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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   12/07/19  (352)
Can you make your hobby and business and write it off?    12/08/19  (2)
so Mandalorian is a mediocre show that ppl think's good b/c expectations so low?    12/08/19  (3)
"Becky, when he talks about how he hates women...I get so hot down there"    12/08/19  (9)
Women have no spatial concept of height they just know 6 is better than 5    12/08/19  (3)
Tennis Mag: Djoker/Fed 2019 Wimby Final Is Match Of Decade #tennis    12/08/19  (2)
So US manufacturing has been in a recession under Trump    12/08/19  (7)
Lol libs are so mad Trump won and derailed their stupid gay ass plan to destroy    12/08/19  (13)
I remember when I was a teenager messes didn't bother me    12/08/19  (3)
Depressing illustration of how much girls age from 15 to 25    12/08/19  (30)
Yeah I'll get 12 of the Garlic habaneros and a Blue Moon. Libs your response?    12/08/19  (6)
"The Mandalorian," but it's Peterman sucking and fucking 32 truckers in a row    12/08/19  (3)
“My Daddy has two pussies,” doobs blurted out during Torts    12/08/19  (16)
How do you pronounce New Orleans?    12/08/19  (5)
“Haha. Libs your response?” He said aloud in an otherwise empty office    12/08/19  (43)
LOL Patriots steal Chiefs equipment in attempt to make them forfeit    12/08/19  (1)
PEnn State fucked out of the Rose Bowl like a child in the shower    12/08/19  (7)
OMG Becky his skin is NOT yellow, it’s more of an turdish yellow/brown color    12/08/19  (3)
Trump: the PEACE and PROSPERITY President. Libs, your response?    12/08/19  (4)
Birdshits are 100 percent worthless, chinks dominate everything    12/08/19  (3)
dnc sissies: ButtGay | alpha xo turbonazis: AssFaggot    12/08/19  (3)
Wait, libs are still going on about impeachment insanity?    12/08/19  (22)
cowgod does phenotype determine how you do at oci    12/08/19  (1)
Birdshits are 100 percent worthless, chinks dominate everything    12/08/19  (1)
Blue check Twitter Shrew calls ‘Merry Christmas’ an expression of hate    12/08/19  (21)
ba$ketball is ea$y toss ball in hoop $woo$h pay me ca$h    12/08/19  (1)
Trump economy insane    12/08/19  (10)
Why is Kyle Allen starting in the nfl    12/08/19  (1)
COWGOD’s sex impossible bc Vagina angle is one of the best poas ever.    12/08/19  (18)
*law teens reading ur best xo threads at sleepover, giggling and screaming*    12/08/19  (27)
Obama made health insurance cost $20k/year and no one cares    12/08/19  (10)
"Becky, he expertly lampoons the misery of wagecucking. Lock him down before    12/08/19  (4)
Poast 180 pictures of abandoned places    12/08/19  (23)
NAC puts sulfur in my gut and cures autism    12/08/19  (5)
Remember when Pepito did a barrel roll then shot those “teens”?    12/08/19  (2)
Trumponomics 101    12/08/19  (1)
How many rich/important XO posters have intense political positions?    12/08/19  (3)
citrus bowl alabama 49 michigan 17    12/08/19  (2)
Would b hilarious if 49ers cuck Pats in SB-Belichchick wld kick Brady like a dog    12/08/19  (1)
OMG Becky he's a martindale AV rated superlawyer since 2016!    12/08/19  (4)
ITT: Rate this picture of three drag queens playing with a confused toddler    12/08/19  (16)
sugar bowl Baylor 48 Georgia 14    12/08/19  (1)
Stop calling me Asian you fucking fags. I'm NOT    12/08/19  (41)
For 3.5 billion years EVERY SINGLE ONE of your ancestors successfully reproduced    12/08/19  (28)
Final warning: you guys better stop calling me asian    12/08/19  (55)
Bench press, starting from the down position: really hard    12/08/19  (1)
libs: ITT explain why improving relations w Russia would be BAD    12/08/19  (7)
The Prolest Tell: Bringing an infant to the movies    12/08/19  (11)
OMG Becky, he made MPM elite 8! Wonder if my cheerleader outfit still fits..    12/08/19  (3)
i just want to live my life, without worrying about shit    12/08/19  (1)
I’ve only got 1,970 more weeks left to wagecuck    12/08/19  (14)
Reminder: a man named “Dupa” has 4 kids, u impotently rage online, childless    12/08/19  (14)
Hee ho! Off I go! To wagecuck for my employer on the weekend, yo!    12/08/19  (7)
What is the most VIOLENT, LAWLESS, DANGEROUS cittty in the U.S.?    12/08/19  (7)
rate this 180 Tinder checklist (not flame link)    12/08/19  (8)
"Becky, this one's a COMPLEX litigator. I bet he would 'get' me."    12/08/19  (8)
doesn't matter how smart u are or how hard u work if ppl think ur weird    12/08/19  (4)
Why does Andrew Yang, Chinaman, use "automation" as euphemism for "Chinamen"    12/08/19  (5)
If Ben Simmons had half of LeBron’s work ethic, he’d be in GOAT contention n    12/08/19  (12)
CSLG is the Luka Doncic of xo right now    12/08/19  (4)
Ohios B-tier cities Dayton, Toledo, and Akron shit on most states entire roster    12/08/19  (8)
started calling the energy drinks we sell prole fuel (evan39)    12/08/19  (6)
GROYPERS hire Rachel Dolezal on Cameo to give shoutout to the 13% crew 😂    12/08/19  (12)
ceci n'est pas sex with men for money    12/08/19  (4)
And get this Becky, his niggerthread got SEVENTEEN blank bumps    12/08/19  (6)
Black people will vote Trump because they dont give a shit what white liberal TV    12/08/19  (1)
It sounds like divorced bros are totally traumatized    12/08/19  (3)
New gf said she used to be "really wild" in college    12/08/19  (6)
"OMG Becky he can recite the Unabomber Manifesto from memory!"    12/08/19  (18)
Peterman dragging his bare asshole across the floor of DC Eagle    12/08/19  (5)
'And the way he stress grinds his teeth at night, Becky, oh my god. so. hot."    12/08/19  (41)
"Becky, you don't get it..when he talked about race mixing, it was like poetry"    12/08/19  (5)
People are ju$t wa$ting their live$ on nothing    12/08/19  (1)
OMG Becky! He gets bloody stool and lower back pain before annual reviews!    12/08/19  (4)
Reminder: Michael Scott is an accurate caricature of you    12/08/19  (1)
"Yah Becky he's a litigator, it's so dreamy how he doesnt NEED any exit options"    12/08/19  (3)
"I don't care how bald he is, Becky, I can't date a guy with a resume gap"    12/08/19  (6)
What's the ideal weight for a guy who's 6'2-6'3?    12/08/19  (34)
“Yeah Becky he said he normally tips, but the service charge was    12/08/19  (5)
“ And Becky, he spends 4 hours a day RAGING at Libs online!”    12/08/19  (10)
lol the entire Trump administration is just looting the public coffers    12/08/19  (1)
"Becky, he's a compliance "officer". So mysterious and sexy, right?"    12/08/19  (3)
the Dems have an Indian giver, a socialist jew, a butt fagg0t, a senile old man,    12/08/19  (3)
All high cap alt coins touched their key price levels from before 2017 Dec mania    12/08/19  (11)
Sorry, can't go to the party. Have to work (rages impotently about libs online)    12/08/19  (1)
Prole wheelchaired bald freak caused a disturbance in my store today (evan39)    12/08/19  (5)
Megapoast / Impotent Rage / Arms Flapping    12/08/19  (8)
what is max IQ to actually think that human consciousness "evolved"    12/08/19  (29)
*impotently spams XO for 12+ hours a day about politics* "checkmate libs"    12/08/19  (5)
The goy sighes in reassurance as he buys a warranty for 34 times its actuarial v    12/08/19  (13)
*deblasio impotently shaking fist at me as i peel out from NYC on dirtbike*    12/08/19  (9)
my megaposting | my impotent rage | my crippling anxiety    12/08/19  (5)
Libs literally believe Christian white males are the most dangerous demo in US    12/08/19  (9)
Wesley Snipes beating libs 2 death in public as Demolition Man soundtrack plays    12/08/19  (4)
"Honey, when I called your father an impotent cuck, I only meant politically not    12/08/19  (2)
Meet the Impotent Lawyers Plotting to Undo the Industrial Revolution (vice)    12/08/19  (8)
my tight, teen tiktok pussy isn't gonna fuck itself u bald impotent lawyer    12/08/19  (3)
Does Dork Mallard’s Button dick get rock hard from rageposting all day?    12/08/19  (2)
So 'Rage Against the Machine' rants about 'Nazis' now and not corporations?    12/08/19  (30)
"Libs? Your response?" you say aloud as Google missile drone bombs your garage    12/08/19  (8)
“Oh, AIDS is the least of it,” laughed Peterman as the trucker started weepi    12/08/19  (35)
*Peterman requests inflatable ring from waitress at Flying J* "Tough shift hun?"    12/08/19  (3)
Shouldn’t only the 3 undefeated teams get a chance?    12/08/19  (1)
"Mr. Peterman, there's no way that all just 'slipped in' there"- Doc with xray    12/08/19  (14)
BBC now openly & officially discriminating against whites    12/08/19  (1)
BBC now openly & officially discriminating against whites    12/08/19  (3)
and little peterbois never once gave it away, every trucker had to pay and pay    12/08/19  (11)
💋💋💋💋💋💋$50 $50 $50 Peterboi sucks u dry, fs 24/7    12/08/19  (13)
GenX Halford mystified by Millennial Doobs' Rectal Fry    12/08/19  (10)
Anyone else treat their GF better/worse based on how she looks at the time?    12/08/19  (5)
"Stocking stuffer? In there? OH MY GOD" *RigPig Vomits-- Beady Eyes Narrow*    12/08/19  (16)
Columbus OH man builds nuclear time machine in garage. Neighborhood evacuated    12/08/19  (2)
Peterman & Doobs scoffing at Benzo & TSNIAH- "You call that violent anal?"    12/08/19  (9)
Do CSLG and the like convince themselves their scams don't hurt the defendants    12/08/19  (66)
"I'm here for the Butt... gig?" Peterman sheepishly told the Flying J manager    12/08/19  (2)
I'm HIV+ but don't have AIDS    12/08/19  (1)
Henry Aaron have you ever been asked to pose for a photo like this?    12/08/19  (14)
Is Ponderosa Steakhouse prole?    12/08/19  (1)
Tucker selecting "no tip" on Peterman's cracked Samsung tablet    12/08/19  (1)
Mandalorian s01e01-05 discussion thread    12/08/19  (3)
I’m poor, I’m prole, and I’m a bore    12/08/19  (1)
"Flared base? Is that a challenge?" *beady eyes narrow*    12/08/19  (40)
trucker selecting 'no tip' on peterman's cracked samsung tablet    12/08/19  (61)
FUTURE/PAST : Christmas at Crystal Valley Mall (vaporwave)    12/08/19  (7)
Red Cross personnel burst into laughter as Peterman approaches the donation tent    12/08/19  (16)
"Is that a copy of War and Peace?" "Haha, no that's my medical file." (Peterman)    12/08/19  (2)
Peterman lifting head from trucker's crotch slightly: "Could you switch to NPR?"    12/08/19  (33)
Gone with the Wind but it's Peterman in high heels walking a Flying J lot    12/08/19  (1)
"What the hell did I do? Sucked them all off of course..." - Peterman on hot mic    12/08/19  (15)
Pentagon polling shows majority of white soldiers support Russia    12/08/19  (5)
7 salads Peterman? Seabass wants you & DrakeMallard to do another scat show?    12/08/19  (5)
The reason Ghislaine Maxwell has not been arrested    12/08/19  (42)
Kenny's therapist sighing "ok, Hyung, what did libs do this week"    12/08/19  (26)
Teary-eyed rustbelt trucker: "but Ukraine really needed that $400 million"    12/08/19  (19)
Distressing decline in tiktok threading last few days    12/08/19  (7)
Amex commercial with Tinder 5 girl living the life in NYC    12/08/19  (35)
Lob friend accused me of having Crab Mentality    12/08/19  (4)
Phillipines: Kenny Allegedly Beheads Woman, Eats Brain After She Spoke English    12/08/19  (4)
At breweries, are you a TASTERCUCK, or a PINTBULL?    12/08/19  (27)
Black people may somehow actually save western culture    12/08/19  (30)
UIC Student strangled by Dindu Nuffin bc she ignored him    12/08/19  (8)
Racist White Christian Schoolkids Forcibly Cut Black Girl's Dreadlocked Hair    12/08/19  (201)
More desirable to women, Pats 3rd string TE or HBS student?    12/08/19  (16)
Sci-Fi novel idea: humanity was secretly invaded/enslaved by aliens circa 1870    12/08/19  (9)
Remember when CSLG lied about buying a ski resort?    12/08/19  (21)
What is it that’s so compelling about abandoned factories, buildings, ruins, e    12/08/19  (7)
Trump Speaks At Israeli-American Council: Some US Jews Don't Love Israel Enough    12/08/19  (3)
Chaos at store today! cum and bloody pad on floor(evan39)    12/08/19  (100)
Dark web hacker getting real bad anxiety after logging into your work email    12/08/19  (38)

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