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Missed Something: Why Did The Birder Nig Have Dog Treats?    05/26/20  (10)
Covington Kid’s Dad is Franklin Templeton VP (HuffPo)    05/26/20  (1)
Karen probably didn't expect to be dealing with a crafty HARVARD man    05/26/20  (5)
laser scopes, extendos, suppressors, pretty much whatever we want    05/26/20  (1)
SIM GLITCH: Dukakis won West Virginia (?!) in 1988    05/26/20  (1)
Wild part Central Park incident: yesterday morning this lady's life was normal    05/26/20  (13)
rememebr when they told us that bin laden has huge mountain complexes?    05/26/20  (1)
Anyone else viscerally repulsed by healthy ppl walking around w masks on?    05/26/20  (26)
What would you major in if you had 130 IQ?    05/26/20  (23)
brit slampig get charged with her own rape    05/26/20  (21)
Video emerges of Harvard "birdwatcher" beating the shit out of his GF in 2008 (    05/26/20  (1)
Minneapolis cop killing is indefensible    05/26/20  (9)
Franklin Templeton to Amy Cooper: "Ding, bitch!"    05/26/20  (30)
FLW why do 1m people follow this 11yo’s instagram?    05/26/20  (9)
Reporting A False Crime To 911 Is Probably A Crime In NY    05/26/20  (4)
We need to end GC and go back to hunter gatherer days    05/26/20  (1)
I assume all these "bird watchers" are just weird, masturbating pedos, right?    05/26/20  (1)
If youre not Go-Proing your life every waking hour, youre insane    05/26/20  (1)
sbux good buy @ 78 USD? BoA @24 USD? Disney @ 122?    05/26/20  (10)
BTC is currently in an argument/holding pattern    05/26/20  (1)
Kayleigh is 180    05/26/20  (2)
CSLG, biggest barriers?    05/26/20  (12)
Psychoanalysis of CSLG    05/26/20  (52)
vegan gains vlogs are 70% him getting mad at people on his ebike    05/26/20  (1)
Woman who called cops on Asian birdwatcher in Central Park to be given honors    05/26/20  (4)
what is going on in this picture, im going insane trying to figure it out    05/26/20  (3)
Smooth turds that come out clean and require almost no wiping    05/26/20  (6)
Rate 750k-1M a year in Phoenix or Austin    05/26/20  (24)
member when Hillary's housekeeper had access to her classified server?    05/26/20  (1)
LOL!!!!!!!! LL BEAN bends the knee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    05/26/20  (76)
dying seems like the most 180 relief imaginable    05/26/20  (28)
Following our internal review of the incident on XO yesterday, we have made the    05/26/20  (2)
Shaun King AKA Talcum X AKA W.E.B DeFraud revealed as con artist    05/26/20  (1)
Media shifting to race baiting stories means disease is done, election has begun    05/26/20  (1)
"Better protocol, actually," says NYPD spokeswoman, "is never to call us."    05/26/20  (2)
Politico: Democrats DEATHLY AFRAID of 3Q economic rebound    05/26/20  (66)
If you were high T your gf/wife would look like this    05/26/20  (11)
Moderna execs dump $30 million worth of stock    05/26/20  (13)
how 'prestigious' is NYU Law?    05/26/20  (44)
Why have opportunities to "click the bullseye and win an iPhone" disappeared?    05/26/20  (3)
Lawyer unveils "Birdwatching defense" in Tessa Major trial    05/26/20  (1)
If You Give a Lib A Cookie    05/26/20  (1)
Chomsky aged out & became irrelevant & no one has replaced him    05/26/20  (5)
Social media has really ruined America. It shows us at our absolute worst.    05/26/20  (3)
Pulitzer Prize announces affirmative action will now be used to decide winners    05/26/20  (1)
question for vonoskar    05/26/20  (2)
WSJ: Switzerland to give fast track citizenship to US lawyers looking for work    05/26/20  (6)
Honest Question: Any famous JEWISH EXPLORERS?    05/26/20  (6)
reread Dune because of recent xo thread about new movie. still a great book    05/26/20  (8)
Then all acquiesced, and the issues list call rolled on as it rolled 5 hours ago    05/26/20  (1)
have you ever dated academic types?    05/26/20  (36)
Still pisses me off that War Machine spends time in hospitals.    05/26/20  (4)
at what age do women who don't adjust their expectations fail forever    05/26/20  (4)
did don barzini and :D pioneer cooming decades before it was a meme    05/26/20  (9)
Video of a woman strangling her dog by its leash (guess race)    05/26/20  (145)
not flame went birding last summer and snapped this 180 pic    05/26/20  (6)
creampie guy, do you have any Memorial Day plans?    05/26/20  (2)
is athletic activity demonic    05/26/20  (11)
the suffocation of a prisoner by minny cops sucks    05/26/20  (6)
how many people would get the cultural ref of putting orange slice in mouth    05/26/20  (12)
Ann Coulter is really pissing me off    05/26/20  (75)
Don't fall for the cruise line bull trap    05/26/20  (9)
I wanted social justice but not like this. Not from me.    05/26/20  (1)
Commercial real estate market is deader than you think...game over high rent    05/26/20  (61)
Libs framing “anyone who wants to go outside is a Nazi” may backfire spectac    05/26/20  (3)
Genderless green-haired shrews shriek furiously    05/26/20  (5)
Amy Cooper lost her dog, job, privacy - everything - over a 10 sec tamtrum    05/26/20  (5)
lol posted in PN's NYU law thread about LSAT - PR SAT prep ads on youtube    05/26/20  (2)
Tinder match asked me to snapchat her my face. Sent & she immediately blocked me    05/26/20  (1)
can’t decide if annoyed by spamming or grateful for free blank bumps    05/26/20  (1)
Why would anyone want to be a Cop these days? SJWs with cameras everywhere    05/26/20  (1)
Going to the doctor today to get my ASS looked at (not flame)    05/26/20  (47)
I've never found true love is it out there? (Boom)    05/26/20  (5)
so I stopped poasting    05/26/20  (3)
My new laptop is 180.    05/26/20  (6)
xo moving kind of slow for anyone else?    05/26/20  (24)
what post-9/11 year in the 2000s was the most cr    05/26/20  (10)
So this is what a post-god techno collectivist dystopia ends up like?    05/26/20  (1)
currently at municipal court on zoom.    05/26/20  (14)
Margaritaville masks one of the top selling items on Amazon (link)    05/26/20  (1)
Avoid cliches like the plague    05/26/20  (3)
Jack Dorsey: Trump's Psycho Joe Tweets Worse Than Iran Death To America Tweets    05/26/20  (6)
I love this Karen shit going on. White women starting to feel the heat    05/26/20  (4)
NYPD Raided Children's Carnival In Williamsburg (VID)    05/26/20  (6)
Mossad: Acquired 80 Million Masks In March | US CDC: Masks Make You More Sick!    05/26/20  (3)
Someone bump that one birding thread in honor of NYC birder    05/26/20  (3)
Everything is moving slow now    05/26/20  (3)
Rach, your site is being slow and laggy. Get your shit together.    05/26/20  (3)
new alexa stats show xoxohth jumped to 2% of all internet use in lockdown (link)    05/26/20  (3)
Rightwingers like Charles who insist on dull stodgy candidates like them    05/26/20  (6)
How to Salvage Summer: These Holocaust Museums are Offering Virtual Tours (NYT)    05/26/20  (7)
Tell me what to watch on Netflix    05/26/20  (23)
What's the xo consensus on John Lithgow?    05/26/20  (9)
Talmudic School In KIRYAS JOEL w 100s Of Students Shut Down By Antisemites    05/26/20  (7)
Many Have Not Seen Or Touched Another Person In 3 Months (USA Today)    05/26/20  (5)
Why Is The Nig Birder / Dog Shrew Story More Popular Than Wedding Photog Story?    05/26/20  (7)
lmao Japan “willing to train western lawyers as Classicists”    05/26/20  (4)
Single mom and I will have first little girl together first loser guy has 2 live    05/26/20  (10)
Portugal's Ruling Party (Socialists) Trying To Close Jewish EU Passport Backdoor    05/26/20  (12)
Thought by being slender losing weight being in great shape things would improve    05/26/20  (4)
"Colorful world of birding lacks people of color" - Nat Geo.com    05/26/20  (28)
Loving dad recreates childhood photos with his son . . . with a twist    05/26/20  (1)
UAE Sends Aid To Palestinians On Etihad Flight To TLV. Palis Reject Aid    05/26/20  (4)
TSINAH's hold music is now "It's a fight" by three 6 mafia. Is he ok?    05/26/20  (4)
Jewess At Our Shabbat Dinner Wouldn't Eat Our Cabbage Per GI Doc #JamesJoyceJr    05/26/20  (18)
frog & toad pull the knives out of their back, use them to spread butter on toas    05/26/20  (3)
Franzen tells Alex Wagner about the joys of birding. "Like sex" (not flame - vid    05/26/20  (9)
Does anyone have an elevator expert they want to share?    05/26/20  (3)
Let's spice it up and have fun(Boom)    05/26/20  (3)
My shit takes a shit and I call it “poast”    05/26/20  (3)
What is the ideal wife profession. Seems like xo is against every option    05/26/20  (18)
Japan unveils $19.51 billion plan to subsidise holidays for tourists    05/26/20  (6)
Conservative Men Are Pointing Loaded Guns At Their Crotches To ‘Own the Libs'    05/26/20  (37)
Rate Peter Thiel’s Wikipedia page    05/26/20  (3)
Farting so loud Chris Christie says "there it is"    05/26/20  (69)
Weren't people supposed to crack by Memorial Day?    05/26/20  (6)
Reminder: your children will be chipped, live in pods and eat bugs    05/26/20  (8)
XO WSJ: The ‘Liberal Leaning’ Media Has Passed Its Tipping Point    05/26/20  (12)
Yagami Informing Pasty Anime Dorks of their “Light of Return”    05/26/20  (4)
Honestly, I'd trust the advice of an HBS alum over an actual MD any day    05/26/20  (3)
Last Dance is great. But Come Fly with me had GOAT tier sound track and narratio    05/26/20  (5)
Chicago bishop to exercise ancient excommunication 4 ppl who refuse vaccine    05/26/20  (3)
ponytail luis riding with his heelys through Costco aisles    05/26/20  (4)
John Lithgow's ancestors literally came here on the Mayflower    05/26/20  (7)
The Gotham African-American Birder Society    05/26/20  (3)
Rate 2020 libs reaction to this scene from National Lampoon's Vacation (1983)    05/26/20  (6)
real talk: if you don't want to die, don't resist law enforcement    05/26/20  (3)
rach, for the love of God, create a fucking index on (thread_id, message_id)    05/26/20  (3)
Two JEWISH NBA Stars Discuss Keeping Shabbat & Kosher & Talmud Study (VID)    05/26/20  (7)
Does the UN do anything useful these days?    05/26/20  (10)
Bloodacre and John Lithgow to star in Raising Cane's    05/26/20  (4)
your future son getting sentenced to death on glitchy zoom conference call    05/26/20  (3)
6 states forced nursing homes to take back COVID patients. They = 63% of deaths    05/26/20  (12)
anyone see that 90's movie Raising Cain w John Lithgow    05/26/20  (4)
lib presumption of absolute authority for covid response is staggering    05/26/20  (10)
what is the FRATTIEST m7 school? kellogg? or one w/ finance focus?    05/26/20  (15)
Rick and Morty made a joke about lawyers    05/26/20  (3)
Do you know any unhappy M7 MBA students?    05/26/20  (25)
TSINAH let's go here and find God and clients.    05/26/20  (3)
Oh great another national news story on someone calling the cops on a black guy    05/26/20  (4)
my wife accepted a promotion requiring her to relocate to NY, yet 9 months ago w    05/26/20  (42)
ruh roh, Jimmy Fallon did black face 20 years ago!    05/26/20  (34)
Sim glitch: Coretta Scott King (MLK's wife) babysat a young John Lithgow    05/26/20  (4)
We’re hiring!    05/26/20  (4)
Odds DMT is just some CIA brainwashing shit    05/26/20  (29)
who is the Gen-Y 'John Lithgow'?    05/26/20  (10)
Rate my backyard set up...got new lights/furniture (CSLG)    05/26/20  (12)
*MASTERTHREAD of TV ads with black chick and white male couples    05/26/20  (5)
The early 70s Seinfeld episodes are terrible.    05/26/20  (4)

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