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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   09/20/19  (326)
Rate this Weil Gotshal tax associate    09/21/19  (4)
real talk on ETH: When it breaks 400 snatch your profits & enjoy something nice    09/21/19  (16)
You and your second cousin at in n out (GIF)    09/21/19  (4)
Schopenhauer on proles    09/21/19  (16)
"Libs have no sense of community," seethed shut-in who doesn't know neighbors    09/21/19  (14)
They should build a subway station that goes ridiculously far down    09/21/19  (24)
mental illness and the desire to forcememe    09/21/19  (4)
Biden is a soulless caricature    09/21/19  (6)
poasters hate him    09/21/19  (4)
chandler i hate u so fucking much    09/21/19  (3)
who is peterman?    09/21/19  (5)
ND v Georgia is retards scuffling    09/21/19  (3)
fuck this. i have half a mind to join Space Force monday AM    09/21/19  (5)
almost time for the "main event" thats right UCLA @ Wazzu    09/21/19  (1)
Morgellons and Autism    09/21/19  (6)
Charles have you read American Psycho? What did you think of it?    09/21/19  (21)
Quantum computers will own bitcoin sell now fags    09/21/19  (1)
My hymen problem    09/21/19  (1)
UMichigan converted ZERO 3rd downs & gave up 359 rushing yds? jfc    09/21/19  (4)
Rrrrrrodrigo Blankencheep    09/21/19  (1)
Wasted 2.5 hours of my life watching The Lost City of Z    09/21/19  (11)
JMU football downs Chattanooga homos 37-14    09/21/19  (2)
the lost city of zozo    09/21/19  (5)
XO's 3 most disgusting schticks: 1) boi pussy, 2) nude bodybuilding, 3) tranny    09/21/19  (20)
jafar let's use your family money to start a backup company    09/21/19  (14)
The resurrection makes no fucking sense    09/21/19  (51)
whok, I like that you start your day thinking about me (pf)    09/21/19  (3)
azngirl declaring herself a "shapirosexual" on OKCupid    09/21/19  (18)
Weekend niggerthread    09/21/19  (3)
Has anyone here noticed that limeys are always talking about getting into rows?    09/21/19  (6)
I would love to put my penis inside of Angelique Kerber    09/21/19  (1)
D'Andre Smith wearing adebisi's hat from oz    09/21/19  (2)
World War I was real retarded sir    09/21/19  (1)
wgwag    09/21/19  (1)
R. Hunter Biden    09/21/19  (2)
Shitlaw boss used word "nutted" in his opening argument    09/21/19  (151)
At the sound of music singalong at the Hollywood bowl    09/21/19  (4)
FBS doormat Illinois winning bigly. Who are they playing?    09/21/19  (3)
Anyone gonna hit up the Ukrainian Festival in Whippany today?    09/21/19  (14)
So Notre Dame wants to be good, but wants nigs to do calculus?!    09/21/19  (23)
NoFap is a 180 challenge    09/21/19  (16)
I Am Jeremy Renner (Hawkeye from the Avengers, Jeffrey Dahmer) - AMA    09/21/19  (9)
every girl's dating profile: i'm a nonsense contradiction TEEHEE    09/21/19  (1)
A jafar for each dad    09/21/19  (3)
Notre Dame Fighting Irish making Georgia pine for Sherman    09/21/19  (1)
surely we didn't split the atom 25yrs after horseback warfare    09/21/19  (6)
football commercials: buffoonish, grotesque men. STRONG womyn marines, etc    09/21/19  (1)
3 trump voters set up bearcam near elk carcass, hilarity ensues    09/21/19  (1)
nirvanayoda's Official 2019 Notre Dame Football Predictions    09/21/19  (21)
Video game nerds: you you tell 30fps vs 60fps with your naked eye?    09/21/19  (25)
Why does everyone on this site know a millionaire HVAC prole?    09/21/19  (19)
Juggling a dozen chicks is like a full time job    09/21/19  (1)
so do any armies really carry semi-auto-only AR-15s?    09/21/19  (121)
Why is AGWWG increasingly common, WGWAG increasingly rare?    09/21/19  (7)
Wife's farr shook the floorboards 15 feet away.    09/21/19  (1)
Simpsons trotting out same tired jokes for 31st season    09/21/19  (4)
Just put $100 on Pavlyuchekova over Osaka at 3:1 odds    09/21/19  (1)
so pretty much the entire ((insurance)) industry is a total fraud $cam?    09/21/19  (3)
How to learn programming    09/21/19  (74)
Notre Dame is about to get GAPED by them Georgia Bulldogs    09/21/19  (5)
chandler do u speak vietnamese to ur kid?    09/21/19  (3)
Not an "SEC guy" is AP#3 supposed to trail shitty midwest 1D team at half at hom    09/21/19  (1)
So ASMR is just a pipeline for new cam whores?    09/21/19  (2)
if u see a northeast light flicker 3 times that means a nuke just wizzed by JCM    09/21/19  (1)
what's with this weird "Jeremy Renner Store" on Amazon?    09/21/19  (6)
Prediction: Notre Dame stuns Georgia. Loses first round of CFB Playoff    09/21/19  (15)
Submitted FLAME "Climate Confessions" to NBC that were Poasted on their Website    09/21/19  (13)
Facebook wall is like navigating a night market in Old Saigon    09/21/19  (3)
Kirk Herbstreit is pushing 290. Holy fuck.    09/21/19  (3)
I’m so fucking smart what a waste my parents didn’t deserve me    09/21/19  (1)
30/30 win v 35 Remington for bear?    09/21/19  (3)
democrat playbook 101: quickly accuse opponent of what ur actually guilty of    09/21/19  (8)
so "law king" tsinah has to imprison his critics?    09/21/19  (4)
Jinx keeps asking to drink my jizz. Should i let him?    09/21/19  (1)
Trump renominates gay asian guy to the 9th circuit    09/21/19  (3)
lol @ the USMC recruitment commercial w/ machine-gun toting 110lb girl    09/21/19  (1)
no one worries about nuclear war anymore. that means it'll happen    09/21/19  (1)
realized that adults spend basically all of their free time watching tv shows    09/21/19  (7)
Prole power goy here; whatcha selling?    09/21/19  (2)
Antonio Brown cut by the Patriots    09/21/19  (55)
Lmao that Bill Clinton thought Americans wanted his sleazy ass around again    09/21/19  (1)
Good night everyone. Jinx is acting nuts on here again and I'm going into town.    09/21/19  (11)
chandler how is your gay faggot dog did you sit on him and crush him yet fatass    09/21/19  (3)
Were gonna be such good goys you’re not even gonna believe it    09/21/19  (2)
ITT: Deep fake video of Tom Cruise as Pat Bateman in Paul Allen killing scene    09/21/19  (5)
if people really wanted to take down the "elites" they would stop consuming    09/21/19  (5)
Notre Dame about to score    09/21/19  (1)
:D u should learn pseudocode. should work for all your use cases    09/21/19  (2)
Do our parents know how miserable we are    09/21/19  (35)
Young western women closing eyes, breathing heavily hearing Muslim prayer call (    09/21/19  (1)
Y're a meth addict gay runaway? Sick. Get in the car we're going to Halford    09/21/19  (2)
"#7" ND vs "#3" UGA. jfc just give the trophy to tOSU    09/21/19  (1)
I shook a can of Raid at a group of gooks. They instantly scattered    09/21/19  (3)
Depression is addicting, isn't it?    09/21/19  (6)
Peterman & Doobs scoffing at Benzo & TSNIAH- "You call that violent anal?"    09/21/19  (6)
*tsinah's toupee comically jumps off his head* "did i hear LANDLORD?"    09/21/19  (4)
*brandishes toupee* "This means NOT WELCOME!"    09/21/19  (17)
Benzo using drone to steal TSINAH’s toupee at campaign event    09/21/19  (8)
rate this woman I drunkenly hooked up with    09/21/19  (29)
Toupee slowly reappearing on photo of Peterman from the future    09/21/19  (4)
San Jose St beating "SEC" Arkansas 24-7 at half    09/21/19  (1)
I love going to Best Buy    09/21/19  (1)
Bourbon barrel aged Bud Lite    09/21/19  (5)
Pet peeve: people under 50 that drink coffee after dinner    09/21/19  (24)
XOXO- where my brain comes to defecate    09/21/19  (3)
Describe the "average" XO poaster    09/21/19  (5)
*tsinahs toupee blowing off as benzo tokyo drifts his maserati past FL dui court    09/21/19  (80)
Sapiosexual is the new thing.    09/21/19  (4)
*peterman and tsinahs wrestling match over toupee escalating to anal in 30 secs*    09/21/19  (166)
is the new rambo any good? anyone seen it?    09/21/19  (3)
Proles are so much happier than we are    09/21/19  (50)
Has anyone heard from benzo or tsinah since benzo went back to jail again?    09/21/19  (6)
Doobs teaching Peterman how to do a Sprite enema at a Ft Wayne truckstop lot    09/21/19  (11)
Rate this quote from American Psycho (the book, you prole)    09/21/19  (14)
Times of Israel: Jewish funds keep refugees flowing into Europe    09/21/19  (9)
Uber driver tried to convince me world is 6k years old    09/21/19  (40)
Pro-tip: if your wife/gr never wants sex, she is is ok with you "cheating"    09/21/19  (3)
Do nerdy girls have smelly vaginas?    09/21/19  (8)
Libs are pretending NotreDame/Georgia isn't 6 days away    09/21/19  (13)
I know trannies more feminine than most bio women.    09/21/19  (2)
whok, how much do you hate me 1-10?    09/21/19  (3)
Notre Dame beat$ Fraud$ win$ all    09/21/19  (3)
'Islam is right about women': Odd signs spark confusion in local town    09/21/19  (39)
Jinx spanking whok for smashing ssbbw puss without his permission    09/21/19  (3)
I'm a Tranny girl in a cartoo world Life is Orgastic it's fantastic    09/21/19  (4)
Nebraska is smart to have 2 quality losses already most teams don't have any    09/21/19  (13)
Not an anti-semite by TMF made me realize Hitler had a point about half Jews    09/21/19  (9)
Why does Donald Trump carry around a pocket full of 20s? (pic)    09/21/19  (11)
I've noticed more movies being panned because of PC culture lately    09/21/19  (31)
So Turmp did something wrong by exposing Bidens corruption?    09/21/19  (5)
Donald Trump a bfd, Notre Dame is tops, wtf I love 1988    09/21/19  (1)
Pitbull versus mailman (video)    09/21/19  (36)
What is the official XO movie? American Psycho? Less than Zero?    09/21/19  (54)
Rate this thick af female golfer    09/21/19  (1)
Clemson & UCF = virtually identical preseason SOS (UCF blacklisted from t4 tho    09/21/19  (24)
Baseball attendance is dying (link)    09/21/19  (18)
Was using wifi of a local middle school. Unable to load xo. Classified as porn.    09/21/19  (4)
London man arrested for hate crime; whispered n-word to burglar in his own home    09/21/19  (6)
Pitt will easily cover versus UCF today    09/21/19  (6)
If God is perfect and my fate is determine how am I a sinner    09/21/19  (8)
This is the message your shrew wife sees at the grocery (pic)    09/21/19  (2)
"Wouldst thou live deliciously?" Live Tuna asks, winking, holding out GradPLUS L    09/21/19  (49)
Told wife "Islam right about women" story, her response was a dumbfounded stare    09/21/19  (1)
Crazy that everyone in rajeeshpurnam was INFP    09/21/19  (2)
INFP doods have pure souls and float like shadows above the material realm    09/21/19  (6)
Ran into my wife @ grocery store. Having 2nd thoughts abt divorce bros (corp sla    09/21/19  (19)
British teen convicted of googling the term "nigger fur," fined 500 pounds    09/21/19  (30)
went on a faggy luis style infp nature walk today    09/21/19  (20)
to some, an infp unhappy at the state of things, to others, a balding bitter man    09/21/19  (3)

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