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STICKY: Big changes   07/12/20  (249)
charles is angry with tucker. they aren't reconciling.    07/12/20  (1)
George Floyd had no ground game    07/12/20  (4)
Was Oliver Darcy noted trans XO poster TS Amanda?    07/12/20  (1)
What's the latest on Tarrant?    07/12/20  (25)
everyone has already forgotten the NZ massacre    07/12/20  (19)
Shooting at SoCal synagogue    07/12/20  (146)
FYI, you have to call them BIPOC or you're a klansman now.    07/12/20  (13)
If CNN can take down Charles, private figure, for personal life conduct...    07/12/20  (8)
We keep confusing entertainers like Trump and Tucker with political saviors    07/12/20  (4)
Why is xo getting me wrong?(Boom)    07/12/20  (4)
know any biglawyers who regret going in-house? is this even possible?    07/12/20  (4)
Tucker secretly hiring Charles to write Monday’s monologue response to libs    07/12/20  (10)
Zman new post: it’s time for Tucker to choose a side tomorrow.    07/12/20  (7)
A BBW Bride for the Well-Endowed Rancher Brothers, by Erin A Walsh    07/12/20  (17)
Buzz is that Tucker will hour-long special on charlietp theories    07/12/20  (2)
Exeunt, where to invest $50,000?    07/12/20  (9)
@ everyone telling Charles to become and alt-right grifter/online personality:    07/12/20  (92)
Russia delivers first series built RD-93MA engine to China    07/12/20  (4)
Tucker won't bash Charles on Monday. Two possibilities:    07/12/20  (48)
Tool - Hush.mp3    07/12/20  (5)
RSF here - offering $130,000 bounty on whoever snitched to reporters    07/12/20  (20)
Leinart: GTO still the better total xo career pwnage    07/12/20  (5)
Tucker is going to throw Charles under the bus completely    07/12/20  (135)
Tucker Carlson ending monologue: "One thing's for sure, there's a lot more gay s    07/12/20  (4)
I enjoyed Stoner. Are John Williams' other books as good    07/12/20  (4)
If I were Tucker I’d be pissed at my employee    07/12/20  (6)
the president of the united states saw AutoAdmit content on a daily basis    07/12/20  (6)
Charles XII here -- Tucker, you aren't SHIT without me    07/12/20  (3)
Oliver Darcy has a pedophilic physiognomy    07/12/20  (1)
Darcy Oliver child molester    07/12/20  (3)
Elissa Slotkin, come here    07/12/20  (2)
eating brunch in dc rn. whole brunch just started cheersing oliver darcy    07/12/20  (2)
Just another Sunday morning in Russia    07/12/20  (1)
Warning: This forum is protected by Article 1242 § 57 of the Admiralty Law Code    07/12/20  (17)
Ultimately, the Charles XII story is a story of HUBRIS    07/12/20  (2)
So it’s GAY-len Maxwell? Lol pretentious euros    07/12/20  (1)
Too late to buy LINK?    07/12/20  (2)
kilroy here. i keep seeing people accuse me of being charles outer.it was NOT me    07/12/20  (2)
Charles should contact L. Lin Wood to see if he has a case    07/12/20  (2)
Lawyer for NFL player accused of robbery is implicated in a cover-up    07/12/20  (7)
I have an email ready to go to MyPillow if Tucker shits on Charles tomorrow    07/12/20  (1)
We should deplatform Tucker for throwing Charles under the bus    07/12/20  (1)
Tucker Carlson is a traitor    07/12/20  (1)
Why doesn't Tucker have a social media presence    07/12/20  (7)
Chainlink will be bigger than Bitcoin (crypto analyst)    07/12/20  (1)
If you were offered a Military Commission right now, would you accept    07/12/20  (1)
Alien announcement imminent    07/12/20  (2)
Chainlink $7 watch    07/12/20  (1)
They can't tell you about the CIA conversation in your head    07/12/20  (1)
Reminder: It is a literal existential imperative that we genocide the Mexicans    07/12/20  (25)
How long until CNN finds out 2 Governors poast here?    07/12/20  (3)
Kampusnacht contributed to this by hyping up Charles. Inflating his xo ego    07/12/20  (2)
Nyuug, I fucked 3 women last night in your honor (pics)    07/12/20  (215)
A farewell to XO: Why I am leaving and you should too    07/12/20  (410)
Comprehensive list of lives ruined by posting on this website    07/12/20  (12)
How the FUCK was this moniker available? Will be very valuable Monday night    07/12/20  (3)
Everyone at work was talking about AutoAdmit today    07/12/20  (14)
GOP tried to torpedo Kobach by doxing staffer who posted racisms on internet    07/12/20  (5)
Is CXII alright? Has anyone heard from him?    07/12/20  (2)
Mish McConnell spent $3M running anti-Kobach ads calling him 'White Supremacist'    07/12/20  (6)
*to zanarkland plays as charlesxii becomes translucent*    07/12/20  (2)
as a teen we had a 45yo maid that I started groping and borderline raping    07/12/20  (221)
Cucker Tarlson was a standard pro-corporate republican until Trump    07/12/20  (30)
My hispanic housecleaner is SO FUCKING LAZY. What a SUPRISE    07/12/20  (5)
check out chuck's FB, he started growing a little mustache, wtf    07/12/20  (1)
Welcome back Charles    07/12/20  (2)
RATE the lay prestige of UC MERCED    07/12/20  (1)
Bob Dylan just tweeted about autoadmit (link)    07/12/20  (3)
Through a Glass Darcy    07/12/20  (1)
Oliver Darcy Investigation Compilation    07/12/20  (112)
Tucker was just Charles' song and dance man. Show will be shit after this.    07/12/20  (3)
CSLG, time to step up. Help a bro out.    07/12/20  (7)
search broken for anyone else?    07/12/20  (3)
doxxer = arrow    07/12/20  (1)
Steven Pinker is apparently concerned about being cancelled    07/12/20  (1)
Less than 36 hours until Tucker cucks on live TV    07/12/20  (1)
pumo who is having a nervous breakdown because ppl think Tucker might mention xo    07/12/20  (2)
Lol, NYPD officers are getting openly bullied and clowned by teens:    07/12/20  (5)
Loud NIGGER pushes into subway screaming "AINTCHA GOT NO RESPEC!"    07/12/20  (2)
its almost disgusting how optimistic most of xo is about this    07/12/20  (31)
Mr. Darcy    07/12/20  (1)
This Charles hysteria is going to backfire on libs    07/12/20  (7)
there is no opposing the mighty army the libs have raised    07/12/20  (1)
If FOX NEWS won't stand up to the mob, who will?    07/12/20  (3)
Colt here. Here's why I had to out Charles.    07/12/20  (2)
honest question: do libs think "honorable" is a good trait?    07/12/20  (1)
So Oliver Darcy of CNN is a confirmed racist who hates Hispanic/Latinx POC?    07/12/20  (6)
All of my Darcys    07/12/20  (1)
Is our joyous high-IQ haven of sanity lost forever?    07/12/20  (3)
Darcy Oliver is a retired pornographic actress and model best known for her work    07/12/20  (2)
Nick Fuentes actually *is* the future of the right    07/12/20  (2)
Prior to entering CNN, Oliver Darcy allegedly broke into the dorm room    07/12/20  (2)
Fat smelly bar slut: a haiku by solzy    07/12/20  (63)
Luis wearing a bluetooth at investment seminar: "i have sex w men for money    07/12/20  (92)
300 million years of evolution on display as a crow tears into a burger king bag    07/12/20  (88)
recent pic of Green Jolly Rancher (will delete in 5 minutes)    07/12/20  (2)
Quasimodo predicted this    07/12/20  (2)
My wife told me this would happen a decade ago    07/12/20  (6)
confidence is a fake woman/lib concept. you either get it done or you don't.    07/12/20  (2)
Remember when Mary Kay Letourneau died and nobody noticed??    07/12/20  (1)
guys, maybe let's not talk about "killing" people so much    07/12/20  (10)
Tucker-hating, BLM-loving lib w/pronouns trying to get xo deplatformed    07/12/20  (21)
*Mary Poppins getting raped by a pack of wild niggers at the park; kids watching    07/12/20  (301)
Hey libs, sorry you can't cancel xo    07/12/20  (15)
Q: how long does it take you to write a page of quality academic/legal work?    07/12/20  (3)
*bullies about to swirlie doobs* *shadows of ice road truckers suddenly loom*    07/12/20  (21)
i need to quit the juul.    07/12/20  (5)
CXII to hr ninja: "yewe dont know what it means ta put bread on the taber    07/12/20  (1)
Epstein Weinstein Sunstein what’s going on    07/12/20  (1)
(link) Economist issues defiant article asserting XO’s “literary and artisti    07/12/20  (8)
"show me the law that says we can't use and abuse people" (CNN)    07/12/20  (1)
who is your favorite martial artist and why is it steven seagull    07/12/20  (1)
xo'er on hyperreality plane telling DMT elves 'I'm gay..'    07/12/20  (3)
*wheels out giant celebratory cake that reads 'I'M GAY'*    07/12/20  (4)
Darcy Oliver sex predator    07/12/20  (1)
vid of Oliver Darcy at UC Merced gym DEMANDING lifter put on shorts (vid)    07/12/20  (1)
Luis will play Oliver Darcy in the biopic    07/12/20  (3)
​When is the PS5 coming out?    07/12/20  (2)
Obeezy, we will find you in your Abbottabad compound    07/12/20  (1)
Poast Oliver Darcy’s personal info ITT    07/12/20  (6)
It's almost disgusting how glow in the dark some of these recent xo poasts are    07/12/20  (8)
someone mentally ill from this site is legit gonna kill this poor guy now    07/12/20  (14)
Charles is a straight up bitch, he knew I was gonna win MPM    07/12/20  (4)
someone is legit gonna fuck this guy up soon    07/12/20  (4)
Darcy and his lib pals are gonna get lit the fuck up irl    07/12/20  (4)
Dido - no white flag.mp3    07/12/20  (1)
How would you beat the ever living fuck out of Darcy irl? Quick hit or slow play    07/12/20  (9)
Need ufc link tyia    07/12/20  (9)
This site will become major subject for presidential debates    07/12/20  (7)
I take responsibility for all controversial CharlesXII posts.    07/12/20  (21)
This seems to be the pivotal moment in Tucker Carlson's future trajectory    07/12/20  (9)
Oliver Darcy looks like a stale log of shit with glasses    07/12/20  (4)
Tucker must explain the nature of community accounts    07/12/20  (3)
Here's a Python script to blank all your threads    07/12/20  (81)
6 weeks of racial violence targeting whites? pfft. A joke about Lasik? HEINOUS!    07/12/20  (8)
Hannity just hired Charles to be head writer (link)    07/12/20  (2)
7/11 monero giveaway    07/12/20  (14)
*lib after burning your family alive* Misogynistic terms like shrew are no joke    07/12/20  (1)
referring to black criminality is not a slur, it's a statistical reality    07/12/20  (3)
it's not racist to be racist against racists    07/12/20  (1)
*lib after shooting u in head* that was for not challenging racist thread titles    07/12/20  (1)
honiara has been notably silent recently    07/12/20  (6)
ITT: Randomized monikers that are really good    07/12/20  (21)

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