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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   07/15/19  (308)
rate this tweet by a Rothschild heir    07/18/19  (20)
Guy in lingerie with his dick in a car tailpipe (pic)    07/18/19  (2)
Have Omar's genitals been mutilated?    07/18/19  (2)
Berkley BANS natural gas in all new construction.    07/18/19  (5)
Ilhan Omar has lived in the US since age TWELVE but still has that retarded acce    07/18/19  (19)
most forbidden person u sexed: teacher, relative, mailman,best friend's gf, etc.    07/18/19  (38)
whats the best resource to learn about computers    07/18/19  (1)
Why/how did modern men become such soy boys?    07/18/19  (73)
I'm a German Jew, so maybe that's why I want to kill myself    07/18/19  (17)
180 lib hero Ken Burns serving up dat social marxism as pop history!    07/18/19  (1)
who has the best taste on xo    07/18/19  (5)
Billionaire Spanx founder Sarah Blakely objectively hot, perfect wife (pics)    07/18/19  (22)
Large reductions (up to 75%) in metastasis in patients on aspirin.    07/18/19  (3)
Statistically speaking, in history of universe, what's the chance you'd be born?    07/18/19  (60)
Fatceps here: over/under on my non-black conquest during miami swim week    07/18/19  (22)
Lawman8: Ilhan Omar is not your friend    07/18/19  (152)
SJeWs    07/18/19  (3)
Flyertalk RIGPIG writes report about his Flying J experiences    07/18/19  (12)
Board is dead as fuck these days. We’re done here    07/18/19  (10)
ggtp in a charles tywhitt no tie giving u plastic smilefrown passing u in hallwa    07/18/19  (19)
Trump disavows "send her back" chant from his rally    07/18/19  (10)
*sits at computer in studio apt, cracks knuckles* "Time to take it to the Jews"    07/18/19  (5)
American hero fired for standing up for America (DailyMail)    07/18/19  (6)
Dem plan: third world one party state that enslaves whites for gibsmedats    07/18/19  (1)
Berkeley, CA bans gendered language like "manhole" & "manpower" (link)    07/18/19  (1)
luis whatre you doing today    07/18/19  (1)
At what age should you be making 200k total?    07/18/19  (22)
where does this breezewood pennsylvania meme come from    07/18/19  (1)
Reminder: Grandpa Joe from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory was only 42.    07/18/19  (1)
xo wow vanilla guild? someone set it up    07/18/19  (2)
ITT: we name xo's "squad" and tell them they have to go back    07/18/19  (22)
whats the best age that you have been    07/18/19  (4)
You got a bag for a belly. You got tits, you need a bra. They got hair on them.    07/18/19  (6)
🚨 Trump moving Department of Transportation to Breezewood, PA 🚛💋    07/18/19  (2)
NPR tried to interview cubans in miami about "racist tweet" today & it backfired    07/18/19  (55)
lol that Mexican bezos has is so fucking ugly    07/18/19  (1)
180 thing about Doodikoff is that he is in his mid 40s    07/18/19  (2)
Dershowitz: David Boies fucks WAY more than I do    07/18/19  (33)
Silicon Valley’s Right Wing Is Angry And Punching Back    07/18/19  (1)
Did anyone go to high school with any celebrities?    07/18/19  (12)
*doodikoff blissfully walking around with ranch dressing spilled on his crotch*    07/18/19  (2)
Spent the last 8 hours on gamefaqs. figured out the meaning of life (doodikoff    07/18/19  (2)
All Niggers must ______    07/18/19  (1)
Karl Marx, "On the Jewish Question"    07/18/19  (69)
Do your boomer parents have pensions?    07/18/19  (6)
Why do minorities spend so long at the self serve soda machine?    07/18/19  (17)
Benzo, you tried WASP SPRAY yet?    07/18/19  (2)
Documentary about "dirty soda" drinking culture in Utah (link)    07/18/19  (26)
What was Obama doing while billions of pills were sent into middle America?    07/18/19  (21)
Jimmy Buffett (born Chaim Botvinnik) is an American singer and songwriter    07/18/19  (3)
Hitting up strip clubs mid day solo. How pathetic?    07/18/19  (85)
Me and faggy retard DP penetrating TMFs shitpit while MND fingers herself    07/18/19  (2)
Joel Osteen condemns Trump's racism: "All are equal before the collection plate"    07/18/19  (1)
Sign Up for Jamelle Bouie's Newsletter    07/18/19  (1)
I Know What Boies Likes    07/18/19  (1)
Worse $3B annual to Israel or $3B annual to improve Boomer erections?    07/18/19  (5)
Kindergarten teacher GF told kids to sit "Indian style", one boy started shittin    07/18/19  (7)
How did the brother rumor about Omar start?    07/18/19  (4)
Disgusted doctor: "Mr. Peterman, that white residue is not tonsillitis.    07/18/19  (2)
Bitcoin is up again $9200 -> $11000    07/18/19  (4)
Im meeting Corp slave at bjs on main st in Huntington Beach for lunch    07/18/19  (2)
Do peados always like kids or as they age    07/18/19  (3)
Hint GC doesn't want you to know about... Eat at the cafeteria of local hospital    07/18/19  (29)
Someone gave us a KitchenAid Mixer when we got married    07/18/19  (39)
Buffalo Wild Wings worker fired after putting mustard swastika on burger (link)    07/18/19  (1)
Should I pay one million dollars to live on STATEN ISLAND?    07/18/19  (5)
FATAL FLAW in Varsity Blues    07/18/19  (42)
Bachelorette: Bible Luke was 100% right to call her out for being a WHORE.    07/18/19  (47)
Jimmy Buffett lawyers up, as "Cheeseburger" singer implicated by Epstein    07/18/19  (11)
Currently In DOWNTOWN DALLAS    07/18/19  (8)
shrew brags about "blowing up her marriage" to "become her own trophy wife"    07/18/19  (74)
🇬🇧 OFFICIAL 2019 OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP THREAD #golf 🇬🇧    07/18/19  (65)
FDX Florence to begin hosting Margarita Tuesdays, why    07/18/19  (1)
Epstein’s been denied bail. Pepper thy angus.    07/18/19  (1)
did Jimmy Buffet write any laid-back, caribbean flavored tunes abt lolita island    07/18/19  (4)
Judas Jones has been poasting at a very high level recently    07/18/19  (3)
Recently discovered walmart- jfc I’ve been getting owned by gc for ages    07/18/19  (33)
Judge DENIES Epstein's bail request, says he's a flight risk    07/18/19  (17)
REAL TALK: Jennifer Parker was much hotter in Back to the Future Part I    07/18/19  (3)
Just asked a young woman if she tends to “GO DUTCH” on dates now    07/18/19  (3)
"I've worked hard and deserve everything i ha-" (wallet w 1953 birthdate ID spil    07/18/19  (11)
Feel like pump and dumping an asian girl today    07/18/19  (9)
lawman8...upset jew...what will consuela's next creation be?    07/18/19  (6)
Hope Hicks CHARGED by the SDNY for lying to investigators!    07/18/19  (4)
"Sorry, we can only consider people with Masters," said Boomer with BA    07/18/19  (3)
FATAL FLAW in Karate Kid III: Defending Champ advanced to finals of All-Valley    07/18/19  (17)
I can go up 4 flights of stairs in 27 seconds.    07/18/19  (3)
As a young man in Vienna, I took lessons in constructing imaginary walls from...    07/18/19  (3)
Dershowitz: But my Martha's Vineyard friends!!!!    07/18/19  (5)
John Paul Stevens in HELL taking dump of FETTUCCINE ALFREDO on SCALIA    07/18/19  (4)
Trump defender Dershowitz shunned by Martha's Vineyard    07/18/19  (3)
OH MALK, why regisraritive readers want ban oul clyptocullency Ribla?    07/18/19  (1)
Sim glitch: John Paul Stevens is still alive    07/18/19  (6)
"I had to take out loans for college too!" (Boomer w/ $1,500 in federal loans)    07/18/19  (3)
golden retriever's pavlovian salivation as wife changes panties tp    07/18/19  (1)
so let's be clear. all the nonwhite posters are a) foreign agents b) hate whites    07/18/19  (2)
"SEND HER BACK, SEND HER BACK" - twist, it's Melania    07/18/19  (7)
*Lawman8 spitting out Black Pill to join Black Somali*    07/18/19  (1)
my dream is to work @ intersection of law, technology, business w/ great client    07/18/19  (5)
"Blow up like the World Trade was about weight issues, actually." - Sean Combs    07/18/19  (2)
Me? I work for the market leader in fund formation. What is it that you do again    07/18/19  (3)
"Patriotic American here" - one-way ticket to Ukraine falls out of wallet    07/18/19  (3)
Welp, another thread where I feel bad about my shit life tp    07/18/19  (1)
Did people give slaves as wedding presents back in the day?    07/18/19  (3)
GOP: "lock her up chants OK ... but send her back chants CROSSED THE LINE!"    07/18/19  (22)
Anyone Seen SHTISEL (Ultra-Orthdox Jew Show On Netflix)?    07/18/19  (5)
bloodacre dupa have you heard the latest phish show from WI?    07/18/19  (1)
RATE Mr. Miyagi's pep talk at the end of Karate Kid, Part III    07/18/19  (2)
FATAL FLAW in Back to the Future III - Clara ugly as fuck    07/18/19  (10)
Srs Q: why did this Epstein thing take so long to (re)prosecute?    07/18/19  (2)
Kike CNN reporter: I reached out to Target for comment on Trump’s racist remar    07/18/19  (36)
I wanna vote GOP (cuz I rich 💲)but Trump wanna hang me from a damn tree    07/18/19  (2)
CoCo Vandeweghe nails Holly Sonders with a serve #tennis    07/18/19  (7)
RIP Chilmata - an ignominious way to go out, though:    07/18/19  (2)
Young NATIONAL journos (the kind @ CNN) will do A N Y T H I N G for clicks    07/18/19  (1)
I'm the original HOTWIFE poster, I can now only date women into this    07/18/19  (20)
A law board is filled with unhappy Catholics why    07/18/19  (1)
Rate this observant jewess (video)    07/18/19  (2)
On rewatch of Rocky III, Clubber Lang much more sympathetic    07/18/19  (5)
k-12 education for boys is basically institutionalized "facesitting"    07/18/19  (2)
ITT we list difficult songs to sing during karaoke    07/18/19  (62)
ITT we poast 180 classic Karate Kid clips    07/18/19  (58)
*shows up in China* "Hey, none of you built any of this, so clear out. It's mine    07/18/19  (7)
Think about it, there must be higher love    07/18/19  (17)
stayed up all night. it's 9:20 AM now and not super tired.power through the day?    07/18/19  (8)
Catholics is absolutely indefensible    07/18/19  (8)
Trump: "these immigrants think America is bad, btw America isn't great"    07/18/19  (1)
What goes on in your mind when you see a woman BEND OVER    07/18/19  (1)
My stomach is relatively flat, but I eat anything and BAM dad bod    07/18/19  (6)
Friend at Latham says he still feels Earl's eyes at the urinal    07/18/19  (18)
Fact: "White privilege" just result of thousands of years of competence    07/18/19  (38)
*does the "Iceman teeth chomp" at JJC as I head to first day of HBS orientation    07/18/19  (3)
Liberal prof/Hillary voter: Big Tech manipulated MINIMUM 2.6 mill votes in 2016    07/18/19  (43)
I’ll be willing to engage “white privilege” as a concept when libs discuss    07/18/19  (1)
holy shit i cannot understand the massive number of years you guys poa on xo    07/18/19  (3)
holy shit i cannot understand the massive size of this bus model    07/18/19  (1)
Researchers slice open mosquito heads and follow zombie mosquitos around WTF    07/18/19  (5)
"Send her back" chant more newsworthy than immigration fraud    07/18/19  (2)
holy shit i cannot understand the massive size of this plus model    07/18/19  (30)
Jake Tapper twitter thread: Trump's 4D MAGA chess worked on Dems    07/18/19  (7)
Iranian Navy seizes British oil tanker in Persian Gulf; two crewmen feared dead.    07/18/19  (2)
who is the most conventionally masculine xo poaster    07/18/19  (5)
Would you have babies w this Latina???    07/18/19  (37)
Gov't says inflation is 50% from 1999 to 2019, it's actually 200%    07/18/19  (10)
XO Thiel Accuses Google of Being Infiltrated by Chinese Intelligence    07/18/19  (3)
Rate this instagram account    07/18/19  (1)
nuke israel    07/18/19  (4)
After that racist tweetstorm, Trump will almost certainly lose in 2020. It sucks    07/18/19  (22)

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