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Have been telling people this is cushiest time to be alive    06/03/20  (9)
The scene outside the White House right now    06/03/20  (4)
Reddit libs soaking panties over secret service agent    06/03/20  (1)
Is Bell Canyon the best part of LA to live    06/03/20  (15)
what is "structural racism"    06/03/20  (16)
Harvard prof: children should be raised "collectively" to further anti-racism    06/03/20  (2)
CHANDLER, when are we speaking over the phone???    06/03/20  (1)
Occam's razor says it was the cop slowly choking him to death in front of every1    06/03/20  (6)
our cultural revolution probably lasts another 15 years or so    06/03/20  (1)
Rate this $2M home in SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA    06/03/20  (2)
"Look at all those rocks," exclaimed Rudolph. "She's no longer Jenny from the bl    06/03/20  (26)
Fucking coronavirus hysteria tanking stock market. Overblown like swine, avian    06/03/20  (2)
imo, America is still the greatest country in the world.    06/03/20  (10)
N1993R 4P3    06/03/20  (4)
Muscadine Wine, rate me as an Australian state    06/03/20  (5)
ESPN: Saints must choose between bigotry or moving on from Brees    06/03/20  (1)
The rapid decline of the usa is lolworthy    06/03/20  (8)
Rate this email I got from a US Marine buddy RE Mike Flynn and "Mad Dog" Mattis    06/03/20  (55)
can anyone actually DENY that whites are a superior race    06/03/20  (8)
Latest update on the Battle of Raqqa    06/03/20  (7)
Most overrated city in Somalia. Has to be Mogadishu right?    06/03/20  (9)
Trump seen clutching his asshold after BRUTAL General Mattis screed    06/03/20  (75)
This country is a shithole    06/03/20  (22)
Who are you rooting for in Syria?    06/03/20  (17)
Credited Third World Country to Move to and Become a Baller    06/03/20  (6)
Whites literally praying at the feet of blacks begging forgiveness (not flame)    06/03/20  (42)
shitlibs will be trying to shame people on beaches in 2 months. it's crazy imho    06/03/20  (1)
the way the media dropped coronavirus is very creepy to me    06/03/20  (22)
Lol shut the fuck up about this fake "virus"    06/03/20  (6)
lol @ people freaking about this coronavirus shit    06/03/20  (2)
Reminder: Trump lost by 3 million votes. This is the consequence.    06/03/20  (32)
Did Tucker dig into the 13% stat and explain how it's worse than it seems?    06/03/20  (6)
Where are the MUGSHOTS of the other 3???    06/03/20  (3)
BLM is more fraudulent than the Russia bullshit if u can believe it    06/03/20  (2)
the news is just massive psyops now    06/03/20  (20)
In 2016, 40% of Georgia voters were nonwhite, voted Dem 83-14    06/03/20  (1)
What will Kobe do in retirement    06/03/20  (13)
Aaron Rodgers and LeBron James spit-roasting Drew Brees over his flag comments    06/03/20  (7)
This is all too weird what we're allowing    06/03/20  (5)
sane whites can just make a new country you know it doesn't have to be like this    06/03/20  (1)
Asian smears self in shit in support of BLM    06/03/20  (33)
Is MN Shitpig KUENG A Hapa Of Some Sort? (PIC)    06/03/20  (4)
Sports Illustrated: Drew Brees just burned a cross in America's front yard    06/03/20  (8)
biglaw I'm starting to think this whole thing is a psyop    06/03/20  (4)
Drew Brees is done here holy shit, put his name on Twitter search    06/03/20  (1)
Rate this girl's transformation (pic)    06/03/20  (166)
𝚃𝚎𝚜𝚝    06/03/20  (5)
ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ    06/03/20  (5)
Floyd was literally an 80 IQ criminal out spreading coronavirus    06/03/20  (4)
The 'Face to Face' guy offers a materialist analysis of the riots:    06/03/20  (2)
can u even imagine how shitty it must be to live in la    06/03/20  (26)
Floyd had COVID-19, severe heart disease, and was on FENTANYL AND TUTU    06/03/20  (59)
TBF whites are a superior race; not really up for discussion    06/03/20  (2)
what level jew is rachmiel? What blood spells can he cast?    06/03/20  (13)
Fuck any fraud here talking any shit about me(Boom)    06/03/20  (2)
Just bought another Bell Canyon home    06/03/20  (5)
WaPo: Jews should not be considered white anymore    06/03/20  (38)
Libs coming for your good school districts    06/03/20  (11)
Libs: What constitutes a superior culture?    06/03/20  (15)
mass graves for elites    06/03/20  (6)
Don't fucking cum in my cornrows again, barked whokebe to jinx    06/03/20  (2)
Got called into HR for anti-rioter FB post today (NOT FLAME)    06/03/20  (1)
Civil War history is incredibly interesting    06/03/20  (23)
⌨︎︎✌︎︎    06/03/20  (1)
Antifa “invades” the suburbs. Does not go well.    06/03/20  (6)
Tucker just read a passage from Martin Luther’s other book    06/03/20  (1)
Lol Tucker just dropped the 13% stat    06/03/20  (46)
ಠ_ಠ    06/03/20  (1)
if RBG passes imagine Mitch trying to cram through a nominee now    06/03/20  (7)
There’s 40 shillings on the drum    06/03/20  (5)
Lol at the guy who has to clean this store tomorrow    06/03/20  (1)
You’re old: Sheldon from Big Bang Theory turned 53 today.    06/03/20  (2)
Having a younger wife is 180    06/03/20  (69)
Bannon took the day off. Need an angry stupid mick to rage impotently    06/03/20  (7)
"XO the Galleria" - can someone explain this painfully stupid and unfunny poster    06/03/20  (61)
Biden: Trump is weak and helpless    06/03/20  (1)
there are so many citrus fruits they don't teach you about in school    06/03/20  (44)
who is the coolest xo poaster    06/03/20  (38)
Poasting from the far superior IPAD rn    06/03/20  (1)
Chinese people react to T Square massacre prompt by reporter    06/03/20  (4)
Possible for USA to become complete third world country in our lifetime?    06/03/20  (7)
lol Tucker just pulled out a set of skulls from different parts of the world    06/03/20  (25)
Most of America is a complete disaster    06/03/20  (14)
MPA, evaluate BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1935) as a classic horror film    06/03/20  (1)
I can't even imagine what shitlibs have planned next month    06/03/20  (9)
Protester jumps in front of moving car, cop shoots the driver's dog (video)    06/03/20  (1)
Black people getting rowdy is the funniest thing in the world    06/03/20  (21)
Thinking of flying to Minneapolis (19 hours) to take a shit+piss on George Floyd    06/03/20  (7)
In The Purge The Movie, why does everyone wear a mask?    06/03/20  (12)
Faggot lawyers who say "I would argue"    06/03/20  (5)
I can't deal with the left's stupidity anymore    06/03/20  (4)
PSA: you could travel safely in Iraq pre-war; now shithole    06/03/20  (11)
Was the fall of the Roman Empire an apocalypse situation    06/03/20  (20)
Nice tedious boring redditor turned born again christian retard schtick, mig    06/03/20  (14)
"Black Lives Matter" is an intentionally divisive phrase.    06/03/20  (102)
So Floyd had preexisting heart condition, coronavirus, meth and fentanyl in his    06/03/20  (9)
The Drunk Redhead of My Dreams: Bannon’s Nationalistic Eschatology    06/03/20  (2)
These ARE COUNTRY Drive-By Elem & Mid School Graduation Ceremonies Are Pathetic    06/03/20  (4)
WHY is the response to anyone questioning the narrative 10x more vicious now?    06/03/20  (17)
America is like ancient Rome in very weird ways    06/03/20  (99)
Overheard Conf Call:"Just make the same show, but in a different city, hehe"    06/03/20  (1)
Describe the one moment or decision that ruined ur life    06/03/20  (52)
you literally need to license to watch tv in the uk    06/03/20  (1)
is coinstar prole    06/03/20  (40)
Someone explain the Resident Evil movies to me.    06/03/20  (14)
If an earthquake destroys Los angles while all these fags riot is it a sign from    06/03/20  (1)
Why does upset jew pretend to be “retired”?    06/03/20  (10)
"Jared! You said they were 'Goy Cattle'! Why is military defying your plan?!?"    06/03/20  (1)
LinkedIn person quit their job at Facebook because of black people    06/03/20  (1)
Idris, War Machine and Kamala accepting white apologies ITT!    06/03/20  (58)
I never played the first "The Last of Us", should I buy the sequel?    06/03/20  (2)
guess we are going to do this for the next 40 years, huh?    06/03/20  (36)
Best case scenario for America: constitutional crisis -> USMC coup    06/03/20  (31)
President 🤡 is going to cost Republicans the Senate (our wall from the shitli    06/03/20  (5)
Has MS13 ever done battle with nigger gang?    06/03/20  (6)
White people slowly reappearing in photo from future    06/03/20  (241)
Trump concedes Abe Lincoln "possibly" did more for blacks - link    06/03/20  (1)
poor african men shell out for DEM GUCCI SHOES [news item]    06/03/20  (19)
Africans should be forced to pay reparations to American blacks    06/03/20  (2)
Blacks now looting high end art in LA (link)    06/03/20  (12)
was that an earthquake?    06/03/20  (4)
USA is a falling Rome at this point--Mexicans are the Visigoths coming in.    06/03/20  (7)
I like the Old and New Testaments Equally    06/03/20  (5)
what if THE PURGE like the movie was a real thing    06/03/20  (19)
Tucker is really going ALL IN    06/03/20  (15)
so 3 of 4 officers were POCs, including 1 black?    06/03/20  (1)
NYC Heath Chair: Blame racism, not protestors if there is a spike in corona (lin    06/03/20  (8)
democracy is OVER if losing side resorts to violent resistance (libs, Oct 2016)    06/03/20  (1)
i never knew that Conan O'Brien is jewish, guess it makes sense    06/03/20  (2)
Modern America is basically the Byzantine Empire in 630AD    06/03/20  (13)
What Do GOYIM Think Of The Divine Chariot In Ezekiel 1?    06/03/20  (2)
Floyd: "If I get Corona, I get Corona"    06/03/20  (1)
This black woman is a saint    06/03/20  (21)
Kanye changes profile pic to a completely WHITE space (Link)    06/03/20  (7)
Clip of me taking a video deposition (CSLG)    06/03/20  (11)
At this point, is it fair to say that most of us have or have had COVID?    06/03/20  (2)
About to get bored as fuck if I don't see teens crashing a shoe store soon    06/03/20  (6)
All white people should stop buying useless shit    06/03/20  (1)
All white people should stop paying taxes    06/03/20  (34)
Seattle withdrew motion to have DOJ Consent Decree lifted    06/03/20  (3)
In addition to the bullet in his brain, he didn't exercise and smoked 2 packs a    06/03/20  (4)
"I can't breath. (Because i have Bat Flu, and fentanyl, and meth, and heart dise    06/03/20  (4)
Saw a patient who had SCROTAL PEARLS as a finding on Ultrasound    06/03/20  (1)
Trump Shitting On His Former Advisors Is Weak. Why'd He Hire Them?    06/03/20  (9)
The entire world has gone fucking insane I give up    06/03/20  (26)
very fine folks on both sides    06/03/20  (2)

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