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Blacks are Pit Bulls & white libs are owners that refuse to discipline their dog    05/31/20  (25)
I like having early dinners, like around 5pm. Anyone else?    05/31/20  (1)
Last time black people stood up for Hispanics? Asians? Whites?    05/31/20  (1)
Haha i sure hope none of these angry black protestors RAPE me hehe    05/31/20  (1)
Tinder data study: In wake of pandemic, women more attracted to stable providers    05/31/20  (12)
DESPERATELY need Rina to STATE her top 5 Rachmaninoff etudes    05/31/20  (1)
Pryor Cashman associate πŸ‘‹πŸΈπŸ”₯    05/31/20  (19)
So who is setting up pallets of bricks for rioters?    05/31/20  (32)
Watched "Do the Right Thing" - Laughed when the dude got choked.    05/31/20  (3)
Rina making threatening prank calls in a heavy Kansai accent    05/31/20  (6)
Get your cardio fitness up we'll need you in the race wars    05/31/20  (1)
About to watch "Do the right thing"    05/31/20  (3)
The Floyd Hoax: What Really Happened    05/31/20  (18)
Princeton UG / NYU JD arrested for throwing molotov cocktail into NYPD car    05/31/20  (55)
SHIT MAGA bros SCREW UP BIG TIME: physically confront black protesters in Boise    05/31/20  (5)
TS Amanda, what are your thoughts on the Powers method for HRT?    05/31/20  (2)
Libs, if we picked ONE CITY and let you burn it down? Would you be happy then?    05/31/20  (1)
"It's so hot! I'll just wear daisies& tight tank to BLM protest" - white women    05/31/20  (28)
Breaking point: If riots continue tonight, my shitcon bros and I are going to    05/31/20  (23)
Going to an antifa meeting tonight    05/31/20  (7)
Gas mask, AR-15, body armor, slim fit chinos, yeezys,    05/31/20  (1)
TS Amanda - describe your bar mitzvah    05/31/20  (2)
Training to shoot libs in Call of Duty Warzone    05/31/20  (1)
Rate this photo calling out brunch shrews for their white supremacy    05/31/20  (16)
me & luis in nautica jackets and sagging jeans @ oakland protests    05/31/20  (10)
PSA: Do the Right Thing    05/31/20  (1)
Post the most πŸ”₯ riot videos    05/31/20  (177)
any commercial realty MFEs who know how to get 'Civil Authority' claims?    05/31/20  (1)
Lockdowns, Riots, ability to WFH... everyone under 40 should move    05/31/20  (19)
Anyone here like Big Bang theory?    05/31/20  (2)
Are small businesses really going to be covered by insurance?    05/31/20  (2)
Hi this is Jim from Brazzers. Do I have your permission to use this riot footag    05/31/20  (1)
Prole type dudes who build a rent house empire: cr?    05/31/20  (80)
Was the Love Shack a real thing?    05/31/20  (1)
Love Shack and Bang Bus team up (vid)    05/31/20  (1)
the poster howie    05/31/20  (4)
Is this 180 af tweet from 180 af Mike Tyson real?    05/31/20  (8)
whats the POTUS rolling paper for weed?    05/31/20  (6)
is this just america now?    05/31/20  (6)
things are differnetn now    05/31/20  (2)
White Silence = Violence    05/31/20  (1)
The fall of America coincided with the fall of baseball    05/31/20  (13)
Not a single right-wing group confronted rioters in 20+ US cities over 5 nights    05/31/20  (105)
someone with a 124+ IQ rank the top 5 Genesis albums up to Invisible Touch era    05/31/20  (8)
I still lol every time I think about HER losing to Trump πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ    05/31/20  (9)
LIBS!????????? NEW VID for you to look at    05/31/20  (2)
find it lulzy that shitlib poasters poast in an organized synced up fashion    05/31/20  (7)
where can i get an AR-15 still?    05/31/20  (1)
Reminder: *healthy* people wearing masks as a prophylactic is pseudoscientific    05/31/20  (16)
Trump should use the word "Niggardly" in a tweet just to troll media    05/31/20  (6)
Imagine being born on 9/11/2001 and being a 2020 high school grad    05/31/20  (7)
Poast your Facebook "friends" shitlib reactions to riots here!    05/31/20  (44)
Mr. Mattis, who went by his online moniker Idris Elba, was immediately terminate    05/31/20  (1)
why is it a big deal if cops target blacks? hasnt this always been the thing?    05/31/20  (1)
So ppl are arguing the cop intended to kill Floyd?    05/31/20  (4)
Shkreli taken away while bloated shrew cunt from Theranos walking is abomination    05/31/20  (8)
i got so high today i thought it was Tuesday    05/31/20  (1)
Rioter sets himself on fire trying to light a Molotov cocktail    05/31/20  (8)
cobra kai s3 (hulu?) *release anticipation thread*    05/31/20  (6)
Trump DOJ is gonna assfuck Antifa with RICO charges    05/31/20  (12)
Minneapolis department also had black cop who killed unarmed white woman.    05/31/20  (3)
I keep losing at NL poker    05/31/20  (10)
Hey Idris Elba, why aren't you rioting you bitchmade cornball brotha?    05/31/20  (14)
at least this is more fun than pride parades    05/31/20  (1)
ARE Reptile, you're one of the worst poasters here.    05/31/20  (1)
Kellyanne: Protestors angry that media didnt cover historically low black unempl    05/31/20  (3)
Protestors MAF about capital requirements under Dodd Frank    05/31/20  (1)
GANG BANG PORN VIDEO OF FLOYD & COP ... HO LEE FUK!!!!!    05/31/20  (5)
Kamala and Amanda leadin da pride parade    05/31/20  (4)
If you are a business owner in a shitlib city, you should probably leave    05/31/20  (1)
REMINDER: research shows there IS racial discrimination in criminal justice syst    05/31/20  (6)
Trump retweets Dallas vid. Twitter IMMEDIATELY suspends original poaster    05/31/20  (10)
REMINDER: Trump spent $2 million on Super Bowl Ad re Criminal Justice reform    05/31/20  (3)
Reminder: when libs picked sides, they chose Team Satan    05/31/20  (5)
Swedish COVID19 response couldn't stop it from devastating its economy    05/31/20  (1)
A.I. Bot Can Write "Impressive, Professional" Legal Memos In 15 Minutes (Wired)    05/31/20  (9)
rsf duckface selfie at 9/11 museum    05/31/20  (47)
Libs praying to Satan for death, destruction, chaos    05/31/20  (43)
who can host    05/31/20  (1)
pussy protesters aren't nearly violent enough IMO    05/31/20  (1)
So all these COURAGEOUS CONTURDS are afraid of getting shamed on Twitter?!    05/31/20  (1)
Idris Elba, have u ever wanted to be one of those chill bros that do Klingon cos    05/31/20  (3)
Bon Scott AC/DC: punk but 5 years earlier and it actually sounds good    05/31/20  (2)
Whites should take revenge by smashing windows of Black-owned businesses    05/31/20  (2)
Some people not wearing masks even at grocery store now. Virusbadtards    05/31/20  (8)
Maybe I’m oblivious but how was Floyd’s death “racist”?    05/31/20  (21)
So the virus is basically where Jews are... hmmm...    05/31/20  (2)
Majority of posts on /r/Minneapolis are all in support of BLM rioters lol    05/31/20  (4)
05/31/20: πŸ”₯ riot clips    05/31/20  (1)
Libs, why are police departments in cities run by Libs for decades so racist?    05/31/20  (5)
Shrew took a rubber bullet to the dome. (Pic)    05/31/20  (15)
Should whites organize mass marches against Black Criminality?    05/31/20  (4)
Huffington Post today has been about how the POLICE are buckwild    05/31/20  (4)
epstein fucking kids w/ impunity is OK as long as goy chattel get gritty netflix    05/31/20  (25)
Guy I work with is doing early retirement off 4 rental condos    05/31/20  (8)
Rate this reporter’s performance in Atlanta    05/31/20  (1)
I'm gay    05/31/20  (2)
Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade Being Looted at 2 pm on a Sunday    05/31/20  (3)
abject misery tp    05/31/20  (2)
When I was a kid I thought Hilary from Fresh Prince of Bel Air was a babe    05/31/20  (2)
Chinese reporter cracks the mystery of the riot source wide open    05/31/20  (2)
BLACKS: commit violent crime against whites at a rate 4,500% higher than vice ve    05/31/20  (6)
Lol at ppl saying Trump or “whites” should be fighting back.    05/31/20  (5)
Opposing counsel: "Does this jog your memory?" Idris: "DA FUK YOU JUS SAY??!?"    05/31/20  (25)
more blown out:Minneapolis police station,or DrakeMallard's back-office orifice?    05/31/20  (4)
goyishe "humor"    05/31/20  (2)
Drake Mallard in Ariel costume singing HSBC to the tune of Under the Sea    05/31/20  (17)
REMINDERS: Context and the "lead up" doesn't matter to Libs until it does    05/31/20  (1)
DrakeMallard fully nude at protest, spreading cheeks and demanding justice    05/31/20  (1)
🚨 TRUMP DECLARES WAR ON ANTIFA 🚨    05/31/20  (83)
Riots would not be happening if Trump made Sheriff David Clarke head of DHS    05/31/20  (1)
This couple being beaten while defending their store is one of the worst yet    05/31/20  (61)
“But I declared them a terrorist organization! How are they still protesting?!    05/31/20  (3)
Been listening to a lot of ESPN radio today    05/31/20  (2)
Rate the antifa agitator WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS they've received    05/31/20  (29)
Ross here. First protest. New anarchist. Ross.    05/31/20  (1)
lack of agency ascribed to blacks is insane    05/31/20  (20)
White woman social media virtue signaling is at PEAK LEVELS    05/31/20  (8)
Lol so many libs on Twitter losing it and just blaming Trump for these riots now    05/31/20  (19)
36 murders in Baltimore this month    05/31/20  (5)
πŸ”₯ George Floyd protests day 6 πŸ”₯    05/31/20  (9)
Black protesters in Minneapolis tell white protesters to chill out    05/31/20  (1)
Nature is healing. Koreans are returning to the rooftops.    05/31/20  (8)
Know any white collar professionals who said fuck it and joined military?    05/31/20  (43)
Sad part about this is that there really is no Batman    05/31/20  (1)
Trump would be ideal Vice President, hype man, shit stirrer    05/31/20  (1)
Jane Levy leaks topless pix    05/31/20  (7)
Wow safe to say the rout is on when it comes to libs    05/31/20  (1)
A globohomo slave labor camp, if you can keep it.    05/31/20  (30)
spritezero you can hunker down in my mouth if you want to    05/31/20  (1)
Teen girl, fully diapered, arrested for throwing Molotov cocktail at cope (link)    05/31/20  (2)
Fort Lauderdale is looking better and better!    05/31/20  (1)
spritezero you can hunker down in my basement if you need    05/31/20  (2)
reminder: looters as representative of blacks as antifa arsonists are 4 whites    05/31/20  (1)
DOJ announcing emergency program to hire litigators to prosecute protestors in m    05/31/20  (1)
If you don’t own a portable CB radio right now you are literally insane    05/31/20  (6)
Peterman using CB radio jargon in work emails    05/31/20  (16)
This is 100% the fault of antifa and the radical left, and no one else.    05/31/20  (19)
Stocks up pre-market...dem broken windows πŸ“ˆπŸ“ˆ    05/31/20  (1)
China is obviously behind the riots    05/31/20  (2)
Why is there no photos from the damage on any news site?    05/31/20  (6)
Why do I feel so icky after reading C-Suite #BLM posts on social media?    05/31/20  (1)
Jos A Bank buy 1 get 2 masks free deal rn    05/31/20  (1)
Antifa, boogaloo, blacks blamed for riots, but lockdown is at fault    05/31/20  (5)
Libs to themselves: "Election year again, how can we fuck ourselves this time?"    05/31/20  (3)
This Boogaloo article is likely origin of white supremacist rioters meme    05/31/20  (1)
should I put 10k into LINK rn, y/n?    05/31/20  (3)
Holy shit, libs really hate civilization    05/31/20  (9)
I think most of these people are just gathering to bird-watch    05/31/20  (3)
thoughts on the big short.    05/31/20  (4)

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