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Anna Kendrick comes out HARD against Antifa    05/31/20  (6)
Last time black people stood up for Hispanics? Asians? Whites?    05/31/20  (22)
shitlibs chanting "Never again" as they load bigots onto trains    05/31/20  (212)
Shocked at how many whites are protesting/rioting    05/31/20  (6)
Dey jus wildin’    05/31/20  (5)
Hey scumbag lawyers, I think I saw an ambulance just pass by during the riots!    05/31/20  (1)
Rioters’ next step: attack residential homes    05/31/20  (7)
Anyone see that Fox News clip with the oil truck and the people running?    05/31/20  (11)
I Can't Breathe    05/31/20  (1)
Holy shit, libs really hate civilization    05/31/20  (10)
New study shows HCQ significantly helps patients with mild and moderate COVID-19    05/31/20  (5)
Hey shitmod protecting TT - why delete this thread?    05/31/20  (21)
That’s why you often see miscegenation but never with jews. Hi who just joined    05/31/20  (4)
reason xo sucks so much now is church-lady shitmods like "charlie brown"    05/31/20  (45)
Funniest video from the riots so far: Apocalypse Elmo    05/31/20  (28)
Shitmod: Outting threads are fine but NYUUG? No fucking way    05/31/20  (9)
hey nyuug. tell me more about how you live in a first world country faggot.    05/31/20  (8)
seriously was the chloroquine posting shitmodded?    05/31/20  (2)
Why doesn't some shitmod delete the sticky thread?    05/31/20  (2)
Whokebe’s jealousy of lawyers is so hilarious    05/31/20  (7)
the cop & the dead guy starred in the same forced bi scene (link)    05/31/20  (12)
You can see the exact moment he loses the crowd    05/31/20  (8)
Where the fuck is President 🤡 ?    05/31/20  (1)
Have no desire to do anything, still have another 50 years of life left.    05/31/20  (7)
I live in bumfuck rural are country; hundreds of protestors out    05/31/20  (1)
🚨 TRUMP DECLARES WAR ON ANTIFA 🚨    05/31/20  (85)
Which City is doing the best job of not putting up with this bullshit?    05/31/20  (21)
Rioter sets himself on fire trying to light a Molotov cocktail    05/31/20  (9)
When will we finally solve the problem of White Racism in this country?    05/31/20  (1)
At the end of my rope in terms of my mental sanity    05/31/20  (8)
Princeton UG / NYU JD arrested for throwing molotov cocktail into NYPD car    05/31/20  (73)
Post the most 🔥 riot videos    05/31/20  (187)
I keep losing at NL poker    05/31/20  (13)
That one line of vonoskar that bounces around inside your head for months    05/31/20  (1)
Are we all getting Madras green shirts like our hero? And white pants?    05/31/20  (2)
Why would any sane person want to live in any urban areas after 2020?    05/31/20  (6)
who can host    05/31/20  (3)
ANTIFA successor group supports a "lapse" on police: to be called PROLAPSE    05/31/20  (3)
Coronavirus: You can go to a friend's house during lockdown if you've had an arg    05/31/20  (3)
im karen    05/31/20  (5)
Chicago just shutdown all public transportation.    05/31/20  (14)
me & luis in nautica jackets and sagging jeans @ oakland protests    05/31/20  (23)
LJL @ "men" who don't own firearms to protect family    05/31/20  (3)
Box of GUILLOTINES appears in riots    05/31/20  (2)
The civil war in Iraq has begun    05/31/20  (7)
Hey scumbag lawyers, maybe you can sue some people hurt by the protesters!!    05/31/20  (1)
Rise and shine, scumbag lawyers! Another day of being parasitic bloodsuckers!    05/31/20  (4)
USA in done-zo    05/31/20  (2)
New Subaru Outback vs Toyota RAV4    05/31/20  (8)
A fascinating observation: American politics converging on European politics    05/31/20  (76)
Dux is my straight boyfriend who sobs for hours after I deep dick his hungry ass    05/31/20  (29)
Even Republicans are praising ATL mayor Keisha Bottoms    05/31/20  (3)
POLL: can a “country” with us military bases on its soil actually be a count    05/31/20  (1)
ancient romans could not imagine a world without rome    05/31/20  (8)
John Rimjoblinsen    05/31/20  (2)
Peaceful Protester rides Police Horse in Chicago    05/31/20  (7)
Another day of suing people! What a life scumbag lawyers lead!    05/31/20  (1)
What kind of men's bracelet is best for summer?    05/31/20  (4)
***Islamic Republic of Fallujah***    05/31/20  (12)
Reminder: Obeezy, EPAH, Bart, SomeOtherGhost, and Neal support looting    05/31/20  (3)
biggest sign of xo's decline: drop off in MENS BRACELET threading    05/31/20  (5)
I'm 85% sure NYUUG is a profit who saw all of this coming    05/31/20  (12)
Riot content is 100x better than boring covid content. MOAR RIOT CONTENT!    05/31/20  (12)
I personally think that NYUUG has lived the most credited life of anyone here    05/31/20  (38)
Up until 50 years ago there wasn't a single nonalcoholic or nonnarcotic beverage    05/31/20  (14)
And you thought nyuug was kidding w/his guy from a 1st world country sup shtick    05/31/20  (6)
NYUUG IS ALWAYS RIGHT.    05/31/20  (8)
Sim Glitch: NYUUG is basically right about everything he says.    05/31/20  (29)
Would be a really good time for NYUUG to chime in about living in the 1st world    05/31/20  (2)
me & tmf talking about choo choo trains    05/31/20  (8)
Meanwhile in the 1st world -- lasers now being used to 3D print entire engines    05/31/20  (4)
Gave my card to Antifa bro last week. 55 new clients arrested today    05/31/20  (1)
The Floyd Hoax: What Really Happened    05/31/20  (41)
NBA Star J.R. Smith Beats The Hell Out of Alleged Car Vandalizer During L.A. Rio    05/31/20  (24)
*nyuug vomits a little bulgogi onto the bed as Darnell pushes the 9th inch in*    05/31/20  (165)
357 revolver the best all around handgun?    05/31/20  (4)
COVID19 is airborne, infects mind turning ppl into white supremacists who loot    05/31/20  (1)
Can't believe that fag nyuug has been right this entire time    05/31/20  (6)
Remember: black neighborhoods are a food desert    05/31/20  (2)
Would much rather defend my home w a shotgun than live in a Korean shitbox    05/31/20  (4)
Let me tell you a story about a young, mentally retarded Korean boy    05/31/20  (73)
Bart. Lisa. Maggie. Groening is a Soros agent    05/31/20  (3)
Too bad there isn't actually secret column of white nationalist special forces    05/31/20  (4)
ARE Reptile, tell us about your gun collection and deep experience w firearms    05/31/20  (7)
Truck drives thru middle of crowd on Minneapolis highway (video)    05/31/20  (12)
not flame, I smile at every nyuug "guy who lives in a first world country" poast    05/31/20  (7)
antifa radio, 12 pm every friday on KPFA    05/31/20  (1)
is nyuug still claiming that korea is a first world country?    05/31/20  (14)
nyugg ruined the expression “leans into mic” forever by spamming it    05/31/20  (24)
it's so fucking absurd nyuug claims to live in a first world country. not close.    05/31/20  (26)
Wow Seoul is safe right now. Very first world.    05/31/20  (10)
ITT: things America has in common with first world countires    05/31/20  (20)
Do the riots change what happens in November?    05/31/20  (27)
Where are we on that Toxicology Report?    05/31/20  (6)
any commercial realty MFEs who know how to get 'Civil Authority' claims?    05/31/20  (3)
riots ending lock-downs is probably the cheapest option we had    05/31/20  (3)
This review of a low budget 80s action movie predicted 2020 america    05/31/20  (5)
Live in Shitlib CA. LL accepted 25% off rent for Apr,May. Says no June reduction    05/31/20  (34)
libs, update on those unemployment numbers    05/31/20  (1)
White Supremacists in Brooklyn are setting cars on fire. JFC    05/31/20  (10)
I’m about 300k from being able to flee this shithold country for good    05/31/20  (1)
Where's that douchebag nyuug talking about his "first world country"    05/31/20  (27)
What are the chances CNN shows that Dallas video? 0%?    05/31/20  (14)
cant wait for NYUUG to wake up and post about living in a first world country    05/31/20  (13)
In 15 years first world countries are going to look like the Mad Max movies.    05/31/20  (8)
Are 1911's worth owning? Are they are finicky as people say    05/31/20  (16)
The virus was supposed to be so Bad that everyone was forgoing funerals    05/31/20  (2)
America IS the greatest country on earth    05/31/20  (9)
Are old white men an inexhaustible supply? Like 50 years from now    05/31/20  (5)
Cloward-Piven Strategy.    05/31/20  (11)
Average household has 11 computers    05/31/20  (14)
biglaw you can come too    05/31/20  (1)
Can you say why America is the greatest country in the world?    05/31/20  (17)
So all these COURAGEOUS CONTURDS are afraid of getting shamed on Twitter?!    05/31/20  (11)
White women going EXTREME virtue signaling pro BLM shit on social media    05/31/20  (4)
spritezero you can hunker down in my basement if you need    05/31/20  (3)
"that's not what scott stapp says"    05/31/20  (1)
Compilation video of police fucking up protesters    05/31/20  (13)
NYUUG making a RARE WEEKEND APPEARANCE: You = live in the THIRD WORLD    05/31/20  (5)
Has the “new economy” hit seeking arrangement yet? Asking for a friend    05/31/20  (3)
Gun nuts what’s the best gun for your wife? Glock 43?    05/31/20  (18)
Rate this /r/WashingtonDC poast asking protesters to not vandalize    05/31/20  (3)
Don't run white nationalist I see you    05/31/20  (2)
Alexa take all the jogger threads from last week and replace with white national    05/31/20  (2)
Futures down BIGLY    05/31/20  (2)
Can we start talking about the domestic terrorism going in in our cities?    05/31/20  (4)
Ladies and Gentlemen. You heard it here first. The Civil War has begun.    05/31/20  (33)
None of these rioters would be outside if they had Gaming PCs    05/31/20  (5)
POLL: U.S. Posters, Do you plan on staying in America?    05/31/20  (160)
See, there's two types of people: There's black people, and white nationalists    05/31/20  (1)
Did anyone else gain a ton of weight in biglaw    05/31/20  (1)
180 kooky twist that 'white nationalist' is now a code word    05/31/20  (4)
guess which recently killed nigger was also a PORN STAR    05/31/20  (23)
Corporate Voices Get Behind ‘Black Lives Matter’ Cause    05/31/20  (1)
Anyone know if you can create a civilization built on vandalism and looting?    05/31/20  (1)
wait - is this shit not over?    05/31/20  (5)
Breaking point: If riots continue tonight, my shitcon bros and I are going to    05/31/20  (30)
Hey Idris Elba, why aren't you rioting you bitchmade cornball brotha?    05/31/20  (15)
Richmond rioters set fire to house with child inside, block fire engine    05/31/20  (1)
Say what you will about Biden, this would not happen under his watch    05/31/20  (15)
Lil' Marco Rubio Calls for "far right" domestic terror groups to knock it off    05/31/20  (2)
What would Theophilus Eugene Connor do?    05/31/20  (1)
Another whitey getting beat in broad daylight today in Santa Monica. 180!    05/31/20  (3)
Test    05/31/20  (6)
180 protest video: white pulls out crossbow then gets dropped    05/31/20  (7)
Tbf they did name the stores ‘Targets’    05/31/20  (9)
Even redneck hicks are too scared of being called 'racists' to oppose riots    05/31/20  (2)
Rowan spotted at BLM protest    05/31/20  (2)

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