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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   02/21/20  (384)
Russia literally rounding up Chinese and exterminating them    02/23/20  (2)
Is a sensual pussyjob to completion gay?    02/23/20  (1)
Good kids who murdered Tessa Majors face 7.5 years in jail. NYT furious.    02/23/20  (82)
Tuesday's Dem debate is going to be a Bernie pile-on    02/23/20  (13)
Primaries w/ no results. "Leading" candidates like Bberg not even participating    02/23/20  (4)
Explosive ejaculation inside childless 36 yo woman    02/23/20  (39)
This COVID-19 thing is overblown yes or no    02/23/20  (9)
Stocks will crash soon once China supply shock hits    02/23/20  (30)
Shoot self with your moms gun which you inherited? Cr?    02/23/20  (1)
On Monday I become richer than I ever dreamed    02/23/20  (56)
Kenny remember how you tried to bully me? For like 2 years    02/23/20  (13)
Can we have kenny’s guns taken away?    02/23/20  (1)
ever get in the news for some law thing you did?    02/23/20  (1)
Chicks puffing on cigarettes sucking down beer a turn off?    02/23/20  (8)
Is a it a turn off for a woman to smoke even is shes hot?    02/23/20  (7)
Protip to associates: You can relieve partners of duty    02/23/20  (88)
Literally insane that a good portion of your potential “options” are fat    02/23/20  (7)
CBS green lights sitcom “Comrades” starring Oleg Deripaska    02/23/20  (2)
Me: aggressively shorting Tesla because logic. U: ask about retarded coins    02/23/20  (104)
Had an emergency global call on virus today    02/23/20  (24)
Bloomberg: "Debating is a lot more difficult than farming. Can't teach debate"    02/23/20  (7)
E*Trade Pumo asking partents for more "equity options tokens"    02/23/20  (3)
Ljl at anyone who doesn't own millions of RSR and DAG    02/23/20  (2)
Squanch-oh. Squaaanch-oh. Kallman come and me wanna go home.    02/23/20  (2)
Anyone have the Capital One Savor/Savor One card?    02/23/20  (1)
GF called me a “fucking loser.” ATD?    02/23/20  (2)
Is it prole to use an iPhone?    02/23/20  (10)
Between 2008 and 2018, Sweden saw 1500% rise in "gender dysphoria" cases    02/23/20  (13)
assfaggot rate this essential nu-metal guide    02/23/20  (21)
John DeLorean here, for Cutty Sark    02/23/20  (1)
Christopher Andrew "Ender"[1] Carrabba[2] is the lead singer of the band Dashboa    02/23/20  (2)
Oh great, miserable cumdumpster "TS Henry Aaron" is here to regulate xo    02/23/20  (57)
SHITLAW HYPO: how to settle a car incident privately w/o getting jewed later    02/23/20  (5)
Hillary Clinton enters the 2020 Dem Convention to Daft Punk's "One More Time"    02/23/20  (8)
Bulgarian actress getting a head massage    02/23/20  (1)
Robert Davi un-aired 1988 appearance on Sesame Street    02/23/20  (2)
kenny still having an awesome xo weekend?    02/23/20  (1)
CNBC: Bernie is the frontrunner because we raised our kids to be fucking idiots    02/23/20  (34)
Nirvana performing on "The Muppet Show" (1992) - vid    02/23/20  (9)
Of course the hot guy I matched with want me to bang his tranny gf    02/23/20  (5)
Meeting up with an F to M trans tonight. Any questions?    02/23/20  (22)
"Whatchu doin wi'dat phone, nigger?" -- mike tyson last night    02/23/20  (1)
Johnsmeyer here, just want to explain something that is getting twisted    02/23/20  (110)
Cackling Hillary Clinton spiderwalks into 2020 brokered convention    02/23/20  (3)
She learned to love eating -- and herself -- despite a lifetime of fat shaming    02/23/20  (11)
Remember when the Situation roasted Donald Trump? (vid)    02/23/20  (2)
Scientific American: NASA's killer astroid detection team is devoid of diversity    02/23/20  (2)
Several knights in full armor seen riding from Buckingham Palace to Meghan's    02/23/20  (2)
What is your tactic when working with a shitty person at work?    02/23/20  (15)
Reminder to kenny: I’m your better. I’m white    02/23/20  (1)
I hate myself and I want to die tonight. I want to kill my self dead.    02/23/20  (4)
wow    02/23/20  (3)
If kikes have sex with niggers, what happens?    02/23/20  (24)
Paradise of Yesterday: Nightlife (vaporwave album)    02/23/20  (1)
155 people infected with coronavirus in Italy as of today    02/23/20  (7)
Tm Steyer is for monetary reparations for slavery    02/23/20  (3)
Tom Steyer could have given every African American in this Country $5    02/23/20  (1)
Latins are very honest & hard working    02/23/20  (5)
Anyone know why they deducted that point from Fury?    02/23/20  (4)
Is it prole to eat boneless wings?    02/23/20  (1)
Everything is fraud.. Time is a fraud nothing has changed or improved.. Gotten    02/23/20  (5)
My dad just died, but I’m out here campaigning for a billionaire (m douglas tp    02/23/20  (1)
Anyone else here a super-cucky liberal IRL?    02/23/20  (6)
xo Ben Shapiro is so 180.    02/23/20  (4)
less than Jeff Bezos wealth = dirt poor    02/23/20  (1)
Ordered a white russian. Waitress told me there's no such thing.    02/23/20  (69)
How is Vancouver and Toronto not completely pozzed with Coronavirus by now?    02/23/20  (6)
The GOP cries out voter fraud as it commits voter fraud    02/23/20  (2)
"Foreigners are meddling in our elections!" *lets illegal Mexicans vote*    02/23/20  (48)
don't see how normal non-racists could have prob with beaners    02/23/20  (39)
How is undocumented meddling any different from Russian meddling?    02/23/20  (8)
would you rather be hated or be ignored?    02/23/20  (3)
Watched a spic try pack my grocery bag. It was like she was solving an integral    02/23/20  (5)
MDH you talked a lot of shit this weekend but I still love you bro    02/23/20  (4)
Serious Q re recently hired employee - need ADVICE    02/23/20  (24)
literal foreigners posing as "US" libs calling pro-American POTUS a "traitor"?    02/23/20  (15)
luis googling tylenol vs advil back pain, tiny house, 102 iq percentile at 3 am    02/23/20  (16)
If chemotherapy works, why not just do chemo spa 1x/year prophylaxis regimen    02/23/20  (3)
Nevada still at only 60% reporting....    02/23/20  (2)
Bloomberg quietly plotting brokered convention strategy    02/23/20  (3)
It's about a mad plastic surgeon, with a pig fetish, that likes to convert hot c    02/23/20  (1)
John DeLorean invented 'looks maxing'    02/23/20  (3)
I beat up a chomo    02/23/20  (11)
how silly do you have to be to believe Sanders could actuate any of his agenda    02/23/20  (6)
Aging unhappy alcoholic shrews = a fast-growing demographic in the US    02/23/20  (13)
Netflix show on Fall of Constantinople is 170    02/23/20  (40)
Visiting Europe should be 180 this summer. No chinks.    02/23/20  (6)
📱 ITT: 𝐎𝐍𝐋𝐘 those who ordered a Samsung Galaxy S20 (any version)    02/23/20  (15)
Hiring female board of directors destroys 60 Billion dollars in CA    02/23/20  (35)
Flat Earth theorist crashes rocket into ground    02/23/20  (1)
Bernie 2020    02/23/20  (1)
Hard cold truth: Dems have moved far left; Republicans haven’t moved at all    02/23/20  (31)
Why isn't Lexus still in the hard top convertible game?    02/23/20  (1)
The Bernie Sanders freaks are going to create a HUGE rift on xo    02/23/20  (43)
GOY what's your current juul situation?    02/23/20  (4)
MoreDoughHi genuinely hates asian people. Bump this thread if you do too    02/23/20  (12)
Should I go drive around or go to the bar?    02/23/20  (8)
The poasting will be 180 when Coronavirus is in full swing in U.S. cities    02/23/20  (7)
DON'T WATCH HUNTERS. Awful show.    02/23/20  (5)
XO 2019: "here are my thoughts on athiesm"    02/23/20  (2)
anyone STUNTIN irl today?    02/23/20  (1)
Hm search Kallmans only like 3 threads on xo ever odd case    02/23/20  (2)
coronavirus incubation could be 27 days = were fucked    02/23/20  (1)
askav is prancy Klinefelter syndrome GRID fag that subsists on negro semen    02/23/20  (3)
GET FUCKED    02/23/20  (2)
For Bill Kristol, Never-Trumpers, a Possible 'French Connection' in 2020 (Natio    02/23/20  (14)
MSNBC reporter very upset that room full of Latinos support Bernie    02/23/20  (71)
So Sanders wants to take my money and give it to niggers? And that's good?    02/23/20  (9)
Top 10 WORST posters currently posting on XO:    02/23/20  (1)
The spic takeover of America is a never ending nightmare    02/23/20  (81)
"Watch this, haha" *kike friend presses button* *stock market crashes*    02/23/20  (38)
I have little good to say for Drake, but he sucks a GOOD dick.    02/23/20  (2)
Fred Durst crowd surfing over burning pile of Garfield phones    02/23/20  (1)
*ctrl-Fs "jew" on Jonathan Davis's wiki page* *exhales in relief*    02/23/20  (2)
Israel is probably one of the best countries in the world    02/23/20  (10)
"Well, I pissed on my balls again" (DrakeMallard)    02/23/20  (27)
Taken aback at Tyson Fury's Baldness    02/23/20  (4)
Coronavirus fears seem to be stalling tech this year - sell everything?    02/23/20  (2)
Introducing Nu Metal & race realism to ur TikTok zoomer gf    02/23/20  (1)
"Tyson Fury is not a power puncher"    02/23/20  (3)
Presidential salary is now wayy below the poverty line    02/23/20  (1)
500k is now well below the poverty level net even single    02/23/20  (3)
   02/23/20  (1)
Lmao at the pockmarked virginal geeks obsessing over my race on sat morning    02/23/20  (124)
Sanders is truly an inspirational dude    02/23/20  (35)
Lol at Whites    02/23/20  (6)
Anything under 11 million per year net is poverty for straight married couple    02/23/20  (1)
I will fight with every poster on this board    02/23/20  (12)
Apparently if you're a 6'9 boxer, you're not a power puncher    02/23/20  (1)
Listened to entire Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory album last week lol    02/23/20  (1)
Coronavirus now all through Iran: Chinese workers to blame    02/23/20  (18)
9th circuit full of BETRAYAL    02/23/20  (12)
Cowgod do you have a FILM rec to numb thoughts of another week of wagecucking    02/23/20  (2)
Body found hanging from tree in Central Park (link)    02/23/20  (1)
The 1984 film version of 'Under the Volcano' was pretty good    02/23/20  (3)
Moderate Dems in July: tbh, socialism doesn't sound THAT bad    02/23/20  (1)
might be a good time to sell your stocks    02/23/20  (12)
the problem w/ xo is that asians/jews/browns don't have commitment to reason    02/23/20  (1)
Immigrant avoids deportation, tortures and murders two Boston docs in their apt    02/23/20  (68)
Only attracted to big/pregnant chicks but they crush In bed put paper bag    02/23/20  (6)
TS Wilbur Mercer is just a pockmarked canvas for me to paint my jizz masterpiece    02/23/20  (1)
don't get how someone could enjoy minesweeper    02/23/20  (3)
Death>life always    02/23/20  (2)
reminder: 1 set of working balls under SP's roof-which bed did SP wife sleep in?    02/23/20  (9)
don't see how non-RACISTS could have problem w/ jew-orchestrated demographic rep    02/23/20  (1)
Any retards want to fuck with me this morning?    02/23/20  (13)
Elimination of single combat in modern warfare is 120    02/23/20  (9)
Dutch Baby is off his meds again. Prepare for nonstop spamming    02/23/20  (9)
Voodoo Child auditioning new "bad boy" alts after Henry Aaron embarrassment    02/23/20  (36)
cowgod 2/23 megathread    02/23/20  (1)

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