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White Supremacists in Brooklyn are setting cars on fire. JFC    05/31/20  (9)
A fascinating observation: American politics converging on European politics    05/31/20  (74)
Cloward-Piven Strategy.    05/31/20  (10)
Post the most πŸ”₯ riot videos    05/31/20  (179)
spritezero you can hunker down in my basement if you need    05/31/20  (3)
Can you say why America is the greatest country in the world?    05/31/20  (14)
Up until 50 years ago there wasn't a single nonalcoholic or nonnarcotic beverage    05/31/20  (5)
Average household has 11 computers    05/31/20  (12)
"that's not what scott stapp says"    05/31/20  (1)
Are old white men an inexhaustible supply? Like 50 years from now    05/31/20  (2)
White women going EXTREME virtue signaling pro BLM shit on social media    05/31/20  (3)
Compilation video of police fucking up protesters    05/31/20  (13)
Chicago just shutdown all public transportation.    05/31/20  (8)
NYUUG making a RARE WEEKEND APPEARANCE: You = live in the THIRD WORLD    05/31/20  (5)
Has the “new economy” hit seeking arrangement yet? Asking for a friend    05/31/20  (3)
ARE Reptile, tell us about your gun collection and deep experience w firearms    05/31/20  (3)
Gun nuts what’s the best gun for your wife? Glock 43?    05/31/20  (18)
Rate this /r/WashingtonDC poast asking protesters to not vandalize    05/31/20  (3)
Don't run white nationalist I see you    05/31/20  (2)
Alexa take all the jogger threads from last week and replace with white national    05/31/20  (2)
Futures down BIGLY    05/31/20  (2)
Can we start talking about the domestic terrorism going in in our cities?    05/31/20  (4)
How PALPABLE is the mad decline of America into the third world right now?    05/31/20  (26)
Ladies and Gentlemen. You heard it here first. The Civil War has begun.    05/31/20  (33)
None of these rioters would be outside if they had Gaming PCs    05/31/20  (5)
POLL: U.S. Posters, Do you plan on staying in America?    05/31/20  (160)
See, there's two types of people: There's black people, and white nationalists    05/31/20  (1)
The DEFINTIVE List of NYUUG Predictions ITT:    05/31/20  (49)
So all these COURAGEOUS CONTURDS are afraid of getting shamed on Twitter?!    05/31/20  (9)
Reminder: Obeezy, EPAH, Bart, SomeOtherGhost, and Neal support looting    05/31/20  (1)
Truck drives thru middle of crowd on Minneapolis highway (video)    05/31/20  (7)
Did anyone else gain a ton of weight in biglaw    05/31/20  (1)
180 kooky twist that 'white nationalist' is now a code word    05/31/20  (4)
guess which recently killed nigger was also a PORN STAR    05/31/20  (23)
Corporate Voices Get Behind ‘Black Lives Matter’ Cause    05/31/20  (1)
Anyone know if you can create a civilization built on vandalism and looting?    05/31/20  (1)
wait - is this shit not over?    05/31/20  (5)
Breaking point: If riots continue tonight, my shitcon bros and I are going to    05/31/20  (30)
Hey Idris Elba, why aren't you rioting you bitchmade cornball brotha?    05/31/20  (15)
Richmond rioters set fire to house with child inside, block fire engine    05/31/20  (1)
Say what you will about Biden, this would not happen under his watch    05/31/20  (15)
Lil' Marco Rubio Calls for "far right" domestic terror groups to knock it off    05/31/20  (2)
Are 1911's worth owning? Are they are finicky as people say    05/31/20  (15)
What would Theophilus Eugene Connor do?    05/31/20  (1)
Another whitey getting beat in broad daylight today in Santa Monica. 180!    05/31/20  (3)
Test    05/31/20  (6)
180 protest video: white pulls out crossbow then gets dropped    05/31/20  (7)
Tbf they did name the stores ‘Targets’    05/31/20  (9)
Even redneck hicks are too scared of being called 'racists' to oppose riots    05/31/20  (2)
Princeton UG / NYU JD arrested for throwing molotov cocktail into NYPD car    05/31/20  (68)
Rowan spotted at BLM protest    05/31/20  (2)
I wanna watch a riot livestream w Evan39 commentary in a little window in corner    05/31/20  (11)
Why do conturds insist that assault rifle 15s be legal?    05/31/20  (112)
me & luis in nautica jackets and sagging jeans @ oakland protests    05/31/20  (19)
BLM Protest In TRAFALGAR SQUARE    05/31/20  (5)
NBA Star J.R. Smith Beats The Hell Out of Alleged Car Vandalizer During L.A. Rio    05/31/20  (17)
RATE this trump tweet from 2009    05/31/20  (4)
Meanwhile in the 1st world -- lasers now being used to 3D print entire engines    05/31/20  (3)
cities nationwide are now implementing mandatory lockdowns bc of "riots"    05/31/20  (1)
Top Russian Covid Doctor: "It's all Bullshit"    05/31/20  (9)
Which City is doing the best job of not putting up with this bullshit?    05/31/20  (20)
Blacks are Pit Bulls & white libs are owners that refuse to discipline their dog    05/31/20  (32)
Lib racial complaints thoroughly DEBUNKED in new video:    05/31/20  (1)
TWELVE people murdered to death in Chicongo this weekend.    05/31/20  (5)
jake paul was caught looting a nike store during the protests    05/31/20  (2)
Antifa is militant pro-white org started by Trump supporters (CNN)    05/31/20  (1)
Video of Kavanaugh and friends in truck yelling "SERGIN CUFF!!"    05/31/20  (3)
Riot Show    05/31/20  (3)
Target Apparently Resumed In-Store Returns Yesterday. Mom In Heaven    05/31/20  (10)
Obvious US won’t be allowed to get past the race question. What now?    05/31/20  (93)
Target will LOCK DOWN stores nationwide due to RIOTS    05/31/20  (8)
My Condo | MY Trip To The Grove Yesterday | MY Story (Earl)    05/31/20  (1)
according to urbandictionary, the japanese for "dick drunk" is "ahegao".    05/31/20  (2)
Why would any sane person want to live in any urban areas after 2020?    05/31/20  (1)
Stores All Closed For Riots: Time To Stock Up On Essentials Again    05/31/20  (2)
Biden keeping the peace at Wilmington Protest with six-foot chain (CNN)    05/31/20  (2)
Know any white collar professionals who said fuck it and joined military?    05/31/20  (48)
Some people not wearing masks even at grocery store now. Virusbadtards    05/31/20  (20)
Why don't blacks protest whenever a black man kills another black man?    05/31/20  (1)
GANG BANG PORN VIDEO OF FLOYD & COP ... HO LEE FUK!!!!!    05/31/20  (7)
Cowgod is actually dead    05/31/20  (4)
Which life is better: antebellum American slave or Apple worker in Asia    05/31/20  (2)
103-year-old woman celebrates beating Covid-19 with a cold beer    05/31/20  (1)
If You're White and Staying Home Tonight, You're the Problem: Here's Why (vox)    05/31/20  (3)
*Mayor Frank Rizzo trailing Rocky thru Philly in Lincoln Towncar, cocks shotgun*    05/31/20  (2)
Hypo: Access Hollywood n-word tape exists, comes out now    05/31/20  (1)
Trump: "let the streets run with shit"    05/31/20  (7)
If you don’t own a portable CB radio right now you are literally insane    05/31/20  (7)
FACT CHECK: Trump did not add the gold fringe to the American Flag. The gold fri    05/31/20  (2)
SHIT MAGA bros SCREW UP BIG TIME: physically confront black protesters in Boise    05/31/20  (17)
Silhouette of tall boy illuminated in WH window. Lightning. Wind. Trees crashing    05/31/20  (4)
"Take A Break From The Riot New & RATE My 54yo Bikini Body" (Elizabeth Hurley)    05/31/20  (2)
I can’t believe someone deleted CharlesXII’s Freddie Gray UVA poast    05/31/20  (1)
the american dream is now finding pockets without libs and moving on when libs    05/31/20  (2)
Explain outrage at protesters being organized, coming prepared, etc    05/31/20  (7)
Miami Mayor: Can’t end lockdown now.... too many riots!    05/31/20  (2)
The simple fact is many people are going to have to die    05/31/20  (1)
Do places like Sweden and France ever have riots?    05/31/20  (40)
Why is Trump being such a weak pussy?    05/31/20  (49)
Freddie Gray, UVA, what else do I have to say    05/31/20  (309)
What's the endgame for the media-racism complex?    05/31/20  (6)
Philadelphia CUCKS OUT; will remove the Rizzo statue:    05/31/20  (1)
Mr. Mattis, who went by his online moniker Idris Elba, was immediately terminate    05/31/20  (2)
Fed recommends spraying rioters with money printer    05/31/20  (9)
George Floyd: What happened in the final moments of his life    05/31/20  (3)
Breaking point: If riots continue tonight, my shitcon bros and I are going to    05/31/20  (1)
The CIA actually funds Antifa groups in Kurdistan and Turkey    05/31/20  (4)
Trump retweets Dallas vid. Twitter IMMEDIATELY suspends original poaster    05/31/20  (13)
Lockdowns, Riots, ability to WFH... everyone under 40 should move    05/31/20  (20)
Thinking of copping an LWS 32, taking abuse    05/31/20  (3)
College Girls just horsing around about to have lives ruined    05/31/20  (10)
Stocks up pre-market...dem broken windows πŸ“ˆπŸ“ˆ    05/31/20  (2)
I'm not gonna call DBG a gay bald loser today    05/31/20  (5)
Facebook libs really want u to know they're teaching kids about white privilege    05/31/20  (8)
white millennial couples buy $823k houses in bussing districts in solidarity wit    05/31/20  (2)
Someone repost the pic of DBG’s wife    05/31/20  (41)
"It's so hot! I'll just wear daisies& tight tank to BLM protest" - white women    05/31/20  (29)
Pryor Cashman associate πŸ‘‹πŸΈπŸ”₯    05/31/20  (25)
Coronavirus: You can go to a friend's house during lockdown if you've had an arg    05/31/20  (2)
Now would be a really good time to commit insurance fraud    05/31/20  (1)
Do Moms Who Stick Their Kids In Day Care Actually ENJOY Working?    05/31/20  (2)
The Floyd Hoax: What Really Happened    05/31/20  (40)
Cities' budgets were in dire straights before national protests. Hrmmmmmmmmmmmm    05/31/20  (6)
Going to constantly wear suicide vest in biglaw office from now on like Baghdadi    05/31/20  (2)
Haha i sure hope none of these angry black protestors RAPE me hehe    05/31/20  (5)
Literally ALL the coronavirus "models" were way off but lets believe climate exp    05/31/20  (6)
Close-up vid of the Rochester white couple getting their asses BEAT    05/31/20  (3)
Feel like visiting ‘just one friend’ during COVID-19 lockdown? UW illustrate    05/31/20  (3)
White Silence = Violence    05/31/20  (2)
move to a state without many non-whites and wait for the collapse    05/31/20  (2)
Reminder -- they rioted like this in a country with 270 million guns    05/31/20  (1)
Terrelle Pryor Cashman    05/31/20  (2)
Are small businesses really going to be covered by insurance?    05/31/20  (5)
FACT: there should be IQ REQUIREMENTS to vote.    05/31/20  (25)
Whitey out heah going to Mars while Flint dont haf no water    05/31/20  (5)
Last time black people stood up for Hispanics? Asians? Whites?    05/31/20  (6)
Libs subliminally posting tips to trip up police is egregious    05/31/20  (1)
*Spends afternoon reading Latin* *realizes everyone us retarded*    05/31/20  (2)
So who is setting up pallets of bricks for rioters?    05/31/20  (34)
Sure would be terrible if someone left several pipe bombs in "protestors"    05/31/20  (1)
I like having early dinners, like around 5pm. Anyone else?    05/31/20  (2)
Tinder data study: In wake of pandemic, women more attracted to stable providers    05/31/20  (12)
DESPERATELY need Rina to STATE her top 5 Rachmaninoff etudes    05/31/20  (1)
Watched "Do the Right Thing" - Laughed when the dude got choked.    05/31/20  (3)
Rina making threatening prank calls in a heavy Kansai accent    05/31/20  (6)
Get your cardio fitness up we'll need you in the race wars    05/31/20  (1)
About to watch "Do the right thing"    05/31/20  (3)

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