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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   01/25/20  (365)
Could the US win a war against Russia+Iran+China?    01/26/20  (109)
Watching The Grammy's with sound off. What in the holy fuck    01/26/20  (2)
53% of Americans in favor of UBI    01/26/20  (17)
So Kobe died due to pilot error? Latest tmz update    01/26/20  (45)
Anyone have a tough time with the loss of a parent?    01/26/20  (39)
If I don't have my morning coffee while browsing Twitter I get cranky.    01/26/20  (5)
So Wuhan flu has killt only 41 people so far? Is this correct, trumpkins?    01/26/20  (18)
ITT: tricks to improve sleep quality    01/26/20  (29)
MSNBC: Kobe was on the Los Angeles NIGGERS!    01/26/20  (68)
Climate change is easily solvable by planting trees    01/26/20  (33)
Man Records Tornado That Destroys His Home/Kills Wife (vid)    01/26/20  (14)
saint peter: "lmao" *pulls lever*    01/26/20  (3)
boom do you know about the Iran-Conoco affair? Website calls out these fraud$    01/26/20  (1)
Women Kobe RAPED had sex after. She extorted him bc our judiciary is kike fraud.    01/26/20  (4)
Who the fuck is in charge of picking the AVN Female Performer of the Year?    01/26/20  (27)
lil peep passes you a xanax "its not too late"    01/26/20  (12)
lolling at this AGWWG ad    01/26/20  (10)
I don't think America has truly recovered from the death of Lil' Peep    01/26/20  (6)
Lmao that Ellen Degeneres is a cultural icon    01/26/20  (1)
Orange bat good    01/26/20  (1)
i had just gotten over lil peep oh god oh    01/26/20  (2)
Most devastating celebrity deaths of past decade    01/26/20  (49)
not flame I almost reached out to Lakers fan I haven't talked to in 10 years    01/26/20  (4)
Best Vanguard funds to invest in?    01/26/20  (9)
I tried reading some of the old Doonesbury comics from the 70's    01/26/20  (19)
My cat died, and it affected me as much as losing my dad (article):    01/26/20  (8)
I know a guy who flies choppers to oil rigs 6 months a year and then bartends    01/26/20  (4)
Maybe don't fly 162 knots when you're next to a mountain and it foggy    01/26/20  (1)
noooo not my favorite heckin billionaire white woman-raping sportsball playerino    01/26/20  (3)
Ex from 6-7 years trying to establish contact using Kobe's death. Respond?    01/26/20  (14)
The "Scots" language is just as lulzy as BBC Pidgin    01/26/20  (16)
Nigerian guy says will never go back to Nigerian women after getting white girl    01/26/20  (2)
So Kobe didn't even have time to react to his impending death?    01/26/20  (3)
here is the kobe crash video    01/26/20  (8)
πŸ¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸŽΎ2020 AUSTRALIAN OPEN Official Week 2 Thread πŸŽΎπŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ¨ #te    01/26/20  (1)
In the background, Obama issues an order to "pull" the chopper    01/26/20  (2)
Kobe would have lived if he used a dirigible instead    01/26/20  (3)
#KobeAintDead movement already has their own wiki    01/26/20  (1)
helicopters: lmao at these wile e. coyote contraptions    01/26/20  (11)
*Sassy Yale Law Grads parachuting into xoxo HQ & finding hate speech all over*    01/26/20  (2)
DeBlasio’s New York - youths swarm stopped car, lift it off ground (twitter)    01/26/20  (5)
Real talk: Dying young does make Kobe way more "legendary" than his competitors.    01/26/20  (7)
Johns Hopkins "doctor" selfpwns with hoax death threat    01/26/20  (14)
Coronavirus explodes to 3000 cases, more than 80 dead    01/26/20  (2)
Couldn’t give a rat’s ass about Kobe. Just a BBall player. Anybody else?    01/26/20  (11)
Kobe: 37 years old, 6'6", just put out to pasture.    01/26/20  (9)
What do you do for inspiration/motivation?    01/26/20  (1)
HYPO: Free mansion in BOISE plus $2m in cash but you need to take a helicopter    01/26/20  (1)
Let's group xo'ers by Clique    01/26/20  (5)
For the sake of perspective, how hard is it to climb the hills around Calabasas?    01/26/20  (1)
The pilot of Kobe’s helicopter was Dr. J    01/26/20  (1)
TMZ >>>>>> fake news outlets    01/26/20  (6)
Kobe's new thing: cumming on Barbaro's face IN HELL    01/26/20  (4)
Shrews using purple and gold filter on their profile pictures    01/26/20  (4)
gf calls it "Parks & Rec" (askav)    01/26/20  (10)
PERFECTLY CAST    01/26/20  (2)
David Hogg on ESPN right now    01/26/20  (8)
You look at a picture with “red eye” as 2005 wakes you back up...    01/26/20  (2)
Reminder: The Arab Muslim Golden Age ended due to mass importation of nig slaves    01/26/20  (5)
enjoying watching kobe crash and burn    01/26/20  (79)
Humanity Fuckt: Coronavirus R0 is 3.8    01/26/20  (100)
Up next, Bone Thugs N Harmony will honor Kobe with a performance of Crossroads    01/26/20  (2)
Let's group xo'ers by race    01/26/20  (62)
Hard to believe people willingly live in Arizona and other desert climates    01/26/20  (1)
philosophers niggerpoast all the time    01/26/20  (2)
CSLG and Papa RSF racing up opposite sides of Calabasas hills like Aggro Crag    01/26/20  (26)
Garry Trudeau of Doonesbury DEMOLISHES conservative "humor" in 8 panels:    01/26/20  (34)
Nigger$ $hoes $queaking on a jew court    01/26/20  (95)
Niggers squeaking around on floors paid for by your blood and sweat    01/26/20  (51)
For a while, I thought his name was Kobe-o Bryant (shaq)    01/26/20  (1)
“I checked, but that website doesn’t exist,” nurse says as she gives u sed    01/26/20  (70)
it feels like passive income is unattainable for probably 99% of people    01/26/20  (11)
Went to batting cages today. HS girls w/ short shorts and bubble butts next to m    01/26/20  (4)
Rate this pic of Shaq    01/26/20  (6)
Shaq on hot mic: “Dat chopper fell like one of Kobe’s bricks.”    01/26/20  (2)
I feel like the irl “camera” era was much better than now with iPhone    01/26/20  (2)
If kikes have sex with niggers, what happens?    01/26/20  (7)
Kobe Bryant dies and XO is litered with posts about me (CSLG)    01/26/20  (42)
Kobe's death is like something out of the Twilight Zone    01/26/20  (18)
puritans ate stale bread and cold beans for 200 yrs instead of catching lobsters    01/26/20  (2)
any of you nerds have an NYC handgun permit?    01/26/20  (17)
LOL @ Robert Horry tweet: “I would’ve stuck the landing. RIP brother. #cl    01/26/20  (3)
u die in 100% of the copter rides u don’t take    01/26/20  (6)
CSLG and I are sitting Shiva rn in front of Staples center    01/26/20  (2)
"So where did u hear about Kobe?" "Uh..." *reflects on Kob raping Barbaro thread    01/26/20  (5)
Kobe Bryant’s daughter was Gianna Michaels?    01/26/20  (1)
What the hell os going on irl LOL    01/26/20  (1)
Why the economy will not help Trump win re-election    01/26/20  (3)
Kobe Bryant raping barbaro in hell    01/26/20  (9)
OH GOD OH—    01/26/20  (1)
If Kobe can’t “jump trick,” we’re all fucked    01/26/20  (5)
lol at wikipedia autists immediately changing kobe bryant's "is" to "was"    01/26/20  (11)
“... and a round of piping hot Bat Juice for the planet please.”    01/26/20  (1)
"I actually did vote for the $87 billion before I voted against it."    01/26/20  (1)
Coronavirus to get much worse before it gets better    01/26/20  (5)
Lol is anyone else crying In a Lakers jersey rn    01/26/20  (1)
What becums of someone's social media accounts when they die????    01/26/20  (2)
What in the world could Kobe Bryant POSSIBLY have had to do with the Clintons?    01/26/20  (2)
Kobe Bryant Dead    01/26/20  (56)
taking DMT is like bringing a blood cell into our reality and showing it around    01/26/20  (3)
Depressed about Kobe’s death    01/26/20  (2)
Alright, it's time. Replace one word in movie title with bat.    01/26/20  (66)
Sequel of Train to Busan announced - Plane from Wuhan    01/26/20  (2)
Just saw RSF's dad on a dirt bike, fishtailing out of the parking garage.    01/26/20  (1)
Florida couple flips coin at wedding to choose last name    01/26/20  (44)
Hey TT, do you have coronavirus yet?    01/26/20  (1)
*God giving evan39 1st draft of Tomorrow w/instructions to "punch it up a bit"    01/26/20  (1)
Kobe tp come itt    01/26/20  (5)
Elton John To Perform At Bryant Wake (link)    01/26/20  (1)
Just do artisanal pencil sharpening, bro    01/26/20  (5)
Just spent $50,000 on google ad words for Kobe Bryant crash phrases (CSLG)    01/26/20  (2)
Rate this crotchless burkini    01/26/20  (11)
Pallbearer Shaq at Kobe's funeral sheds tear and whispers "I'm done carrying you    01/26/20  (21)
being on the internet in 2020 is equivalent to Clockwork Orange theater scene    01/26/20  (5)
Kobe death really fucking me up for some reason    01/26/20  (2)
Do women really get wet over guys with eyepatches? Or, was that an 80s thing?    01/26/20  (2)
Kobe’s accuser ARRESTED. Reports of incendiary device    01/26/20  (1)
Doonesbury was UVA-rape-hoax threadding a month after it was debunked    01/26/20  (2)
LOL @ Canada electing the faggot Doonesbury cartoonist POTUS    01/26/20  (6)
rate this Doonesbury cartoon from 1999    01/26/20  (10)
LOL @ the fact that Doonesbury spawned a Broadway musical    01/26/20  (4)
To the idiot driving around Staples Center playing “Free Falling”    01/26/20  (8)
BIZ IDEA: "Wuhan-style" Chinese food truck called "The Batmobile"    01/26/20  (25)
Someone explain "Doonesbury". Baffling boomer shit    01/26/20  (3)
Uh oh . . . Fox News poll shows majority of Americans want Trump removed    01/26/20  (3)
Heinekenvirus    01/26/20  (1)
I said, RESEMBLE Nakers    01/26/20  (2)
Nelson Mandela just sent his 'condolences' to Vanessa Bryant    01/26/20  (2)
what’s this whole kimberly kardashian thing?    01/26/20  (1)
Prominent soccer star mortally ASSASSINATED by EXECUTION to his FATAL DEATH:    01/26/20  (1)
Men age like fine wine (pic) (DTP)    01/26/20  (55)
Flying by helicopter literally would not have saved Kobe anytime    01/26/20  (1)
And what rough beast its hour come round at last/slouches towards Wuhan to be ea    01/26/20  (9)
i assume every famous death was done by Serial Killin' Clintons    01/26/20  (1)
FUCK, I'M SAD AS FUCK KOBE IS GONE    01/26/20  (14)
so who gets scammed in israel? reverse mortgages, PI lawsuits, medical scams etc    01/26/20  (4)
Bolton was fired for second-guessing Ukraine quid pro quo deal    01/26/20  (30)
Corona Virus Positive Dating Sites have sprung up    01/26/20  (3)
Rarely watch new TV shows the last few years, just re-runs from my childhood    01/26/20  (5)
Butlerian jihad is inevitable    01/26/20  (2)
lol kobe crashed and burned faster than paul walker    01/26/20  (7)
why dont they make college comedy movies like old school/road trip any more?    01/26/20  (10)
thoughts on this blazer?    01/26/20  (4)
Sick Wuhan woman evades quarantine, goes to France, brags on social media    01/26/20  (8)
Mamba Academy applications up 4000%    01/26/20  (1)
whok, I'm infested with live fibers    01/26/20  (33)
One major Trump fuckup that is hard to look past    01/26/20  (1)
I wish Kobe died in that car crash rather than Will Smith.    01/26/20  (2)
Calabasas Air Safety Director “Louis Slungpue” comments on Kobe Krash    01/26/20  (1)

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