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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   10/14/19  (338)
NRA: Beto is our top gun salesman of the year    10/20/19  (3)
99th Percentile SAT: 1500. 99th Percentile Net Worth: $10.38 MILLION    10/20/19  (37)
NYT and NBC: getting nervous about Durham probe    10/20/19  (3)
Ljl @ wagecucks    10/20/19  (6)
chandler = doobs    10/20/19  (2)
fucking another man's ass may not be "gay" but it's troublingly homoerotic    10/20/19  (3)
Said “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander” at a meeting    10/20/19  (3)
hey libs maybe if you didn't go completely fucking insane you'd have a 2020 shot    10/20/19  (6)
Halford resting his flacid cock on doobs's snout for discipline training.    10/20/19  (154)
Progressive auto insurance defends policyholder killer in court    10/20/19  (8)
hey libs don't worry, Trump may only get 2 more SCOTUS appointments    10/20/19  (3)
this whole "open borders" thing is like a Jackass sketch joke, right?    10/20/19  (10)
Climate protestors invade burger joint, get BTFO (video)    10/20/19  (33)
Corporate faggots and biglawyers should be banned from new Yankees stadium    10/20/19  (8)
How are the commuter rails in DC?    10/20/19  (9)
A $300k per year lawyer in rural Ohio can live like a $5m hedge fund guy in CT    10/20/19  (18)
Adam Driver actually does a pretty good job in this SNL skit    10/20/19  (14)
Craft beer dad cheersing as hatchet faced biglaw wife runs half marathon    10/20/19  (3)
Watch this 180 Gazprom Music Video    10/20/19  (7)
Money Heist, but it's Peterman locking himself in a sperm bank    10/20/19  (5)
Scherzer v. Cole and Strasburg v. Verlander x 2    10/20/19  (7)
anyone else here genuinely pity wagecucks?    10/20/19  (4)
Trump: "And then there's this guy, Dupa--*crowd boos*--folks, folks, hang on--    10/20/19  (116)
CFB Playoff: Alabama, LSU, Florida, Clemson    10/20/19  (7)
Link to real Whokebe’s best work?    10/20/19  (23)
eating meat is completely indefensible    10/20/19  (160)
i want to be a vagetarian morally but i crave man-meat :(    10/20/19  (1)
He savagely rammed it up my ass... whispered whok to the nurse    10/20/19  (30)
i want to be a vegetarian morally but i crave meat :(    10/20/19  (25)
Bernie: comparing my socialism to Venezuela's is extremely unfair (link)    10/20/19  (7)
What should I buy at REI today?    10/20/19  (8)
Homeless San Diego woman keeps 300 rats in her van    10/20/19  (3)
Teams that beat or went to 3 OTs s Michigan: App State, Army Wiscy, Penn State    10/20/19  (1)
anyone else feel like dupa's a pretty terrible poaster?    10/20/19  (6)
Hollywood already writing script about first all-female space walk    10/20/19  (6)
CFB Playoffs : SMU, Appalachian St, Minnesota, Baylor    10/20/19  (1)
Sorry whok, I know I said I had a condom on. I did not (jinx)    10/20/19  (10)
Rating posters for the next hour    10/20/19  (19)
Jinx's cum blasting out of whok's asshold like exhaust from a WWI biplane    10/20/19  (16)
TS Eliot    10/20/19  (5)
Ponytailed Doctor Daddys talkin to their kids about limp dicks    10/20/19  (4)
Middle aged man flies 4500 miles to have sex with whokebe    10/20/19  (9)
WHO ATE MY ASS OUT? WHOK, WHOK, WHOK, WHOK! (Jinx)    10/20/19  (132)
Just realized "jinx" is a figment of whok's imagination    10/20/19  (3)
Past-their-prime women (27+) trying to "sell" themselves on online dating    10/20/19  (42)
RATE this pic of a shitlib who goes by "they/their"    10/20/19  (6)
My craft beer husband now officially has 34F boobs, congratulate me ITT    10/20/19  (1)
Just watched SCREAM for 1st time ever. What does Neve Campbell look like now?    10/20/19  (13)
Many of these cool mid 30s craft beer dads are actually sponsored by Patagonia    10/20/19  (13)
my pregnant wife now officially has 34F boobs, congratulate me ITT    10/20/19  (30)
*nuts in Doodikoff's ass and then pushes him into a slow moving river*    10/20/19  (1)
Rate the intro to "Yo Yogi!" (1991)    10/20/19  (1)
Game winning HR hit a "King & Spalding" sign    10/20/19  (4)
So if uninsured driver plows into you, you pay MORE for repairs/medical care?    10/20/19  (10)
Welp, Mr Jinx is posting again. JFC    10/20/19  (10)
"What are we cheersing for haha?" "It's for nude luis' back," you say gravely    10/20/19  (2)
seems like new orleans is pretty 180    10/20/19  (5)
oh boy that's a lot of tiktok ungh teens i hope they're underage ungh i'm a lawy    10/20/19  (1)
As much as SNL sucks, being a writer/actor for it sounds 180    10/20/19  (11)
just realized i need to deal with TPMS for my snow tires/wheels    10/20/19  (6)
35y.o. depressed lawyers at Buffalo Wild Wings, NFL on tv, TikTok vids on phones    10/20/19  (4)
Kind of want to go to REI today    10/20/19  (1)
Smoltzy, chicks did the long ball, not the bald spot    10/20/19  (1)
feeling a big upset in CFB today    10/20/19  (24)
Lonely hunter you there? Need to chat    10/20/19  (11)
Something wrong Daddy? You’re nutting    10/20/19  (1)
Biggest budding sports superstar: Mahomes vs Zion    10/20/19  (17)
Something wrong Patrick? You're sweating.    10/20/19  (6)
Washington "huskies" getting fucked up the ass    10/20/19  (5)
Alex Rodriguez doesn't get enough credit for being no. 3 all time HRs    10/20/19  (5)
Columbia v. North Face v. Patagonia v. Eddie Bauer    10/20/19  (27)
Diesel is one of the best poasters of all time    10/20/19  (9)
REI is a fucking evil place    10/20/19  (68)
Do you ever meet girls that look like shit in pics but great IRL?    10/20/19  (22)
seattle has a really nice REI    10/20/19  (2)
It’s amazing how wasteful some people of little means can be    10/20/19  (35)
U.S. servicemen in Syria mutinying, deserting en masse to join Kurdish fighters    10/20/19  (1)
just bought myself a new snowboard    10/20/19  (24)
looks like my boys can swim!    10/20/19  (55)
Cute little puppies in the box    10/20/19  (2)
Men age like shit, it must suck to be a woman paired off with an old geezer    10/20/19  (1)
Astros v Nats seems unwatchable    10/20/19  (26)
Rate this blonde and brunette (music video)    10/20/19  (3)
Movie idea. Straight guy gets colon transplant from queer, becomes slutty bottom    10/20/19  (41)
Enjoy the peaceful Sunday morning BEFORE NIGGERS START KILLING    10/20/19  (20)
Ljl @ vaginas    10/20/19  (2)
Why don't other states have a diner culture like New Jersey?    10/20/19  (23)
Ggtp im giving it all up. Quitting in Jan with no plans you mad    10/20/19  (8)
why arent samoan guys dominating MMA    10/20/19  (6)
***RUGBY WORLD CUP QUARTERFINALS DAY 2***    10/20/19  (23)
TS Elite    10/20/19  (1)
TS Globalist    10/20/19  (1)
so no one tried to burn down the notre dame cathedral?    10/20/19  (7)
Im talking about the millennium (christopher moltisanti)    10/20/19  (2)
Carmilla soprano being a huge cunt until Tony buys her something    10/20/19  (4)
Trump 2d Cir Nominee Under Fire For Praising ISRAEL For Ethno-Nationalism    10/20/19  (2)
Tennis Trivia: ID These 4 Russian Chicks (& 4 Dudes) On Private Jet #tennis    10/20/19  (2)
Whok, how much is a 2 bedroom apt in Brisbane    10/20/19  (14)
whok, ITT I will rate you as a track off A Love Supreme (pf)    10/20/19  (16)
whok, Canelo is hot as fuck    10/20/19  (87)
A lawyer income in the south allows you to live an antebellum landed gentry life    10/20/19  (25)
farting, cumming, and bleeding out of the same hold    10/20/19  (19)
I cant stop smoking weed and fucking single mothers    10/20/19  (2)
whok, do you listen to industrial/metal rock?    10/20/19  (10)
bloodacre, rate this bass cover    10/20/19  (1)
Why is the entire front page purple    10/20/19  (2)
22 year old guy here. feels like life is over.    10/20/19  (14)
I fucked 5 different women this week and feel like absolute fucking shit    10/20/19  (13)
"I'm nutting daddy!" mewled whokebe as he got a 153 LSAT and 22 MCAT    10/20/19  (1)
Fucked four different girls this week. Feel like absolute garbage.    10/20/19  (12)
Whok describe your repugnance lately    10/20/19  (8)
Respond to biglaw partner emails with "I'm nutting daddy!!"    10/20/19  (1)
Who here wants to share a Southern antebellum home with me???    10/20/19  (1)
Which posters have lived up to their hype?    10/20/19  (11)
One good thing about fucking white collar single moms is they usually never stay    10/20/19  (4)
"I'm nutting daddy!" mewled Peterman as ETH went to 0    10/20/19  (1)
"I'm nutting daddy," boner polics robotically moaned as I dicked his potato hole    10/20/19  (1)
Buck naked Cory Booker barebacking Jussie Smollett while Pelosi purses lips    10/20/19  (13)
so the asst dep prosecutor of a nj circuit came all over my bed last night    10/20/19  (5)
whok, guess what I'm listening to right now    10/20/19  (1)
45 year old dudes that lay 5+ women a week on tinder are mentally ill right?    10/20/19  (6)
I’m voting Rubio in 2024    10/20/19  (1)
scientists find that climate change is making frogs too lazy to have sex (link)    10/20/19  (1)
Hangin out at Chili's, cokes and shit everywhere, yelling nigger.    10/20/19  (2)
so aliens exist, elite pedo rings run the world, and SJWism is just white hate?    10/20/19  (4)
Is SMOKING HEMP prole?    10/20/19  (2)
Why does meth adderrall etc = COCKMEAT    10/20/19  (8)
biz idea: track down guys who comment 'I'm straight but' & turn into POZ PIGS    10/20/19  (2)
Is "Coffee Shop" As A Synonym For "Diner" A Regional Thing Or Old Thing?    10/20/19  (2)
anyone else notice some posters are kind of negative here    10/20/19  (23)
Why is it so hard to get my dick inside of pussy    10/20/19  (37)
Diesel is staying single and no LTRs the credited life path    10/20/19  (29)
What was it like watching LOTR in theaters when the Rohirrim saved Gondor?    10/20/19  (20)
whacking off to whispering asmr girls in bikinis is the new sears catalogue    10/20/19  (2)
China literally LEVELING Tibetan Buddhist monasteries (satellite pics)    10/20/19  (4)
whokebe, I'm finally back from my 14-year hiatus. I love you. (mr.jinx)    10/20/19  (10)
ATP Oct 14-20 Thread - Antwerp | Moscow | Stockholm #tennis    10/20/19  (31)
KamalaSexy, if Joe Biden offers you VP spot would you take it?    10/20/19  (1)
Lance "Rafa" Nadal Wedding Paparazzi Pix: RATE Xisca Dress (PICS) #tennis    10/20/19  (9)
it pisses me off when the Live PD cops let criminals evade them in chases    10/20/19  (1)
I can predict the future    10/20/19  (2)
Live PD is basically a low budget documentary of red state America    10/20/19  (1)
diesel is a big fat homo    10/20/19  (2)
PSA: Diesel is on an FBI watch list    10/20/19  (2)
see you on the western sky is a jinx alt. Be very careful around him.    10/20/19  (1)
Wow!! That guy threw a ball and another man grabbed it!!    10/20/19  (3)
Wow!! That guy can bounce the ball really fast!!    10/20/19  (1)
Wow!! Did you see that guy run really fast?    10/20/19  (1)
Wow!! Did you see that guy use a stick to tap little ball into a hole??    10/20/19  (2)

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