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Commercial real estate market is deader than you think...game over high rent    06/01/20  (86)
didn't Jews hustle trillions in 'Holocaust' reparations by suing people?    06/01/20  (3)
LOL at Lance Armstrong just now shitting all over Floyd Landis.    06/01/20  (7)
NYT: President Xi Slams Trump for Inciting Violence and Police Brutality    06/01/20  (2)
lulu 1 year chart is unbelievable    06/01/20  (2)
Is the WFH dream over?    06/01/20  (13)
BET founder Robert Johnson calls for $14 trillion of reparations for slavery    06/01/20  (46)
May 2020 SF rent plunges 9.4 percent since May 2019    06/01/20  (7)
Is TWTR a buy?    06/01/20  (15)
Libs breathless as Trump tries to teach state governors how to be alpha    06/01/20  (6)
When can we start looting biglaw firms?    06/01/20  (16)
Obeezy poasted an arm "muscle" shot - as pathetic as expected    06/01/20  (40)
Guy who drove tanker truck through Minneapolis protest is a Russian agent (link)    06/01/20  (2)
van jones just shot a white co-panelist on live TV    06/01/20  (2)
lmfao, Boston protestors desecrated the 54th Massachusetts statue    06/01/20  (4)
MN gov's daughter tweeted Natl Guard deployment info to rioters then locked acct    06/01/20  (21)
Look at this poignant image from a shattered Allen Edmonds store    06/01/20  (27)
has War Machine opined on antifa cucking blm and the riots?    06/01/20  (5)
Why do Americans have such a hard time with traffic circles?    06/01/20  (14)
America really fucking sucks now. Badly. NICE FUCKING WORK DONALD J. TRUMP.    06/01/20  (15)
i made it to private equity fags    06/01/20  (11)
Definitive scholarship in this article on China, covid, riots, Trump, USA (link)    06/01/20  (7)
Sexy pop star Camilla Cabello marching with BLM in Miami    06/01/20  (6)
Recently opened IFNB gym in lower Chelsea under fire for requiring masks    06/01/20  (2)
your entire life is a cookie-cutter lie    06/01/20  (7)
Went to first store in 3 months - everything is normal, other than facemasks    06/01/20  (23)
All whites/non-black POC must pay monthly reparations at uhurusolidarity.org    06/01/20  (2)
RIP floyd mayweather    06/01/20  (1)
Chilmata I challenge you to a bike race on Zwift    06/01/20  (11)
Found hottest women in world    06/01/20  (63)
China is obviously behind the riots    06/01/20  (11)
XO: hates cities for being lib hotbeds, gets upset when they are wrecked. Why?    06/01/20  (3)
WeWork would be hitting all time highs right now had they IPO'ed    06/01/20  (1)
#blexit (black exit from Dem party) is gaining momentum on Twitter    06/01/20  (1)
Princeton UG / NYU JD arrested for throwing molotov cocktail into NYPD car    06/01/20  (126)
"You have to be tough! Trust me. I know." *rubs bone spur*    06/01/20  (1)
Ever been caught masturbating? I haven't.    06/01/20  (4)
Fat antifa chick knocked over by Prius    06/01/20  (14)
Instagram is just as bad as Facebook now    06/01/20  (12)
Married man in process of divorce living with fucking divorced woman    06/01/20  (1)
antifa bro 'riding' black guy, dangling Air Jordans on fishing line in his face    06/01/20  (2)
Earl, posting videos from white nationalist false flag riot in santa monica    06/01/20  (73)
Ever had a squeamish chick when you're fingering eating out fucking her?    06/01/20  (1)
Antifa calls for attacks on suburbs    06/01/20  (7)
Single mom and I will have first little girl together first loser guy has 2 live    06/01/20  (14)
Fun Legal Hypo - All Hasidic Town Refuses to Elect Civil Judges    06/01/20  (19)
had facetime "date" w/app chick, she insta-dinged me RE COVID shutdown thoughts    06/01/20  (32)
Posting Star Wars quotes attributed to MLK Jr. on facebook is a good bit    06/01/20  (1)
Weren't people supposed to crack by Memorial Day?    06/01/20  (10)
Most Orthodox Jew Shuls Are Re-Opening To Men Only; No Women    06/01/20  (2)
Libs please please please explain this picture    06/01/20  (5)
Kinda depressing to witness the end of the American Century in real time    06/01/20  (7)
The Furlough of Terror by John Grisham    06/01/20  (1)
Ljl @ Fat Donald hiding in a bunker while the country burns. What a pussy. SAD!    06/01/20  (1)
furloughed corporate lawyer charged with assisting molotov cocktail attack    06/01/20  (2)
webinars    06/01/20  (1)
WSJ: Switzerland to give fast track citizenship to US lawyers looking for work    06/01/20  (13)
why is everyone acting like this guy was a saint gunned down while minding his    06/01/20  (5)
Ukraine, Desperate for Lawyers, Offers Up an Unusual Incentive: Its Women.    06/01/20  (1)
remember 'The Inspector' cartoon from Pink Panther?    06/01/20  (3)
Not flame: Big Floyd name dropped on multiple Screwed Up Click tracks    06/01/20  (2)
What is the best skill to have in order to be upwardly mobile for legal in-house    06/01/20  (17)
brian eno - another green world.mp3    06/01/20  (3)
Remember Shitlibs & "Thoughtful Moderates" Said J'lem Embassy Would Cause WW3?    06/01/20  (17)
Avoid cliches like the plague    06/01/20  (6)
Mossad: Acquired 80 Million Masks In March | US CDC: Masks Make You More Sick!    06/01/20  (8)
LA Times: Democrats planning on spamming as much fake news as possible for 2020    06/01/20  (9)
Billy "Kiryas" Joel    06/01/20  (5)
Pallets of Allen Edmonds being left around protest sites by mysterious men    06/01/20  (1)
Someone under 25 explain to me how simp is different than pussy whipped    06/01/20  (14)
A new American Civil War is imminent.    06/01/20  (15)
I love this Karen shit going on. White women starting to feel the heat    06/01/20  (11)
can’t decide if annoyed by spamming or grateful for free blank bumps    06/01/20  (2)
What is the furthest you’ve ever heard Allen Edmonds shoes walk?    06/01/20  (22)
Facebook walkout planned over Schmuckerburg's trolling for Trump    06/01/20  (2)
Japan unveils $19.51 billion plan to subsidise holidays for tourists    06/01/20  (9)
Protestors TRIPLE SHOEING it with three pairs of Allen Edmonds    06/01/20  (1)
I warned you all(Boom)    06/01/20  (8)
If you are not indian, get out of coding right now    06/01/20  (1)
who's this faggot shitting up the board    06/01/20  (6)
society hasn’t really recovered from Y2K    06/01/20  (3)
Rate this photo calling out brunch shrews for their white supremacy    06/01/20  (33)
how 'prestigious' is NYU Law?    06/01/20  (51)
Video of a woman strangling her dog by its leash (guess race)    06/01/20  (195)
Jack Dorsey: Trump's Psycho Joe Tweets Worse Than Iran Death To America Tweets    06/01/20  (8)
Rach, your site is being slow and laggy. Get your shit together.    06/01/20  (5)
Someone bump that one birding thread in honor of NYC birder    06/01/20  (5)
new alexa stats show xoxohth jumped to 2% of all internet use in lockdown (link)    06/01/20  (5)
Everything is moving slow now    06/01/20  (5)
Tell me what to watch on Netflix    06/01/20  (25)
Rate 750k-1M a year in Phoenix or Austin    06/01/20  (26)
Talmudic School In KIRYAS JOEL w 100s Of Students Shut Down By Antisemites    06/01/20  (9)
How to Salvage Summer: These Holocaust Museums are Offering Virtual Tours (NYT)    06/01/20  (9)
What's the xo consensus on John Lithgow?    06/01/20  (12)
currently at municipal court on zoom.    06/01/20  (16)
Many Have Not Seen Or Touched Another Person In 3 Months (USA Today)    06/01/20  (6)
Why Is The Nig Birder / Dog Shrew Story More Popular Than Wedding Photog Story?    06/01/20  (9)
Portugal's Ruling Party (Socialists) Trying To Close Jewish EU Passport Backdoor    06/01/20  (14)
NYPD Raided Children's Carnival In Williamsburg (VID)    06/01/20  (8)
lmao Japan “willing to train western lawyers as Classicists”    06/01/20  (6)
Thought by being slender losing weight being in great shape things would improve    06/01/20  (6)
I've never found true love is it out there? (Boom)    06/01/20  (7)
"Colorful world of birding lacks people of color" - Nat Geo.com    06/01/20  (30)
Rightwingers like Charles who insist on dull stodgy candidates like them    06/01/20  (9)
UAE Sends Aid To Palestinians On Etihad Flight To TLV. Palis Reject Aid    06/01/20  (6)
Politico: Democrats DEATHLY AFRAID of 3Q economic rebound    06/01/20  (74)
Jewess At Our Shabbat Dinner Wouldn't Eat Our Cabbage Per GI Doc #JamesJoyceJr    06/01/20  (20)
frog & toad pull the knives out of their back, use them to spread butter on toas    06/01/20  (5)
Franzen tells Alex Wagner about the joys of birding. "Like sex" (not flame - vid    06/01/20  (12)
Does anyone have an elevator expert they want to share?    06/01/20  (5)
what post-9/11 year in the 2000s was the most cr    06/01/20  (12)
My shit takes a shit and I call it “poast”    06/01/20  (6)
Let's spice it up and have fun(Boom)    06/01/20  (5)
What is the ideal wife profession. Seems like xo is against every option    06/01/20  (21)
Conservative Men Are Pointing Loaded Guns At Their Crotches To ‘Own the Libs'    06/01/20  (71)
Rate Peter Thiel’s Wikipedia page    06/01/20  (9)
Farting so loud Chris Christie says "there it is"    06/01/20  (71)
Smooth turds that come out clean and require almost no wiping    06/01/20  (9)
XO WSJ: The ‘Liberal Leaning’ Media Has Passed Its Tipping Point    06/01/20  (14)
TSINAH's hold music is now "It's a fight" by three 6 mafia. Is he ok?    06/01/20  (6)
Yagami Informing Pasty Anime Dorks of their “Light of Return”    06/01/20  (6)
Honestly, I'd trust the advice of an HBS alum over an actual MD any day    06/01/20  (5)
Chicago bishop to exercise ancient excommunication 4 ppl who refuse vaccine    06/01/20  (5)
Last Dance is great. But Come Fly with me had GOAT tier sound track and narratio    06/01/20  (7)
John Lithgow's ancestors literally came here on the Mayflower    06/01/20  (9)
The Gotham African-American Birder Society    06/01/20  (5)
ponytail luis riding with his heelys through Costco aisles    06/01/20  (5)
Rate 2020 libs reaction to this scene from National Lampoon's Vacation (1983)    06/01/20  (10)
real talk: if you don't want to die, don't resist law enforcement    06/01/20  (5)
Two JEWISH NBA Stars Discuss Keeping Shabbat & Kosher & Talmud Study (VID)    06/01/20  (9)
rach, for the love of God, create a fucking index on (thread_id, message_id)    06/01/20  (5)
Does the UN do anything useful these days?    06/01/20  (12)
6 states forced nursing homes to take back COVID patients. They = 63% of deaths    06/01/20  (14)
anyone see that 90's movie Raising Cain w John Lithgow    06/01/20  (6)
Bloodacre and John Lithgow to star in Raising Cane's    06/01/20  (6)
lib presumption of absolute authority for covid response is staggering    06/01/20  (40)
your future son getting sentenced to death on glitchy zoom conference call    06/01/20  (5)
at what age do women who don't adjust their expectations fail forever    06/01/20  (6)
what is the FRATTIEST m7 school? kellogg? or one w/ finance focus?    06/01/20  (17)
Rick and Morty made a joke about lawyers    06/01/20  (5)
Do you know any unhappy M7 MBA students?    06/01/20  (27)
TSINAH let's go here and find God and clients.    06/01/20  (6)
Oh great another national news story on someone calling the cops on a black guy    06/01/20  (6)
ruh roh, Jimmy Fallon did black face 20 years ago!    06/01/20  (41)
Sim glitch: Coretta Scott King (MLK's wife) babysat a young John Lithgow    06/01/20  (6)
We’re hiring!    06/01/20  (10)
Odds DMT is just some CIA brainwashing shit    06/01/20  (31)
Rate my backyard set up...got new lights/furniture (CSLG)    06/01/20  (31)
*MASTERTHREAD of TV ads with black chick and white male couples    06/01/20  (10)

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