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STICKY: Big changes   07/12/20  (255)
What's with the fucking around and game playing from women?    07/12/20  (2)
anyone here into mencius moldbug?    07/12/20  (3)
Why is xo getting me wrong?(Boom)    07/12/20  (9)
Goodbye (evan39)    07/12/20  (51)
Everything feels so small we all coulda had it all    07/12/20  (1)
Should all art with racial slurs be canceled?    07/12/20  (1)
Last frequented this board in 2006: What happened?    07/12/20  (24)
@ everyone telling Charles to become and alt-right grifter/online personality:    07/12/20  (93)
She thinks I'm locked out but I have duplicate keys    07/12/20  (2)
You STILL haven't seen Selma? Are you avoiding it or something?    07/12/20  (62)
Everyone should take this opportunity to make a few alts.    07/12/20  (1)
I can’t believe you’re all speaking of the son of the Grand Ayatollah like t    07/12/20  (2)
who cares about cancelling Darcy? we'll never win playing their stupid games    07/12/20  (55)
the president of the united states saw AutoAdmit content on a daily basis    07/12/20  (7)
just tell me two things, what was the moniker and how was it exposed    07/12/20  (1)
A disproportionately high % of my threads are getting attention in Twitter.    07/12/20  (5)
Spate of car break-in in my area as Newsome releases 18k prisoners    07/12/20  (1)
Rach should put up a sticky explaining this site    07/12/20  (44)
Lol at people accusing Charles of "cyberstalking"    07/12/20  (5)
Scathing write-up by WaPo on the Neff saga    07/12/20  (6)
Do you trump supporters prefer Biden or never trump republicans?    07/12/20  (4)
When you're with anyone always duplicate the keys    07/12/20  (1)
WaPo: NeverTrump sees Tucker Carlson as public enemy number 1    07/12/20  (10)
Who sent that letter about charles    07/12/20  (3)
Supporters of the sexual marketplace    07/12/20  (1)
Supporters of the marketplace of ideas and freedom of expression    07/12/20  (1)
know any biglawyers who regret going in-house? is this even possible?    07/12/20  (7)
Mods?    07/12/20  (13)
"I wish I was the most popular current poaster." (You holding monkey paw)    07/12/20  (5)
back has really been killing me today not flame    07/12/20  (5)
*holding monkeys paw* "I hope the SS Big Changes finally arrives*    07/12/20  (1)
Everything seems so small now but so impossible to obtain    07/12/20  (1)
Hit a wall...cannot see a point in anything ...I will fight and change this worl    07/12/20  (2)
XO poaster here. Retiring bc I have too much to lose. I am night manager of 7/11    07/12/20  (5)
Rach, you started putting in protections before the CNN story posted.    07/12/20  (13)
Could Tucker/Charles stuff be good for Crypto?    07/12/20  (2)
haven't been here for a few days. holy shit lmao. (benzo)    07/12/20  (1)
Can't take anymore ...you can't run from anything it's not about location    07/12/20  (1)
Dear visiting libs: I hope your families get raped by a pack of niggers    07/12/20  (15)
Angela Lansbury Dead!    07/12/20  (1)
Rachmiel is more committed to legacy of Enlightenment than Harvard, Oxford, Camb    07/12/20  (5)
If CNN can take down Charles, private figure, for personal life conduct...    07/12/20  (9)
Colt here. You guys left me no choice.    07/12/20  (1)
This Charles hysteria is going to backfire on libs    07/12/20  (9)
China bad! (Own Media silences political views)    07/12/20  (2)
If I were Tucker I’d be pissed at my employee    07/12/20  (10)
CharlesXII is drunk and wrapped in a snuggie right now    07/12/20  (2)
CNN: “Racist forum AutoAdmit linked to Russia through user ‘ARE REPTILE’l    07/12/20  (6)
   07/12/20  (6)
Palm Springs movie was 180    07/12/20  (2)
heard a tycho song, thought of luis, became wistful    07/12/20  (2)
honest question: do libs think "honorable" is a good trait?    07/12/20  (4)
kilroy here. i keep seeing people accuse me of being charles outer.it was NOT me    07/12/20  (3)
didn't read big changes thread, just assume rach is in a manic phase    07/12/20  (1)
Captured XOXOers held at swordpoint by Roman army: "I am CharlesXII"    07/12/20  (2)
christianity is such a shitty, retarded religion    07/12/20  (18)
Where is truck camper guy when we need him the most?    07/12/20  (4)
A white supremacist whine-fest, if you can keep it    07/12/20  (11)
Fuck it. Coming clean. I’m the head writer for Don Lemon. Posted here 15 yrs    07/12/20  (13)
I'm CharlesXII, and so's my wife!    07/12/20  (3)
180 new banner. however we are all going to die in the revolution lmao    07/12/20  (8)
scholarship in the ruins    07/12/20  (1)
Haven't posted here since law school (10+ years ago)    07/12/20  (85)
@realdonaldtrump This Blake sounds like a bad (or sick) person!    07/12/20  (1)
The Taming of the Shrew being removed from bookstores nationwide    07/12/20  (1)
'Poast' is actually the word for 'spirit' or 'breath' in attic    07/12/20  (2)
*lib after shooting u in head* that was for not challenging racist thread titles    07/12/20  (2)
George Floyd had no ground game    07/12/20  (6)
Anti-Cancel Culture liberals. Will anything come of this development?    07/12/20  (2)
Was Oliver Darcy noted trans XO poster TS Amanda?    07/12/20  (6)
90s John Rocker tp still love u no matter what happens    07/12/20  (3)
*lib after burning your family alive* Misogynistic terms like shrew are no joke    07/12/20  (3)
I take responsibility for all controversial CharlesXII posts.    07/12/20  (26)
rach where’s my alt Jfc    07/12/20  (22)
Rach is one of the good ones! I love this man    07/12/20  (1)
“The best remedy is more speech!” *laugh track plays*    07/12/20  (1)
God Save XO! Long Live XO!    07/12/20  (4)
Cohen Benefits Us    07/12/20  (1)
there are white niggers too    07/12/20  (2)
Chainlink $7 watch    07/12/20  (3)
Alison Ward of ABC News here. Why are there so many blank posts on this site?    07/12/20  (1)
The eye of liberal sauron was bound to gaze here eventually, surprised it took t    07/12/20  (2)
Oliver Darcy is posting as "a mitigated 180"    07/12/20  (1)
"I sure am glad Tucker Carlson has my back," the POWERGOY thought    07/12/20  (4)
"Goodwife Proctor posted on AutoAdmit with Tituba!"    07/12/20  (1)
Cancelling Darcy was a '90s emocore band    07/12/20  (6)
I get an erection knowing that my posts are being read by CNN    07/12/20  (5)
did anyone notice the "Supporters of the marketplace of ideas..." up top?    07/12/20  (3)
How much would pay for 1) a street nigger 2) mid level Uncle Tom or 3) convict    07/12/20  (1)
You Can't Cuck the Tuck... am I the only one who still keeps the faith?    07/12/20  (7)
Smart move would be to leave xo but I need free expression like I need air    07/12/20  (2)
Charles made AP News. All for poasting. There are criminals committing heinous    07/12/20  (7)
How would you react if you boss unexpectedly confronted you about posting?    07/12/20  (9)
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue will have a trans model this year    07/12/20  (5)
Supporters of the marketplace of ideas and freedom of expression.    07/12/20  (3)
Tucker’s ratings are just going to go up and now we’re famous    07/12/20  (1)
Just finished Dialectic of Enlightenment    07/12/20  (14)
“Asian woman can’t drive well” OH MY GOD WHAT A VILE BIGOTED RACIST POST    07/12/20  (4)
IFNB issues statement supporting XO: “We love all of our fans.”    07/12/20  (1)
Warning: This forum is protected by Article 1242 § 57 of the Admiralty Law Code    07/12/20  (18)
180 work rach. AutoAdmit is about to be better than ever    07/12/20  (1)
BAM! Coworker asks you in front of group whether black lives matter. What do u s    07/12/20  (59)
So the worst Charles said is that black kids AREN'T committing crimes?    07/12/20  (12)
if that woman's FB truly is satirical then she's got an IQ of 185    07/12/20  (1)
Zman new post: it’s time for Tucker to choose a side tomorrow.    07/12/20  (13)
How difficult to get published by a University Press? Do you need a PHD?    07/12/20  (2)
New 2022 MCU Movie Announced: Avengers taking down Charles    07/12/20  (3)
Drank 17 Whiteclaws yesterday and did some very speedy blow    07/12/20  (1)
This is now our safe space    07/12/20  (2)
Shrew telling you on your date that she's running "satirical" shtick for Faceboo    07/12/20  (1)
Rach can you please make me a shitmod    07/12/20  (3)
random monikers are now changing every time you refresh an old thread -- 180    07/12/20  (14)
Someone should do story on Oliver Darcy doxing competitor's head writer    07/12/20  (2)
Fucking dumbs who complain "autoadmit is where they said" bla bla bla    07/12/20  (5)
Got kicked out of bar. Need UFC link ASAP    07/12/20  (10)
What CNN did to Charles is 1000x worse than what he did "to" Asian shrew    07/12/20  (43)
Any writing reps arriving here please consider poasts as writing pack submission    07/12/20  (1)
"I'm with Charles XII" etsy shirts for sale here    07/12/20  (2)
My GF: "This guy writing for Tucker Carlson is filth. These far right websites    07/12/20  (3)
Got kicked out of bar for wearing my "Im with Charles XII" shirt    07/12/20  (1)
How does CNN even know that the naughty words weren't posted by BIPOC?    07/12/20  (3)
We keep confusing entertainers like Trump and Tucker with political saviors    07/12/20  (5)
Hypo: Libs storm the White House lawn after Election- do they use live fire?    07/12/20  (1)
Tucker on Monday: “I stand with the Azn megashrew.”    07/12/20  (2)
xo Jared Taylor BANNED from YouTube    07/12/20  (5)
If you were offered a Military Commission right now, would you accept    07/12/20  (2)
Attn: Twitter libs, all the repellent posting you see here is from Russian bots    07/12/20  (1)
180 rach    07/12/20  (1)
Supporters of the marketplace of ideas and freedom of expression.    07/12/20  (6)
Twitter hosts Nazis, ISIS fighters, and street gangs but XO used the gamer word    07/12/20  (1)
Georgia judicial emergency extended again just before it was set to expire (link    07/12/20  (2)
Darcify your moniker    07/12/20  (1)
"i'm literally shaking!" shrieked the eunuch after seeing "nigger" on a screen    07/12/20  (3)
Darcy Playground    07/12/20  (4)
Tucker on Monday: "...indefensible. But you know, I wouldn't get LASIK either    07/12/20  (4)
CharlesXII in Hannibal Lecter restraints giving Tucker advice in 2024    07/12/20  (3)
Through a Glass Darcy    07/12/20  (2)
So Oliver Darcy of CNN is a confirmed racist who hates Hispanic/Latinx POC?    07/12/20  (7)
ITT: We Predict what Tucker says about Charles on Monday    07/12/20  (23)
they're just "naughty words!!" bellowed the power-incel    07/12/20  (2)
If this happens to you, remember two simple words: "COMMUNITY ACCOUNT."    07/12/20  (10)
dont vote this election    07/12/20  (1)
good thing "journalists" are focusing on important things    07/12/20  (2)
Oliver Darcy Investigation Compilation    07/12/20  (113)
Chinese government initiative to unpack & deconstruct Han identity    07/12/20  (1)
Holy shit a WEALTH of new Karen vids are trending on Twitter (link)    07/12/20  (126)

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