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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   01/22/20  (358)
Seattle public transit tunnel is essentially a crime corridor at this point    01/24/20  (1)
Welp I’m the third confirmed case of coronavirus in US    01/24/20  (47)
why dont they make college comedy movies like old school/road trip any more?    01/24/20  (4)
HOW IS BREAD SO CHEAP???    01/24/20  (32)
Mid 30s balding insurance defense lawyer reading race based IQ studies    01/24/20  (8)
just bought TWO PAIRS of these NIKE EPIC REACT FLYKNIT 2's check them out    01/24/20  (3)
Holy shit - watch this video. Guy on bicycle chased by relentless bear    01/24/20  (2)
SCHOLAR claims IQ GAP is GENETIC in new paper, HILARITY ensues    01/24/20  (4)
“Climate change” hysteria will be a thing for the rest of our lives.    01/24/20  (10)
Writing out poster bios and rating them as SHTICK.    01/24/20  (165)
Poker Bros - thoughts on Phil Galfond's heads up PLO challenge?    01/24/20  (4)
Watch this Wuhan woman eat a bat (clip)(not flame) ❌ πŸ”₯ πŸ¦‡ 🍜    01/24/20  (30)
a literal retard confronted me on FB messenger. Thought I was flirting with his    01/24/20  (3)
Crossed paths with this motherfucker while walking my dog    01/24/20  (6)
White bro gushes over bat market in Indonesia    01/24/20  (1)
Would you bang this genetic female long distance runner with Down’s syndrome?    01/24/20  (5)
First Witcher scene some girl power bullshit? NTY    01/24/20  (1)
Id sell out humanity to the grey aliens in a heartbeat    01/24/20  (24)
I'm getting to where i can "dual wield" iphones and post on both at once    01/24/20  (1)
Rapid Aging from TDS shrinking Social Security shortfall (Washington Examiner)    01/24/20  (3)
You know what's a good fish? Haddock    01/24/20  (11)
Watch these chinks attack a prawn buffet.    01/24/20  (145)
"Women in their 40s can conceive naturally, no problem."    01/24/20  (2)
whokebe is 40 years old and can’t even get a date?    01/24/20  (6)
So apparently Chinese in Wuhan eat BAT SOUP as a delicacy    01/24/20  (18)
Whats the most 180 thing about America in your opinion?    01/24/20  (45)
I realize you’re confined to a hospital room, but where are we on the Zhang Ca    01/24/20  (1)
Serena looks absolutely masive.    01/24/20  (1)
GoFundMe for XO Cornavirus Patient: Please contribute    01/24/20  (3)
πŸ¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸŽΎ AUSTRALIAN OPEN Official Thread πŸŽΎπŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ¨ #tennis    01/24/20  (114)
If TT dies of Wu-han coronavirus I will never forgive the gooks    01/24/20  (1)
Grindr name: “NOT a dude”    01/24/20  (13)
Bug ass chinks eat pangolin fetus soup    01/24/20  (2)
Rate this pregnancy progression selfie    01/24/20  (6)
A white girl gets infected by Wuhan coronavirus in her cervix. Why?    01/24/20  (18)
Half Jewish Hispanic policeman now identifies as black    01/24/20  (2)
Your disappointed father, wearing a surgical mask at your wedding reception    01/24/20  (11)
Anyone else remember the national guard ads before movies about 10 years ago?    01/24/20  (11)
Board wealthmos: where do you save your money outside 401k/IRA    01/24/20  (23)
Imagine being wheeled around in this box.    01/24/20  (2)
Are Jews White? It's a Mistake Even to Ask    01/24/20  (1)
For men, NoFap is a major key to success.    01/24/20  (5)
ur friends&family @ ur funeral, chuckling abt how much u loved that crazy websit    01/24/20  (26)
All these 401k related threads are extremely insensitive to Henry Aaron!!    01/24/20  (1)
Official XO KINDNESS CLUB 2020 --- apply inside!    01/24/20  (42)
"haha, classic Johnsmeyer!" the moribund lawyer tapped out joylessl on his phone    01/24/20  (19)
Hawaii Judge: The real criminal is God for making you a male nurse, not Hillary    01/24/20  (1)
Judge dismisses Henry Aaron lawsuit against Clinton "she's right nobody likes u"    01/24/20  (18)
LOL Luka Doncic is already nearly at a triple double during the 1st quarter    01/24/20  (58)
Henry Aaron and tsinahs asses meeting in the middle of an πŸ†    01/24/20  (17)
Barack Obama to make a public anti-Bernie Sanders statement soon    01/24/20  (78)
Just saw "Midsommar" - FUCK the Swedes    01/24/20  (18)
trump just tweeted this    01/24/20  (25)
Incredible twitter accounts    01/24/20  (2)
Doja Cat has a song called Dindu Nuffin    01/24/20  (2)
i faggily choked up at a chumbawumba song after my 5th grade gf broke up with me    01/24/20  (6)
Wife saw century city from the freeway, asked why downtown LA had    01/24/20  (1)
Blur performing Song 2 at Concert For A Cure, touching new "WUHAN" lyrics    01/24/20  (2)
REQUEST: any Henry Aaron post or thread about anything with 2+ blank bumps    01/24/20  (9)
Why did Goldman choose downtown over midtown?    01/24/20  (13)
Asking pussy-hatted woman about gun rights    01/24/20  (1)
We're electing Bernie. Deal with it.    01/24/20  (122)
CSLG - legal hypothetical for you ITT    01/24/20  (6)
Who gives a shit, honestly?    01/24/20  (6)
Goy Meets World    01/24/20  (18)
David Wain's new movie on Netflix based on life of Doug Kenney was excelllent    01/24/20  (4)
And I said hey, Donald Trump, I'd like to see your hair in a BLIHZARRRD!    01/24/20  (1)
LOL ESPN refers to Bill Clinton as President Clinton not 'former President'    01/24/20  (11)
Anyone seen Medical Police? (Continuation of xoChildren’s Hospital, on Netflix    01/24/20  (8)
Trump will pick up at least three more states in the 2020 election    01/24/20  (3)
pervertPIGs eagerly BUGchasing for my China Wuhan Coronavirus WGWAG WGWAG    01/24/20  (1)
See David Baldacci novels everywhere in airports. Any good?    01/24/20  (1)
Chicharito officially a member of the LA Galaxy now    01/24/20  (8)
Reminder: Buy Tezos Now.    01/24/20  (6)
fake gatormo here, giving away free tezos ITT    01/24/20  (4)
There are 0 Christians in the Republican Party    01/24/20  (6)
Bank calls cops on black man trying to cash check from discrimination lawsuit    01/24/20  (4)
*ur reanimated zombie grandparents cheering u on as u circulate firpta certifica    01/24/20  (7)
TikTok is just jews convincing blue eyed 16yos to sing about getting fucked    01/24/20  (57)
Great collection of road rage clips - holy shit people are crazy    01/24/20  (3)
“Have you ever had thoughts about harming yourself”? What? Me? No ofc not. L    01/24/20  (2)
nude doobs in fetal position slowly simmering inside wuhan stock pot    01/24/20  (2)
Damn, so, Postol-Jose Ramirez fight CANCELLED due to coronavirus    01/24/20  (1)
Nothing more noble than a man that allows himself to be disrespected    01/24/20  (9)
in junior high, i convinced my teachers my friend was depressed/suicidal    01/24/20  (14)
WSJ: Getting Into the 800 Credit Score Club Is Tough—Staying in Is Tougher    01/24/20  (102)
Future of war is pro gamer mercenaries controlling Boston Dynamics drones cr?    01/24/20  (3)
Are Reptile's schtick would collapse upon itself were his Phenotype revealed    01/24/20  (22)
TMF furious. XO Trump cracking down on emotional service animal fraud    01/24/20  (18)
Announcing TWO upcoming cheatmo adventures. Here we go bros. Been a while.    01/24/20  (40)
So if Bernie is elected, neither Dems or Repubs would work with him cr?    01/24/20  (6)
Nice retort, RETORT... that’s the most RETORTED thing I’ve ever heard    01/23/20  (1)
Dirte fires up GRINDR    01/23/20  (6)
Long time Boise residents juggle jobs to pay 60% of income in rent    01/23/20  (4)
grrm's winds of winter confirmed for january 23 (link)    01/23/20  (4)
Democrats with TDS aging faster than sitting Presidents (link)    01/23/20  (1)
Tempura House: A shelter for lightly battered women    01/23/20  (46)
Returning to my faggot roots    01/23/20  (2)
1/24 is national OUT DOOBS day    01/23/20  (3)
🚨 TRUMP IS FINISHED 🚨    01/23/20  (11)
TS Serena To Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr.: We'll Always Have Auckland #tennis    01/23/20  (1)
sherlock (BBC show) is retarded    01/23/20  (1)
Father berates Warren over student loan forgiveness (video)    01/23/20  (10)
Dumbass hot chick films herself falling off waterfall cliff (video)    01/23/20  (25)
Consumption of SEED OILS = cause of nearly all modern diseases    01/23/20  (13)
Indians now shitting on American streets (link)    01/23/20  (6)
why was it so important for libs to scrub 2016 colbert special from internet?    01/23/20  (52)
Mueller Report? Huh? What's that    01/23/20  (1)
Late 90's/Early aughts numetal/ rock rap is underrated    01/23/20  (1)
What if Coronavirus was engineered by Chinese and is much worse than suspected?    01/23/20  (1)
🐡🎾 TS Serena Loses At AO To Chink She Beat 60, 61 At US Open 🎾🐡 #ten    01/23/20  (1)
only a moron POTUS would call military "incompetent" and "fuck ups"    01/23/20  (3)
Baz Luhrmann reportedly has fled to country with no extradition treaty (link    01/23/20  (2)
A devastating clip for ARE Reptile - video    01/23/20  (1)
As a Black woman & the Chair of the abortion access task force    01/23/20  (3)
Daily reminder for libs - trump will get re-elected, likely easily    01/23/20  (1)
Reminder: NO impeachment, YES wall, NO daca, YES Muslim ban, NO new taxes    01/23/20  (95)
Fuck it. Let's do another civil war.    01/23/20  (3)
What male demographic is buying all the luxury cologne    01/23/20  (35)
Why is Luka such an aswful free throw shooter???    01/23/20  (1)
If you ignore hunger long enough it magically vanishes    01/23/20  (4)
100 % of ppl who know me irl would say I’m a good person. 180.    01/23/20  (3)
Me, moonman, boner Police and sam Hyde are starting a rap collective    01/23/20  (12)
*watches 30 Ming long Sam Hyde video*    01/23/20  (3)
God is talking to me through asian people    01/23/20  (4)
At pace Euros are taking over NBA league will be majority white in 15 years (lin    01/23/20  (9)
Instagram model trips & falls from MFH penthouse, lands on parents' Rolls Royce    01/23/20  (12)
Why are AMERICANS too DUMB to know to do a PhD in ENGINEERING? Not science!    01/23/20  (33)
All is shit! Trying to find any reason to “live”    01/23/20  (2)
TRUMP officially ends BIRDSHIT opioid epidemic!    01/23/20  (1)
It’s got a hemi! Shouted Peterman to the trucker staring at the bump on his as    01/23/20  (1)
Going to starve tonight.. nothing worth eating getting tired of all food    01/23/20  (6)
2020 goals    01/23/20  (11)
NYCmos: What would happen if you started dressing like this every day?    01/23/20  (2)
Extremely SORE from my workout yesterday. Rate my lifts (DTP)    01/23/20  (35)
Rate BYU cheerleader Jimmer Fredette was caught cheating on his wife with (pics)    01/23/20  (2)
Say what you will about the film, it’s nowhere near as bad as The Phantom Mena    01/23/20  (1)
FDA: sunscreen is bad for you    01/23/20  (31)
Client worth 9 figures keeps hassling me to settle his car accident case    01/23/20  (1)
Pretty dressπŸ‘—pls remove    01/23/20  (3)
Does anyone actually do "CLE vacation" and expense as work trip?    01/23/20  (24)
I'm just a male nurse nobody loves me HES JUST A MALE NURSE FROM A POOR FAMILY    01/23/20  (2)
Everyone is focused on impeachment hearings but don't forget that h    01/23/20  (2)
"Of course it has a fucking Hemi bro" Rupinder replied at the stop light    01/23/20  (12)
This is allegedly the escort site for Amanda Knox and Casey Anthony (link)    01/23/20  (4)
wtf is a "juice cleanse" should i do one    01/23/20  (2)
Halford bringing caged doobs to Wuhan market    01/23/20  (12)
prince tp's schizophrenic break happening as we speak    01/23/20  (2)
I chadded a married girl at work and now it’s really awkward    01/23/20  (203)
im white trash and that's why there should be no estate tax (jd vance)    01/23/20  (8)

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