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Ever been in a confusing relationship with a woman?    05/26/20  (1)
US soldiers arrested for ARMED ROBBERY in JAPAN    05/26/20  (1)
Trump destroyed economy/america but Biden said "u aint black" so I'm undecided    05/26/20  (1)
ITT: videos of MINNEAPOLIS burning tonight    05/26/20  (31)
starting to enjoy hating everything    05/26/20  (3)
rach noticed that bort activity was slowing down, less poasters daily    05/26/20  (1)
"devastating for board libs" he shrieked w/ minor variations under 40 alts    05/26/20  (1)
Site really slows down when the FBI is indexing it.    05/26/20  (4)
Politico: Dems and Biden team FREAKING OUT about post covid economic recovery    05/26/20  (2)
In a peaceful first world homogeneous patriarchal society with feminine women.    05/26/20  (51)
When ur late 30s it’s all a snowballing descent to the grave    05/26/20  (4)
Go Topless BEACH VIDEO    05/26/20  (3)
Conservative Men Are Pointing Loaded Guns At Their Crotches To ‘Own the Libs'    05/26/20  (61)
vonNeumann please psychoanalyse me. I am willing to pay for it too.    05/26/20  (2)
40-50x more sexual parnters who were each 40-50x bigger. 1600-2500x more volume?    05/26/20  (6)
Check in if you're a fag who was NOT in a frat in college. That means YOU.    05/26/20  (40)
Siege of Stalingrad photos show several 300 lb women with thyroid disorders prov    05/26/20  (24)
Morris the Cat arriving at 1987 Emmy awards in stretch limo (video)    05/26/20  (2)
Psychoanalysis of CSLG    05/26/20  (85)
what does BLM do if everyone agrees that one of their outrages is warranted?    05/26/20  (3)
Part time bschool Cr?    05/26/20  (2)
okay this karen thing is starting to grow on me, completely hilarious    05/26/20  (1)
New pic. That’s not my nipple. Just a shadow, you pervs. (Julia)    05/26/20  (14)
BAM! You're Amy Cooper; what's your next move?    05/26/20  (20)
we need an updated talk about women in america in 2020 lol    05/26/20  (7)
Missed Something: Why Did The Birder Nig Have Dog Treats?    05/26/20  (35)
Anderson Cooper interviewed Amy Cooper about altercation with Christian Cooper    05/26/20  (1)
What would happen if American cops were only issued Billy Bats and no guns?    05/26/20  (1)
Amy Cooper not too good looking    05/26/20  (5)
XO fast again    05/26/20  (7)
New research shows Covid constantly mutates like HIV, will kill host after years    05/26/20  (62)
My internet friends are (1) major depressives (2) tufts burnouts (3) tranies (4)    05/26/20  (11)
Covid19 stays with you FOR LIFE like HIV and herpes (link)    05/26/20  (23)
Oh, you travel = gook dullard    05/26/20  (12)
I'm literally ataying with chick she's showing less affection playing hard 2 get    05/26/20  (1)
ITT: We predict RSF's LSAT score    05/26/20  (74)
POLL: Has your job, salary, net worth been impacted by coronavirus?    05/26/20  (4)
trump is a lucky SOB, if shitlibs riot/burn down MPLS tonight its great for him    05/26/20  (4)
3/22/2020 COVID-19 Symptoms Check-In Thread    05/26/20  (123)
are Oru Kayaks cr?    05/26/20  (1)
spiritual wickedness in high places tp    05/26/20  (1)
"We will win so much, you will get tired of winning." - Donald J. Trump    05/26/20  (10)
"Karen" is just yet another instance of libs projecting    05/26/20  (10)
Every time a cop wrongly kills a black guy I'm reminded that COPS ARE FUCKING    05/26/20  (8)
Second Cousin: you've got my pussy sopping! ;) Shrew GF: HE WAS BIRDWATCHING!    05/26/20  (2)
NIGGER shot over who got to the gas pump first    05/26/20  (12)
Libs I'm confused. Are masks in public for my protection or everyone else's    05/26/20  (2)
Reminder: *healthy* people wearing masks as a prophylactic is pseudoscientific    05/26/20  (3)
Netflix: The Platform    05/26/20  (16)
The Platform on Netflix    05/26/20  (1)
Are xo trumptards actually defending the police officers in Minneapolis?    05/26/20  (11)
Was the Roman Empire doomed to fail eventually?    05/26/20  (13)
Romans 1:26-27 is about sex with men for money    05/26/20  (2)
Was gonna have a 3some with a white couple Wed but I fucked it up (TT6)    05/26/20  (13)
Biggest Trump supporter on this board, but he’s done in 2020.    05/26/20  (11)
Commercial real estate market is deader than you think...game over high rent    05/26/20  (64)
it’s all a lie & it can be done on a computer    05/26/20  (5)
Rate 2020 libs reaction to this scene from National Lampoon's Vacation (1983)    05/26/20  (7)
Fall of the Roman Empire    05/26/20  (14)
A Lawyer makes more per hour than TS Amanda?    05/26/20  (1)
TRUMPMOS: Duh Constitution. I ain't wearin' no mask. States: The fuck you won't    05/26/20  (20)
The masks aren't for your protection. They're a sign of your submission.    05/26/20  (9)
Is it normal to eat the same things every day?    05/26/20  (3)
What was midieval Christian worship like?    05/26/20  (39)
Amerikkka not even a fully open air prison now    05/26/20  (4)
Trump accused of murder of pregnant assistant in 2000. Gaining steam    05/26/20  (3)
ggtp has been a real whiny contrarian “moderate” (shitlib) bitch on XO latel    05/26/20  (12)
877-Kars4Kids plays as Trump twitter rants about Mexicans    05/26/20  (22)
Whatever happened to Notre Dame Drunk Driver Jon Schoenwetter?    05/26/20  (3)
Mossad: Acquired 80 Million Masks In March | US CDC: Masks Make You More Sick!    05/26/20  (5)
Rate Peter Thiel’s Wikipedia page    05/26/20  (5)
where can i find an adoptive dad (or dads)    05/26/20  (6)
"As Debts Rise, So Do Fears of Anti-Semitism" (NYT)    05/26/20  (9)
We need to end GC and go back to hunter gatherer days    05/26/20  (25)
The problem, Paulinus, is not that we have a short life, but that we waste time    05/26/20  (2)
Social media has really ruined America. It shows us at our absolute worst.    05/26/20  (5)
CNBC: cases down average 29% in states open at least 2 weeks    05/26/20  (21)
The black Karen: Laqueesha    05/26/20  (1)
Currently training my dog to piss on a strangers leg if offered a dog treat    05/26/20  (1)
Trump calling a company laying off 20% of its employees "Great News!" (link)    05/26/20  (1)
Current trajectory of America mirrors the fall of Roman empire    05/26/20  (42)
I don't know who is worse Chinks who beat and eat dogs or White ppl who    05/26/20  (9)
How Fear, Groupthink Drove Unnecessary Global Lockdowns    05/26/20  (6)
they call me mr gay sex sir hottie naughty gay sex    05/26/20  (3)
Intense cardio will keep blood flowing to penis?    05/26/20  (2)
Anyone else viscerally repulsed by healthy ppl walking around w masks on?    05/26/20  (72)
Franklin Templeton to Amy Cooper: "Ding, bitch!"    05/26/20  (82)
buddy who retired to Thailand doesnt miss America shithole at all    05/26/20  (5)
50 Cent clowning on ripoff Complex shoe store    05/26/20  (2)
NYT: “Bird watching has always excluded black people”    05/26/20  (5)
Don't feel like I'm getting to prove myself with this chick    05/26/20  (5)
Governor Newsom to require masks be worn during all adult film shoots    05/26/20  (2)
Thank you Kushner! Pentagon just sent 1 million surgical masks to Israel (link)    05/26/20  (22)
Definitive mask PECKING ORDER    05/26/20  (23)
park shrew is already *fired* from her job? wtf?    05/26/20  (17)
So the birdwatcher by his own version threatened her like a cartoon?    05/26/20  (1)
Moishe, once they've 'self-quarantined' we can take all that's left!    05/26/20  (25)
giving birth to a live computer    05/26/20  (10)
"I like pussy & boob videos," Doobs blurts out in closing argument    05/26/20  (11)
JaggedEdge on National TV, "Can we all get along?!?!?!"    05/26/20  (10)
*doobs returning to darkened HELLROOM every night like the dog in Hachiko waits*    05/26/20  (7)
XO 2002: Ann Coulter is really pissing me off! XO 2020: Same    05/26/20  (3)
The Sopranos world has an interconnectivity as complicated as the MCU    05/26/20  (1)
Good Goyim- KushJew now rules America    05/26/20  (32)
Russian Genius Logic: Build more icebreakers as all ice melts    05/26/20  (2)
🚨 🚨 JIMMY FALLON APOLOGIZES 🚨 🚨    05/26/20  (54)
What’s bird watching about anyway    05/26/20  (2)
Shrew gf: STAY THE FUCK HOME. 2d cousin: stay, fuck me home. ;)    05/26/20  (2)
birds tp    05/26/20  (2)
i did work and smoked weed all day    05/26/20  (4)
Thoughts on this black dude doing his "drive-by" high school graduation? (vid)    05/26/20  (10)
We are going to be SO sick of winning in a couple years    05/26/20  (14)
Was the fall of the Roman Empire an apocalypse situation    05/26/20  (10)
Hypo: you find out Greek mythology is all true. How do you proceed?    05/26/20  (5)
I rowed my kayak 10.3 miles on Lake Wallenpaupack today. Taking ?s.    05/26/20  (2)
Teens react to linkin park reacting to teens reacting to linkin park's music    05/26/20  (1)
4 Bobby Birdshit cops kill a guy suspected of writing bad checks (link)    05/26/20  (1)
I was in a frat in college.    05/26/20  (1)
Do you think Trump gets tired of winning?    05/26/20  (9)
Would you pay $160/night to stay in this log cabin with an outhouse?    05/26/20  (4)
We hit over 100,000 US COVID-19 deaths in less than 3 months. America. Number 1!    05/26/20  (5)
I'm not tired of winning yet. Are you?    05/26/20  (8)
love when kike caricature poster pulls the "LOL, I'M THE ONLY WHITE GUY HERE"    05/26/20  (1)
wearing a mask is COMMON COURTESY, like covering your mouth when you cough    05/26/20  (8)
How PALPABLE is the mad decline of America into the third world right now?    05/26/20  (11)
Only the old whites are obeying Newsom's bullshit. Went into long beach today    05/26/20  (5)
Ben Shapiro is an intellectual heavyweight    05/26/20  (1)
Seriously though - unmarried aging urban white shrews are losing their marbles    05/26/20  (19)
First worlder here. Taking questions about FIRST WORLD HEALTHCARE ITT.    05/26/20  (48)
Judge Rules College Can Revoke Degree Based on Offensive Online Comments (link)    05/26/20  (3)
Reminder: Riots in Milwaukee in 2016 delivered Wisconsin to Trump    05/26/20  (3)
Even when RSF had a job daddy paid for his vacations    05/26/20  (14)
FRIENDLY REMINDER: Cumskins = Niggers    05/26/20  (1)
ERISA EXPERTS: Get ITT. I got a Q.    05/26/20  (1)
RATE my Latina goblina wife & two brown kids    05/26/20  (42)
anyone else been in a store every day of shutdown?    05/26/20  (2)
Governor tsinah in 2025: “that Audio is misleading”    05/26/20  (5)
is peter thiel a bottom or top?    05/26/20  (7)
guys, really been overthinking 'Karen' meme, need to share (5k word post inside)    05/26/20  (1)
lib presumption of absolute authority for covid response is staggering    05/26/20  (21)
NYC dog park incident = SF "dongle" controversy a few years back    05/26/20  (54)
You can't win with women    05/26/20  (2)
Espousing conservative views on social media increasingly penalized, terrifying    05/26/20  (4)
DACA SCOTUS Decision Next Month    05/26/20  (1)
What will happen when it's 1,000 new cases a day in US?    05/26/20  (43)
Which poaster had the hottest wife?    05/26/20  (5)
I can do 3 jumping jacks while XO uploads my posts.    05/26/20  (1)
Rach: I beseech you, pull a Matt Damon in GWH and pull the plug.    05/26/20  (160)
it's fun to watch people get what they want and fail    05/26/20  (1)

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