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Going to the doctor today to get my ASS looked at (not flame)    05/27/20  (50)
gravy train - hella nervous.mp3    05/27/20  (1)
"Reopenings" Are Totally Arbitrary Frauds. Either Lockdown Is Good, Or It's Bad    05/27/20  (57)
Amy Cooper lost her dog, job, privacy - everything - over a 10 sec tamtrum    05/27/20  (27)
Franklin Templeton to Amy Cooper: "Ding, bitch!"    05/27/20  (92)
rate this badass white girl    05/27/20  (1)
blacks wearing Franklin Templeton gear in rap videos    05/27/20  (2)
fucked 24 year old off seeking arrangement taking q's    05/27/20  (28)
animated 'woke' capital Ben Franklin doing anti-racist raps in new commercial    05/27/20  (1)
Mom asked how much money I have... I sent her a screenshot of my cock.    05/27/20  (1)
white women see selves as political class aligned w/ blacks against white men    05/27/20  (2)
rate this wedding debacle    05/27/20  (125)
Invited CSLG to come skiing with me    05/27/20  (13)
Mom asked how much money I have... I sent her a screenshot of my mint (CSLG)    05/27/20  (44)
lol, someone edited together clips to make lib female comic perform at th Apollo    05/27/20  (1)
Distance from one end or Indonesia to the other is larger than US    05/27/20  (6)
cute midwestern kids video recording trip to Zayre in 1987    05/27/20  (2)
Just put on my pink sparkly undies. (CSLG)    05/27/20  (26)
I'm in a park and I'm almost dead. What good is the countryside?    05/27/20  (2)
I was there taking part in the racial violence..    05/27/20  (1)
benzo mewled    05/27/20  (3)
Pupper    05/27/20  (1)
Anyone remember a thread about a jacked and schizo youtuber/blogger    05/27/20  (11)
Hanging with Amy Cooper    05/27/20  (2)
*Halford yelling racist obscenities at black dude as he leashes doobs*    05/27/20  (3)
opinions on this tax policy proposal: end deferred capital gains    05/27/20  (5)
social media is terrible for America    05/27/20  (1)
nigger.    05/27/20  (5)
Make a Wish foundation denying Peterman's disgusting request    05/27/20  (106)
ever get on all-fours, let kids ride on your back like horse?    05/27/20  (2)
1967: george10 (george20’s Dad) giving ticket agent an earful @ Four Tops gig    05/27/20  (4)
Rate 2020 libs reaction to this scene from National Lampoon's Vacation (1983)    05/27/20  (8)
Local bar opened today. Didn't go cause I'm a gamer now    05/27/20  (7)
What do Elon Musk and Grimes talk about?    05/27/20  (2)
Hillary: we need China to help the Dems beat Trump, get his tax returns (link)    05/27/20  (2)
Jonathan Franzen's 'The Reopenings'    05/27/20  (1)
guy asked me what is my 'monthly nut'?    05/27/20  (1)
rate the 1966 film 'How I Won the War'    05/27/20  (1)
Dha Tux: You want to go Heli Skiing in February?    05/27/20  (8)
rate this good friend of mine    05/27/20  (3)
*President North Atlantid depositing $1488 into all Irish-American accounts*    05/27/20  (19)
Withnail and I    05/27/20  (8)
Would you pay $160/night to stay in this log cabin with an outhouse?    05/27/20  (5)
what specifically triggered trump about psycho joe?    05/27/20  (1)
body negativity    05/27/20  (1)
diogenes is running 180 slow forrest gump shtick in the Minneapolis thread    05/27/20  (9)
every once in a while i remember "wine refinery" and laugh out loud    05/27/20  (1)
Attention everyone. This is Watchmen with an important update on my condition.    05/27/20  (139)
"But im a boxing MFE" yelped whok as jinxs cock used his prostate as a speedbag    05/27/20  (30)
Coconut oil    05/27/20  (1)
LOL - Tara Reade under investigation for giving false testimony    05/27/20  (11)
a meaningless computer-centric existence    05/27/20  (16)
just loled picturing some sweaty smelly paki running the "Watchmen" schtick    05/27/20  (41)
ERISA EXPERTS: Get ITT. I got a Q.    05/27/20  (9)
ggtp has been a real whiny contrarian “moderate” (shitlib) bitch on XO latel    05/27/20  (17)
I had literally zero friends in high school and people in med school avoided me    05/27/20  (56)
Every Amazon package is infested with coronavirus    05/27/20  (17)
Want to read a comparison of all neighborhoods in MFH    05/27/20  (1)
abrams: "DAT TOO MANY BALLOTS!"    05/27/20  (15)
IFNBlackstreet: I like the way ya jerk it *FULL NUDITY* not like a fag in trunks    05/27/20  (69)
I no longer trust / listen to people who use the term “public health”    05/27/20  (29)
bad posture | leaky gut | autistic rage    05/27/20  (13)
so we brought blacks 10k miles from African jungle to birdwatch in Dutch NY?    05/27/20  (1)
non-white Trumpmos (Kenny, USPO, Henry Aaron) are the worst of the worst    05/27/20  (43)
Missed Something: Why Did The Birder Nig Have Dog Treats?    05/27/20  (66)
100k dead: US has had worst response to cornovirus so far. Global power my ass    05/27/20  (3)
Italy Says 96% of Virus Fatalities Suffered From Other Illnesses    05/27/20  (4)
one hates to see Minneapolis go up in flames as a result of racial violence    05/27/20  (1)
lost my do nothing deadend job and now have no prospects, im doomed lol    05/27/20  (7)
Biz idea: bar where dads can meet up & play call of duty warzone online    05/27/20  (3)
X-Com Enemy Within    05/27/20  (1)
ITT: videos of MINNEAPOLIS burning tonight    05/27/20  (234)
When I was back in seminary school, they put forth the proposition that you coul    05/27/20  (1)
Key & Peele's surprisingly race realist spoof on Hogwarts    05/27/20  (12)
Back in law school... I was a loner. I was a reject. I was a poser.    05/27/20  (3)
Bay Area woman accused of posting notes on homes targeting Asian Americans    05/27/20  (3)
so glad Tucker gave 'Laura Logan' 10 minutes of airtime    05/27/20  (7)
Talmud hypo: friendless pedo loser son in law moves in & doesn't pay rent    05/27/20  (4)
are there any enviromental orgs that aren't 100% left-wing crazy?    05/27/20  (12)
In 5th grade, my best friend died because he was down with Bad Boy Records    05/27/20  (91)
nothing else matters until u end birthright citizenship    05/27/20  (9)
‘Back to Work’ proposal-$450 per week to laid off workers who return to work    05/27/20  (33)
I can't believe the NHL commish is a fucking Jew    05/27/20  (1)
have you ever dated academic types?    05/27/20  (37)
Immigration and Liberal Taboos, by Edward Abbey (1988)    05/27/20  (11)
cunt stench    05/27/20  (21)
Texasmos, what's the deal with Alliance, Texas?    05/27/20  (2)
BAM! You're Amy Cooper; what's your next move?    05/27/20  (40)
my political opinions are very unique. this is what they are.    05/27/20  (7)
CSLG, what is chandler's wife like?    05/27/20  (5)
disgusting shrew ass stench    05/27/20  (5)
Welp, I must be in a bad way. Trying to look up elementary/middle school classma    05/27/20  (5)
so Cuomo murdered a shitload of boomers and you guys hate him for it?    05/27/20  (14)
peterman in ecstasy as a trucker pushes a louisville slugger to the grip tape    05/27/20  (2)
more offensive: violent thug manhandled by cops or black nurse pummeling 80y/o?    05/27/20  (11)
"I wanted black genocide, but not like this. Not by meathead cops."    05/27/20  (1)
Zuckerberg, Bezos, Musk, Thiel, et al. all need to be beaten to death by mobs    05/27/20  (6)
How would TMF have handled the central park birder leash scenario?    05/27/20  (6)
tired of litigating every 2-bit twitter racial outrage, just get these ppl OUT    05/27/20  (4)
Conservative Men Are Pointing Loaded Guns At Their Crotches To ‘Own the Libs'    05/27/20  (67)
Did everyone just suddenly stop caring about the virus today?    05/27/20  (1)
Trucker: "but it had a flared base!" Peterman: "forget it, it's gone."    05/27/20  (78)
I thought this was a law bort. FYI Negligence is different than Murder    05/27/20  (3)
"I like pussy & boob videos," Doobs blurts out in closing argument    05/27/20  (19)
okay this karen thing is starting to grow on me, completely hilarious    05/27/20  (3)
Every load you take, every twink you rape, ill be stimmin you    05/27/20  (45)
Part time bschool Cr?    05/27/20  (13)
Is there video showing why the black guy was on the ground?    05/27/20  (4)
"OK, i'm calling the bottom" -Trucker dialing peterman    05/27/20  (21)
*Peterman draining a trucker's balls like a capri sun pouch*    05/27/20  (89)
Second Cousin: you've got my pussy sopping! ;) Shrew GF: HE WAS BIRDWATCHING!    05/27/20  (5)
let's not get lost in the weeds. blacks et all need their own countries. problem    05/27/20  (1)
why didnt cslg go into tech?    05/27/20  (9)
"Why else call it that?" Peterman said as he was escorted out of Dicks Sport    05/27/20  (24)
Biden: "If you ain't burnin down Minneapolis, you ain't black!"    05/27/20  (2)
Peterman: “He’ll be cumin’ in my butthole when he cums”    05/27/20  (27)
Meet Karen's millennial dog walkers who decided to out her    05/27/20  (11)
Truckers 4 Trump DEMAND Pennsylvania Gov re-open Peterman's Asshole and Mouth    05/27/20  (2)
"Again, Mr. doobs, we don't check temperatures rectally here."    05/27/20  (2)
*puts on Grouch Mask* *performs Jewface*    05/27/20  (2)
When any black talks to you just don't say anything, stand there like a robot    05/27/20  (2)
“men” that build gaming PCs    05/27/20  (21)
rate this black guy claiming he is as good as michael phelps    05/27/20  (2)
Is a Georgetown MBA a decent program for the price?    05/27/20  (15)
come on, man! you know i didn't mean what i meant    05/27/20  (10)
trump administration greatly mishandling coronavirus situation! how so?    05/27/20  (83)
🚨 🚨 JIMMY FALLON APOLOGIZES 🚨 🚨    05/27/20  (61)
Black nurse saves white nursing home resident (heartwarming video)    05/27/20  (9)
Helping China was America's biggest geopolitical mistake.    05/27/20  (76)
I guess libs in Minneapolis just dgaf about social distancing anymore?    05/27/20  (2)
Less than 100 days until voting for President begins. Trump fucked.    05/27/20  (2)
starting youtube channel where I do everything in blackface    05/27/20  (1)
Superstar rapper 'Houdini' ASSASSINATED in a brazen daylight shooting    05/27/20  (1)
Definitive mask PECKING ORDER    05/27/20  (24)
Cuomo put covid sick into retirement homes to juice the death stats?    05/27/20  (2)
*winking live tuna waving scabies into ur nursing home bed like 3rd base coach*    05/27/20  (9)
Libs willing to lie about other countries who didn’t fascism... totally dishon    05/27/20  (1)
Amy Cooper added as defendant in Arbery killing    05/27/20  (5)
100k dead from Chink flu, but blacks and libs rioting over 1 dead black dude?    05/27/20  (1)
Libs legit openly discuss their lying and plan lies... it’s crazy.    05/27/20  (1)
Amy Cooper not too good looking    05/27/20  (6)
flatten curve graphs of cases v medical capacity = tinder shrew jr yr beach pics    05/27/20  (2)
*Ambulance w/ blue Hanukkah lights flashing arrives, black EMTs beat up your mom    05/27/20  (5)
Watching Willow - this movie fucking rocked    05/27/20  (9)
Ever been in a confusing relationship with a woman?    05/27/20  (4)
I live with a woman now we have sex..but I'm not feeling a great vibe whats deal    05/27/20  (4)
reminder: the SEMITIC bagel is just a sad low rent attempt at the ARYAN pretzel    05/27/20  (14)
Rachel Jeantel pens memoir: I Know How the Caged Bird Tastes    05/27/20  (117)
Moment of Fulfillment for Local Boy Who Became a Woman    05/27/20  (2)

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