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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   10/14/19  (338)
Australian man MURDERED in home-invasion robbery in Texas    10/17/19  (18)
Henry Aaron is a USPO alt, hth    10/17/19  (3)
Who the fuck drinks non alcoholic beer?    10/17/19  (27)
hilarious how Trump released a pic of him looking like beta fag to alpha Pelosi    10/17/19  (1)
Taylor Swift | Bisexual Moments    10/17/19  (1)
fat guy who chugs non-alcoholic drinks has 1 million subscribers on YouTube    10/17/19  (3)
Any bug eating rice paddy gooks pretending to be WASP here?    10/17/19  (5)
Have you enjoyed pregnant 🤰 girls in bed?    10/17/19  (16)
Crazy Nancy and Shifty Schiff    10/17/19  (6)
****ALCS Game 4 - Astros @ Yankees****    10/17/19  (27)
omg the thormfront retards have taken over the board    10/17/19  (1)
Adam Driver actually does a pretty good job in this SNL skit    10/17/19  (7)
Rate this Father-Son event you'll be mandated to attend with your kid one day    10/17/19  (17)
Thinking about giving out whole candy bars for Halloween (CSLG)    10/17/19  (6)
Pudgy middle-aged beta lawyer dorks coveting 'tactical knives'    10/17/19  (2)
How does Asian pussy feel?    10/17/19  (27)
Don't like normal ppl running for prez. We need leaders, killers, billionaires,    10/17/19  (2)
Better life: Kirkland fund formation share partner or CSLG?    10/17/19  (15)
Mahomes just tore his ACL    10/17/19  (15)
Rate my Staff Halloween Party (CSLG)    10/17/19  (3)
RATE the CFO of arodcorp (A-Rod's private investment firm)    10/17/19  (50)
Working at a startup, you really see how they hire and fire to stay afloat    10/17/19  (40)
What’s your drug/nootropic stack? The Thread.    10/17/19  (6)
Rate this fireplace (MND and TMF)    10/17/19  (3)
ITT post some of your favorite quotes from literature    10/17/19  (22)
"I'm going to go change into my swimsuit, there's some cookies on the table"    10/17/19  (1)
lol at watching niggerball on a thirsday    10/17/19  (3)
at a 'nice' bar in one of stockton/fresno/bakersfield. LJL    10/17/19  (6)
How the fuck has Joe Flacco conned and faked his way to a 11 year career    10/17/19  (3)
#1 reason for relationship conflict/failure is men's emotional unavailability    10/17/19  (26)
Summon knifemos: absolute monster of a deal. #doodikoff #libcrusher    10/17/19  (48)
Rate this sick burn by Trump    10/17/19  (6)
Dutch Baby vs 450 lb huffing dork DrakeMallard. Who wins?    10/17/19  (5)
% of 18-30 yr olds reporting no sex in past year 2008 vs 2018 men vs women    10/17/19  (26)
Henry Aaron is a nasty slut for Asian men    10/17/19  (1)
my pregnant wife now officially has 34F boobs, congratulate me ITT    10/17/19  (23)
If gays reproduce through rape / molestation, how to trannies reproduce?    10/17/19  (16)
Ljl @ doing anything other than occasionally rolling over to prevent bed sores    10/17/19  (2)
Here's a lecture that your children will be listening to in high school    10/17/19  (2)
"My! Sorry for the cum fart! As I was..." *barfs cum* (Peterman @ MBA interview)    10/17/19  (160)
2018 Dems: Ukraine MUST investigate 2016 election; 2019: it's TREASON to investi    10/17/19  (6)
Mexican army just stormed Sinaloa. Massive gunfights. Chapos sons dead 🚨    10/17/19  (7)
Patrick Mahomes out with torn labia.    10/17/19  (1)
Trumpmos: totally normal that dozens of ppl in Trump WH retired in last week    10/17/19  (1)
Greta Thunberg on getting toothbrush on Halloween: "You have ruined my dreams    10/17/19  (5)
Trumpmo playbook: lie, when caught, just ignore and lie about something else    10/17/19  (1)
“Minkowski space time—and its implications!” he lisped as he prepared the    10/17/19  (1)
Kansas Church Holds Prayer Service for Mahomes' Ankle Injury    10/17/19  (8)
Yesterday: Dems are hawks on Syria!, today: McConnell demands more troops    10/17/19  (1)
Trumpmos - all 12 million illegal Mexicans deported if you also deport Venkatesh    10/17/19  (1)
Big_Boy_Goy.mp5    10/17/19  (1)
Antifa planning Kennedy-style assassination against Trump at Dallas rally    10/17/19  (6)
"U guys like to shit in ur drinking water? What if I give u $400mm?" (Bill Gates    10/17/19  (14)
Chandler do you ever ghost your clients for weeks on end?    10/17/19  (1)
Johnsmeyer now plying his trade on Flyertalk (link)    10/17/19  (2)
Diversity sucks! I only like white people!    10/17/19  (1)
Chandler is going to die of a heart attack the day he becomes a millionaire    10/17/19  (7)
What's it like in the Tulare/Visalia/Hanford/Portervil
le CA area
   10/17/19  (20)
my lawyer won’t return my phone calls :-(    10/17/19  (10)
"Worthless. Have not been raped even once." -- Jinx's one-star whistle review    10/17/19  (1)
Is there a "high white" race?    10/17/19  (113)
standin in line 2 see the food truck thai n theres a shirt on, tyrwhitt blue    10/17/19  (20)
You’re sucidal? Sick! Put this bag over your head and turn the gas valve    10/17/19  (1)
Trump now on Twitch (link)    10/17/19  (5)
HULK HOGAN v ROCKY BALBOA WAS 180    10/17/19  (8)
Dramatic rendering of my pointing out drug fiend loser Ragnus in babby thread (v    10/17/19  (3)
Chandler: Any updates on stopping being a fat unhealthy fuck?    10/17/19  (11)
caged white penises    10/17/19  (1)
Is a mahomes dead?    10/17/19  (1)
*cums with a trans woman* *starts thinking marriage*    10/17/19  (1)
Reminder -- literally 16% of the African-American population is legally retarded    10/17/19  (231)
Any JRPG fans planning on buying Octopath Traveler?    10/17/19  (95)
Ex Admiral advocating for a coup in the pages of the NYT    10/17/19  (5)
You got cum on your face, big disgrace, fucking your ass all over the place    10/17/19  (7)
Patrick Mahones has a sprained ankle, and Andy Reid runs a QB sneak with him    10/17/19  (1)
So RAGNUS has fixed the board like faggot Rach never could    10/17/19  (5)
Outrage among new pharmacists after cheating scandal upends licensing exam resul    10/17/19  (5)
One (1) Person Showed Up at Mark Sanford’s Campaign Launch Against Trump    10/17/19  (4)
500 amazon drones holding sizzling fajitas circling u like vultures    10/17/19  (12)
Details of rape allegations against Girls Do Porn guy    10/17/19  (56)
Isolationism is the only coherent foreign policy stance    10/17/19  (8)
complete inability to form healthy relationship w another human being tp    10/17/19  (1)
Gunman Wearing Body Armor Arrested Outside Trump Dallas Rally    10/17/19  (2)
Can't bring myself to order fajitas bc of the attention you get    10/17/19  (164)
blackpilled Silicon Valley data scientist giving a Grand Inquisitor Speech    10/17/19  (1)
Who the fuck sucks non erect cocks?    10/17/19  (3)
"I'm nutting daddy!" mewled Kenny as CLSG and Chandler cut him out of the firm    10/17/19  (3)
Howie I need a straight answer right now - are we friends or not    10/17/19  (1)
Things to do in Nice, France?    10/17/19  (1)
Which of the big-name horror films/sequels are worth watching?    10/17/19  (1)
House to make criminal referral for Erik Prince re lying to congress (link)    10/17/19  (1)
“To determine the ruler of xo ask who you cannot criticize.” King Luis?    10/17/19  (45)
"I'm nutting daddy! I'm really nutting!" moaned duncan donuts    10/17/19  (16)
my mom went to my house and stole my laptop    10/17/19  (11)
2nd cuz: “hehe, I’m making it bigger?” Shrew GF: raps Drake, but skips “    10/17/19  (4)
Did Radiohead age well? I feel like cringing every time I hear their songs now.    10/17/19  (8)
Xi Jinping's youth: Humble beginnings in the Chinese countryside    10/17/19  (3)
Why so many Chink commie trolls on boardtt tonight? Emergency call from Xi Poo?    10/17/19  (1)
How do investment banking bros go from 9am-11pm 5-6 days a week?    10/17/19  (12)
How much emotional baggage does avg single 30 y/o urban woman have?    10/17/19  (12)
I'm 34 and have pancreatitis from drinking beer mostly on weekends    10/17/19  (3)
Sam Hyde has gotten fat (new video)    10/17/19  (8)
Does any Dem candidate have rallies as big as Trump?    10/17/19  (11)
Rate this hot take from a "die for israel" admiral on cnn    10/17/19  (6)
Trumpmos, explain why an Indian "American" would turn to white supremacy?    10/17/19  (1)
UW vs Oregon is currently the best rivalry in college football    10/17/19  (19)
REI is a fucking evil place    10/17/19  (66)
The Benzostained Bears Learn About Antiretrovirals    10/17/19  (6)
You're RSF? Sick. Get into First Class. We're giving the airlines their money ba    10/17/19  (4)
Silence is always the best response, yet something compels is to speak    10/17/19  (7)
has venkatesh subramanians life been ruined for posting here    10/17/19  (1)
ATP Oct 14-20 Thread - Antwerp | Moscow | Stockholm #tennis    10/17/19  (19)
shittiest poster: Henry Aaron or Venkatesh?    10/17/19  (3)
Fat guy with a tucked in t-shirt tp    10/17/19  (1)
all the ‘pinders in the house say yeah    10/17/19  (1)
it's shocking how degenerate & selfish the average person is    10/17/19  (8)
LJL at proles and their student loans.    10/17/19  (10)
women are house niggers    10/17/19  (2)
Tulsi going full neocon re: Kurds    10/17/19  (6)
how much of a fag do you have to be to play video games on the computer    10/17/19  (35)
anyone at the trump rally?    10/17/19  (1)
Animated Frog reaches down into Earth for beverage (vid)    10/17/19  (1)
damn daddy smoking my meth boner like a bong    10/17/19  (2)
prole tell: using a rotisserie chicken as an "ingredient" in a dish    10/17/19  (4)
how is no one talking about the bald and bankrupt controversy    10/17/19  (17)
damn daddy is a cunt    10/17/19  (2)
damn daddy personally raping degenerate potsmokers to death    10/17/19  (3)
Dark knight is unwatchable    10/17/19  (22)
$50 million but u have to listen to 311's "Down" every waking second for 25 yrs    10/17/19  (8)
Bald n Bankrupt guy is pathological sexpat pua. Videos not the same knowing this    10/17/19  (16)
Antarctic Sea Ice Reaches New Record Minimum. Care 2 deny climate, Trumpkins?    10/17/19  (3)
Would rather watch an episode of Adam West Batman than 22 min of Dark Knight    10/17/19  (5)
Why do people fellate The Dark Knight?    10/17/19  (58)
I've gotten to the point where I show up to court smelling like alcohol several    10/17/19  (10)
How much does a product manager at Google make?    10/17/19  (9)
That Girls Do Porn guy is badass    10/17/19  (4)
Ooof! Not a good look! (You)    10/17/19  (2)
Tulsi has perfect foresight    10/17/19  (3)
alcoholicmos: what are early signs of pancreatitis, cirrhosis, cancer, etc    10/17/19  (9)
*ragnus leaning his head into a pathetic punch, then munching obese box*    10/17/19  (5)
just did an "Eriq LaSalle" in the office. split my suit pants + fucked my knee    10/17/19  (1)
Married men: how many lovers did your wife have before you?    10/17/19  (63)
Very sad when you have to put down a totally healthy golden retriever    10/17/19  (76)
What happened to The Mighty Quinn tp    10/17/19  (1)
Mulvaney: "Yes there was a quid pro quo and yes Trumpmos are fucking stupid"    10/17/19  (39)
Obeezy, what's our Shareblue script for the Turkey ceasefire?    10/17/19  (16)
Buying Modern Warfare game worth it?    10/17/19  (22)
SmileDirect, founded by Steve & Jordan Katzman, with $ from their dad’s VC    10/17/19  (7)
Shitlaw Steve did a very shitlaw thing today    10/17/19  (93)

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