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Check in if you're a fag who was NOT in a frat in college. That means YOU.    05/26/20  (12)
Wild part Central Park incident: yesterday morning this lady's life was normal    05/26/20  (17)
How to become well functioning pillar of society?    05/26/20  (2)
Fuck libs. I’m going to the Mexican BUFFET this evening.    05/26/20  (1)
The South is about to get fucked up by the virus    05/26/20  (193)
What would you major in if you had 130 IQ?    05/26/20  (37)
Definitive mask PECKING ORDER    05/26/20  (7)
Franklin Templeton to Amy Cooper: "Ding, bitch!"    05/26/20  (46)
Hey. Hey. HEY! This is Ramble.    05/26/20  (2)
9th Circuit Rules Climate Suits Belong in State Court    05/26/20  (20)
What is the CR major for a chill fratty 110 IQ bro?    05/26/20  (13)
Just sold my house for $1mm cash, where to invest?    05/26/20  (2)
Karen probably didn't expect to be dealing with a crafty HARVARD man    05/26/20  (12)
reread Dune because of recent xo thread about new movie. still a great book    05/26/20  (20)
Universal love of comic book movies proof of debased nature of most people.    05/26/20  (1)
Hypo: time machine back to 250BC. You can take 1 item. What item?    05/26/20  (42)
how 'prestigious' is NYU Law?    05/26/20  (45)
Lord, I was born a Ramblin' man... Rilin' up the Karens and doing the best I can    05/26/20  (1)
Been tough to avoid doing drugs during quarantine    05/26/20  (10)
MCU: Marvel Clownworld Universe    05/26/20  (2)
If you were high T your gf/wife would look like this    05/26/20  (15)
Isn't the ramble a known hotspot for gays to cruise and fuck in the woods?    05/26/20  (6)
only a matter of time before some xo poa’s yosemite sam rage goes viral    05/26/20  (3)
Anyone else viscerally repulsed by healthy ppl walking around w masks on?    05/26/20  (63)
video of Christian Cooper discussing birds    05/26/20  (2)
Rate my backyard set up...got new lights/furniture (CSLG)    05/26/20  (29)
damn, they’re already planning to put up a plaque in The Ramble    05/26/20  (1)
Trump to invite the Coopers to WH for historic diet coke summit    05/26/20  (3)
TMZ Video: Barron Trump wandering streets of DC, muttering "Golden Path" to hims    05/26/20  (1)
DNC Donor Wistleblower Clone Islands    05/26/20  (3)
Poasters have TOO many usernames. XO mainframe fucked    05/26/20  (2)
Moving from NYC to South Carolina TCR?    05/26/20  (7)
Arbery shooters should walk but that Minneapolis killing looked dirty    05/26/20  (4)
The racist shit Sarah Jeong tweeted was far worse than what Amy Cooper did    05/26/20  (2)
The Goyim Are Restless. Let's Give Them "White Dog Shrew vs. Nig Birder"    05/26/20  (1)
society has barely functioned for the last decade or so    05/26/20  (6)
Video of a woman strangling her dog by its leash (guess race)    05/26/20  (162)
XO's server down to its last hamster, very sad    05/26/20  (5)
Worst part about unmarried friends: always asking you to pick them up from airpo    05/26/20  (1)
Xo Zoom call: #975-576-6765 password: 76483    05/26/20  (2)
was CENTRAL PARK KAREN a LIB?    05/26/20  (10)
Hertz execs arrested for raping Carl Icahn---crazy story!    05/26/20  (1)
worst part about married friends: it becomes impossible to ask for small favor    05/26/20  (3)
Funny money: Zoom mkt cap 46B, Ford 23B.    05/26/20  (5)
Israel accused of planting spying devices near White House    05/26/20  (2)
Grotesque AGWWG couple profiled in New York Times    05/26/20  (5)
Hey white women - if you are a lib, your fellow libs want to see your destroyed    05/26/20  (1)
We need to end GC and go back to hunter gatherer days    05/26/20  (22)
Just purchased a commercial office building (7 stories) for $145k, taking q’s    05/26/20  (19)
*elevator door opens**me and Luis standing 69ing*"uhh I'll get the next one"    05/26/20  (59)
People Are Dying From Vapes!    05/26/20  (2)
Birder dood could have offered shrew treats to defuse tensions    05/26/20  (1)
"Bitcoin isn't real money!" said guy flashing a literal piece of green paper    05/26/20  (4)
"Uhhhh...some folks attacked some Easter worshippers."    05/26/20  (17)
Central Pakr Kartika: beating five year old son for “talkin’ to damn loud”    05/26/20  (1)
Psychoanalysis of CSLG    05/26/20  (57)
Missed Something: Why Did The Birder Nig Have Dog Treats?    05/26/20  (15)
It's cr to have blinds in ur home if you're old, a serial killer, pedo or in FL    05/26/20  (1)
2nd cousin: You're a beast with that hog ;) Shrew gf: Put a LEASH on your dog!    05/26/20  (1)
Don't do drugs, folks. Don't resist police either. You escalate shit and shit    05/26/20  (1)
Central Park Kartika: “they to many damn white people in this bitch”    05/26/20  (1)
sweating profusely in a Jos A Bank suit    05/26/20  (5)
Libs: They're not women, they're "Birthing People" (link)    05/26/20  (2)
Krasserstein brothers seeking a lawyer.    05/26/20  (4)
ruh roh, Jimmy Fallon did black face 20 years ago!    05/26/20  (35)
Trump's Memorial Day Statement really brings a tear to my eye    05/26/20  (3)
Are shade sails cr or trashy?    05/26/20  (1)
Giving treats to a dog unsolicited in the middle of the woods    05/26/20  (2)
Rach please upgrade the server to a core2duo    05/26/20  (1)
Playing an Iron-Age Finland Sim game. Increased desire to live in wilderness.    05/26/20  (47)
stock market is so boring compared to crypto    05/26/20  (1)
if we're gonna cast female leads can they at least be like sigourney weaver    05/26/20  (4)
Big Lenny getting jerked, pissed on and baby-birded by a tranny    05/26/20  (38)
Med(L)i(bs)a wants COVID until November 4 then it will somehow disappear    05/26/20  (2)
XOXO Big Lenny dropping 180 cultural commentary on some sandnigger's podcast    05/26/20  (2)
2nd Cousin: Hanging around the Ramble. Shrew GF: Also in the Rample    05/26/20  (1)
pro-tip: load multiple xo threads at once    05/26/20  (1)
***MODS: Please delete 1000 post thread it's fucking up the board's speed****    05/26/20  (5)
if u wont marry a trans woman you're a sick bigot and get on the train.    05/26/20  (2)
Margaritaville masks one of the top selling items on Amazon (link)    05/26/20  (2)
Amy Cooper added as defendant in Arbery killing    05/26/20  (3)
Corona numbers are exaggeration    05/26/20  (1)
white woman with secure PR job making 100K hoping everyone stays home until 2022    05/26/20  (14)
rehearsal - why do we pronounce this RE-HER-SAL and not Re-HERE-SAL    05/26/20  (4)
LOL, Obama called them "Easter worshippers"?!    05/26/20  (118)
Michigan hasn't named a QB1 but he's already a lock to win the Heisman    05/26/20  (19)
SIM GLITCH    05/26/20  (1)
xo is slow bc it’s image-heavy & bandwidth is very expensive    05/26/20  (1)
100K dead before the end of May? Yea or nea?    05/26/20  (9)
rach, fix this or i'll out your family, your address and i'll come to your house    05/26/20  (1)
The ONLY play Amy Cooper has left is to kill self and steer the narrative.    05/26/20  (15)
Loving dad recreates childhood photos with his son . . . with a twist    05/26/20  (3)
Rate Peter Thiel’s Wikipedia page    05/26/20  (4)
October 2018 United States mail bombing attempts    05/26/20  (1)
They make special chairs to sit at while you're on the computer    05/26/20  (2)
Winnie Cooper and Wonder Years: There were places in America like this    05/26/20  (7)
Walk out and ghost this chick before she plays anything funny on me?    05/26/20  (1)
Everyone so connected its scary...is Facebook flame    05/26/20  (1)
Lots of people writing STAY HOME in the windows of their house now    05/26/20  (6)
Glad I can get some youtube videos in while autoadmit threads load.    05/26/20  (1)
Executioner: "The dog-walking shrew wishes to say a word..." "NIGGGGEEEE..."    05/26/20  (3)
XO unuseable    05/26/20  (1)
Goldman Sachs pays back 2008 bailout money by foreclosing on 10K residences    05/26/20  (2)
So the 'US' media is desperately trying to stoke a race war?    05/26/20  (4)
Someone please splash some sierra mist on the autoadmit server    05/26/20  (1)
Can any doctors explain what this tweet from your fellow doctor means?    05/26/20  (1)
Cooper deserves to be fired for having dog off leash. Nothing else.    05/26/20  (2)
The Strange Death Of Dr David Kelly    05/26/20  (1)
the future libs want for you (video)    05/26/20  (1)
we hold these truths to be self-evidently fraudulent    05/26/20  (3)
It's wrong to ruin people's lives by publicizing their bad moments    05/26/20  (1)
*walks onto step & repeat at Bellevue ER, cameras flash* "Upset Jew, over here!"    05/26/20  (1)
remember that muslim desert compound they found w abducted children?    05/26/20  (2)
why are people from South Dakota way trashier than people from North Dakota?    05/26/20  (18)
dumbass at work said i was "racist" and should watch my mouth just for saying    05/26/20  (1)
remember the CDC guy who "committed suicide" by drowning after whistleblowing?    05/26/20  (1)
Steve Sax    05/26/20  (6)
How did Texas A&M pull in the #6 class (2x 5*, 13x 4*)    05/26/20  (1)
modernity ruined war    05/26/20  (1)
Harvard to give honorary degree to commencement speaker Christian Cooper    05/26/20  (1)
Amy Cooper lost her dog, job, privacy - everything - over a 10 sec tamtrum    05/26/20  (17)
smash the like button follow me on strava and keep making those christian gains    05/26/20  (1)
#NotAllKarens    05/26/20  (1)
Franzen tells Alex Wagner about the joys of birding. "Like sex" (not flame - vid    05/26/20  (10)
Stock market: 4 pm dump    05/26/20  (2)
When can we fucking admit the Jews need to die already?    05/26/20  (30)
last time a nigger tried to shake my hand, i broke it off and spit on him    05/26/20  (3)
Whites think dog leash rules don’t apply to them.    05/26/20  (2)
2/3 of jobless making more from lockdown, 1/5 making double    05/26/20  (3)
Amy Cooper - estimated comp?    05/26/20  (2)
Central Park Karen nudes (Baruch '08) now on /b/    05/26/20  (3)
Amy Cooper's dog euthanized    05/26/20  (2)
There Are 100+ Vaccines Being Developed for the Bat Flu    05/26/20  (2)
who even owned that wuhan lab that infected the world??    05/26/20  (1)
rememebr when they told us that bin laden has huge mountain complexes?    05/26/20  (8)
How much could Rach get by selling XO's algorithms?    05/26/20  (1)
Most surprising thing about Amy Cooper incident.....    05/26/20  (3)
sbux good buy @ 78 USD? BoA @24 USD? Disney @ 122?    05/26/20  (14)
Amy Cooper found dead in UWS apartment (NY Post)    05/26/20  (2)
Pls bump that thread about Skipper GTO needing to add power    05/26/20  (1)
Amy Cooper DEAD    05/26/20  (1)
Covid-19 victims get memorialized like war heroes    05/26/20  (1)
New video surfaces of birdwatcher in abandoned garage    05/26/20  (1)
"Lookit that pigeon, amazing," lisped the NYC birdwatcher    05/26/20  (1)
Has anyone tried Glycine supplements?    05/26/20  (1)
Device hanging around bird watcher's neck was Timbs, not binoculars (Daily Wire)    05/26/20  (1)
Huey Lewis and the Nudes performing “Power of Cum” at Beefboy Classic ‘85    05/26/20  (12)
Video emerges of Harvard "birdwatcher" beating the shit out of his GF in 2008 (    05/26/20  (2)
higher intelligence and mental illness are highly correlated    05/26/20  (1)

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