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what % of european women have some Mongolian blood?    06/03/20  (3)
evan39, what do you think of grindr removing ethnicity filter?    06/03/20  (4)
Most iconic film character of the last 20 years?    06/03/20  (5)
HYPO: Clyburn picks Bloomberg and he's the nominee - what would be different now    06/03/20  (1)
Did Tucker dig into the 13% stat and explain how it's worse than it seems?    06/03/20  (27)
Fact: If George Floyd were white he would be counted as a COVID death    06/03/20  (2)
I wanna watch a riot livestream w Evan39 commentary in a little window in corner    06/03/20  (16)
Ingraham’s opening tonight was brilliant. Must-see. Right there w/ Tucker’s    06/03/20  (2)
Why Do Jews Break Glass @ Wedding? | To Trick DeBlasio To Think That It's A Riot    06/03/20  (1)
Floyd had COVID-19, severe heart disease, and was on FENTANYL AND TUTU    06/03/20  (60)
Evan39 has been on fire with his poasts recently. Wonder what's got him riled up    06/03/20  (2)
USA at lowest point since Vietnam. Awful leadership on both sides.    06/03/20  (11)
why are all these riots actually HURTING Trump?    06/03/20  (21)
autistic dominican chad GOES OFF on blacks    06/03/20  (1)
who is the coolest xo poaster    06/03/20  (42)
explain what's wrong with my math: 51% of homicides committed by blacks. blacks    06/03/20  (77)
Playing video games with my son is a peak life experience (CSLG)    06/03/20  (11)
100 million people died of what Floyd had in system in 2020 with no cop's knee    06/03/20  (3)
So Brees said he didn't like people disrespecting flag? Anything else?    06/03/20  (4)
does anyone even deny that America is a garbage country to live in?    06/03/20  (59)
Real talk: the NYPD knows they can act with impunity    06/03/20  (1)
Protestors arrested for speaking and nothing else - FUCKING OUTRAGEOUS    06/03/20  (136)
jews are extremely cunning but weak physically    06/03/20  (1)
anyone's wife post a big black square on facebook or instagram today?    06/03/20  (5)
Three terrorist protestors arrested in Vegas. 180.    06/03/20  (7)
Shakespeare is fucking incredible    06/03/20  (42)
St. George Floyd    06/03/20  (1)
Floyd had TWO kinds of heart disease & admitted he couldn't breathe standing up    06/03/20  (3)
can anyone actually DENY that whites are a superior race    06/03/20  (27)
Did everything right: Ivy league UG, T14 LS, Art III clerkship, hapa wife    06/03/20  (3)
if RBG passes imagine Mitch trying to cram through a nominee now    06/03/20  (8)
RATE/choose which urban shrew i should bang    06/03/20  (20)
New Orleans chanting FUCK DREW BREES! (Link)    06/03/20  (9)
Learning torah with my son is a peak life experience (CSLG)    06/03/20  (2)
Charlie Kirk is citing Steve Sailer race stats now lol 180    06/03/20  (1)
Trump seen clutching his asshold after BRUTAL General Mattis screed    06/03/20  (77)
Tucker 100k views in an hour    06/03/20  (1)
Buy JETS and NCLH (CSLG)    06/03/20  (36)
Survivors first season started filming 20 years ago today    06/03/20  (18)
Got lunch w/ CSLG -- he is a 180 madlad    06/03/20  (15)
Is Bell Canyon the best part of LA to live    06/03/20  (34)
Hey Alexa, do black lives matter?    06/03/20  (3)
I'm not an FBI agent and I wish more white men with AR15s show up at protests an    06/03/20  (1)
scholarship did you get loot tp    06/03/20  (8)
Clip of me taking a video deposition (CSLG)    06/03/20  (14)
Having a younger wife is 180    06/03/20  (72)
Describe the one moment or decision that ruined ur life    06/03/20  (61)
If 10 poasters poast within the next 10 mins ill post vid of a 18 yr old white g    06/03/20  (18)
WaPo: Jews should not be considered white anymore    06/03/20  (42)
CR to go on Talkspace Michael Phelps therapy app and talk about 13% issue?    06/03/20  (1)
chandler di caprio in once upon a time said he will move to Toluca Lake    06/03/20  (3)
Soulja Crank Dat, Grandson of Soulja Boy Tell'Em, Dead at 22    06/03/20  (7)
White women trying to marry NYUUG to get to a first world country    06/03/20  (2)
What keeps Russian troops up at night: female snipers, the White Tights    06/03/20  (2)
28 Days Later virus found in U.K.    06/03/20  (6)
So Floyd had preexisting heart condition, coronavirus, meth and fentanyl in his    06/03/20  (23)
BREAKING: Manhattanites reporting "28 Days Later-type scene" beginning to occur    06/03/20  (6)
The Caucasian race is an outdated grouping of human beings historically regarded    06/03/20  (3)
Just saw a male nurse being arrested in NYC on TV    06/03/20  (2)
Is TMF More Jewish Than Upset Jew Is Goyishe?    06/03/20  (1)
LOL Boris commits to absorbing 3M Hong Kong refugees    06/03/20  (44)
The Rioters are just joking around guys    06/03/20  (2)
so    06/03/20  (4)
Is MN Shitpig KUENG A Hapa Of Some Sort? (PIC)    06/03/20  (8)
so every generation, blacks riot? 1968 --> 1992 --> 2020    06/03/20  (3)
Have any of Trump's military troops been deployed to battle rioters yet?    06/03/20  (1)
structural autism    06/03/20  (1)
Haha I'll never submit to black socialism haha    06/03/20  (1)
Floyd: armed robber, covid, fentanyl, meth, coronary artery disease, hypertensiv    06/03/20  (1)
What if America made a Diocletian-style split into two separate political units?    06/03/20  (16)
Do Indian co-workers all go apeshit when that Punjabi MC song comes on    06/03/20  (2)
Muscadine Wine’s old home is on the market    06/03/20  (1)
Medical scandal unraveling -- misinformation from a prestigious medical journal    06/03/20  (5)
Rate this email I got from a US Marine buddy RE Mike Flynn and "Mad Dog" Mattis    06/03/20  (64)
This country is a shithole    06/03/20  (24)
democracy is OVER if losing side resorts to violent resistance (libs, Oct 2016)    06/03/20  (4)
Who are you rooting for in Syria?    06/03/20  (20)
I am wearing 7 rings    06/03/20  (4)
after the Reign of Terror, who will be our Napoleon?    06/03/20  (3)
Reddit weighs in on Drew Brees.    06/03/20  (2)
Idris, War Machine and Kamala accepting white apologies ITT!    06/03/20  (59)
FACT: Upset Jew will always be more Jewish than DBG's wife and kids    06/03/20  (22)
your biglaw white-collar crimes are much worse than a counterfeit $20 bill    06/03/20  (2)
Put your head down and don't look up until you're dead    06/03/20  (2)
Have a work trip to a place called Raccoon City. Any interesting things to do?    06/03/20  (4)
CDC: Coronavirus will become widespread in the US (link)    06/03/20  (71)
TURN ON FOX NEWS RIGHT NOW!!!    06/03/20  (3)
ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ    06/03/20  (7)
Amy Schumer was disgusting. Glad she disappeared from public into tradwife white    06/03/20  (1)
The Decline and Fall of the United States.    06/03/20  (29)
Drew Brees just spoke blasphemy. How long ago would he be praised?    06/03/20  (1)
Pelosi: "even if DC burns to the ground, our love for Israel remains"    06/03/20  (40)
holy shit @ this El Salvador prison (pic)    06/03/20  (13)
Has Do-nothing Drumpf accomplished a single thing?    06/03/20  (12)
ODD FACT: Charlotte, NC's population is almost double Atlanta, GA's    06/03/20  (4)
why do we let people go to yemen/syria/somalia, etc. again?    06/03/20  (8)
Muscadine Wine, rate me as an Australian state    06/03/20  (11)
ok i give up USA is going lib and nothing can stop it    06/03/20  (17)
Had call with Asia team re virus going to get worse    06/03/20  (70)
STICKY: A message from rach: Black Lives Matter.    06/03/20  (2)
WHY is the response to anyone questioning the narrative 10x more vicious now?    06/03/20  (19)
Fucking coronavirus hysteria tanking stock market. Overblown like swine, avian    06/03/20  (3)
msm so deranged the masses that they traveled from far and wide    06/03/20  (1)
Have been telling people this is cushiest time to be alive    06/03/20  (11)
Lol Tucker just dropped the 13% stat    06/03/20  (47)
Floyd's Covid diagnosis will set liberalism back 40 years    06/03/20  (1)
Trump tweet: "chloroquine could have saved George Floyd"    06/03/20  (2)
I can't even imagine what shitlibs have planned next month    06/03/20  (10)
Option A:off self in chicks apartmment B:Ghost and disappear? C: you decide ! Go    06/03/20  (2)
Most overrated city in Somalia. Has to be Mogadishu right?    06/03/20  (10)
what is "structural racism"    06/03/20  (17)
Someone explain the Resident Evil movies to me.    06/03/20  (15)
The scene outside the White House right now    06/03/20  (6)
We’re all top lawyers complaining on an obscure message board    06/03/20  (2)
literally no one is dying from this made up "coronavirus"    06/03/20  (14)
the news is just massive psyops now    06/03/20  (21)
So basically buckwild black males have open season going forward? Kinda 180 tbh    06/03/20  (1)
Occam's razor says it was the cop slowly choking him to death in front of every1    06/03/20  (7)
Reddit libs soaking panties over secret service agent    06/03/20  (1)
Harvard prof: children should be raised "collectively" to further anti-racism    06/03/20  (2)
CHANDLER, when are we speaking over the phone???    06/03/20  (1)
our cultural revolution probably lasts another 15 years or so    06/03/20  (1)
Rate this $2M home in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA    06/03/20  (2)
"Look at all those rocks," exclaimed Rudolph. "She's no longer Jenny from the bl    06/03/20  (26)
imo, America is still the greatest country in the world.    06/03/20  (10)
N1993R 4P3    06/03/20  (4)
ESPN: Saints must choose between bigotry or moving on from Brees    06/03/20  (1)
The rapid decline of the usa is lolworthy    06/03/20  (8)
Latest update on the Battle of Raqqa    06/03/20  (7)
Credited Third World Country to Move to and Become a Baller    06/03/20  (6)
Whites literally praying at the feet of blacks begging forgiveness (not flame)    06/03/20  (42)
shitlibs will be trying to shame people on beaches in 2 months. it's crazy imho    06/03/20  (1)
the way the media dropped coronavirus is very creepy to me    06/03/20  (22)
Lol shut the fuck up about this fake "virus"    06/03/20  (6)
lol @ people freaking about this coronavirus shit    06/03/20  (2)
Reminder: Trump lost by 3 million votes. This is the consequence.    06/03/20  (32)
Where are the MUGSHOTS of the other 3???    06/03/20  (3)
BLM is more fraudulent than the Russia bullshit if u can believe it    06/03/20  (2)
In 2016, 40% of Georgia voters were nonwhite, voted Dem 83-14    06/03/20  (1)
What will Kobe do in retirement    06/03/20  (13)
Aaron Rodgers and LeBron James spit-roasting Drew Brees over his flag comments    06/03/20  (7)
This is all too weird what we're allowing    06/03/20  (5)
sane whites can just make a new country you know it doesn't have to be like this    06/03/20  (1)
Asian smears self in shit in support of BLM    06/03/20  (33)
Sports Illustrated: Drew Brees just burned a cross in America's front yard    06/03/20  (8)

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