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STICKY: Big changes   08/10/20  (332)
crazy how completely PAM has dominated the nonstick cooking spray market    08/15/20  (5)
The western man is like Prometheus, bearing eternal punishment for bestowing soc    08/15/20  (11)
Poastradmus why did you sign personal guaranties for a closely held company    08/15/20  (16)
So you can't drive a car faster than 82 MPH but you win every formula 1 race    08/15/20  (2)
War Machine can we expect a story on Cannon Hinnant murder? Shocking story in NC    08/15/20  (90)
all the money being spent on BLM could basically eliminate malaria    08/15/20  (1)
remember to wear your mask at all times or we will all die unless you are eating    08/15/20  (5)
What is tcr “prep”aration?    08/15/20  (5)
Studies have proven that you can only catch covid in mom and pop shops    08/15/20  (7)
it was imperative that the government force all businesses to shut down    08/15/20  (1)
Friday night is the best time to send meet & confer letters    08/15/20  (3)
"it's not like i could 'provide' for my family anyway" -luis as he beats wife    08/15/20  (3)
you will spread covid if you go out unless its to protest or shop at big corps    08/15/20  (3)
you cant catch covid in walmart    08/15/20  (1)
faggy retard luis is MAF broke while living amongst rich tech bros. lmao 180    08/15/20  (1)
Chainlink $19 watch    08/15/20  (4)
Coronavirus restrictions on food processing in Victoria won't lead to shortages,    08/15/20  (1)
describe a day without processed food    08/15/20  (11)
nah dude cant eat that bread its processed    08/15/20  (1)
Hope crypto moons & everyone gets rich- except Luis. His wife made him sell lol    08/15/20  (2)
You think CA salaries are bad? Check out the highest IL pensions    08/15/20  (22)
Chainlink $20 watch thread    08/15/20  (3)
ETH founder Vitalik Buterin eviscerates Chad theory in one tweet    08/15/20  (1)
When I was a teen (over a decade ago), one of my friends showed me some porn    08/15/20  (47)
Somehow or another Sean Lennon came out based as hell.    08/15/20  (16)
Mask mandates are 180 because    08/15/20  (14)
Got drunk for the first time in weeks    08/15/20  (4)
Bitcoin painting clear ascending triangle on daily and 12hr. Buy dip to 11.5 and    08/15/20  (3)
He met a girl out there with A TATTOO too    08/15/20  (3)
Lazy Summer Saturdays in Europe    08/15/20  (5)
Who the fuck is Meghan Markle and why does anyone care about what she’s doing    08/15/20  (6)
wilbur what percent of ur body is covered in tats    08/15/20  (5)
So, you can't thrown the ball faster than 78 mph, but you strike out everyone    08/15/20  (40)
Buzzfeed says Covid T-cell immunity is a debunked right wing conspiracy theory    08/15/20  (1)
Does spaceporn really touch children and why did he return?    08/15/20  (3)
should we try making a daily crypto thread again?    08/15/20  (13)
Rate this volleyball player    08/15/20  (7)
Setstein is an awful one more ESL poster who needs to go back to China    08/15/20  (11)
Video of George Floyd bodycam cut w/Michael Richards saying n-word (link)    08/15/20  (2)
scholarship come itt    08/15/20  (2)
Yale Asians agree: Yale didn't discriminate against us.    08/15/20  (70)
i want ONE rational observer to tell me how this market makes ANY sense now    08/15/20  (27)
HYPO: The VPotus breaks a senate tie in the OPPOSITE party direction    08/15/20  (4)
how do we lock the californians in so they stop trying to destroy good states?    08/15/20  (8)
so hot how your lawyer friend keeps checking his phone for emails    08/15/20  (4)
After 14th appeal is won, epah’s entire settlement is taken by the wealth tax    08/15/20  (4)
Doobs is making 70k as a public defender.    08/15/20  (8)
Does Henry Aaron ever log off here? He’s a really bad poster!    08/15/20  (2)
Hypo: QB gets a first down on every throw, can’t throw further than 10 yards    08/15/20  (16)
It’s mind-blowing how many morons think media is propaganda now    08/15/20  (21)
walked in on two fags buttfucking in Zaxby’s men’s room tonight    08/15/20  (6)
California to introduce wealth tax    08/15/20  (119)
new associate running constant “unfrozen caveman lawyer” shtick. confront?    08/15/20  (2)
HYPO: The CJotus breaks a supreme court tie in the OPPOSITE party direction    08/15/20  (3)
This is what Irish people look like now (pics)    08/15/20  (59)
Couple next door wants to “share” our partners. He’s kinda hot? Good idea?    08/15/20  (17)
Californians, why did San Bernardino become a ghetto shithole?    08/15/20  (11)
@realdonaldtrump: "Golden State" collapsing as people flee. Need NEW wall?    08/15/20  (1)
Asians complaining about Ivy League admissions are incoherent    08/15/20  (20)
"Cannon Hinnant's Privilege? People Care About His Death" Charles Blow, NYT    08/15/20  (1)
was the new Picard show any good or did they find some way to make it trash?    08/15/20  (19)
California's Descent into Third World Status is a Bittersweet Thing to Behold    08/15/20  (12)
Hart-Celler was the biggest mistake in American history    08/15/20  (4)
My Son’s .1% (a poem)    08/15/20  (29)
shrewd or decadent to install movie theater popcorn machine in shitmotel room    08/15/20  (3)
Illiterate niggers laughing like Flavor Flav and raping your mom. GOOD MORNING!    08/15/20  (6)
Obese Halle Berry photographed being escorted from L.A. Popeye's in handcuffs    08/15/20  (6)
*kenny in yarmulke, announcing conversion at CSLG holiday party*    08/15/20  (6)
lol youtube thinks i am shitlib - get 10 schumer/stacy abrams a day    08/15/20  (6)
Poll: if you met your wife or gf now for first time, would you even hit on her?    08/15/20  (4)
xo SNX about to pass tls MKR    08/15/20  (1)
Back to Africa    08/15/20  (3)
the fact that ghislaine maxwell was a top reddit moderator is totally underrated    08/15/20  (12)
Pay about 4% in FIT should I do tax deferred savings plan at work?    08/15/20  (1)
Who does Michelle Obama fantasize about when 4” Barack is grunting in her ?    08/15/20  (14)
No matter how long we stay in St. Tropez it’s never long enough. Always an a    08/15/20  (17)
Pensions are severely underrated    08/15/20  (8)
White Walmart employees agree: Yale DID discriminate against us.    08/15/20  (6)
UN undoes Iran arms embargo clearing path for massive Russian sale    08/15/20  (9)
The Raid 2: second best action flick in the last 5 years after Mad Max    08/15/20  (10)
Women like to be DAUGHTERED around, not just 'dadded'    08/15/20  (6)
Landlord Crisis: Empty Apartments in MFH Smash Record (link)    08/15/20  (13)
Im back white dorks!!!!! Gonna be yo new VP yasssssssss    08/15/20  (59)
Biden/Harris ticket collectively younger than Old as fuck Trump/Pence    08/15/20  (4)
Media silence on COVID imminent: California now leads country in cases    08/15/20  (16)
*orders 350,000,000 people to wear diaper on face for 3mos to save 0.01% of pop*    08/15/20  (12)
"Inner suburbs" are going to see massive price increases over next 10 yrs    08/15/20  (103)
bay area/nyc exodus is bad for america    08/15/20  (8)
how prestigious is patron tequila?    08/15/20  (7)
PI bros: do you request settlements on those giant cardboard checks like in PCH?    08/15/20  (1)
Dads of xo, does your daughter do this around you? (tiktok)    08/15/20  (1)
Mom sneaks 12 year old through casino exit door to play electronic poker (link)    08/15/20  (1)
PI bros: are settlement checks written to you or the client?    08/15/20  (20)
*takes Propecia* .. *argh arghh, cough, argh* .. "Hi White bois it KamalaSexy!"    08/15/20  (7)
xo braintrust: ORANGE MAN GOOD    08/15/20  (7)
Drugged boys agree: Mr. Jinx didn't rape us.    08/15/20  (1)
You have unlimited time to listen to me whine (Rudolph)    08/15/20  (4)
Please wear a mask for ...*looks up election date*....3 months!    08/15/20  (1)
A woman's asspussy    08/15/20  (5)
Hypo: baseball player hits home run every at bat. Does he make it to MLB??    08/15/20  (26)
If u r a self-respecting white man,you shouldn’t date chinks, niggers or ginge    08/15/20  (5)
52% of Dems approve of GWBush    08/15/20  (11)
You are king for a month. Can you stop the riots?    08/15/20  (4)
Nightcrawler is on Netflix    08/15/20  (7)
jinx    08/15/20  (1)
How do people stay together for over a week/month?    08/15/20  (8)
Remember camera stores?    08/15/20  (9)
What happens when every state capital and 2nd-3rd tier city becomes cosmopolita?    08/15/20  (38)
pisswyrm diaper    08/15/20  (1)
worst aspect of 2020 - covid or the realization that culturally/politically we r    08/15/20  (2)
lsd and the third eye from the atlantic - 1966    08/15/20  (2)
Asked my wife if we can get a coyote    08/15/20  (2)
Do you guys realize the utter sincerity of Germans' belief that the US is ...    08/15/20  (191)
CHARLIE SHEEN DEAD    08/15/20  (1)
I'm going to beat the fuck out of sharklasers    08/15/20  (9)
List the nicest small town in America you've ever been to    08/15/20  (184)
if I replace Motor in a truck is it basically a new car    08/15/20  (20)
Why don't law firms use Project Management apps like Asana?    08/15/20  (3)
Millie Weaver arrested.    08/15/20  (2)
Legit 3'11" 37/M bro here (biglaw) taking Qs    08/15/20  (3)
To B. Joel "Uptown Girl"- Hook-nose jew! He's on the lookout for a goy to screw    08/15/20  (21)
[New York Times article] by Hendrandey Ghloindastin    08/15/20  (3)
Asian Yale rejects agree: Yale didn't discriminate against us either.    08/15/20  (3)
Ain’t nobody got time for that, said the jobless lady sitting at home at noon    08/15/20  (1)
Rate this indian actress    08/15/20  (5)
steve buscemi in ghost world tp    08/15/20  (2)
Need a sit down about EPAH    08/15/20  (8)
Biden (Syracuse/U Delaware) / Harris (Howard/U Hastings) = all-time TTT ticket    08/15/20  (24)
don’t understand the delay on self-driving cars.    08/15/20  (12)
across both time and space, the continent of asia is utter shit    08/15/20  (1)
Tired of Dtps retarded crypto threads. Shut up already fag, we don’t care    08/15/20  (24)
Best songs of the decade 2010-2019, broken down by year    08/15/20  (152)
The Leftist Media are Actually the Good Guys    08/15/20  (1)
Diamond dood's runty, jaundiced-looking, autistic half-Asian "son" (DTP)    08/15/20  (20)
Portland abolishes single family zoning    08/15/20  (58)
do normal parents of weird, loser kids know their kids are weird losers?    08/15/20  (3)
Whores in this house there’s some whores in this house there’s some whores i    08/15/20  (9)
Astounding the level of fraud Barack Obama exacted on American people    08/15/20  (2)
Dr. Fauci comes after Tucker    08/15/20  (1)
"Not now babe, I told you not to bother me when it's KamalaSexy time!"    08/15/20  (2)
KamalaSexy's study is empty room with thousands of Kamala pics on wall    08/15/20  (2)
diamond dood getting diapered by his 35 y/o Asian wife as hapa son cries (DTP)    08/15/20  (2)
ur future wife kissing ur disappointing, non striver, neuronormative kids goodni    08/15/20  (3)
We are literally locking down foe YEARS to avoid catching a fucking cold    08/15/20  (17)
Hey WLMAS, wherever you are: Fuck you    08/15/20  (7)
Navy SEAL antifa member arrested in Portland    08/15/20  (24)
waking up the next morning after overtly trying to drink youtself to death    08/15/20  (2)
Buy “You Gentile” before Amazon bans it?    08/15/20  (1)
The most advanced marijuana smoking device ever conceived by man    08/15/20  (6)

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