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Just copped a Razer Core X Chroma and Radeon RX Vega 64 to play Warzone    05/30/20  (1)
Librals    05/30/20  (4)
Minnesota press conference    05/30/20  (20)
Librils    05/30/20  (4)
so let's follow the logic of being 'outnumbered' by a mob to its conclusion..    05/30/20  (5)
BREAKING: Autopsy reveals Floyd did not die of asphyxiation    05/30/20  (161)
that boy's all caked up with nowhere to go.    05/30/20  (1)
Anyone heard of this iPhone game called Fort Night?    05/30/20  (1)
rioter: 'blacks and browns united... kill white people! They bad!'    05/30/20  (4)
Libs, 100% serious question: why are all your cities racist and broken?    05/30/20  (8)
Earthmover hotwired.    05/30/20  (1)
Minneapolis has a series of skyways that allows you to riot entirely indoors    05/30/20  (6)
Any other str8 bros refer to their anus as "my bussy"?    05/30/20  (3)
This is my bussy. There are many blown out like it, but this one is mine.    05/30/20  (2)
My fat bussy needs some love + attention    05/30/20  (2)
AGWWG mad as fukkk her racist handsome husband start national riots    05/30/20  (1)
wake up honey it's time for your bussy training!    05/30/20  (1)
180 bit from tucker on the rioters    05/30/20  (18)
Atlanta rolling out child soldiers to defend a Macy's    05/30/20  (3)
Wow, libs. When you sink your teeth into society you really destabilize it.    05/30/20  (2)
CNN/MN governor: 'rioters are mostly antisemitic white males...'    05/30/20  (3)
U thought you were safe, but BAM! A bunch of rioters outside ur home. Now what    05/30/20  (2)
Michigan gov orders Target to pay sale tax on all looted items    05/30/20  (3)
Where are the armed militias to come save the day?    05/30/20  (6)
niggers, boomers, vaginas, jews FIRMLY in control    05/30/20  (1)
Earl’s Uber driver “LmaoVoltLuis9967” has canceled the ride.    05/30/20  (1)
Luis drives by Minnesota in Volt “Holy Shit lmao”    05/30/20  (1)
They’re blasting 1-800- KarsForKids    05/30/20  (1)
LAW under attack in Portland    05/30/20  (15)
stacy turning chad's wife into a forced-bi cuckquean    05/30/20  (5)
HBO MAX    05/30/20  (16)
My new girlfriend's name is Yale Xiao. She graduated cum laude from Cornell    05/30/20  (4)
Trump Tower under seige    05/30/20  (4)
love is 100% faggot retarded garbage put out by jews    05/30/20  (4)
lol Minnesota Cop Murderer's Wife is Divorced Hmong Village Trash    05/30/20  (41)
should i learn to code    05/30/20  (26)
Media: stay home, social distance. Media now: go out in large crowds and burn an    05/30/20  (14)
Libs need to have their heads dunked into deep fryer cranked to full blast    05/30/20  (5)
Lol looks like I win by not living in an urban area right now    05/30/20  (2)
lmao good job libs, you just lost 25% of your supporters    05/30/20  (5)
black man has penis transplant tattooed because it's a white penis    05/30/20  (8)
Is Sarah Jeong still tweeting about Gamergate?    05/30/20  (1)
Looters have entered the richest mall in Atlanta (Lennox)    05/30/20  (42)
modern journalist is worthless    05/30/20  (1)
modern academia has nearly no useful social value    05/30/20  (4)
It's nearly June. Lawyers remain arrogant parasite scumbags. Anything new?    05/30/20  (4)
cnn building getting FUCKED UP    05/30/20  (40)
The WHITE HOUSE is encircled.    05/30/20  (12)
Libs surveing smoldering, ruined America: "Well, we did it."    05/30/20  (295)
jfc a lot of my buddies are freaking out in minneapolis saying they need a gun    05/30/20  (1)
Article: How to respond to “riots never solve anything!”    05/30/20  (4)
George Floyd was a porn star, went by the name “Big Floyd” (link)    05/30/20  (7)
reminder: you ain’t seen nothing yet    05/30/20  (2)
most people are useless at best and a huge net-negative at worst    05/30/20  (1)
*spaceporn locks Bacon on garage w/him, spreads peanut butter on clitdick*    05/30/20  (1)
who wants to help me build a cabin like Uncle Ted did    05/30/20  (11)
what do you do when you cant stop thinking about killing yourself?    05/30/20  (2)
even Uncle Ted has family money LOL JFC    05/30/20  (1)
Will these riots have a bigger impact on the election than Ferguson did?    05/30/20  (6)
PORTLAND    05/30/20  (1)
Reminder: kikes actually tried to make “Steve Guttenberg” an A-list star    05/30/20  (3)
Lootie Vuitton, Gimmi, Mandingo Blahnik    05/30/20  (2)
le tigre, need your help ITT    05/30/20  (5)
Ironic that libs basically invalidated the lockdown with their tantrum    05/30/20  (1)
Protestors    05/30/20  (2)
AGWWG “couples” - is there any more abominable thing on Earth?    05/30/20  (1)
Lib sees civilization in the distance. "Let's go fuck that up"    05/30/20  (2)
Alternate universe second-term Romney presiding over all this    05/30/20  (1)
Female protester harasses short cop (brutal)    05/30/20  (9)
Just turned on internet first time in 7 days. Is Virus still bad?    05/30/20  (2)
who cares GC looted the entire country years ago    05/30/20  (2)
TS Amanda, what are your thoughts on the Powers method for HRT?    05/30/20  (1)
Key takeaway from Riots 2020 -buy gun w/high capacity mags. Police won’t save    05/30/20  (1)
Reminder - 100% of the “protestors” are scum    05/30/20  (5)
When the looting starts the fluting starts!    05/30/20  (1)
Unfathomable    05/30/20  (1)
is there an “Underground Railroad” for poasters    05/30/20  (6)
CSLG can you respond to my email, brother???    05/30/20  (1)
Rioters/Protestors now hitting high end parts of cities. Chicago/Atl/LA fuckt    05/30/20  (1)
"Tech" industry needs to be razed to the ground, leaders publicly flayed alive    05/30/20  (28)
Hypo: $1000 to suck Amanda's cock    05/30/20  (8)
Men are expendable, women are perishable    05/30/20  (22)
NOT at all gay but I'd let TS Amanda have her way with me    05/30/20  (3)
100% gay but I'd let TS Amanda have her way with me    05/30/20  (4)
fucktard Trump signs 'Proclamation on African American Music Appreciation Month'    05/30/20  (1)
question for epah    05/30/20  (1)
I cannot wait for Floyd Riots 2.0 when the cops are acquitted.    05/30/20  (3)
i wnat a metoer to blast inot mew at point blanbk    05/30/20  (3)
Wokeness spilling over into LinkedIn now    05/30/20  (1)
a meaningless computer-centric existence    05/30/20  (19)
i'm buying a RV fuck u all    05/30/20  (1)
Someone is engineering all of this. The virus. The protests. All of it.    05/30/20  (4)
protestors are raping melania live on cnn    05/30/20  (3)
so someone got killed and now there's riots? lol.    05/30/20  (1)
i fucked up my fucking life so fucking bad    05/30/20  (13)
Paul Westerberg defenestrated by niggers live on CNN    05/30/20  (2)
One-term POTUSes in last 50 years: Carter, Bush Sr., Trump. What a group!    05/30/20  (10)
EPAH why do people like you (white middle aged males) murder blacks?    05/30/20  (8)
the mayor of minneapolis really blew it    05/30/20  (4)
have we considered asking criminals to stop committing crimes?    05/30/20  (6)
An academic predicted civil unrest in us in 2020    05/30/20  (3)
FLOYD DIED OF NATURAL CAUSES!!11 *drools cum*    05/30/20  (5)
That dumb crackhead nigger vagrant deserved to die HEIL HITLER 1488 MAGA MAGA MA    05/30/20  (9)
Race riot peddling CNN getting its building trashed by race rioters = God real    05/30/20  (5)
day of the rope sausage when?    05/30/20  (1)
the human world is an abject failure on every level    05/30/20  (10)
LOL Portland "protestor" gets fucking RAILED by a car, must-see pics    05/30/20  (8)
Can gay men be as bitchy and moody as women?    05/30/20  (4)
MILITARY POLICE called in to Minneapolis    05/30/20  (6)
Reminder: Trump presidency was always going to end in revolt    05/30/20  (51)
SCOTUS getting vandalized    05/30/20  (2)
xoJoe Burrow: "Mr. Floyd got what he deserved."    05/30/20  (4)
just complete abject indifference and anomie    05/30/20  (7)
The whole civilized world working 24/7 to turn you into an abject faggot    05/30/20  (10)
life just abject utter humiliation womb-to-tomb    05/30/20  (14)
life is an abject nightmare    05/30/20  (21)
god damn i fucked up my life something fierce listening to abject retards    05/30/20  (33)
I've accepted that I'm an abject failure in life, now what?    05/30/20  (22)
xoxohth2.chatango.com    05/30/20  (4)
being "alive" is truly an abject nightmare    05/30/20  (9)
“Criminal crackhead niggers for 400, Alex”    05/30/20  (1)
what’s good to loot?    05/30/20  (20)
“Oh Delek, why you suffocate that brack man and cause the liots?!”    05/30/20  (5)
de-urbanization is about to skyrocket, correct?    05/30/20  (1)
George Floyd may have reopened the country    05/30/20  (36)
chandler, can I call you in 5 minutes?    05/30/20  (3)
libs are a cargo cult that doesn't realize 60s counterculture was co-opted by gc    05/30/20  (15)
Nigger Mania is a 180 forum    05/30/20  (33)
Greeks and Chinese fought a war in 30 BC known as the War of the Heavenly Horses    05/30/20  (6)
Alright this riot stuff was cute, but it’s time for martial law.    05/30/20  (1)
Notorious B.I.G. raps H.P. Lovecraft    05/30/20  (2)
What will the riots be like after Trump is re-elected? Worse than this I think    05/30/20  (2)
why can't Trump send Diamond & Silk to remind rioters abt low black unemployment    05/30/20  (1)
Shitlib on my FB shared a post about how to disable a tank to help rioters    05/30/20  (4)
Libs seem unaware of how this insanity is guaranteeing Trump’s re-election    05/30/20  (7)
What collectible cars will increase in value over time? (CSLG)    05/30/20  (53)
“Twitter will change its tune if I tweet just the right threat!”    05/30/20  (4)
Don Lemon typing list of the “bad whites in CNN.”    05/30/20  (1)
LOL when people talk about annorexia as a problem. I live in America.    05/30/20  (1)
Do we still do “tiny chat” here?    05/30/20  (2)
When will average Americans get fed up with anarchy? Is this enough?    05/30/20  (2)
are black leaders decrying destruction of “own neighborhood” giving hints?    05/30/20  (2)
lol not even fox news is calling these 'riots'    05/30/20  (2)
College football hall of fame is Atlanta ransacked and defrosted    05/30/20  (20)
PANTS UP DON'T LOOT    05/30/20  (4)
I told you guys during Arbery that right/wrong you cant just kill black people    05/30/20  (1)
bow down to Harvard    05/30/20  (1)
You get home from school, mom gets the mail, hands u new Beckett Monthly    05/30/20  (1)

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