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What would it cost to open an ammo factory?    10/19/20  (4)
Trump campaign loses MAJOR election case at Supreme Court    10/19/20  (25)
Obeezy is *losing his shit* over Obamagate    10/19/20  (36)
How can Limbaugh even care about politics at this point in his life?    10/19/20  (13)
This time next year China's economy will be 10% bigger. Ours will be 2% smaller.    10/19/20  (1)
Why hasn't Joe Biden DEBUNKED the Hunter laptop story?    10/19/20  (31)
Hilarious aspect of college: watching 17-22 y/o girls walk around with coffee.    10/19/20  (276)
Trump now demanding debate changes 3 days before last debate, LMAO    10/19/20  (1)
Biden campaign implicitly denies China dealings - link    10/19/20  (39)
what's stopping a hacker from replacing our monikers with our IRL signup emails    10/19/20  (7)
NPS Criticized for Halloween-Themed “Field of Screams” Event at Flight 93 Me    10/19/20  (1)
Everybody's getting rich, but Biden's not supposed to get a lil sumfin sumfin?    10/19/20  (1)
brutal truth: without covid Trump would have crushed any Dem challenger    10/19/20  (1)
What’s the fastest you’ve seen a lateral get fired in BIGLAW?    10/19/20  (14)
Fox News passed on the Hunter laptop story because of credibility concerns    10/19/20  (73)
Clip from the Toobin Zoom call - NSFW obviously    10/19/20  (1)
Just used tenga fliphole on myself    10/19/20  (24)
roberts to trump: "now turn around, i wanna put it in your mouth"    10/19/20  (2)
ABC News totally cuts up Trump quotes so they seem baseless.    10/19/20  (5)
GOP strategy was to highlight what a chad Cal Cunningham is?    10/19/20  (1)
What is Dems' plan after Trump wins and keeps the Senate?    10/19/20  (15)
Rate Michael Savage's tweet to Rush Limbaugh - link    10/19/20  (1)
CAPTION this New Yorker cartoon (pic)    10/19/20  (55)
schools have been in open in AZ, TX, GA, for two months now. where are the cases    10/19/20  (19)
Lib posting is acquiring the stench of losing    10/19/20  (6)
Senile Joe LIES about sherriff endorsement. Dishonest or mentally unwell?    10/19/20  (27)
just bought my first guns feels 180000000    10/19/20  (11)
With declassification order, Brennan finally charged with felony and obama inves    10/19/20  (5)
ricky goes to luis's condo to use the computer, take showers, get haircuts    10/19/20  (18)
We need JOLTING JOE BIDEN to RESTART the american economy!    10/19/20  (14)
going home after work has become a nightmare    10/19/20  (2)
Trump doubling down on his super duper secret health care plan is hilarious    10/19/20  (6)
Get ready to read about Trump acolyte who destroyed tons of Biden mail in ballot    10/19/20  (30)
looking back Bannon's departure is when Trump's presidency went off the rails    10/19/20  (2)
Rate this huge slut    10/19/20  (3)
lol @ this Meat Loaf tweet: "I would do anything for love..but I won't vote Tru    10/19/20  (1)
WSJ: American Farmers Abandon Trump and Seek a Biden/Harris White House    10/19/20  (2)
LOCK HIM UP    10/19/20  (1)
Which job is the better option?    10/19/20  (13)
Software idea: Zoom add-on that automatically pixelates your junk    10/19/20  (1)
US Stress levels higher than Uganda, Rwanda    10/19/20  (38)
PDP's social credit rating score plummeting in freefall after Trump landslide    10/19/20  (1)
John Roberts has done more to fuck over Trump than any other human being on eart    10/19/20  (1)
“10 held by H for the big guy”    10/19/20  (1)
Schiff just reviewed the Trump spy docs. He left the WH in shock, LMAO    10/19/20  (92)
Roberts stabs conservatives in the back again    10/19/20  (4)
Anthony Weiner. Hillary. Hunter Biden. Libs really shouldn't be given computers    10/19/20  (1)
is inhaling your first ever puff of crack smoke a peak experience?    10/19/20  (6)
RATE the three (3) women on Zoomin' Toobin's call    10/19/20  (13)
male sexuality thread    10/19/20  (6)
Jeffrey Toobin suspended for pulling dick out in Zoom meeting    10/19/20  (139)
So Trump has a dead addict brother and a coked up son?    10/19/20  (22)
Rate this porn slut - nsfw    10/19/20  (7)
Video of Colbert 2016 election special    10/19/20  (5)
Trumpmos, this is your last chance: come ITT to renounce Trump before Nov. 3rd    10/19/20  (27)
Whispered to my HVAC repairman: “Where we go one we go all.”    10/19/20  (2)
borders tp sucking cock in a Port Authority bathroom (Nov 4)    10/19/20  (1)
Kamala loses her cool on reporters: "Y'all motherfuckas play too much"    10/19/20  (1)
is it possible to ignore the election between now and Nov 3?    10/19/20  (1)
A certain "chill" kind of pencil dick diligently copying your election predictio    10/19/20  (5)
REMINDER: Russia interfered with the 2016 election. Just no evidence Trump collu    10/19/20  (19)
Doobs why did your Alaskan neighbor try to shoot you?    10/19/20  (123)
a lot of the hunter biden texts are just sad, reminds me of the leaked rsf texts    10/19/20  (32)
Most prestigious but unpretentious name for a BOY?    10/19/20  (9)
borders what do u think about this tweet from targetsmart ceo    10/19/20  (32)
Imagine marrying a woman with a cocaine habit    10/19/20  (38)
SHITLIBS REAP THE WHIRLWIND. TRUMP calls for major voter fraud investigation    10/19/20  (196)
Durham investigation will unleash some BOMBS in the next few weeks. Just FYI    10/19/20  (34)
"we burned a copy of the laptop's hard drive", "what with a crack pipe?"    10/19/20  (3)
There's simply no way Biden beats Trump    10/19/20  (1)
smoke some fuckin crack with me bro    10/19/20  (1)
'A Medical Marvel:' late-30's lawyer has growth spurt from 5'7'' to 6'2'' (link)    10/19/20  (19)
no opinion on election, but borders seems smarter than any of the Libs    10/19/20  (1)
Doobs: retired from xo, successful legal career, hot wife, survivor. You: F5    10/19/20  (1)
can we all acknowledge the fact that rsf is a 95 iq dimwit?    10/19/20  (16)
How California expats are helping turn Texas into a battleground state    10/19/20  (29)
Can you say "made no bones" without "about X"?    10/19/20  (4)
Why doesn't Obama step in and clean up this email stuff? He still has the power.    10/19/20  (3)
DURHAM REPORT! VACCINE BY Election Day!    10/19/20  (6)
COVID permanent WFH must be really hard for alcoholics    10/19/20  (9)
Trump winning EVs in Michigan and Wisconsin    10/19/20  (41)
How to get hired by a firm as an NYSE floor trader?    10/19/20  (11)
nurse henry gives an invalid a handjob (video)    10/19/20  (1)
lmao @ libs donating money to me on predictit    10/19/20  (2)
huskermos, let's talk nebraska 2020    10/19/20  (31)
Board Libs what Trump policy positions do you most disagree with    10/19/20  (95)
Mask up. You got this. Citibank's got your back. Mike gets it done.    10/19/20  (1)
God damn. This man spent 36 years in jail for a crime he didn't commit.    10/19/20  (21)
does nurse henry wear the floral type scrubs?    10/19/20  (2)
Chicago to increase property taxes again as soon as income tax hike passes (link    10/19/20  (15)
"Zorgon" makes list of top 100 US baby names for the first time - link    10/19/20  (7)
"you said I'd be working in faggy bottom!!" (geroge20 quitting state dept job)    10/19/20  (14)
10/19/20 carls jr mega thread    10/19/20  (3)
pencil dick pumo sobbing in shower after returning from javits center    10/19/20  (2)
The Trumpmo delusion seems to be breaking. Reality of BYEDON setting in    10/19/20  (2)
House, cars, wife, kids, lots of money, still depressed    10/19/20  (4)
"I need a dopamine reset"thought luis while the strange man was still inside him    10/19/20  (11)
EPAH transition team already picking first kids    10/19/20  (2)
Nate Silver: Dems shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Trafalgar Group polls    10/19/20  (30)
ITT we list all of Trump's campaign promises that he FAILED to deliver.    10/19/20  (5)
Trumpmos MAF over Hunter Biden teases not panning out - link    10/19/20  (3)
🚨🚨🚨SOMETHING BIG IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN🚨🚨🚨    10/19/20  (2)
"Yes" for PDP complete mental collapse now trading at 99c on predictit    10/19/20  (1)
Biden transition team already planning first moves, picking cabinet members    10/19/20  (14)
:i think this toilet can handle wing night" (rsf inspecting 9/11 reflecting pool    10/19/20  (14)
CNN literally ruined Charles' life    10/19/20  (37)
Thug runs off after man confronts him with concealed gun:    10/19/20  (20)
Millennial couple makes a living posting videos of their travels on YouTube    10/19/20  (21)
Morons who are obsessed with their "personality type" - modern astrology fans?    10/19/20  (2)
People fleeing California is a reverse Gold Rush, only now the "gold" is    10/19/20  (2)
The headline has been updated to reflect that Toobin was masturbating.    10/19/20  (1)
Why do people get so involved in Politics?    10/19/20  (42)
haha sounds like you're following the "6 foot rule"! thanks anyways.    10/19/20  (29)
spaceporn refuses to answer son-packing question until after adoption finalized    10/19/20  (27)
Rate this Russian girl    10/19/20  (5)
state ordered psych: "is your secret service friend in the room with us now?"    10/19/20  (35)
Just spent $125 on two running shorts but there's no inflation haha    10/19/20  (1)
Courtney Love releases book about Kurt Cobain called "If I Did It"    10/19/20  (3)
Anyone still spend money on comic books?    10/19/20  (5)
it's funny how the Trumpmo mood on xo turned pessimistic today    10/19/20  (6)
what should i do with my predictit earnings after pwning libs?    10/19/20  (10)
What will the media obsess on if Trump is out of the White House?    10/19/20  (3)
Borderstp unskewing the fukk out of the early results rn    10/19/20  (2)
Tuned in to Trump’s second AZ rally of the day.    10/19/20  (3)
Dems was this really the year to try “don’t campaign, just show up” approa    10/19/20  (2)
Bachelorette Clare invites the guys to a "late dinner" at 4:45 PM    10/19/20  (1)
REMINDER: "borders" will be a pumo on November 4th    10/19/20  (1)
DC shrews dancing in PANTSUITS to celebrate HILLARY (link - not flame)    10/19/20  (80)
the NC early voting numbers are brutal for trump, beginning to think that    10/19/20  (33)
The only rebuttal to critical theory is pragmatic race realism    10/19/20  (86)
need tv show recs for amazon/hbo/netflix/hulu    10/19/20  (13)
*zoom meeting goes on uninterrupted after PDP shows "penis" on camera*    10/19/20  (1)
Reminder: Russia hacked our power grid and Trump tower Russia server    10/19/20  (1)
Perfect strike for the American people:    10/19/20  (1)
Shareblue pumos are working triple overtime as the walls cave in    10/19/20  (5)
Legal Q: Is possession of fake university ID a crime?    10/19/20  (3)
What I Learned When QAnon Came for Me    10/19/20  (4)
Hey Rudolph how many times did you watch Cuties last week?    10/19/20  (1)
What does Drudge get out of being pro Biden?    10/19/20  (7)
Out here in the streets. Fucking glamor trannies.    10/19/20  (2)
Has Qanon looked into the doobs shooting incident?    10/19/20  (2)
"Well gee, if Biden is corrupt" said lib forgetting that Trump ISN'T CORRUPT    10/19/20  (11)
borders is going to have to go pumo after Election Day. Total fucking retard.    10/19/20  (5)
I understand and wish to continue.    10/19/20  (37)
Incel otter rejected by all the female otter resorts to humping human arm    10/19/20  (2)
Anyone else wish Trump and Biden would just RELEASE their internal polls?    10/19/20  (1)
Goddamn, rach really needs to do something about these pumos    10/19/20  (1)
Anyone here parents (or know any parents) of newborns? Thoughts on COVID paranoi    10/19/20  (9)

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