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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   12/07/19  (352)
Jew Mark Cuban has a christmas tree in his house. Lol @ DBG    12/12/19  (24)
"Sanchez has no pace" the white soccer dork said to the asian at 7am on Saturday    12/12/19  (117)
How many people here have never done a single trial?    12/12/19  (34)
lol'ing hard at dweeby American libs who are very "into" UK politics    12/12/19  (9)
got told I should eat more at a dashboard confessional concert again (jafar)    12/12/19  (11)
mark my words, peterman will be the new doobs by the end of this yearhold    12/12/19  (5)
guys maybe now j shad will poast again    12/12/19  (1)
LJL at retards comparing trump to Brexit, Brexit was TIED three weeks out, HTH    12/12/19  (19)
"Daddy, the Elf on the Shelf just said heh." "WE DON'T HAVE AN ELF    12/12/19  (1)
ITT Predict how manY democrats will vote against impeachment    12/12/19  (3)
UK EXIT POLLS IN. XO Boris Wins +50; Antisemite Labour -71. L'Chaim!    12/12/19  (34)
877-Kars4Kids plays as Trump twitter rants about Mexicans    12/12/19  (16)
"Merry Chanukah!"* PDDJ greets DBG at the newly-wreathed door*    12/12/19  (16)
British word spellings reappearing in FlyerTalk threads from the future    12/12/19  (2)
Honestly fags need to stay in the closet    12/12/19  (105)
*PDDJ lighting Chanukkah Tree*    12/12/19  (14)
Hillary: "Oh did he?" *struggles to suppress laughter*    12/12/19  (7)
mouth dimples are the most prestigious facial feature    12/12/19  (3)
Dumbass scottish independence movement ushered in a huge Tory majority. Class    12/12/19  (1)
Why Brexit is NOT an indicator of Trump success in the US    12/12/19  (57)
Elizabeth Hurley is FOR BREXIT! Libs MAF! (link)    12/12/19  (32)
Tell Me About PRE-NATAL VITAMINS    12/12/19  (8)
Lol faggot Corbyn is going to have to resign. Board libs?    12/12/19  (6)
5'7" norwood 1 but I workout a lot    12/12/19  (1)
xo kikes going crazy over (((boris))) victory    12/12/19  (1)
Remember: When Brexit was decided, MSM reported Remain till the last second    12/12/19  (32)
words on a screen from strangers triggering profound physiological changes in u    12/12/19  (14)
I really feel that Western civilization is on a precipice this year    12/12/19  (106)
"But Brexit!," he shrieked as literally EVERY poll turned blue    12/12/19  (28)
If you had to marry into one culture besides your own what would it be?    12/12/19  (22)
Late 30s -- settle for cute, athletic 6 with a good attitude ?    12/12/19  (25)
Jeremy Corbynejad    12/12/19  (1)
Comics Code Authority is to blame for all of this capeshit    12/12/19  (1)
Tough day for reptiles: AA upheld, Brexit loses, Trump poll #s look awful    12/12/19  (39)
None of today's blockbusters seem to have mainstream staying power    12/12/19  (1)
Remember when Obama went to the UK and told them not to vote for Brexit?    12/12/19  (12)
Corbyn da 5'9"    12/12/19  (1)
Which is better, Sad Horse Cartoon or Alcoholic Scientist Cartoon    12/12/19  (1)
Trump announcing he will run for THIRD TERM in 2024    12/12/19  (6)
Hmm maybe GC establishment pols in the UK shouldn't have delayed Brexit so much    12/12/19  (1)
How can I party with hunter Biden?    12/12/19  (4)
Rate this poem I wrote when I was a math major and obsessed with prime numbers    12/12/19  (4)
Caro Wozniacki: "Happy to see Sinn Fein got crushed today, haha!" #tennis    12/12/19  (1)
"Group of teens" chimp out on bus, attack fat white kid (video)    12/12/19  (6)
Ever wear a buttplug to work?    12/12/19  (2)
Home Alone (1990): 8 year old boy wanders to church for Christmas Eve service    12/12/19  (1)
Drakemallard went all shorting AMD. Why?    12/12/19  (11)
Jews win again as Jeremy Corbyn gets blown the fuck out    12/12/19  (3)
Sounds like the IG report is going to be THE RECKONING for libs    12/12/19  (5)
Black MIL texted me that I'm "fastly becoming one of her favorite son in laws"    12/12/19  (1)
The Incredible Shrinking Impeachment (xo WSJ    12/12/19  (46)
how mad is jjc that I’m going to a holiday rooftop party tonight    12/12/19  (2)
LOL libs you’re all gonna die    12/12/19  (1)
xoxohth.hu    12/12/19  (3)
Are they purposely torturing Trumptards by releasing rural counties first?    12/12/19  (42)
Harvard researchers attempting to clone Heather Heyer    12/12/19  (2)
Panpsychism and Suicide    12/12/19  (1)
Rate this woman's deadlift form    12/12/19  (9)
words agitate    12/12/19  (1)
post your best/favorite foreign language songs ITT    12/12/19  (2)
Dentons website lists Jim_Kelly's home address as its SV office    12/12/19  (6)
Can an Asian be a Black Hebrew Israelite?    12/12/19  (1)
*official UK election results thread. Let’s go XO corbyn!*    12/12/19  (6)
Just fucked a qt trap, I’ll take Qs    12/12/19  (9)
Cousin sent trashy-as-fuck Christmas card    12/12/19  (19)
I’m gonna fucking kill myself    12/12/19  (2)
DTP taking questions re cute obedient conscientious mousy STEM coeds(12/11/2019)    12/12/19  (13)
imagine the 1000s of appointments Hillary promised deep staters    12/12/19  (6)
Would DC look like MFH if it didn't adopt height limits?    12/12/19  (25)
Libs always project. So does that mean the insane quotemo is a male nurse?    12/12/19  (5)
We should be crushing box constantly    12/12/19  (6)
COMPARE these two search pages for identical queries (links)    12/12/19  (18)
Article: One week in NYC on a 70k salary    12/12/19  (69)
rate this vagina (pic)    12/12/19  (2)
best make model for a rape van?    12/12/19  (7)
Barnard girl had a black bf on her Instagram    12/12/19  (49)
AOC slams U.S. paid family leave, says dogs get more time with puppies    12/12/19  (166)
non-transactional sex with men for pleasure    12/12/19  (1)
ITT: we RATE this ranking of genital arrangements    12/12/19  (5)
Hawaii judge strikes again! Blocks Trump from building wall using military funds    12/12/19  (25)
Trump faced down coup attempt, lacks balls to arrest criminal coup conspirators?    12/12/19  (103)
Hombre vindicated - arrests for attempted coup begin (link)    12/12/19  (1)
Hombre vindicated - arrests for attempted coup begin (link)    12/12/19  (1)
5’6” bald guy: “yea u have 2 treat them like shit 2 get laid its insane    12/12/19  (12)
How many high achievers are not total sociopaths or otherwise mentally ill    12/12/19  (46)
9:56PM. It's cute watching the Trmpmos think it's still possible    12/12/19  (17)
Assault with a deadly nigger    12/12/19  (2)
Neil deGrasse Tyson just said he'd be Bernie's running mate if he asked him    12/12/19  (3)
The failure to impeach POTUS should hurt the Squad, AOC    12/12/19  (1)
Biden's student loan proposal seems legit    12/12/19  (64)
ITT: Shitlib media member caught on video taking photos of confidential files    12/12/19  (4)
A Vote for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party Is a Vote for Anti-Semitism (nyt)    12/12/19  (4)
Trumps campaign coffers or Benzo's bank account?    12/12/19  (3)
"LJL at BIRDSHITS!" cackled Tommy as he projectile diarrhea'd into Mumbai street    12/12/19  (10)
Lol@Trumpmos thinking he'll be president    12/12/19  (7)
best course of action if u have a child with a middling iq?    12/12/19  (24)
"You have selected...Agent Zero...if this is correct please press 1"    12/12/19  (18)
Liberals doing a victory lap now reminds me of "Remain"-ers in the UK    12/12/19  (98)
Impeachment is falling apart, so Obeezy is blabbering about the wall?    12/12/19  (1)
So that photo of Dersh accuser and Prince Andrew is fake, right?    12/12/19  (4)
Huge outbreak of Morgellon's in Mexico City. 100 confirmed dead (Reuters)    12/12/19  (1)
“Becky, I’ve heard terrible news! Melvin has gone his own way!”    12/12/19  (1)
Need an update on the Lonely Hunter saga    12/12/19  (111)
So yeah, *dips beignet in cappucino* as I was saying, he violently raped me    12/12/19  (69)
Principled libertarian arguing kids shouldn't view porn but govt ban is far wors    12/12/19  (1)
So trump thinks he can take on Isis, Russia, China, etc. but he surrenders to    12/12/19  (16)
Henry Aaron walking into your thread w/ Voodoo Child in "I'm with stupid" tee    12/12/19  (9)
Irish cop shot by Black Israelites had big-titted Latina MILF wife +5 kids (PIC)    12/12/19  (47)
TRUMP totally TANKED the stock market this week and NO ONE talking abt it    12/12/19  (27)
in retrospect it's embarrassing that I ever believed in "The Holocaust" at all    12/12/19  (2)
LJL if you're still litigating no-gi    12/12/19  (1)
Two market crashes in the 00s and then none for 13 years    12/12/19  (2)
If Sanders wins does he pardon Julian Assange?    12/12/19  (2)
lol at Trump thinking he can just fly in and win primaries, no elbow grease    12/12/19  (12)
Trump is fucking up on healthcare - refuses to let gov't negotiate pharma prices    12/12/19  (2)
Wore my black tokaido heavyweight gi to court today & the judge complimented me.    12/12/19  (1)
the Kaine pick changes everything, voting for Hillary now    12/12/19  (12)
Hilarious that Trump is backing off carried interest now    12/12/19  (39)
Hillary absolutely crushing. Most emotive and genuine performance yet    12/12/19  (3)
Get drunk smoke cigs listen to sad music until I die of sadness    12/12/19  (4)
xo moab crew: come itt to r8 my new mountain bike convertible tech pants    12/12/19  (1)
Which disgusting regional dish produces the most disgusting shrew farts?    12/12/19  (2)
Trumpmo here. Pretty sure tomorrow night will be end of his campaign    12/12/19  (4)
Disgusting regional dishes    12/12/19  (230)
The only 2020 Dem I worry about is Sanders    12/12/19  (19)
Think I'm gonna vote for Hillary now (former Trumpmo and Berniemo)    12/12/19  (7)
Capitals in the Civil War were 100 miles apart. Neither was attacked    12/12/19  (56)
Trump is going to get rid of carried interest    12/12/19  (66)
is gravity's rainbow worth reading?    12/12/19  (46)
2-factor authentication is getting out of hand    12/12/19  (2)
Swallowing Swalwell probably has a penis pump with him today    12/12/19  (1)
any CPAPmos into breath play?    12/12/19  (2)
Hillary making Trump a laughingstock    12/12/19  (2)
lol @ Trump thinking donors will fund his campaign, that will never happen    12/12/19  (4)
Boomer that graduated from a TTT asking about your resume gaps in interview    12/12/19  (1)
Going do do plenty of fish and have at it.. long of easy access single moms    12/12/19  (8)
IT’S CORBYN! IT’S CORBYN EVERYONE!!!!    12/12/19  (1)
CharlesXII here, rating posters as made-up Harry Turtledove books    12/12/19  (131)
Early exit polls Hillary NY +20, PA +11, SC +5 ITS OVER, TRUMPTURDS    12/12/19  (10)
Fun Legal Hypo (From Talmud Law Class) - Airline Complaint. Who Gets $$?    12/12/19  (2)
The whistleblower obviously oversold this Ukraine call to Schiff & Dems    12/12/19  (15)
Coulter on Law and Order SVU    12/12/19  (8)
SPY futures gapped up. looks like wall street is banking on a hillary win    12/12/19  (3)
Innocent black teens defend themselves from white supremacist (video)    12/12/19  (16)
BBC version of The Office is on Amazon Prime now    12/12/19  (24)
Peterman watching Doobs: "Wow, I guess I DO have standards"    12/12/19  (13)
Hawking's computer awakens, describes terrifying aterlife, makes racist comments    12/12/19  (3)
decided to check out it chapter 2...    12/12/19  (1)

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