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STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   01/25/20  (365)
*49ers give Pelosi a Gatorade bath at SB* *big old floppy tots visible to all*    01/29/20  (2)
Wuhan rolls out new public health campaign: "Yakety Yak! (Don't Eat Bat.)"    01/29/20  (27)
Just got over the flu, taking q's    01/29/20  (25)
GOP Reportedly Has Votes To Block Witnesses In Early End To Impeachment    01/29/20  (103)
Wuhan dog meat market (video)    01/29/20  (1)
That's when I fell for the Eater of the Bat *cough cough*    01/29/20  (1)
Pradeep D Samudra of Plano, TX and Cornell Univ is a LUNATIC PEDO RAPIST    01/29/20  (1)
Just shorted TSLA at $570    01/29/20  (88)
Made 1 million this month (CSLG)    01/29/20  (29)
"Wuhan used a wok, fried a bat to bits, Chinese food makes me sick."    01/29/20  (6)
(Joe Cocker) Whaaat would you do, with a bat in your soup?    01/29/20  (1)
Lmao at Tommy losing his shit spamming xo at 2am ALL ALONE bc NOWIG    01/29/20  (8)
bitch so dumb i called her mister meaner    01/29/20  (2)
Tesla above $600. Haha wow, holy shit.    01/29/20  (1)
Pradeep D Samudra of Plano, TX and Cornell Univ is a LUNATIC PEDO RAPIST    01/29/20  (1)
Pradeep D Samudra is obsessed with INDIAN DICK    01/29/20  (1)
Trump allies giving black people money for "charity"    01/29/20  (5)
bat boys, bat boys, wat u gonna do? wat u gonna do when its feeling like the flu    01/29/20  (1)
Chiefs fans pepper angus, libs are comin after u    01/29/20  (1)
Why did Pradeep D Samudra rape that girl?    01/29/20  (1)
The year 2034 wa$ year$ ago    01/29/20  (12)
If Trump gets acquitted can he send DOJ/IRS etc after his political opponents?    01/29/20  (5)
absolutely retarded that we don't use prisoners for HARD LABOR    01/29/20  (20)
sometimes its shaved sometimes it hairy    01/29/20  (1)
Pradeep D Samudra is obsessed with INDIAN DICK    01/29/20  (1)
πŸ¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸŽΎ AUSTRALIAN OPEN Official Thread πŸŽΎπŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ¨ #tennis    01/29/20  (267)
i'll get sucked in my drop top cadillac    01/29/20  (1)
Too $hort was right about everything    01/29/20  (3)
Boomer boat I’ve been shown ways to make it big! I can show you    01/29/20  (6)
Need to spend $250 today to get cc signup bonus, what to buy?    01/29/20  (4)
New Kids on the Block hosts a cruise every year and just fucks female groupies    01/29/20  (20)
Enjoy the pussy    01/29/20  (5)
Ooh the bats in my Wuhan, my Wuhan/ When u gonna gimme that virus, Corona?    01/29/20  (3)
Father, I wish to live like the bird. May I have 1 million FF miles?    01/29/20  (44)
Push yourself to fame so you get tribute like Kobe    01/29/20  (2)
Love the people who are succeeding    01/29/20  (1)
Rate rapper Tech N9ne    01/29/20  (1)
Azn tourists pranked by Roach Motel (link)    01/29/20  (8)
Jezebel: We MUST liberate PILLOW GFs from Azn Rapist Males- link    01/29/20  (39)
New coronavirus slogan: "Find your bat."    01/29/20  (1)
Naru! giggled Peterman as he poured a gallon of Pennzoil on his bald head    01/29/20  (10)
lol at being sad over 1 dead basketball player. 1m jews died in the holocaust    01/29/20  (8)
My black wife & her family think Coronavirus is a commercial for the Super Bowl    01/29/20  (1)
Who flies his 13 year-old dotter in helicopter in bad weather?    01/29/20  (17)
And stupid Siri keeps spelling it ‘bike’ & ‘bigger’... Hi who just joine    01/29/20  (6)
"Ms Dooberstein, your son already left school. His uncle, Lord PiddleSnout, came    01/29/20  (13)
"Flared base? Is that a challenge?" *beady eyes narrow*    01/29/20  (41)
Chilmata, what's your work out plan when the Coronavirus hits SoCal?    01/29/20  (1)
Why did Pradeep D Samudra pipe rape that girl?    01/29/20  (1)
"Everyone's got a plan until they get fucked in the ass" (Peterman 2 runaway tee    01/29/20  (3)
Slave girl Doobs silently sneaking over a sleeping Halford's wheelchair    01/29/20  (6)
Why did Pradeep D Samudra molest little Thai boys?    01/29/20  (1)
Why is Pradeep D Samudra obssessed with INDIAN DICK    01/29/20  (1)
any other GCs on here insist on junior staff referring to you as General?    01/29/20  (1)
*Peterman taps Doobs, points to Drake Mallard walking into Flying J* "New girl."    01/29/20  (7)
Let's see Paul Allen's Holocaust Museum.    01/29/20  (1)
will lebron surpass kobe in years lived as well as points made?    01/29/20  (1)
so more jews were killed than all japanese ww2 dead combined?    01/29/20  (4)
is this much younger chick interested in me?    01/29/20  (14)
how many of the jews that died in the holocaust just died of natural causes?    01/29/20  (4)
why do people still respond to obeezy in political threads    01/29/20  (2)
A GC friend if mine uses the title "General Counsil". With an "I". Alpha?    01/29/20  (1)
rate the tumescence of this metamucil shit I took (video and audio)    01/29/20  (1)
What should I get for dinner? Obviously money is no object    01/29/20  (3)
Pradeep D Samudra is obssessed with INDIAN DICK    01/29/20  (1)
Bailey Jay in bath tub explaining dividend reinvestment in xo big short movie    01/29/20  (29)
Now here's something shitty / Bout a Bat and a soup can / Two ingredients from t    01/29/20  (14)
Will Pradeep D Samudra's father still give him dat ARRANGED MARRIAGE?    01/29/20  (1)
A Classic Midwestern Dish Becomes a Talking Point in Iowa [NYT]    01/29/20  (47)
"I would like you to do us a favor though because our country - who just joined?    01/29/20  (2)
Pradeep D Samudra beat his father with cheese roti?    01/29/20  (2)
How did Pradeep D Samudra beat his father?    01/29/20  (1)
wuhan bat dropping dead after biting peterman    01/29/20  (4)
This Kobe Bryant situation really does bring true meaning to "One Wrong Move".    01/29/20  (4)
97/100 women I've met in last 8 years has been absolute disgusting vile garbage    01/29/20  (6)
"oh, just hung out with some friends." "really? who? what were their names?"    01/29/20  (3)
Kobe Bryant: 1978-2015    01/29/20  (9)
(narrator) "I guess it really was a wonderful life" *George Bailey corpse soyfac    01/29/20  (6)
Rick fox explains how false reports shook his family    01/29/20  (1)
"Oh yeah, made a million this month, nevermind Kobe's dead body in my backyard"    01/29/20  (2)
Bat in the soup and you're to blame; you give lunch a bad name    01/29/20  (6)
"No, I have never seen doob--I mean, this man before in my life."    01/29/20  (2)
Pradeep D Samudra is obssessed with INDIAN DICK    01/29/20  (1)
Uganda Moving Embassy To Jerusalem    01/29/20  (8)
"CNN reports Sen. Bailey Jay convinced Sen. Romney in a tense closed door meeti    01/29/20  (2)
Pradeep D Samudra is obssessed with INDIAN DICK    01/29/20  (1)
Lmfao at Tommy spamming xo drunk and ALONE    01/29/20  (2)
max IQ to respond to obeezy?    01/29/20  (2)
Mitt "Zhang" Romney: "Bats are food, my friend."    01/29/20  (1)
Car insurance is getting more expensive BECAUSE OF SENSORS, not PI lawyers    01/29/20  (36)
Lethal Weapon 5 starring Mel Gibson AND Danny Glover in the works    01/29/20  (4)
Chinese living... aint easy to do. The wings you flaunted, they gave you the flu    01/29/20  (9)
JAG: if birdshit RAPES ur anus, dont complaint, u may incite them!    01/29/20  (7)
rate me as a recent celebrity helicopter crash    01/29/20  (5)
"IT has informed me you refreshed "xoxohth" 44722 times last week    01/29/20  (20)
get sick to my stomach thinking about final 15 seconds of kobe's flight    01/29/20  (20)
Pretty funny how Dems are running the same Kavanaugh playbook with Impeachment    01/29/20  (24)
damn daddy lets play Civilization    01/29/20  (12)
Netflix to Acquire Uber in Highly Confusing Transaction    01/29/20  (1)
Rate this autist's Kobe mural    01/29/20  (1)
"Even my monocle?" Peterman asked the repo man. "Especially your monocle."    01/29/20  (232)
lung tissue that I wish you saw / epidemic from a bat soup stall    01/29/20  (6)
Ordered bat without ginseng tea; owner seemed pissed    01/29/20  (2)
Fat shrews on Bumble using pics like this    01/29/20  (7)
Picture yourself eating golden retriever, while wolverines sneeze, and bats tant    01/29/20  (4)
RSF's dad wearing Kobe's teeth on a necklace    01/29/20  (1)
is this a butter face?    01/29/20  (1)
If they say why, why / Tell em that it's Wuhan nature    01/29/20  (1)
Golden Retrievers are the POTUS of dog breeds. Change my mind.    01/29/20  (35)
Coronavirus detected on sealed, unopened iPhones    01/29/20  (1)
Goldberg the goalie from the Mighty Ducks is a Meth Addict (NY Post)    01/29/20  (2)
Yale cancels art history class for being too white, male    01/29/20  (34)
EARL and JAG getting raped by FAT BIRDSHIT: 'Oh wow I shldnt raise an issue here    01/29/20  (1)
53% of Americans in favor of UBI    01/29/20  (61)
ironside, is this the most extreme TOAS you’ve seen?    01/29/20  (23)
72+ hours later and still can't believe Kobe Bryant is dead.    01/29/20  (2)
288 teeth chilling in an LA county morgue    01/29/20  (3)
Nothing matters, ask Kobes molten teeth    01/29/20  (2)
JAG at 55 years old: So I'm still an intern but Mr. Birdshit will promote soon    01/29/20  (1)
social media accelerating global female hypergamy will be what ends us all    01/29/20  (1)
Is it confirmed that the male nurse who posts is an asian?    01/29/20  (1)
rate the bios of the techies living in this SF coliving house    01/29/20  (1)
Henry Aaron: "I'm an assistant doctor technician of medical procedures"    01/29/20  (1)
Ban TT and the other unremarkable turds to the garbage forum    01/29/20  (2)
Hillary: the choice is simple, do you want a cunt like me or a male nurse?    01/29/20  (1)
kamala harris just made CJ Roberts repeat the quote "grab them by the pussy"    01/29/20  (1)
Hillary Clinton debating Henry Aaron: "Even the nurse's union endorsed me, lmao"    01/29/20  (7)
TT what are you doing for Holi?    01/29/20  (10)
Why does Henry Aaron (male nurse) come here to brag about pozloads he takes?    01/29/20  (1)
Want CSLG to get a trillion flog all frauds for every penny    01/29/20  (2)
Henry Aaron and tsinahs asses meeting in the middle of an πŸ†    01/29/20  (23)
Magic Johnson is young looks great alive and kicking    01/29/20  (1)
john jerry awkwardly pushing bat into his mouth head first    01/29/20  (1)
Great news! Dems + Repubs come together to pass education bill for good of US    01/29/20  (6)
we probably need more holocaust museums    01/29/20  (5)
SCOTUS public charge rule approved    01/29/20  (16)
hillary clinton pulling live bat out of her purse on wuhan campaign stop    01/29/20  (26)
New kids on the block had a bunch of hits chinese food makes me sick    01/29/20  (4)
Dr Federer: At Least 1 Slam SF For 18 Consec. Calendar Years (Active) #tennis    01/29/20  (3)
today's shareblue talking point: spam COVER UP    01/29/20  (1)
Well I've been to Wuhan had dysentery from Chongqing to Dongguan    01/29/20  (2)
RATE this blonde with big fake tits #doodikoff    01/29/20  (11)
Doobs gliding down the stairs as "Kiss Me" plays in the background    01/29/20  (52)
WTF Is This "Lance" Forcememe. Solid Sport Fan, Never Heard "Lance" Before Today    01/29/20  (1)
My "criminal justice reform" plan would include 1 square mile concrete thunderdo    01/29/20  (2)
Lol Bernie just tweeted about ending all forms of "environmental racism"    01/29/20  (24)
ROFL @ Lance Losing 3 Tiebreaks To A Fellow Shitmud Specialist #tennis    01/29/20  (3)
Lance Has Lost Before SF 2x In Past 10 Slams. Both At TRUEST TEST #tennis    01/29/20  (5)
Thiem doing work early.    01/29/20  (21)
vonoskar tp what's the deal?    01/29/20  (4)

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