (4)
Hidden camera experiment to see how strangers react: girls bully younger girl    06/20/19  (9)
Wife(F33) and I (M34) decided to try for kids last year. Found out I'm infertile    06/20/19  (47)
Clean cut cock is really starting to entice me rather than having stank pussy    06/20/19  (3)
tsinah, watch out. moshe is coming to get you...    06/20/19  (11)
pic of cain tp    06/20/19  (10)
"Cain" and "nigger" tp are clearly two of the greatest minds of our generation    06/20/19  (8)
Nothing literally matters that doesn’t directly effect you    06/20/19  (3)
So Booom has been posting Maltese proverbs this whole time? Sharing the wisdom o    06/20/19  (5)
Of you haven't read the bonfire of the vanities stop what you're doing and read    06/20/19  (11)
Talk is cheap you can act and do anything.. you either do or you don’t    06/20/19  (1)
Conservatives need to stop pushing 'easy state hospital commitment' idea as home    06/20/19  (1)
What Really Happened to Malaysia’s Missing Airplane [The Atlantic]    06/20/19  (12)
spaceporn hiking the Andes mountains in 'kid-skin' huaraches    06/20/19  (3)
RATE this short anime music video about doobs (vid)    06/20/19  (5)
kat timpf, nude in your basement, chainsmoking camels, drinking coors    06/20/19  (38)
Mac-10. Black Lincoln. Laguna Beach. Sprite & Scotch. Any questions?    06/20/19  (5)
Biz Idea: boner police thread but it's joe pesci screaming 'U JEW MUDDAFUKA U'    06/20/19  (38)
animeboi needs shitpipe tore up hes on gay chatbort    06/20/19  (8)
xo William Langewiesche 45min long read What Really Happened to Malaysia’s Mi    06/20/19  (14)
How many mg's of Adderall is tsinah on rn that he rates himself a 9? 5,000?    06/20/19  (2)
So is this Apple Watch shit a failure? Still see no use case for these    06/20/19  (88)
"stay safe out there" "huh? why?" "black president"    06/20/19  (11)
African birth rates aren't as high as reported    06/20/19  (2)
44th president needs inauguration torn up he's in white gig    06/20/19  (25)
"The name's Barry. Barry Soetoro."    06/20/19  (13)
The movie "Sorcerer" is 180    06/20/19  (6)
G-15 lenses, cr?    06/20/19  (1)
Barry O had a pink asshole, so more like first Neapolitan president.    06/20/19  (2)
Why do reptile commentators like to call him Barry Soetero    06/20/19  (10)
Jews terrified of GERMS OMG GETTING SICK from going out in public    06/20/19  (1)
met a new bro friend at the bar, good potential as a buddy    06/20/19  (8)
Losing your anal virginity to "Turbo Lover"    06/20/19  (3)
Saw the sickest 89 Nissan zx today    06/20/19  (2)
Your honor, id like to introduce evidence the defendant blank bumped the GASOL K    06/20/19  (6)
jews killed jesus tp    06/20/19  (8)
will never forgive libs for keeping the turbo out of the rx-8    06/20/19  (10)
Dumbest US Senator (besides the obvious Rubio)?    06/20/19  (14)
What would a black - Jew mix look like? Lets ask whok to poast his pic    06/20/19  (2)
Oh look another movie where hideous kike slob Seth Rogen beds a hot blonde lady    06/20/19  (9)
So nba trophy is in Canada where it belongs! Shooting at rally Ljl    06/20/19  (1)
Will Vinton (California Raisins, The Noid) also created the talking M&M's    06/20/19  (1)
lol remember when Meadow dated that half nigger half kike?    06/20/19  (12)
GASOL KIKES!    06/20/19  (54)
I love you all to the moon 🌚 and back and want the best for you all(Boom)    06/20/19  (6)
Entire U-12 girls soccer team disappears in Dominican Republic    06/20/19  (1)
remember when TSINAH tried to convince everyone to join his "alternate law board    06/20/19  (6)
Giving 'reparations' will finally unlock the full potential of 80 IQ blacks    06/20/19  (2)
Seriously, I'm an 8/10    06/20/19  (64)
fuck jews    06/20/19  (3)
Imagine how 180 xo would be if we purged all Jews now picture usa    06/20/19  (3)
Jews fleeing in terror as GOY tp and steez link up into swastika shaped Voltron    06/20/19  (7)
Vault Ranking of Top 100 Law Firms (2020)    06/20/19  (51)
*Lawman8, when you try to enter his pillow fort* "No offense, but no Jews"    06/20/19  (6)
Ciroc Obama | mance rayder | Judas Jones    06/20/19  (27)
Jews suck    06/20/19  (3)
When she was born in 1891, Sweden was like Lesotho is today.    06/20/19  (4)
Ennio Morricone music plays as you and your hapa wife leave the wedding chapel    06/20/19  (4)
'Outrageous' plays as xo goyims get sleeve tats depicting murder of abel    06/20/19  (1)
This isnt a game to me, screamed TSINAH as he upended the Candyland board    06/20/19  (19)
a certain chill kind of throwing buckets of AIDS blood on jew houses for pesach    06/20/19  (1)
Slept with a 22 yr old Brazilian girl. It brought me to two unexpected conclusio    06/20/19  (90)
White & Case getting too big for their britches. Think they're gonna be V10    06/20/19  (2)
Just filling the trunk with cheap harbor freight tools and driving to shul    06/20/19  (1)
why do so many women dye their hair blonde but stay fat    06/20/19  (5)
Should you include security deposits in your net worth?    06/20/19  (1)
Really need to fuck a tight 19 yr old genetic female hold asap    06/20/19  (4)
literally driving crosscountry snatching jewpoas & throwing in pest control van    06/20/19  (1)
jason isbell is 180 bros    06/20/19  (17)
tats are such a big turn off.....ugh gross    06/20/19  (7)
Youtuber covers Ariana Grande's song better than Ariana    06/20/19  (15)
Domino's is such cheap garbage they're basically giving out free pizzas now    06/20/19  (2)
Why can't Budweiser or Coors just make a good beer?    06/20/19  (137)
Tons of tattoed mentally ill freaks pretty much everywhere    06/20/19  (2)
XO 2019: 130 Poasts On Budweiser & Coors; 42 Poasts On New Vault Rankings    06/20/19  (6)
tsinah's eyes so close together he looks like he has bonus chromosomes jfc    06/20/19  (2)
For people who support UBI - why not just more social welfare programs?    06/19/19  (3)
Fun Bible Study Hypo: Lathe with legs attacks neighbor in his sleep but his door    06/19/19  (8)
Agent Jenkins struggling to explain Lathe with Legs threading to superiors    06/19/19  (2)
TINYCHAT SPECIAL EDITION - 6/19    06/19/19  (2)
We’re young here now chill    06/19/19  (1)
Techmos: Why Would My Thinkpad Fry The Power Adapter?    06/19/19  (55)
Remember in the 60s when they built nuclear ramjet missiles that fly for months?    06/19/19  (12)
I love you to the moon 🌝 and back    06/19/19  (1)
Bitcoin MOON just ordered my first gram of TUTU how should I take it?    06/19/19  (4)
Man on moon 🌚 1969 can’t fill a small McDonald’s order 2019    06/19/19  (1)
Brief list of links to some great BOZ SCAGGS songs    06/19/19  (13)
What's been done to this country is criminal    06/19/19  (16)
Marshall Shapashnikov gets a massive Kaliber-NK installation    06/19/19  (1)

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