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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   09/20/19  (326)
*90s sitcom style intro montage of Luis hurting his back w/ Jesse Frederick musi    09/20/19  (2)
Jews are too "on the nose"    09/20/19  (1)
Just closed escrow on my 12 unit building in the San Fernando Valley (CSLG)    09/20/19  (23)
Anyone else gonna rage with their bros tonight?    09/20/19  (4)
Antonio Brown cut by the Patriots    09/20/19  (39)
She was laid to rest after a cowardly and frankly pathetic battle with cancer    09/20/19  (11)
Drive by The Cars is one of the best songs from the 1980s    09/20/19  (20)
Listen y’all, I just bought 1,000 silver half dollars    09/20/19  (2)
rating posters as niggers    09/20/19  (21)
Antonio Brown seems like he’s going to go crazy very soon    09/20/19  (4)
list of girl names?    09/20/19  (41)
I give you two slightly dystopic societies. You pick one to live in.    09/20/19  (184)
Rate this Thomas Jefferson grad    09/20/19  (6)
what us airport has the best food/booze options?    09/20/19  (6)
The best argument for marriage and kids I have heard    09/20/19  (27)
Would be 180 to have a massive water feature in your house and chill w otters    09/20/19  (1)
What percentage of women would be okay with dating a man into trannies?    09/20/19  (2)
How does a mid 30s lawyers cop a ratchet City Girl?    09/20/19  (9)
Italian MAFIA embraces diversity, now letting BEANERS into the mob    09/20/19  (1)
BREAKING POINT: Threw a turd at a subhuman Trumpmo today    09/20/19  (4)
Henry Aaron = board cancer    09/20/19  (15)
airport bars staffed entirely by eritreans    09/20/19  (5)
Baby due in 10 weeks: rage with the boys one last time or get used to sobriety    09/20/19  (77)
In retrospect, it's surprising Nadal won Wimby in Fed's prime    09/20/19  (6)
Why does modern society pick out a Loser & set up a fundraiser for them?    09/20/19  (2)
Anon. Texas Caller: "Listen y'all, I like Americans, but I LOVE Taco Bell's deli    09/20/19  (4)
we're lucky we don't get invaded while the Service Academies are playing sport    09/20/19  (1)
Leaving McKinsey for v50?    09/20/19  (65)
Beto: "when they go low, I get high"    09/20/19  (1)
What Henry Aaron alts do you associate with a mentally ill person?    09/20/19  (1)
What girl names do you immediately associate with being bitchy?    09/20/19  (27)
So Trump was trying to get dirt on Biden from Ukraine but made himself look bad?    09/20/19  (8)
Dummy Trump again attacking Biden, ensuring Biden will be Dem nominee    09/20/19  (1)
BREAKING NEWS: Money letters go down in number, suitmen not happy (NYT)    09/20/19  (74)
Is Rudy Giuliani a mentally ill xoxo poster?    09/20/19  (1)
Antone's Original    09/20/19  (1)
Just need 52 different gmail accounts to get free netflix for a year    09/20/19  (2)
Goyim combining like Voltron to form MEGAGOY as they all pitch in for $99 PPV    09/20/19  (15)
Scyscrapers make no sense: how can the bottom floor hold up all the other floors    09/20/19  (21)
Jinx farting cum 1hr later is like french fries at the bottom of the bag    09/20/19  (16)
Can someone explain the newest hysterical shitlib Trump accusation re: Ukraine?    09/20/19  (3)
Rating Posters as Henry Aaron alts    09/20/19  (1)
"always a pumo" Henry Aaron posted in browser window #6 on alt #36    09/20/19  (58)
What time do you leave work?    09/20/19  (7)
Somebody explain the new Ukraine “scandal” like I’m 5 years old    09/20/19  (17)
Keeping Jansen as closer: flame? (LaMarcus)    09/20/19  (6)
Are there any NYC biglaw firms with conservative (politically) cultures?    09/20/19  (12)
XOXO- where my brain comes to defecate    09/20/19  (2)
having kids so you don't die alone then they become estranged from you tp    09/20/19  (3)
Best part of being attractive again: women flicking their hair when I’m near    09/20/19  (53)
600k tech in house - taking q's on a slow WFH Friday    09/20/19  (87)
Need masculine baby names    09/20/19  (69)
ITALIAN murders Bangladeshi in Florida store robbery w/a bayonet-mounted SKS    09/20/19  (1)
Going to fuck Chad this week (CharlesXII)    09/20/19  (53)
Should I get an LLM in Tax? Seems like it would be useful.    09/20/19  (38)
Whole Foods is a total prolehole    09/20/19  (50)
Leaving McKayla for 50yo?    09/20/19  (4)
Lance "Rafa" Nadal Doing Open Mic Stand-Up (VID) #tennis    09/20/19  (3)
For my Birthday, (organic) wife took me Ax throwing and shooting at the range    09/20/19  (4)
Move over Veronica and Betty! Archie has a new transgender love interest    09/20/19  (20)
A modern day warrior. Huge net worth. Today's JK Roher. Huge wet girth.    09/20/19  (48)
Is alcohol the only way to shut off overthinking re women?    09/20/19  (4)
Went out with 20 yr old virgin girl from Brazil, should I try to wife?    09/20/19  (20)
Vasek Pospisil Trolling Former Pro Genie Bouchard re IG Ass Vid (VID) #tennis    09/20/19  (2)
Need effeminate baby names    09/20/19  (15)
The "Squi" thing was what really broke a lot of libs re: Kavanaugh    09/20/19  (13)
Damn, the Hella Mega Tour is GC at its finest (Weezer, Fall Out Boy, Green Day)    09/20/19  (4)
Nobel economist: Fastest economic growth possible by killing all Boomers (NYT)    09/20/19  (27)
are fire stations all fat boomers playing daddy daughter with STRONG millennial    09/20/19  (1)
Do you have sources to back up your claim    09/20/19  (1)
Kooky deranged songwriter Daniel Johnston DEAD    09/20/19  (10)
58 yr old female neighbor is trying to hookup.    09/20/19  (3)
Billy Joe Armstrong (born Gabriel Rubin Abelman)    09/20/19  (1)
acp shrinking down to 5'5 again after getting deplatformed    09/20/19  (2)
CharlesXII why didn't the Catholic Church condemn race-mixing in the New World?    09/20/19  (20)
CharlesXII - any dating tips? I'm similar to you and going on a date tomorrow    09/20/19  (151)
The Laver Coupe Format Is Gay. Sunday Matches 3x Friday #tennis    09/20/19  (3)
Yes, God cancels people, and we can, too (WaPo)    09/20/19  (9)
anyone want to go to 1995 w me? gonna go play super mario world    09/20/19  (1)
19yo intern at the office is trouble.    09/20/19  (73)
What explains why it's so common for Jewish men to be homosexuals?    09/20/19  (26)
My wife's period feels like our 2nd child sometimes    09/20/19  (2)
still can't believe they completely memory hole'd colbert 2016 election event    09/20/19  (3)
are hazel eyes flame?    09/20/19  (60)
$1000/mo UBI, free housing, free school, end of gun violence, legalized weed....    09/20/19  (2)
This pussy got power Fuck on the sheets, skeet skeet for a hour    09/20/19  (4)
lib "journalists" cried on tv Nov 8    09/20/19  (3)
Is the website My Posting Career still a thing?    09/20/19  (25)
i "like" all of my HS crush's fb posts. never talked to her IRL.    09/20/19  (6)
LaDainian Tomlinson is 50 years old. You are old as fuck.    09/20/19  (1)
40 year old xo manchildren who post about partying and drinking hard. lol    09/20/19  (4)
evan39 did I meet a closeted Chad?    09/20/19  (10)
Holy shit press Alt + F4 to enter night mode. Thanks rach!    09/20/19  (7)
This place is going to be buckwild when everyone wakes up and takes adderall    09/20/19  (12)
Highest rank you've obtained in the military?    09/20/19  (46)
Anyone can get 40-60k jobs with minimal experience    09/20/19  (49)
Naval gazing expecting a spider to crawl out tp    09/20/19  (1)
i will never forgive libs for trying to tell us that dinosaurs had feathers    09/20/19  (7)
Will Kareem Hunt's "she called me a nigger" defense reinstate his career?    09/20/19  (22)
Since Bush 04, Dems have turned the following red states blue    09/20/19  (29)
SDSU has more Pac 12 wins since 2016 than Oregon State    09/20/19  (9)
What's the Greatest & Best work email you've ever sent?    09/20/19  (3)
Once accidentally thought fratty was my friend.    09/20/19  (4)
How much of the housing affordability problem is due to Lowe's and Home Depot    09/20/19  (4)
*marries petite blond* *2 years pass* *develops fetish for raven haired Amazons*    09/20/19  (11)
libs’ Ukraine gambit will end with Biden + Son in jail lmao    09/20/19  (4)
creepy to ask girl havent seen in years to upload more fb pics?    09/20/19  (11)
Rate this reformed incel's story featured on Humans of New York (link)    09/20/19  (8)
"Boy, I could sure go for a long dick in my shit pipe." -- Jinx    09/20/19  (27)
CIRCUIT SPLIT: Bans on topless women ok in 7th Circuit, not ok in 10th.    09/20/19  (7)
i really fucking need one of u to take a special interest in me.    09/20/19  (4)
Everything about LinkedIn makes me want to vomit    09/20/19  (10)
compliment some aspect of my posting ITT.    09/20/19  (14)
How am I doing on this convo with French shrew    09/20/19  (1)
Xo posters on JLo: "yeah man she's so nasty" "yah brah totally"    09/20/19  (4)
HYPO: Constantine adopts lean six sigma instead of Christianity    09/20/19  (14)
BGWAG: the final frontier    09/20/19  (4)
"What's A Juice Press? Do I Stick It Up My Ass" (BOBBY BIRDSHIT)    09/20/19  (6)
Eating the FUCK out of your boyfriends BOISTINKER when you get home from work    09/20/19  (2)
Coming home from work early on a Friday to eat your boyfriend's RIPE ASS    09/20/19  (1)
the cars - just what i needed playing as MPA touchs gfs boob 7 months in2 dating    09/20/19  (2)
Success in life is just a master class on delayed gratification    09/20/19  (1)
your warrior ancestor watching u delete "haha," replace w/ "lol," then back to    09/20/19  (27)
Serious question: why is Africa so far behind the rest of the world?    09/20/19  (38)
i suck in my dick to fit in at work. anyone else?    09/20/19  (2)
Female Mexican assassins have sex with victims’ decapitated corpses    09/20/19  (20)
What’s that joke about the handsome party??    09/20/19  (2)
"Chasing money is meaningless," boomer remarks as house appreciates by 23,827%    09/20/19  (24)
My dick is starting to look like a crinkle cut french fry.    09/20/19  (3)
Hilarious to watch female strangers interact with each other    09/20/19  (28)
unthinking conspicuous consumption to distract from fear of death tp    09/20/19  (2)
anyone interested in playing tennis today?    09/20/19  (13)
Is it possible to MAKE it at a f-500 without playing office politics?    09/20/19  (3)
I miss cleansing our fields and forests of the unclean people    09/20/19  (4)
This Ukraine story almost guarantees impeachment hearings    09/20/19  (17)
Golfmos - how do I fix this issue that pops up in my game    09/20/19  (7)
Was laughing today thinking about the moniker Thunder Collins    09/20/19  (1)
unrelenting bewilderment at human behavior tp    09/20/19  (2)
the bitterness and horror of rea... "I really like it here," screams scholarship    09/20/19  (28)
won't get much clarity on cfp picture tmrw--kstate has a bye    09/20/19  (1)
Satan sending CXII a subjective 10 who will only be with him if he leaves church    09/20/19  (1)
Priv Log Checklist for Alpha Chad    09/20/19  (9)
We joke about HVAC repairmen but...    09/20/19  (40)
How far should the average male golfer hit his driver?    09/20/19  (49)
Desperately need to be CHADDED AROUND by spritezero    09/20/19  (15)
Modern relationships: I'm done w/ one night stands, fwb, casual sex    09/20/19  (40)
Muslim women with headscarfs buying multiple cases of bottled water at Costco    09/20/19  (3)
Costco sells cars now. Saw a dude leaving with 6 Honda Accords    09/20/19  (33)
Tony Hawk 2 holocaust museum level    09/20/19  (25)
Mean Joe Green “hey kid, go back to Israel” *tosses a yarmulke*    09/20/19  (22)

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