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By unhinged pumos about you · Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
STICKY: And still cleaning up the mess!   02/21/20  (384)
What are y'all giving up for lent?    02/28/20  (19)
anything more 180 than sleep?    02/28/20  (1)
Got a turnaround project at 1am this morning...instead I had a few beers    02/28/20  (11)
You’re not going to believe this, he killed 16 Czechoslovakians.    02/28/20  (5)
Best way to dump work on a fellow associate?    02/28/20  (1)
What is the furthest you’ve ever heard Allen Edmonds shoes walk?    02/28/20  (16)
Coronavirus in my gym. Entire building evacuated for sterilization. Not flame.    02/28/20  (16)
how come there hasn't been a new aids type virus that kills homos?    02/28/20  (1)
fuck you faggots die    02/28/20  (3)
Massive onlyfans.com data leak between 1.6tb and 4tb of content.    02/28/20  (13)
What Super Tuesday state will post results first?    02/28/20  (4)
Closed border white nationalist with an asian wife    02/28/20  (23)
Poast how much you've LOST in CORONA market decline    02/28/20  (9)
Anyone here work 100% remotely? How much better is it than officemo life?    02/28/20  (91)
Jonas Salk reactivated, rallying speech to assembled epidemiologists & researche    02/28/20  (7)
Riff Raff lost his weight    02/28/20  (13)
Honestly a 180 virus so far, killing Asians, Iranians, boomers, poors etc    02/28/20  (5)
anyone here work 100%? how much better is it than other life sleep eat?    02/28/20  (1)
Why did Disney let a prole goy take over from Iger?    02/28/20  (2)
trident ii missiles tracing graceful arcs toward infected boston, ny, dc, philly    02/28/20  (5)
Hallstatt: ryan gosling, ivan drago. N atlantid: ricky gervais    02/28/20  (4)
All these viruses are bullshit & fake. List here    02/28/20  (17)
Is it prole to use WeWork?    02/28/20  (2)
Just got tested: Doctor said I DON'T have coronavirus but I am mentally ill    02/28/20  (3)
Irans VP has coronavirus    02/28/20  (2)
Rank these pitchers: Scherzer, Verlander, Kershaw, Halladay, Greinke, Schilling    02/28/20  (6)
In alternate universe Trayvon Martin has found cure for Corona virus    02/28/20  (3)
NESCAC gf: reading Ovid, 19. Shrew gf: Has Covid-19    02/28/20  (3)
someone pls link me to jshad's onlyfans account, tyia    02/28/20  (2)
Warren: Many underprivileged Americans living in "porn deserts"    02/28/20  (10)
"You would press it? You would kill civilization to save humanity?" "I would."    02/28/20  (2)
I can't believe I'm going to die on this stupid faggot planet without boning a 9    02/28/20  (10)
If you support Medicare for All, you're a moron and a loser    02/28/20  (121)
newly-ripped charles would be a chad if he had just taken fin    02/28/20  (3)
ITT i tell u when to buy the dip    02/28/20  (26)
Trump losers: do u believe coronavirus is real? since u deny climate change, etc    02/28/20  (1)
Would you clone a pet?    02/28/20  (31)
Polish woman goes blind after dying her eyeballs black    02/28/20  (2)
CHALLENGE: Link to one Henry Aaron post with multiple blank bumps    02/28/20  (5)
Henry Aaron searching "coronavirus threat from buttsex with black men"    02/28/20  (9)
lol Bernie droppin hard on PredictIt    02/28/20  (14)
Sleeping 8-10 hrs is literally the most important thing on Earth    02/28/20  (19)
"The eyes of the world turned to the researchers & scientists of the United Stat    02/28/20  (1)
*bacteria/viruses in tsinahs ass/throat mocking corona virus as "quaint"*    02/28/20  (1)
CDC hq discovered to be mostly WeWork offices    02/28/20  (3)
2052: a historian combs through every XO thread with "Trump" in title    02/28/20  (14)
Did JCM go into a state of Hibernation?    02/28/20  (10)
Sen. Kennedy: "listen boy, u got enough respirators for all of US population?"    02/28/20  (1)
Just damn near fell in love with the Tinder girl I just fucked.    02/28/20  (84)
Is it prole to eat at Chipotle?    02/28/20  (3)
Would u support mild creampies for adultery?    02/28/20  (3)
Students of crazy shitlibs rebel by turning conservative.    02/28/20  (14)
wife told me she hopes I die of the chink flu, ATD?    02/27/20  (6)
The chains are locked and tied across the door    02/27/20  (1)
Insane tranny getting reptiles banned from twitter for pronoun violations    02/27/20  (6)
is it too early for everyone to post their farewell address? we'll be det soon.    02/27/20  (5)
Freddy Adu dead of self inflicted gun shot wound    02/27/20  (1)
Brutal to be nicknamed "mini mike." That's your fucking legacy now    02/27/20  (9)
2052, 5th Grade: And, then, the Prophet Kaczynski foretold of    02/27/20  (7)
When riots?    02/27/20  (1)
have like 3 shrews texting me rn having 180 schizo psychotic breaks    02/27/20  (3)
I should have put all my money into crypto instead of stocks    02/27/20  (3)
if your city has a subway or mass regional transit you are fucked    02/27/20  (3)
I'm taking ultimate risk until the end !! You should all enjoy risk    02/27/20  (11)
bathing in lysol and mainlining truvada rn    02/27/20  (3)
Stonks meme    02/27/20  (8)
Strangest media forcememe of 2019-2020 is that weird Korean band BTS    02/27/20  (3)
Is Taylor Swift a sociopath?    02/27/20  (13)
Great article on the intersection of shitpits and shitlibs    02/27/20  (9)
Is it normal in BIGLAW for partners to throw and break stuff when mad?    02/27/20  (31)
Did you guys cash out your stocks in time?    02/27/20  (1)
200 testing kits per hospital in California.    02/27/20  (5)
dad wants to spend 20k on a domestic vacation    02/27/20  (14)
********* STOCK MARKET IS ABOUT TO CRASH *********    02/27/20  (54)
anyone else think trees are 180?    02/27/20  (34)
heat up niggas!    02/27/20  (2)
Category: Guatemalan Nobel laureates    02/27/20  (1)
so Trump's CDC literally put 14 infected patients on that plane...    02/27/20  (28)
MAWDS    02/27/20  (3)
Anyone seen Netflix's "Love Is Blind"?    02/27/20  (27)
bowlcut im sorry about the mean shit i said    02/27/20  (8)
Big cities are dens of disease and depravity    02/27/20  (6)
Protip: buy a sailboat + sail into middle of Ocean = Corona free forever    02/27/20  (4)
"Epstein Didn't Kill Himself" Mardi Gras float    02/27/20  (1)
"Watch this, haha" *kike friend presses button* *stock market crashes*    02/27/20  (42)
“Lol the flu is more deadly” thinks the know it all as he’s welded into hi    02/27/20  (1)
49 IQ immigrants make america great    02/27/20  (2)
WuFlu is only a test run.    02/27/20  (1)
farting so loud you trigger a 5% intraday drawdown    02/27/20  (1)
market predictions for tomorrow    02/27/20  (30)
PSA: trump is gonna DEFUND THE CDC due to their fearmongering + incompetence    02/27/20  (2)
New England Journal of Medicine to world: “HAHA UR FUCKED”    02/27/20  (7)
North Korea is executing anyone diagnosed with coronavirus    02/27/20  (7)
creampied random 42 yr old chick. chances of babby pwnage?    02/27/20  (67)
Wow that smarmy XO clitdick's hot take really changed my view.    02/27/20  (4)
Bring us your tired, your weak, your infected    02/27/20  (2)
oh what an edgy take by a genius xo poaster! such a high iq forum    02/27/20  (9)
oh no coronavirus all over the carpet why did i fart naked    02/27/20  (1)
Liz Warren here. Yes it's really me! I'm here to fight and asking for your vote!    02/27/20  (5)
A decade later this is still the best picture on the entire internet    02/27/20  (1)
anyone else chilling wfh, sleeping 10 hrs a day waiting for everyone to die?    02/27/20  (2)
70 IQ Guatemalans figured out how to get free healthcare in America    02/27/20  (17)
my roommate is hogging the bathroom so I literally just shat into a trash bag    02/27/20  (2)
Buckets of Coronitaviruses devastating Florida Keys    02/27/20  (1)
what exactly is the demographic that pays for a dominatrix    02/27/20  (25)
lol fuck this faggot virus    02/27/20  (1)
just got tested genetically immune to coronavirus    02/27/20  (1)
Warm countries seem to coasting re coronavirus    02/27/20  (30)
PSA: google "barreleye fish"    02/27/20  (10)
Should I cast Mass Cure Disease and just stop this COVID-19 nonsense?    02/27/20  (1)
just shat into a trash bag, putting in roommates room, will take pics.    02/27/20  (1)
Coronavirus can chill on a surface, waiting to fuck your ass, for 9 days    02/27/20  (5)
lowest IQ POTUS in history meets biggest pandemic ever = ???    02/27/20  (3)
luis and Jim_Kelly relishing bat tikka masala at Bombay Palace    02/27/20  (4)
i literally can't even rn    02/27/20  (1)
just ate bat 4 the 1st time in 10 yrs. still tastes like shit (colt, eating bat)    02/27/20  (2)
What cigs are you guys loading up on for upcoming pandemic    02/27/20  (1)
a pumo was mean to me online    02/27/20  (2)
Bill Gates predicts pandemic will take out 30 million in next 10 years    02/27/20  (2)
This is QUICKEST stock market decline in HISTORY    02/27/20  (1)
Trump is dumb to not close all travel just as an excuse to seal borders    02/27/20  (1)
🌳    02/27/20  (4)
we should elect Bernie and then put boomers in mass tree conservatory graves    02/27/20  (4)
Trump 2/26: Stock market on verge of recovery. 2/27: biggest drop in history    02/27/20  (1)
"selling your stocks, bud?"    02/27/20  (3)
boomers really do need to be rounded up and put in Mass tree conservatory graves    02/27/20  (8)
Rate this AGWWG couple and their pizza (pic)    02/27/20  (31)
i bought butane camping stove, 50 lb bag rice, solar charger. what else    02/27/20  (5)
"Shit Sucks" Newspaper headline from Idiocracy permanently emblazoned in mind    02/27/20  (16)
Bill Gates predicted all of this in 2018    02/27/20  (4)
how many enemies would hillary have taken out with "coronavirus"?    02/27/20  (1)
buy SPSM puts--free money u fags    02/27/20  (1)
Jim kelly what chink slop shit does your gook wife cook for you?    02/27/20  (98)
I had really bad Chink SARS in 2011-2012, am I immune to latest chink shit?    02/27/20  (3)
Pull your 401K cash out NOW. Markets are fucked long term after the virus    02/27/20  (28)
how much is everyone down in their portfolio from the peak now?    02/27/20  (15)
Who wants no their right mind is selling stock right now?    02/27/20  (6)
Word is that Mini Mike Bloomberg performed so poorly in the two debates    02/27/20  (7)
WAPO: HHS staff evacuated coronavirus Americans without any protective gear    02/27/20  (27)
lol at NYC mayors Giuliani, Bloomberg, DeBlasio all getting BTFO in POTUS runs    02/27/20  (2)
just jumped up onto a table and screamed "I AM GOD" after seeing my returns    02/27/20  (2)
frauds waste decades of your life, suck out all energy, send letters "YOU OWE"    02/27/20  (2)
Bloomberg: Trumpo, let's see who can stack a billion cash quicker in the lobby    02/27/20  (1)
Anyone see The Stranger on Netflix?    02/27/20  (7)
if ur not flushing intestines w 4+ quart e-bag multiple times per day ur insane    02/27/20  (1)
hypo: $1 million tax-free to marry a name I randomly pick out of the phonebook    02/27/20  (2)
We don't actually "need" anything in the "supply chain." This is a good thing.    02/27/20  (4)
Whats good on netflix    02/27/20  (4)

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